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What Is The Best Heating Pad For Arthritis

Soothing Company Extra Large Heating Pad

Heating Pad for Back Pain Relief

Price: $$

Dont want to bother with cords? Try this microwavable heating pad from Soothing Company. The heat lasts up to 20 minutes .

The soft fleece material makes it feel like a warm hug engulfing your body and the curved shape of the pad fits snugly around your neck, shoulders, and mid-to-lower back. You dont have to worry about it falling off, either, as there are wraps that you fasten around your body. Just be sure to follow directions, as some customers noticed a burning smell when they left it for too long in the microwave.

Is A Heating Pad Safe For Pregnancy

This depends on what stage your pregnancy is in. They are not recommended during the early stages by most medical professionals.

Women in their second and third trimesters can benefit from them under low to moderate temperatures and only for brief periods of time. As always, it is crucial that you ask your doctor ahead of time.

Heat Therapy And Cold Therapy Combined For Optimum Effect

For the heating pad treatment to be more effective, the affected joint needs to be treated with the combination of heat therapy and cold therapy. This requires the treatment with heating pads for six times.

When the affected joint is heated, this brings more blood to the area. When it is cooled, it squeezes out blood out of the area. By alternating cold and heat therapy, it significantly increases blood flow to get rid of the pain-causing chemicals.

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Best Gel Heating Pad: Clik Clak Reusable Heating Pads

Price: $39.99

To use Clik Claks reusable gel heating pads, a person simply snaps the pad to heat it.

When the pad cools, a person can place it in boiling water for 20 minutes to reheat it. The company does not state how long the pad stays warm.

A pack of Clik Claks reusable gel heating pads contains pads in different shapes and sizes for use on different parts of the body. Larger pads may be suitable for areas such as the lower back, while smaller pads may be suitable for use on smaller joints.

Other features include:

Who This Is For

Which Is The Best Heating Pad For Hands For Arthritis

People use electric heating pads to relieve muscle pain associated with menstrual cramps, arthritis, injuries, and other ailments. Heat increases blood flow where applied, helping to dilate blood vessels and improve circulation. The increased blood flow to a treated area can help soothe muscular cramping, spasms, aches, and soreness.

Be aware, though, that putting a heating pad on a new injury can worsen pain-causing inflammation. Frequent, prolonged, or otherwise improper use of heating pads has been associated with burns and other ailments. If in doubt, consult a doctor before treating yourself with cold or heat.

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Q: Which Will Work Better For My Painful Arthritic Joints Heat Or Cold

A: Applying heat or cold to a painful area is a simple, inexpensive method for relieving pain. Cold reduces swelling and numbs the area. Heat loosens up muscles, increases flexibility and increases circulation. For an acute injury, such as a pulled muscle or injured tendon, the usual recommendation is to start by applying ice to reduce inflammation and dull pain. Once inflammation has gone down, heat can be used to ease stiffness.

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For a chronic pain condition, such as osteoarthritis, heat seems to work best. However, some people find that cold also helps to dull the pain.

So whats the answer? Try them both and use whichever works best for you.

Exercise is an important part of treatment for osteoarthritis. Heat and cold can also be used to make exercising a little easier. Try using heat before exercise to loosen up muscles and cold afterward to minimize any achiness.

For heat, soak in a warm bath, hot tub or whirlpool for about 20 minutes. Or take a warm shower. Dress warmly afterward to prolong the benefit. A heating pad is another good way to warm up an area. You can also buy moist heat pads. Or, heat a damp washcloth in the microwave for about 20 seconds. Test it to make sure its not too hot. Wrap it in a dry towel and apply it to the painful area.

Best For Knee Pain: Comfier Heated Knee Brace

  • Made with soft, velvet-like material

  • 30-minute auto off timer

  • Difficult to put on

Built with two heating levels and five massage modes, the Comfier Brace Wrap is great for relaxing sore leg muscles. Its made with a soft, velvet-like material and the straps are velcro, making for a comfortable and secure fit. As for safety, the knee brace has a built-in timer that automatically turns off the heat at the 30-minute mark.

While the brace is comfortable, our tester noted that it can be difficult to strap around the leg. Because of this, this choice may not be ideal for people with mobility issues. Overall, its a solid choice if youre looking for heat and vibration therapy.

Price at time of publication: $58

Charge Type: Plug-in heating pad | Areas Targeted: Knee | Number of Heat Settings: 2 | Auto Off Function: Yes | Added Features: Massager with 5 modes

Verywell Health / Leticia Almeida

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Best Targeted Relief: Sunbeam Goheat Portable Heated Patches

  • Patches can be placed almost anywhere on the body

  • Patches can only be used up to 10 times each

Unlike heating pads, which tend to be larger in size, these Sunbeam patches are small enough to be placed on various parts of the body, including your back, abdomen, arms, legs, and calves. The pads are adhesive, so you dont have to worry about them falling off, and can be reused up to 10 times for each pad. It features three heat settings: low, medium, and high to deliver warmth directly to your muscles. Make sure the controller is fully charged before each use.

