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What Essential Oils Help Arthritis

Peppermint Essential Oil For Joint Pain

Essential Oils for Arthritis

Peppermint oil has properties that can do wonders in offering relief from pain and inflammation. It is rich in cooling content, like menthol, that reduces pain, inflammation, and swelling. Menthol helps reduce muscle tension and discomfort and works wonders for pain . cbl=54977. This is one of the oldest medicinal plants that is also being used to treat arthritis pain and its symptoms.

Aches & Pains Essential Oil Blend By Vitality Extracts 30ml

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Aches & Pains combines powerful oils designed to mitigate pain and discomfort from headaches, muscle pain, menstrual pain, and joint pain. The pain-relieving qualities of these oils are designed to help mitigate physical discomfort and numerous types of inflammation.

Reviews From Real Customers

How this oil works, I will never understand, but the results have been amazing. This oil was ordered by accident, I was one of those who did not believe an oil could help me. HOWEVER, I rubbed it on my hand and wrist.

With my total AMAZEMENT, the pain from arthritis was gone until the next day. I begin using it every day and had to order more, by ordering two bottles saved money. I use it every day. It also improved age spots on my hands and legs.

I was a sun worshiper in the 70s. I still find it hard to believe what I have seen this oil do. I am using it now for three months. I am not saying this oil takes off everyones age spot, but it sure did me and greatly improved the sun abuse spots.

For 34 years I worked as a professional in the beauty business, this has proven to be a great product with amazing unexpected benefits.

I had spinal laminectomy and fusion on June 3 of this year so Im 2 months into the recovery period and I have been in a neck brace for all that time. The incision Is healing beautifully but I have pain in the muscles surrounding the incision.

Excellent Essential Oils For Arthritis That Really Work

1. Peppermint Essential Oil

  • Great for: Reducing pain and inflammation.
  • Why it helps: Peppermint oil has great anti-inflammatory benefits thanks to the presence of I-menthol. Add that to its great anti-pain benefits and you have a great oil for arthritis treatment.
  • How to apply: As the oil is quite strong, it is advisable to mix it with a carrier oil before rubbing it onto your joints.

2. Rosemary Oil

  • Great for: Helping to promote good circulation.
  • Why it helps: Rosemary oil ranks among the essential oils for arthritis as it has an abundance of anti-pain properties, as well as anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • How to apply: Dilute the rosemary oil with a carrier oil , and rub the mixture onto the arthritis stricken area.

3. Marjoram Oil

  • Great for: Easing stiff, painful joints.
  • Why it helps: Marjoram oil is highly beneficial in relieving joint pain with its calming and relaxing benefits. It can be used to deal with sprains, bruises, muscles spasms and stiff joints.
  • How to apply: This oil can be an irritant if applied directly to broken or damaged skin, so ensure to avoid the use of it on such areas. When applied topically, directly to the affected area, it can offer relief from pain and relaxation.

4. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

5. Lavender Essential Oil

6. Basil Oil

7. Cayenne Pepper Oil

8. Menthol Oil

9. Chamomile Oil

10. Birch Essential Oil

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Nanoemulsion Did Not Caused Any Irritation

In the initial test, we did not see any serious skin reaction after any of the three sequential ) exposures, and also there were no dermal changes after 14days. So, the confirmatory test was done using up two additional rabbits. Skin reactions were observed for 1, 24, 48, 72h and later for 14days after removing patches, and there was no sign of erythema, edema, and scar.

The Best Essential Oils For Joint Pain And Inflammation

Essential oil blend for rheumatoid arthritis by Meraki essentials ...

You can choose your preference of oils based on their unique properties and how well they react to your symptoms. Some oils have intense anti-inflammatory properties others work better for topical pain relief.

Because arthritis is a disease that characterizes itself through inflammation, any oil that has anti-inflammatory properties can reduce both swelling and pain.

These include:

Which one works best? That depends on your preferences, and even how you respond to certain scents — results are different for everyone.

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Best Essential Oils For Arthritis Treatment

Western medicine can be a temporary fix to some arthritis symptoms, with many having negative side effects. Anti-inflammatory natural oils may lessen the pain and swelling without as many medical concerns.For example, aspirin has an active component originating from the willow tree bark. There are many therapeutic herbs available in essential oil form that are used to treat arthritis symptoms.

You should discuss the use of any oil with your doctor prior to treatment as many oils have properties that can interact with certain prescribed medication.

1. Peppermint Oil

With anti-inflammatory and anesthetic components, peppermint oil can help reduce pain and swelling of joints. It has been successful mainly at treating rheumatoid arthritis. Combine five to 10 drops of the peppermint oil with two tablespoons of warmed-up coconut oil, and apply the mixture to the affected area as needed for pain relief.

