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Is Moringa Good For Arthritis

Moringa : A Powerful Anti

Moringa Cured My Arthritis

Last week I wrote about the remarkable therapeutic properties of Moringa oleifera. This tree is native to northern India and Africa and has for centuries been used to fight disease and treat many ailments.

As I explained last week there are many health benefits when taking Moringa oleifera, however one of the most interesting is the anti-inflammatory effect Moringa oleifera has on the body. It is believed Moringa oleifera contains some of the most powerful and effective anti-inflammatory compounds in natural medicine.

Many sufferers of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and overall joint pain say they receive a significant reduction in pain and sometimes complete remission. Because of these anti-inflammatory qualities, Moringa also works well in prevention and treatment of gout. Moringa oleifera can act as an anti-inflammatory as well as alkalising the body. Many will be aware, lowering acid levels by alkalising your body is important in treating and preventing gout and arthritis.

In addition to these key enzyme inhibitors Moringa oleifera is believed to contain other pain relieving qualities including bio-active compounds such as flavonoids, carotenoids and polyphenols which may reduce inflammation and encourage bone and joint health.

Some migraine sufferers find if they follow an anti inflammatory diet their migraine headaches subside. When migraines are caused by low grade chronic inflammation, taking a supplement like Moringa oleifera may also be worthwhile.

Protecting And Nourishing Skin And Hair

Moringa seed oil is beneficial for protecting hair against free radicals and keeps it clean and healthy. Moringa also contains protein, which means it is helpful in protecting skin cells from damage. It also contains hydrating and detoxifying elements, which also boost the skin and hair.

It can be successful in curing skin infections and sores.

Why Is It Good For Prostate Health

Moringa seeds are chock-full of glucosinolates, which are compounds that contain sulfur and may have cancer-fighting characteristics, too. Multiple studies have shown that moringa seeds can block prostate cancer cells growth, specifically, as well as reduce levels of a protein secreted by the prostate that, when elevated, often indicate cancerous cells.

In addition to the potential to battle cancer, many experts hypothesize that moringa can thwart benign prostate hyperplasia, a condition common in older men that leads to a swollen prostate and trouble urinating.

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Emerging Studies Find Moringa Helps Alleviate Arthritic Symptoms

Arthritis and its associated aches and pains impacts the lives of millions of people around this country and the world. In fact, the US Center for Disease Control says that 1 in 5 US Adults has been diagnosed with arthritis. They go on to explain that there are over 100 types of arthritis with the most common being osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia and gout.

Arthritis is not just a disease that impacts the elderly, as many people believe. Around 65% of people with some form of arthritis are actually under the age of 65. Arthritis is a serious issue that more and more people deal with on a daily basis, but there is hope for those suffering with it every day.

Ways to Relieve the Pain of Arthritis

There are many ways that someone impacted by the regular pain of arthritis can combat the effects of the disease. The CDC recommends that people with the disease should start with being more physically active, which is good advice for all of us, but vital to prevent the pain from arthritis from getting worse.

Weve spoken to many people suffering from the many different forms of arthritis, and they typically say that getting more exercise and physical activity into their life is just so hard to get started on when they are always in pain. If youre already in pain, it doesnt sound too appealing to go for a hike or hit the treadmill.

Thats where the amazing benefits of moringa can begin to help those afflicted with arthritis.

Precautions While Using Moringa


Moringa plant parts as food are regarded as safe for daily consumption.

However, it is advisable to practice certain precautions to avoid any adversity associated with the user.

Moringa can cause allergy and gastric side effects.

Being a natural food product, it may contain some components that can trigger allergic reactions in prone individuals.

If upon its consumption any allergy symptoms and gastric side effects are seen a medical expert must be consulted.

A high dose of Moringa oleifera products should be avoided for a long duration.

The consumption of the products of this plant over a long period may lead to the accumulation of different elements in the body.

It may result in abnormalities in the different organs of the body.17

Moringa oleifera may cause genotoxicity at a very high dose.

The intake of this plantâs products in very high amounts has been found to cause genotoxicity, i.e., alterations in the DNA.