These heated patches scored no less than a four across all attributes, except for features, where they earned a three. This heating solution doesnt have a timer or auto shut-off, which may not be ideal if you prefer those features. However, the patches heat up quickly and can be placed wherever you need relief, so we recommend this option if youre looking to target a specific part of your body.

Price at time of publication: $75

Charge Type: Plug-in heating pad | Areas Targeted: Back, neck, lower abdomen, legs, ankles, arms | Number of Heat Settings: 3 | Auto Off Function: No | Added Features: N/A

Verywell Health / Leticia Almeida

How To Use A Heating Pad

Are heating pads safe for pain managment of Arthritis? – Dr. Yogesh Singh

All of the electric heating pads we tested are certified by UL, an independent organization that evaluates the safety of myriad materials and consumer products. We spoke to Joel Hawk, principal engineer manager with ULs small-appliances division, about what that means for the safety of someone using certified heating pads. UL extensively tests the temperature regulation of each pad it certifies, along with the fail-safes built into the pads that cause them to stop working rather than overheat or allow the inside of a heating pad to become exposed . Each pad is flexed, twisted, bunched, and squished, and has its cord yanked out thousands of times in ULs laboratories, Hawk told us.

Problems can arise from exposing materials to the high end of a heating pads temperature rangesome clothing, furniture, or other materials react poorly to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. But some public perception of the dangers of a heating pad may come from much older models of electric blankets, Hawk said, which lacked the modern electronic controls of todays equipment. We will note that every heating pad we researched had at least one review alleging an incident in which the pad nearly or could have started a fire. Heat is an elemental, intimidating force, and you should always be aware of what your heated pad is on or near.

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Best For Feet: Doneco King Size Heating Pad

Perfect Ratings: 1,300+

Whether you’re looking to relieve aching feet or just wanting to keep your tootsies warm, this heating pad acts as basically a giant foot warmer thanks to a built-in pocketâ but it’s still large enough to cover other body parts, like your back. Choose between four temperature settings and curl up with it on the couch on a cold winter night. You can also take it to bed, where the automated shut-off stops the pad from heating up after two hours.

“This is the BEST heating pad EVER. This Doneco is soft and warm and works so well, let me tell you why! I get horrible cramps every month during my cycle so heating pads have been a staple in my life for a while. This heating pad caught my eye because it’s foot pocket! The first time I used the pad, it was for some muscle pain and it felt like I was using a warm soft cloud and my muscle pain melted away. I would recommend this Doneco heating pad to anyone!” raved a buyer.

Does A Heating Pad Help Digestion

A heating pad is used for a variety of medical and therapeutic applications, but it also has an added benefit that can be used for therapeutic purposes. A heating pad helps improve digestive function. The heat that is generated from a heating pad is effective in heating the intestines, which can reduce the symptoms of constipation. This method is most effective for those suffering from constipation, so it is best used at bedtime or in the early morning. It is not recommended for people who are prone to extreme temperatures. Also, the heating pad needs to be left on for about five minutes, which can be uncomfortable.

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Whats The Best For Menstrual Cramps

Those suffering from menstrual cramps will be happy to know that a heating pad can offer you pain relief. Heat therapy can soothe muscle contractions and help improve blood flow. The best one for this is largely going to depend on what features youre looking for, as well as other factors such as size and type of energy design.

Best Heating Padfor Dogs With Arthritis

Which Is The Best Heating Pad For Hands For Arthritis

RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad scores the first spot on our list because it really is a gem. It is an extremely effective electric heating pad that puts safety first. For one, the mat uses a 7-layer protection method to avoid your dog getting burnt. Not many heating pads have this security feature. It also comes with a temperature sensor to keep the temperature at a safe level at all times. With an auto power function, the pad will switch off after about 1-2 hours. The cord is chew-resistant and the removable cover soft and easy to wash. In addition, the mat doesnt take up a lot of power like some of its counterparts.

If your dog is anoutdoor enthusiast, consider getting him the K& H Pet Products OriginalLectro-Kennel. It is perfect for sheltered outdoor areas such as barns, coveredpatios, and garages. With an orthopedic foam pad, it is a great addition for anolder pet with joint issues. The pad features low wattage, so you wont runhigh electricity bills. The heat is controlled by a thermostat to ensure itdoesnt go above your pups body temperature. We absolutely love thewaterproof, soft, and durable PVC material used to make this pad. It is extremelycomfortable for a hurting dog. Plus, you get a free washable fleece cover tomake cleaning easier. This product is available in small, medium, and largesizes.