2. Eucalyptus Oil

Australian gum tree leaves pack a punch of pain relief as the properties of the oil boost blood circulation. By opening the blood vessels naturally, it can reduce pain and inflammation discomfort. Combine eucalyptus oil with a carrier oil, and apply directly onto the painful region. You may want to test it on your skin first as its powerful properties may cause irritation for some people.

3. Ginger Oil

4. Lavender Oil

5. Cayenne Pepper Oil

6. Rosemary Oil

7. Frankincense Oil

8. Myrrh Oil

9. Lemongrass Oil

10. Birch Oil

Davina Essential Oil Turmeric Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

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Turmeric Essential Oil 10ml Therapeutic Grade Turmeric has an earthy, spicy, somewhat curry-like aroma. Its warmth is said to produce a calming influence on pain. Turmeric essential oil can be used in a variety of ways, such as helping to reduce the symptoms of arthritis, to improve liver health, supporting the nervous system, relieving depression and anxiety, and more.

Many use Turmeric to relieve nervous tension and to instill feelings of wellbeing.

Reviews From Real Customers

Love Davina oils, they are the best. I tried the patchouli oil for the treatment of dandruff. I put 10 drops in the shampoo and after a couple of washes my husbands dandruff problem practically disappeared.

Thank you Zulily for bringing such a great products!!.

didnt realize when I picked this out that the ingredients are almost identical to D*terras Whisper, which I already have. Still, I kind of like Davinas version better couldnt really tell you why .

Whisper is a bit cloying or old ladyish, so I need to add more wood to it to smarten it up Entice is fresher/lighter. One star off because the scent doesnt last very long. I havent tried it in a diffuser yet.

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What Can Essential Oils Do For Arthritis

Essential oils may ease arthritis symptoms, especially swelling, inflammation, pain, and stiffness. Made from the liquid essence of plants, essential oils have medicinal properties that can be used for prevention and treatment for many health problems. When it comes to the essential oils for arthritis, you should look for essential oils that have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and calming properties.

Aromatherapy is safe to use for arthritis alongside conventional treatments recommended by medical doctors.

Popular Aromatherapy Picks For Arthritis

Essential Oil Arthritis Relief

Though studies are sometimes small and not always well designed, the evidence is mounting that essential oils can be good medicine when it comes to easing symptoms of arthritis. Moreover, chronic pain often leads to other conditions, such as poor sleep, anxiety, depression, and overall reduction in quality of life and research shows aromatherapy can be beneficial for all of these as well. Some studies have even found that arthritis patients who used aromatherapy were able to reduce their intake of painkillers while maintaining or improving their current level of comfort.

Heres the scoop on some of the most popular essential oils used for arthritis:

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Myrrh Essential Oil For Joint Pain

Myrrh oil has been added to this list because it contains anti-inflammatory properties that relieve joint pains. This oil can work effectively in amalgamation with frankincense oil to treat the pain of arthritis as well . It has properties that suppress inflammation of joints. You can use this essential oil to relieve aches and pain in different body parts.

Essential Oils And Their Chemical Components In The Treatment Of Arthritis

EOs and their chemical components could also be useful in the treatment of arthritis-related pain. Various monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, and other essential oil constituents have been investigated for their potential antinociceptive activity and have demonstrated interesting analgesic-like activity and different species demonstrated antinociceptive activity in animal models of nociception . For example, M. spicata L. EO and its main constituents, such as menthol, carvone, and limonene, demonstrated analgesic effects in animal models, while spearmint oil was able to reduce pain in osteoarthritis patients . Recently, Mota and colleagues reported the analgesic effect of citral , a monoterpene aldehyde identified in the EOs of several plants, such as lemongrass Stapf.) and ginger . It was demonstrated that a single administration of citral reversed FCA-induced mechanical allodynia in arthritic rats .

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What Is The Best Essential Oil To Relieve Arthritis Pain

Stiff, achy joints are at best annoying, and at worst debilitating.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 54 million adults in the U.S. suffer from some form of arthritis. And although this affliction primarily affects people over 50 years of age, arthritis is becoming more common in younger people than ever before.

Many arthritis sufferers find relief through the healing power of essential oils — read on to learn more about how they can help.

Turmeric Essential Oil For Arthritis

Top Five Essential Oils To Use For Arthritis by Dr Josh Axe

Why One Should Use Turmeric Essential Oil For Arthritis?

Turmeric essential oil has many traditional uses in Indian culture. It contains curcumin and it helps to protect joint inflammation.

How To Use Turmeric Essential Oil For Arthritis?

It can be consumed orally by creating turmeric teas or mix 2 spoons of turmeric essential oil in milk and drink the mixture.

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Gurunanda Essential Oil 100% Pure & Natural Eucalyptus 05 Fl Oz

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Guru Nanda eucalyptus essential oil is 100% pure and sourced from Australia and China from fresh or partially dried leaves and young twigs. It has a pleasant smell that is fresh, woody and camphorous and can help you feel invigorated.