It may further result in genetic diseases such as cancer.

Moringa oleifera may interact with certain drugs.

The consumption of Moringa oleifera products has been found to reduce the efficacy of certain drugs used in the treatment of diseases like HIV/AIDS.

It is therefore important to consult a medical expert before using the plant in such conditions.

It is better to avoid Moringa oleifera supplements during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Therefore, supplements are better avoided during this time by women.

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This Superfood May Hold The Answer To Arthritic Suffering

Have you heard of Moringa yet?

The Moringa tree, Moringa oleifera, has been used in traditional medicine for over 5,000 years.

This magical plant, also known as the Miracle Tree or Wonder Tree, holds great medicinal value. Almost every part of the tree, from the bark, root, and seeds to the leaves and flowers, can be ingested for a multitude of benefits.

Moringa has been used for generations in India, Latin America, and Africa to treat more than 300 diseases. Now, this wonder plant is finally gaining traction in the West. You can find Moringa in a variety of forms, such as oils, teas, and powdered supplements.

Today, Moringa is on the front lines of medical research, and investigators have only scratched the surface of its health benefits.

Moringa contains healing antioxidants, improves digestive health, fights diabetes, balances hormones, slows the effects of aging, protects and nourishes the skin, helps stabilize mood, and protects brain health.1

However, one of Moringas most incredible benefits is its anti-inflammatory properties.

Harmful inflammation is thought to be the culprit behind many chronic diseases such as digestive issues, recurrent infections, cancer risk, and more.

And, of course, arthritic joint pain.

Fortunately, Moringa offers a powerful way to reduce inflammation and heal your joint pain.

Moringa: A Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Medical researchers believe America is a country suffering from an inflammation epidemic.

To your health,

Moringa Good For Liver Disease

The liver is one of the most vital organs of our body and it is responsible for metabolism of fats and nutrients, bile production and even blood detoxification. The liver carries out all these functions with the aid of enzymes and moringa oil helps to maintain the liver enzyme levels.

Moringa helps to reduce fibrosis and liver damage by reducing oxidative stress and increases protein content in the liver.

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Moringa Oleifera Capsules Twin Pack


Natpurity Moringa Oleifera contains 150 Organic Capsules made from dried leaf powder. The Moringa Leaf is the most nutrient rich part of the Moringa plant. Natpurity Moringa Oleifera is made by grinding the dehydrated Moringa leaves. It contains 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants.

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Might Help In Hair Care

How I use the miracle tree (moringa oleifera) to treat rheumatoid arthritis and back pain

Moringa tea may have high levels of iron, vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, and all essential amino acids from protein. These nutrients, along with an overall healthy diet, help promote hair growth and maintenance, prevent dandruff and dry hair, and regulate sebum. Intake of moringa tea is also thought to prevent split ends in hair strands.

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Moringa Helps Prevent Kidney Problems

Moringa extracts act as effective bio-absorbent and helps to remove heavy metals and harmful toxins from the body. Thus consumption of moringa help to fight against nephrotoxicity, a condition where kidneys are damaged due to exposure to toxins or drugs. Moringa exhibits this property due to the presence of powerful anti-oxidants.

May Contain Antimicrobial & Antibacterial Properties

Moringa tea may be effective against certain kinds of bacteria, as research suggests it could have powerful antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. The tea may help prevent boils, skin infections, common digestive problems, blood impurities, and urinary tract infections. This drink is also thought to help fight several types of bacterial, fungal, viral, and parasitic infections such as athletes foot, body odor, and gum diseases .

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Are There Any Other Benefits Of Moringa

Moringa isnt just for men, and it doesnt just help with mens health issues. A daily moringa supplement can counteract an array of other health conditions:

  • Depression: Moringa not only elevates your serotonin levels but also helps regulate dopamine and noradrenaline too.
  • Kidney stones: A daily moringa supplement has been shown to dramatically drop your chance of developing painful kidney stones.
  • High cholesterol: Moringa is great for your heart for a wealth of reasons, including increased production of red blood cells.
  • Diabetes: As explained above, moringa can reduce blood sugar, making it easier to control your diabetes.
  • Obesity: Because it lowers your blood sugar levels, moringa can also make it easier to drop unwanted pounds.
  • Inflammation: Moringa fights rheumatoid arthritis and other joint pain thanks to the isothiocyanates within, which play defense against inflammatory elements in your body called cytokines.
  • Digestive issues: The naturally occurring compounds in moringa can reduce diarrhea and constipation as well as protect against ulcers and other common digestive issues.

