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What Is Good For Arthritis In The Hands

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Hand Surgery

7 Tips to Reduce Hand Arthritis Pain (Physical Therapy Approved)

Recovery time depends on many factors, including the severity of your condition, type of surgery you had, the skill of your surgeon and your compliance with therapy. Most people can return to their activities about three months after joint reconstruction surgery. Your team of caregivers can give you the best estimate of your particular recovery time.

Small Studies Show Value Of Essential Oils For Pain

When 36 adults with RA or other inflammatory conditions had their hands massaged twice a day for five straight days, using either a blend of essential oils or basic coconut oil, the aromatherapy group reported less pain and more strength in their fingers, according to results published in November 2018 in the journal Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice.

And a review of 42 small studies on aromatherapys use with all kinds of pain, published in November 2016 in the journal Pain Research and Treatment, concluded that aromatherapy can successfully treat pain when combined with conventional treatments.

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Integrative Medicine Treatments For Hand Arthritis

Many doctors today recommend a treatment plan that uses integrative medicinea combination of conventional Western medicine and alternative medicine. Both Western and alternative treatments are supported by research.

Occupational therapy For many patients, hand exercises can be the most cost-effective treatment option.1 A licensed occupational therapist can teach a person exercises that help strengthen the joints in the wrists and fingers, improve hand dexterity, and protect joints from further degeneration.

SplintingStabilize and support the hand joints with splints. There are several different types of braces, including smaller braces that stabilize individual knuckles and larger ones that stabilize the wrist and hand. Bracing at night can prevent pain from interrupting sleep .

People who find braces too cumbersome or rigid to wear all the time may wear compression gloves or sleeves instead. The goal of these products is to support joints while allowing for some flexibility.

MedicationsBoth topical and oral pain medications can temporarily ease pain caused by hand arthritis.

  • Topical pain relievers come in the form of creams, balms, gels, or patches, and are sold over-the-counter. Certain topical products require a physicians prescription.

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What Are Arthritis Symptoms

Many people with arthritis feel pain and discomfort in the joints, ankles, back, fingers, hands, muscles, neck, or wrists. Many types of arthritis can affect different parts of the body, and the pain can vary from a constant sharp pain, or it can be intermittent. The most common symptoms include pain, swelling, reduced range of motion, and stiffness.

Hand Osteoarthritis Causes And Risk Factors

1Pair Arthritis Gloves Compression Hand Glove for Osteoarthritis ...

Osteoarthritis was once thought to happen because of wear and tear on your joints. Doctors now know thereâs more to the story.

On the ends of your bones, there’s a layer of smooth material called cartilage. It helps cushion your joints and allows them to slide easily. But over time, the cartilage gets worn down. The bones rub against each other, causing the symptoms of OA. The wear and tear can also cause other tissues in the joint to make inflammatory cells, which damage it more.

Certain things can make you more likely to have hand OA:

  • Age. The older you are, the higher your odds.
  • Sex. Compared with men, women are twice as likely to get it.
  • Ethnicity. Rates are lower in African Americans.
  • Weight. Thinner people are less likely to get it than those who have obesity.
  • Injuries. This includes broken and dislocated bones.
  • Changes in your genes. Your parents might have passed down a higher chance of OA.
  • Joint problems. This includes infections, loose ligaments, overuse, and joints that arenât aligned the way they should be.

What causes flare-ups?

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Managing General Ra Pain

While acupuncture for RA hand pain and symptoms hasnt been examined, studies have explored using acupuncture to manage general RA pain. They demonstrate that acupuncture can curb pain because it boosts endorphins, the bodys natural pain killers.

For example, a 2018 systematic review published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found acupuncture alone or with other therapies can help manage pain and function and improve quality of life in people with RA without side effects.

How To Find Quality Essential Oils And Perhaps A Professional

Aromatherapy oils can be purchased in most health food stores or online.

Youll want to find good-quality oils for the best effect. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be difficult to tell, because terms like pure or therapeutic grade are not regulated, so any company can use them.

Poor quality products are a huge problem for the industry, Chesla says. So much that is marketed as essential oils are actually not from plants, but are man-made synthetic fragrances that are not good for us, she says. Or a company will identify one essential oil on their label, but inside they have substituted oil from a cheaper plant instead.

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Companies that take quality control seriously will hire an independent third-party to examine each batch of oil as it is made. Their test, known as gas chromatographymass spectrometry , reveals how much of each bioactive compound is present in the oil. Companies should release the results of these tests to you, either on their website or by phone if you call them.

Even if you dont understand the GC-MS results, the fact that the company does this testing is a positive sign. Plus, your physician is likely to recognize the chemical components if you bring the GC-MS tests to them, which can help determine any possible contraindications with medication you are taking.