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Arris Therapeutic Electric Heating Pad For Knees

This is one of the best knee heating pads with a large heating zon of approximately 15x20cms. It heats pretty fast and takes only 5 seconds to feel the heat, with the maximum temperature at 3 minutes. Its knee brace support has a wraparound design and is adjustable. This knee heat pad features the Far infrared therapy that is scientifically proven to be more effective in penetrating deep into the skin without skin damage.

Apart from alleviating knee pain, it also stimulates blood circulation, promotes metabolism and helps in speedy recovery of the affected joint.


Msdear Knee Heating Wrap

This is one of the best knee heating pads that help with a speedy recovery from knee problems. This pad offers ultra-comfortable hot and cold therapies for arthritis and is helpful with injury recovery and pain relief as well. The pad is large enough to fit all thigh sizes and its bifurcate straps ensure that it doesnt slide off.

There is a built-in mash bag for the ice bag and its hook and loop closures allow with the best placement of heat and cold. The pad can be powered by a rechargeable battery and a single button controls three heating levels.


  • Size:The size of the pad depends on the area where you wish to get relief. Some of the heat pads mold easily for the size you want whereas some have fixed sizes. It is also better to choose pads that fit different people easily.
  • Materials:The material of construction of the heat pad will definitely influence its performance. Most of the heat pads are of nylon or neoprene material, and it is important for those with sensitive skin to choose the material appropriately.
  • Insulation:Some of the pads get heated up through infrared technology while others feed on electricity. Choose the pad that gives you relief depending on the underlying pathology. Choose pads that have appropriate insulation and safety features in place.

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Best Budget: Sunbeam Heating Pad

  • Easy to use and set up

  • Budget-friendly

  • Has a moist heat option

  • Not as comfortable as other pads

This option from Sunbeam delivers most of the features of other pads on this list at a fraction of the cost. Using a sliding controller, you can adjust the three heat settings to deliver warmth to your muscles. The pad comes with a washable cover and a 9-foot cord, making for easy use and clean. For deeper relief, you can use the sponge insert to activate the moist heat option.

One caveat that our tester noted is that the cover material is not as comfortable as other pads tested in the lab. However, its still made with a soft cloth and sponge. Overall, its an easy-to-use pad that functions exactly as advertised.

Price at time of publication: $30

Charge Type: Plug-in heating pad | Areas Targeted: Legs, shoulders, lower abdomen | Number of Heat Settings: 3 | Auto Off Function: No | Added Features: Moist heat option

Verywell Health / Leticia Almeida

Whats The Difference Between Infrared And Electric Heat Pads

Are heating pads good to manage pain in Arthritic individuals? – Dr. Yogesh Singh

Electric heating pad works mainly on the surface of the skin. These are not usually able to penetrate the epidermis more than an inch or so.

Infrared, on the other hand, can penetrate much deeper than traditional electric methods, going directly into the bone, improving circulation and quickening both relief and healing. The pain you are experiencing can determine which is best.

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Calming Heat Massaging Weighted Heating Pad By Sharper Image

  • 3 heat settings and 3 massage settings
  • Ultra-soft, washable 100% cotton cover
  • Fits all body types

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The Calming Heat Massaging Weighted Heating Pad is the best way to relieve back pain, neck pain, or any other type of muscle tension. This electric heating pad is designed to soothe the body in six different ways. Using its three heat and massage settings, you can set your pad to one of twelve combinations for your perfect relaxation.

The Calming Heat Massage Weighted Heating Pad is the perfect combination of therapeutic heat and soothing massage vibrations. It provides deep, penetrating warmth to soothe tired muscles and joints, while the vibrating nodes help to enhance blood flow and reduce muscle tension.

This best electric heating pad for arthritis can be used in your car or at home and features six massage modes to provide various therapeutic benefits. Choose from various heat settings ranging from mild warmth to deep penetrating heat to suit your needs.

Leave Electrical Cords Behind With A Microwavable Heating Pad

Microwavable heating pads have two key benefits. First, they dont require an electrical cord. You can manipulate the pad and adjust it to the body without wrestling with a cord. A lack of cord also lets you walk around with it in place.

The second benefit is that some microwaveable heating pads offer moist heat. Some models allow you to put a small bowl of water in the microwave with the heating pad. The water releases steam, which the pad absorbs. It then releases that moisture against your body, letting the steam penetrate deeper into the tissue.

The downside of these pads is that you have to be careful with them initially as they may be very hot, but they lose their heat relatively quickly. At that point, youll have to reheat them, but its a small price to pay for mobile heat.

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