While moringa can improve almost everyones well-being, its especially potent for men, particularly as they age. If youre experiencing any of these all-too-common health issues, talk to your physician about adding moringa to your diet.


A Safe Natural Way To Aid Joint Pain Inflammation And Arthritis/gout Symptoms

MORINGA SEED POWDER (Organic) 250 grams
  • Raw Moringa Oleifera contains intense concentrations of anti-inflammatory compounds
  • Eases pain and stiffness associated with arthritis and gout
  • Improves range of motion
  • Contains 92 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatories, 18 amino acids, 9 essential amino acids
  • No negative side effects associated with Moringa Oleifera use
  • 100% vegan, soy-free, 100% organic, non-GMO, 100% natural , gluten-free and dairy-free!

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Moringa Treats Osteoporosis Arthritis And Gout

How Does Moringa Treat OsteoporosisOsteoporosisMoringa OleiferaMoringa Leaves are one of the richest sources of natural Calcium. Does MoringaTreat ArthritisThey said that Arthritis is a catchall term that includes rheumatism inflammationor pain in muscles, joints or fibrous tissues, bursitis inflammation ofshoulder, elbow or knee joint and gout joint inflammation caused by an excessuric acid in the blood). Specialist believes that arthritis is a form ofrheumatism. Another claim there is no such ailments as rheumatism that its aterm for many diseases including arthritis. But no matter what we called,everyone agrees on two things, the pain and all the conditions involveinflammation of connective tissue of one or more joints.Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States.Approximately 68 million people in America are affected by arthritis, which hasover 100 different forms.Known for manycenturies Moringa Oleifera malunggay was used in traditional medicine, such asthe Ayurveda, as a cure for Arthritis and Gout. It was believed that Moringa reduce inflammations and pain caused by these conditions. Its the extractsfrom leaves and the seed pods known as drumsticks are effective againstdiabetes, hypertension, inflammations, infections, aging problems, and evencancer.Arthritis isextremely painful but also extremely preventable. Be sure to see a medicalprofessional for an evaluation and diagnosis. Severe arthritis conditions canbe very serious

What Inflammation Is And How Moringa Can Help

There are lots of reasons why inflammation can manifest in the body. Several scholarly journals are dedicated solely to this line of research. At Kuli Kuli, we recognize that science and nutrition are a changing and evolving field, and that moringa is just one piece of the larger health puzzle.

We hope this article provides some insight into what inflammation is, how anti-inflammatory diets can help, and how moringa can play a role in managing it.

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Moringa Benefits Hormonal Balance Digestion Mood & More

By Jillian Levy, CHHC

Have you ever heard of moringa before? Although this plant was initially discovered for its beneficial properties thousands of years ago, only recently has moringa become known as one of the most impressive herbal supplements to hit the holistic health market.

In fact, in 2008 the National Institute of Health moringa the plant of the year, acknowledging that perhaps like no other single species, this plant has the potential to help reverse multiple major environmental problems and provide for many unmet human needs.

What are the health benefits of moringa? To date, over 1,300 studies, articles and reports have focused on moringa benefits, finding that it contains compounds that are especially important in parts of the world where disease outbreak and nutritional deficiencies are common.

Research shows that just about every part of the moringa plant can be utilized in some way, whether its to make a potent antioxidant tea or produce an oily substance that lubricates and nourishes the skin.

Arthritis Is A Symptom Which Simply Means Inflammation Of The Joints

Moringa for arthritis

There are a few different variations of Arthritis that targets people of different age group and demographics.

