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How To Treat Arthritis In The Neck Naturally

Vegetables And Fruits Containing Phytochemicals:

Neck Arthritis – Definition and Treatment
  • Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower all contain a compound called sulforaphane. While sulforaphane is not an antioxidant, studies indicate it may help prevent or slow down osteoarthritis.

  • Alliums like onions, garlic, shallots, and leeks contain another powerful antioxidant called quercetin. Researchers studying the anti-inflammatory properties of quercetin in rats have suggested it has potential as an osteoarthritis treatment.

  • Citrus fruits contain high levels of beta cryptoxanthin, which gives them their orange and red colors. This has been shown to maintain joint health and prevent osteoarthritis in mice. Citrus fruits are also a great source of vitamins A and C, which are important for bone and cartilage health.

Cbd Oil For Arthritis

Cannabidiol is one of the 120 substances extracted from the cannabis plant. It comes from the marijuana plant, but it contains only trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol , the compound that produces a high/euphoric state of mind.

It implies that this oil has no/negligible psychoactive effects on you if you use it. Cannabidiol oil is known to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, and it shows promise as a treatment for arthritis.

Why Does It Work?

No conclusive studies are indicating that there are proven benefits of using CBD oil for vertigo, however, the studies were conducted to test the efficacy of marijuana for arthritis, and it was concluded that it was able to reduce the severity and in some subjects was able to prevent the pain from arising.

However, this not exclusively conducted on CBD oil and hence there has been an ambiguity on its working.

How to Use?

Ideally, it is recommended that you inhale this essential oil directly, you could instantly take sniffs from the bottle during the day. You could also add 3-4 drops of the oil in your humidifier and place it in your bedroom while you are sleeping. Additionally, you could also add this into your massage oil or take CBD oil pills for getting rid of arthritis.

How Much to Use?

Although it isnt specified or a set rigid dosage for the use of CBD oil, however, it is strongly recommended that you consult with your doctor/physician before starting this regimen.

Alternate Remedies For Rheumatoid Arthritis

More and more people are moving toward homeopathic treatments instead of relying on overpriced prescription medications and costly surgeries many of which individuals, especially those without insurance, cannot afford. Not only that, many people are becoming wary of putting so many manufactured chemicals in their bodies on a regular basis. It seems like everything we ingest nowadays is somehow engineered instead of natural. Perhaps returning to nature is a better alternative than the usual go-to treatments. Well discuss the use and effectiveness of seven natural remedies for RA. Well also share what our research has found as far as success rates go.

1. CinnamonProponents of cinnamon in alleviating symptoms of RA contribute its healing powers to the anti-inflammatory qualities of cinnamon bark. In addition, cinnamon is noted to help with aches and pains, especially when they are worse with cold or cold weather.

The Problem? Cinnamon in large doses can be detrimental to your health. In addition, cinnamon has been found to have potential harmful effects to pregnant women and may negatively react with your bodys natural blood clotting as well as interacts with any blood thinning medications you are taking.

2. Willow BarkWillow bark, as the name quite literally says, is the bark off of willow trees. This bark has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties which assist with pain relief. In fact, it has very similar qualities to everyday aspirin.

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What Does Arthritis In The Neck Usually Refer To

There are two conditions that fall under the umbrella reference of arthritis. These conditions are rheumatoid arthritis and cervical spondylosis. These conditions lead to joint damage, which then results in pain and discomfort in the patient’s neck.

Cervical Spondylosis

This condition is called cervical osteoarthritis or arthritis of the neck and refers to normal changes to the discs, bones and joints of the neck. These changes are the result of aging, where spinal discs break down or lose fluid. This causes them to be stiff. Middle aged and elderly people typically suffer from this condition, referred to as arthritis in the neck.

Osteophytes are spurs or abnormal growths that occur on the bones in the neck. This results in narrowing of the spinal column’s interior and also where the nerves exit the spine, which is called cervical spinal stenosis.