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Risks Of Essential Oils

Speak with a doctor before using essential oils to reduce symptoms of RA. While these oils have been used medicinally for thousands of years, some can be dangerous when misused. They can also have dangerous interactions with RA medications.

A person should never replace prescribed medication for RA with complementary therapies. The disease-modifying antirheumatic medications used to treat RA have been shown to reduce inflammation in the fluid that lines the joints.

Without proper treatment, RA can lead to serious, permanent complications, such as bone and cartilage damage.

A majority of the essentials oils used to treat chronic inflammation and pain are not known to cause adverse reactions. However, potential risks include:

  • headaches, rashes, or gastrointestinal problems
  • sun sensitivity when essential oils, particularly those derived from citrus fruits, are used on the skin
  • enhanced activity of the female sex hormone and decreased activity of the male, with lavender and tea tree oils

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Top 5 Things You Can Do To Help Relieve Arthritis In The Hands

Hand Exercises for Arthritis with Dr. Chad Woodard, PhD, DPT

Home / Blog / Health & Wellness Tips / Top 5 Things You Can Do to Help Relieve Arthritis in the Hands

If you have joint stiffness, joint swelling or pain with movement in your hands, there is a good chance that you may have arthritis. The bones in your hands are protected by cartilage, which can eventually wear down over time and cause a condition called osteoarthritis. This type of arthritis is also known as wear and tear arthritis and it is normally caused by age, repetitive joint movement and trauma. Rheumatoid arthritis, which is the result of an autoimmune condition, can also affect the hands. While there is no cure for arthritis, here are the top 5 things that you can do to help relieve the painful symptoms of arthritis in the hands:

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Use Hot And Cold Therapy

Hot and cold therapy can also be used to address the arthritis symptoms in your hands. Try applying ice to your swollen joints for at least 10 minutes at a time to help reduce the swelling. When applying ice to your hands, be sure to use a cloth to prevent any skin damage. As an alternative, try placing your hands in a tub of warm water for heat therapy. This can help ease your stiff joints. There are plenty of over the counter products available for hot and cold therapy that can help too.

Treatments For Hand Oa

  • Non-Drug Treatments: Reducing strain on joints with a splint or brace, adapting hand movements, doing hand exercises or using hot or cold therapy can help to ease pain.
  • Drug Treatments: Medicines to ease OA symptoms are available as pills, syrups, creams or lotions, or they are injected into a joint. They include pain relievers like acetaminophen, counterirritants like capsaicin or menthol and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and corticosteroids.
  • Surgical Treatments: If medications or self-care activities fails to give relief, surgery may be an option. An orthopaedic surgeon can remove the damaged cartilage and fuse bones together or replace the damaged joint with a plastic, ceramic or metal implant.


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Are Glucosamine And Chondroitin Supplements Helpful For Treating Osteoarthritis Of The Hand

Supplements are not reviewed or approved by the Food and Drug Administration . They are not required to undergo the same rigorous clinical trial methods that medications must undergo in the U.S. Some clinical trials show benefits with pain relief however, there is no proof that these supplements slow the progression of osteoarthritis. If you plan to try these, always check with your healthcare provider before using supplements. These products may interfere with medications you currently take.

A note from Cleveland Clinic

Dull or burning joint pain, morning stiffness, swollen joints in your hand are all symptoms of arthritis. Many types of arthritis could affect your hands. Many treatment options are available depending on your exact arthritis type. Medications can reduce joint pain and swelling. Researchers are still working on ways to slow the progression of osteoarthritis. See your healthcare provider if you think you have arthritis in your hands. They will perform a complete exam and offer you a complete treatment plan, which includes hand exercises, use of hot and cold packs, other lifestyle tips and traditional treatments including medications, braces/splints, steroid injections and surgery.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 07/06/2021.


Q Can Allergies Cause Body Aches

Top 7 Home Remedies for Arthiritis in Hand

A. Rarely do people associate joint pain with allergies. The truth however is that when allergies cause inflammation, joint pains are inevitable. Well, lets first try to understand what allergies are .The Meaning of Allergies..

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Reducing The Strain On Your Hands And Wrists

We use our hands a lot in daily life. If you have osteoarthritis in your hands or wrists, taking some time to think about how you use them, and how you could reduce the strain on them, can bring great benefits. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your hands, just that you should think about ways of using them differently.

It may be helpful to see an occupational therapist or hand therapist, who will be able to offer a lot of useful advice on this. But many people discover for themselves different ways of doing things that help to ease the strain on their joints. Examples include:

  • using gadgets such as electric tin openers or tools with softer, chunkier handles that don’t need such a tight grip
  • using a backpack or shopping trolley to avoid carrying heavy bags in your hands
  • taking more frequent breaks from tasks that put more strain on your joints or switching between harder and easier jobs
  • using both hands for some of the tasks that you normally do one-handed
  • having taps or door handles changed for those that are easier to use
  • looking out for easy-to-handle fastenings when choosing clothing or shoes.