Rheumatoid arthritis is the most common serious inflammatory form of arthritis. The symptoms include inflammation and soft tissue swelling of many joints at the same time. It is an autoimmune disorder whereby the deregulated immune system starts to attack the joints. It is a chronic condition in which the synovium becomes inflamed. Rheumatoid arthritis is three to four times more common in women than in men. Even though it normally occurs at the age of 30 and above, children can also be affected. Basically, anyone at any age can have rheumatoid arthritis.

Gout is a very common condition, where 80% of those affected are men. It is caused by the formation of multiple, needle-like uric acid crystals in a joint. It is commonly associated with diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease. In its most common form, gout is an intensely painful arthritis, where one joint becomes very hot, swollen and tender painful to the point where even light touching causes extreme pain.

*Excerpt from All About Arthritis by Arthritis Foundation Malaysia 2008

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Ways Moringa Benefits In Arthritis

Arthritis is an ailment where the joints in the body are affected by inflammation, thereby causing swelling, redness, pain, and stiffness.

Not only does this disease cause discomfort, but it also affects the routine life of the affected individual by limiting the joint function.

Moreover, some of the types of disease may also give rise to complications like heart diseases, lung disorders, osteoporosis, etc.

Arthritis is conventionally treated using the medications like analgesics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs , antirheumatic drugs, etc. In some cases, surgery may be needed as well.

However, these treatment options are often accompanied by many serious side effects and may not even be as effective in treating the disease.

Therefore, there is an ever-growing requirement for natural alternatives that can serve as an efficacious measure against arthritis. Moringa can be such an alternative.

  • Bottom Line
  • Ways To Relieve The Pain Of Arthritis

    1. Take Supplements

    Moringa has proven to contain vitamin, minerals and amino acids like Vitamins A, C, and E calcium potassium and protein. This helps you to repair the damage done via intake. To make it easy for you, our Natpurity Moringa Capsules comes in a small and easy to carry bottle.

    2. Exercise

    It seems to be working against it when you are in pain, but getting regular exercise is the best way to prevent further degradation for the joints. Start slow with 10-15 minutes of exercise daily if you havent done any exercise recently. Increase the duration and intensity when you can feel more energetic. The natural boost of energy from our moringa extract capsules plus the anti-inflammatory properties will help to subdue the inflammation associated with the arthritic pain.

    3. Apply ointment

    Apply just a little bit of our Natural Moringa Oil on the joint areas or anywhere else that you experience chronic pain. The powerful combination will work to further relieve your inflammation, relieve your pain, and make it better and easier for you to get more exercise.

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    Are You Ready For A Change

    MoringaMoringa14Moringa Contains Very High Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatory Compounds.Antioxidants:Anti-inflammatory compounds:GlutathioneThe Essential Amino Acids of Moringa and Briefly Explain Their Importance for Human Health.IsoleucineLeucineLysineAnother useful quality of lysine is its capacity to inhibit the multiplication of viruses, especially herpes viruses.Methionine and CystinePhenylalanine and TyrosineThreonineTryptophanValineMoringa is one of the very few plant sources that contain all 9 essential amino acids.Amino Acid Content of MoringaFresh Leaves Dried Leaves

    Bottom Line: Should You Add Moringa Powder To Your Healthy Lifestyle

    EverHerb Moringa â

    Assuming youre not pregnant or breastfeeding, or taking medication for blood pressure, diabetes, or thyroid conditions, moringa powder is generally safe. That is, as long as you stick to the recommended doses listed on the package or bottle of moringa powder. Too much of it could actually disrupt your digestive system, Foroutan says.

    But before you start taking moringa powder, figure out why you want to use it, and check in with your doctor or a registered dietitian to see if there are better options for you. My concern is always that people will try using something like moringa instead of meeting with a doctor and starting medication that is needed for their condition, Hultin says.

    If youre ready to take the plunge, be sure youre buying moringa powder from a reputable brand that uses third-party testing for safety.

    Finally, keep in mind that moringa powder and any other supplement isnt a cure-all. Natural products are really exciting, but we still need to look at our health very holistically, and while something like moringa might be able to support, its often not the only answer to someones health issues, Hultin says.

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