Unfortunately, more than 85% of people over age 60 will deal with cervical spondylosis. This means many deal with pain and stiffness in the neck, although there are a fortunate few who feel no symptoms at all. These people may have the bone spurs or other manifestations of the condition but do not feel the pain that others deal with as a result.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

This condition is actually an autoimmune disorder which means the body’s tissues are attacked by its own immune system. While this condition is more likely to cause pain in the fingers and wrists, it can affect other areas, including causing arthritis in the neck.

Home Remedies For Arthritis Pain With Turmeric And Lime Juice

arthritis in the neck home remedies

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory, free radical removal, anti-arthritic, & antioxidant properties that may help to heal the arthritis problem. Lemon can provide your body with numerous useful effects, including treating arthritis. It is highly beneficial in removing uric acid, constantly produced by your body, through the urine. If your body does not remove acid uric as quickly as possible, it will build up in your joints, which, in turn, causes rheumatic and arthritis pain as well as lead to the kidney inflammation. You may use turmeric combined with lime juice as one of the natural home remedies for arthritis.



  • Firstly, you mix the turmeric powder and lime juice well.
  • Then you add enough boiling water to this mixture and stir well until they transfer into a thick paste.
  • Now, you apply this paste directly on your affected area and let it be on there for a few minutes.
  • Finally, you rinse it off with clean water and keep repeating this process until you have no problem with your joints.

8. Home Remedies For Arthritis Pain with Boswellia

9. Home Remedies For Arthritis Pain with Cherries

Cherries are high in magnesium along with potassium , which can help you to ride the tissue of fluid and thereby reducing the inflammation. This will efficiently heal arthritis, especially gout. Therefore, you should consume cherries regularly in any form such as canned, fresh, frozen, or syrup to keep arthritis at bay.

10. Home Remedies For Arthritis Pain with Apple Cider Vinegar

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Neck Arthritis Physical Therapy Will Pt Help

Youve come here looking for help with your neck arthritis, and by now you probably want to know if physical therapy can help.

The answer is yes, physical therapy can help with neck arthritis.

When you first visit a physical therapist, youll complete an evaluation or consultation.

During this evaluation, your therapist will see how well you can move your neck, ask what symptoms you have, and assess joint function in your neck and back.

After the initial assessment, your physical therapist will work with you to create a plan to alleviate neck arthritis symptoms.

What Are The Other Treatment Options For Neck Arthritis Pain

Book an appointment with your doctor if these home and natural remedies fail to address your symptoms.

Your physician will likely prescribe oral corticosteroids to relieve inflammation, or a steroid injection to reduce swelling and inflammation. As a last resort, surgery may be recommended for severe and chronic neck arthritis pain.

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Acupuncture Herbal Remedies Massage And Yoga

In developing your treatment plan for neck pain, your doctor may suggest alternative treatments such as acupunctureor you may want to try these treatments yourself. Many patients have reported that these alternative ways of dealing with their neck pain have really helped.

Your doctor may suggest alternative treatments such as acupuncture.

However, a word of advice: Please talk to your doctor before trying any alternative treatments. Some people think that these are 100% safe alternatives, but there may be interactions, for example, between an herb that you want to take and a medication that you’re using. For that reason , keep him or her in the loop when you want to try alternative treatments.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture practitioners believe that your body has an energy force called your Qi or Chi . They think that when your Chi is blocked, you can develop physical illness. Acupuncture works to restore a healthy, energetic flow of Chi.

Herbal Remedies: Some herbal remedies that neck pain sufferers have found useful are:

Massage: A lot of neck pain is caused by stress, overuse, and misusefor example, sitting hunched over the computer for too long every day because you have to meet those deadlines. A massage will help release that tension and relieve muscle inflammation and pain. Consider getting regular massages as a neck pain prevention measure.