Find out more about looking after your joints.

What Are The Best Treatments For Arthritis In The Hands

November 19, 2019 By Alex Hirsch

Arthritis can be disabling, especially when it is in the hands and fingers. It can prevent you from carrying out normal day-to-day activities such as work duties and preparing meals.

Arthritis is a common disease that causes pain and stiffness within joints, including the hand. Appropriate treatment will depend on the severity of the symptoms, but they can include medications, therapy, lifestyle adjustments, and surgery.

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Should I Exercise My Hands

Dont be afraid to use your hands. Regular exercise is important in reducing stiffness and keeping your joints and muscles working. Try to make sure you move any affected joints in your fingers, thumbs, knuckles and wrists as far as is comfortable several times a day. You could also see an occupational therapist or physiotherapist for specific hand exercises.

Hand Exercises For Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis Hand Exercises | Mobility & Strength

Hand exercises or hand therapy can help you improve mobility in your fingers.

If you want to try hand therapy, you can ask your doctor to refer you to a hand therapist, which can be an occupational therapist or physical therapist. They’ll work with you to show you exercises that may help alleviate pain and improve flexibility in your hands.

For example, they may ask you to make a loose fist and then slowly open your hand. They can also show you different ways to complete everyday tasks to avoid pain and stiffness.

Assistive devices to open cans and doors, reach for objects, and assist with dressing yourself can be prescribed for you. These can help alleviate stress on your joints.

  • Joint deformity

Talk to your doctor about the symptoms you have. They may suggest certain lab tests or imaging tests as part of your complete evaluation.

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What Are The Signs Of Arthritis In The Hands

May 19, 2021

Achy, swollen hands? Stiffness in your wrists? Its common to assume these are symptoms of arthritis. While 40 million Americans suffer from arthritis, its far less frequent in the hands than people expect. Instead, what many mistake for arthritis is actually tendonitis. Let’s look at the difference between arthritis and other conditions, risk factors and treatments.

Q What Causes Pain In The Finger Joints

A. Imagine your fingers aching every time you use them. That could be awful. You cannot push a key on your laptop, complete a message on your Android phone, hit those guitar chords, thoroughly and thoroughly clean your body or the plate you used last night..

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So Whats The Bottom Line

How well many of these treatments work is still up for debate. The fact that so many people are using them or looking for another treatment for their RA is pushing researchers to keep studying.

So far, the research is promising. Itâs also continuing. But itâs not widely accepted science yet. Before you start using essential oils, talk with your doctor.

Show Sources

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Treatment For Hand Arthritis In The Greater Chesapeake

Home Remedies for Arthritis in Hands

If you have a hand injury or chronic condition such as arthritis, turn to the experts at Greater Chesapeake Hand to Shoulder. Our team of hand experts have a profound understanding of the complex networks of blood vessels, nerves, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones that make up the hand and fingers.

We understand how important pain-free hand and finger motion and function is to daily activities, including work, self-care, sports, and leisure. Our orthopedic and plastic surgeons specialize in hand surgery, and we can offer state-of-the-art nonsurgical and surgical care to treat a full range of hand and finger injuries and conditions.

Call us today to schedule a consultation with our at or request an appointment online now for any of our Greater Chesapeake locations. We look forward to helping you feel less pain in your hands and regain hand motion and function, so you can get back to doing what you love.

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About Carex Health Brands

Carex is your one-stop shop for home medical equipment and for products that assist caregivers with providing the best possible support and care for their loved ones. Carex Health Brands has been the branded leader in in-home, self-care medical products for over 35 years. Our goal is to improve the lives of our customers by bring them quality products that bring dignity back to their lives. With our three nationally distributed brands, Carex Health Brands serves national, regional and independent food, drug and mass retailers along with wholesalers, distributors and medical dealers.

What Is Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, and the hand and wrist joints are among the most commonly affected. A joint is a part of the body where two or more bones meet. The ends of the bones are covered in a smooth and slippery surface, known as cartilage. This allows the bones to move smoothly against each other and protects the joint from stress.

Everyone’s joints go through a cycle of damage and repair, and often the repair process is quite effective. But sometimes it can cause changes in the shape or structure of the joints.

Osteoarthritis causes the cartilage in your joints to thin and the surfaces of the joint to become rougher, which means that the joints may not move as smoothly as they should, and they might feel painful and stiff.

You may have firm, knobbly swellings at the finger joints. These are known as Heberden’s nodes or Bouchard’s nodes depending on which joints are affected. They’re caused by the growth of bony spurs called osteophytes.

Osteoarthritis can affect anyone at any age, but it’s more common in women over the age of 50.

Some of the factors that can make you more likely to develop osteoarthritis in your hands include:

  • carrying out repetitive tasks over a long period of time.

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