Yes Your Neck Pain Could Be Arthritis

ASK UNMC! How is arthritis in the neck treated?

No matter where it occurs in the body, arthritis can be a real pain. One type, which goes by the name cervical spondylosis, can leave you with a stiff neck or major aches.

Often a side effect of aging, arthritis in the neck occurs when the discs, joints, and bones of the neck naturally deteriorate.

While you cant stop the aging process, you can take steps to delay its effect on the neck.

And if you do develop arthritis in the neck, you can often find relief from at-home treatment plan that includes medication, icing or heating, and/or physical therapy.

Heres what to know about arthritis in the neck, including the risk factors, treatments, and how to prevent it.

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What Are The Best Natural Remedies For Arthritis Of The Neck

You can take natural approaches to slow the progression of arthritis and treat its symptoms. The natural remedies that you should consider are as follows:

H-Arthritis FormulaFor fast relief from arthritis pain, H-Arthritis Formula is your best bet! Its made from 100% natural ingredients so you wont have to worry about adverse side effects. It is applied to the skin and is gentle on it as relieves discomfort and stiffness.

Cold Therapy for Neck ArthritisThis method is used to reduce joint pain, inflammation, and swelling in the neck. Wrap ice in a piece of cloth and press it where the joint pain is. You can also alternatively wrap frozen vegetables in a cloth. Remember to never place ice directly on your skin to prevent cold burns.

ExerciseExercising your neck will help in making your muscles and joints more flexible. It will also help you get rid of the stiffness and discomfort associated with arthritis.

Sleep CorrectlySleeping on a pillow or mattress that doesnt support your neck properly will worsen the pain and stiffness. Different sleeping postures require different texture of mattresses and pillows. For those who sleep on their back, a firm pillow and mattress are recommended. For side sleepers, they should get a medium pillow and mattress. For stomach sleepers, a soft pillow and mattress will do. For even better support for your neck, go for a cylindrical pillow that the curve of your neck can rest on.

Dont Count Out Creams

I tell all my patients to approach their pain with a toolbox of options, depending on the type and location. Sometimes, alternating ice and heat is effective. For other ailments, medication is best. Topical pain-relief creams can be another great option.

For example, capsaicin cream, made from hot chili peppers, can significantly reduce joint pain. It decreases levels of substance P in your body, a natural chemical secreted by nerves and inflammatory cells that sends pain signals to your brain. The benefits of capsaicin cream have been studied extensively, showing a 50% reduction in pain after regular use.

Because creams are not systemically absorbed like oral supplements, only a small amount of the substance enters your body. This is especially beneficial to patients who experience side effects from certain supplements. Consistent use is key to reducing pain with creams over the long term theyre not an immediate fix.

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Get Better Z’s For A Natural Treatment For Arthritis

It can be tough to sleep if you have joint pain, but improving your sleep could actually be a good treatment for osteoarthritis. According to a study published in February 2014 in the journal Sleep, researchers who worked with 367 adults with osteoarthritis to improve their sleep found that cognitive-behavioral strategies to reduce insomnia appeared to both improve sleep and reduce pain.

What Are The Symptoms Of Arthritis Of The Neck

Pin on back pain generalized

The main symptoms of cervical spondylosis are pain and stiffness in the neck which can be mild or severe. These symptoms are usually made worse by holding the neck in one position for a long time, for example, when reading a book. The pain goes away when you lie down or rest.

Other symptoms of arthritis of the neck include:

  • Losing balance
  • Feeling a popping or grinding noise when you swivel your neck
  • Headaches
  • Muscle spasms occurring in the neck and shoulders
  • Weakness and numbness of the hands, arms, and fingers because the space that the nerve roots and spinal cord pass through narrows

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What Are The Types Of Arthritis That Affect The Neck

Various factors set off these types of discomfort, yet many people with chronic neck pains, accompanied by sore and stiff necks, are diagnosed with a type of arthritis that target the neck, such as the following:

  • Neck osteoarthritis This is a degenerative disease caused by the wearing and tearing of joints, bones and discs in the cervical spine.

Each of the vertebra is cushioned by jelly-like gels that protect the bones from rubbing into each other. When any of these cushions wear out, the vertebrae rub against each other, causing pain and inflammation. The increased friction can also set off the growth of bony projections along the spine called bone spurs.

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  • Rheumatoid arthritis in the neck This autoimmune type of arthritis causes the bodys immune system to mess up and attack the lining of the joints by mistake. As a chronic inflammatory disease, it typically starts affecting the smaller joints in the hands and feet, only to spread to the neck over time, as the disease worsens.
  • Spondyloarthritis in the neck This tongue twister is a catchall term for inflammatory conditions that affect the joint and entheses, or the areas where tendons and ligaments attach to the bones.

Psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis are not only harder to enunciate, theyre also known in the medical world as the two subtypes of spondyloarthritis in the neck.

Signs And Symptoms Of Osteoarthritis

How do you know if you actually have osteoarthritis? There are telltale signs that differ from rheumatoid arthritis that can make it easier to know if you are dealing with osteoarthritis. The following are the most common Signs and Symptoms of Osteoarthritis:

  • Joint Pain this tends to be worse when rising in the morning and is usually starts slowly as opposed to rheumatoid arthritis that can start suddenly or just flare up
  • Pain in a specific Joint Your knees, hips and hands are most common. In rheumatoid arthritis you can have more than one joint affected at the same time
  • Joint Swelling and Inflammation mild swelling occurs during periods of activity
  • Grinding and Grating Feeling a Grinding Sensation when a Joint is moved, which can be a sign of bone spurs
  • Joint Noises Hearing a joint pop or click when you extend it or bend it
  • Reduced Flexibility Loss of Mobility and Flexibility (you will find it harder to bend over, climb stairs or completely straighten the affected joint

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or a combination of them, you may want to refer to your physician or therapist for an actual medical diagnosis and x-rays or an MRI to see the condition your joints are in. Discovering how to treat osteoarthritis the natural way can help you if you have degenerative arthritis like osteoarthritis.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Arthritis In The Neck

Surprisingly, many people do not experience any symptoms of arthritis. Those who do, however, may experience the following symptoms:

These arthritis symptoms could last for several months or become chronic over time.

With rheumatoid arthritis, you may also experience stiffness in the hands and wrists, particularly in the morning after waking up, Dr. Shah notes.

Ankylosing spondylitis may affect the back and hips, again with symptoms worse after waking up, he says.

Stress Poor Sleep And Physical Ailments Over Time Can Lead To A Pain In The Neck

How to STOP Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain in your Neck!

Everyday life isn’t kind to the neck. You may be all too familiar with that crick you get when you cradle the phone between your shoulder and ear, or the strain you feel after working at your computer.

Neck pain rarely starts overnight. It usually evolves over time. And it may be spurred by arthritis or degenerative disc disease, and accentuated by poor posture, declining muscle strength, stress, and even a lack of sleep, said Dr. Zacharia Isaac, medical director of the Comprehensive Spine Care Center at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital and director of interventional physical medicine and rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School.

The following six tips can help you find neck pain relief:

  • Don’t stay in one position for too long. It’s hard to reverse bad , Dr. Isaac says, but if you get up and move around often enough, you’ll avoid getting your neck stuck in an unhealthy position.
  • Make some ergonomic adjustments. Position your computer monitor at eye level so you can see it easily. Use the hands-free function on your phone or wear a headset. Prop your tablet on a pillow so that it sits at a 45° angle, instead of lying flat on your lap.
  • If you wear glasses, keep your prescription up to date. “When your eyewear prescription is not up to date, you tend to lean your head back to see better,” Dr. Isaac says.
  • Don’t use too many pillows. with several pillows under your head can stifle your neck’s range of motion.
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