When diffused, it will fill your space with a clean, refreshing aroma that can also help to clear your sinuses. Eucalyptus essential oil is best used in a diffuser or shower and can also be diluted and applied topically for therapeutic relief.

Store in a cool, dry place.
Ingredients 100% Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil.
Warnings Caution: Do not use directly on skin. Dilute with carrier oil Do not any to open wounds. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

How Essential Oils Help To Treat Arthritis

Essential oil do not truly cure arthritis, but they help to relieve major symptoms such as inflammation, swelling, pain and stiffness. They help to make the patients life a little bit easier by reducing their suffering and provide them some relief from the unbearable pain. Before applying essential oil to the affected area you should make sure to dilute it with a carrier oil first, Or else it may cause irritation.

As we have already mentioned essential oils do not cure arthritis, but if you are fed up of using the drug store medicine to get some relief then essential oils can be your next best solution to get some relief from arthritis pain. There are different types of oils that are used to treat different types of arthritis. We can say Eucalyptus, frankincense and lavender essential oils are best essential oils for rheumatoid arthritis, peppermint and Rosemary essential oils for arthritis in finger and lavender, turmeric, primrose essential oils for arthritis in knees and so on. Read on to know about 10 best essential oils to relieve Arthritis pain.

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Edible Peppermint Massage Oil Benefits Arthritis*

Mild spicy, traditional peppermint sprigs that are cooling and sweet at the same time. Made with therapeutic quality peppermint essential oils. Our massage oils are created with a harmonious blend of Sunflower, Apricot Kernel and Sweet Almond Oil. This exquisite formula allows hands to glide over the skin and achieve deep penetration.

Packaged: 8 fl. oz. amber plastic bottle with pump, safety shrink wrap. Free flip top cap available if requested.

Peppermint Edible Massage Oil Reviews

Very nice product. Long workability. Nice flavor. H. Warman

See our references at the bottom of this page for additional information.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

Ease Your Pain & Stop Suffering

Pain relief essential oil blend recipe | Which essential oils can help with rheumatoid arthritis?

Living with pain is not joyful! Pain medications are out there to help, but they may not answer if youre like me. The tired, groggy brain fog is not for me. I want pain relief that stops my suffering without taking away my ability to enjoy life!

Natural essential oils for arthritis and joint pain relief offer an alternative. A simple rub on an achy knee or painful back can get you through the day or the night. Mix up a batch to keep ready for when you need it.

Have you tried essential oils for pain relief or another herbal method? I would love to hear from you. Let me know your thoughts and how things are working for you! Drop your comments below!

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Chamomile Essential Oil For Joint Pain

Chamomile oil is majorly used in skincare and cosmetics. It has many purposes that can help treat different skincare and healthcare issues. Chamomile essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing pain and inflammation. It also possesses sedative properties that prove helpful in calming the nervous system and promoting good sleep.

What Causes Arthritis

Arthritis can be caused by a variety of controllable factors. Here are some of the most common.


Infections can cause inflammation which can lead to some type of arthritis. If you notice redness or swelling, see your doctor to stop inflammation from worsening.


If you work in an occupation that requires a lot of physical activity, such as bending, squatting and generally using your knees often, this can lead to osteoarthritis in your knees.


Maintaining a healthy weight can prevent your joints from becoming overworked, which can thus prevent arthritis.


Smokers are at risk of various health issues, including rheumatoid arthritis. Smoking can also worsen arthritis in those that already have it.

Joint Damage

If your joints are often stressed or have undergone damage, you may be at risk of arthritis.

Along with controllable factors, people with a family history of arthritis, women and seniors are more likely to get arthritis.

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Create Your Own Blend

Essential oils are very potent. One whiff of your favorite may be pleasant to you but another person may try the same essential oil and plug their nose. Its always a good idea to check with your doctor before using any essential oils. Once you decide to use them, do a skin patch test to see if you have any adverse reactions to it. To create your own blend, you need a carrier oil, which is used to dilute essential oils. Oils such as coconut, almond, olive and jojoba oil are good choices. The best way to use these oils for arthritis is to apply them topically to the areas of concern. Mix two to three drops of one essential oil with about a teaspoon of coconut oil . Then rub the mixture into your skin. You can do this twice a dayin the morning and evening, says Dr. Axe. If youre fond of long soaks in the tub, drop four to five drops of oil in your bath water. Create your own therapeutic body wash by adding five to ten drops of essential oil to your body wash and use it in the shower. Whatever application you choose, Dr. Axe recommends you try it twice a day. If youre new to essential oils, be sure to read this guide first.

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Aromatherapy Benefits Of Essential Oil For Pain Relief

Pin on Essential Oils

A sniff of fragrance, perfumes, or an air freshener is not the same thing as aromatherapy. Aromatherapy uses essential oils extracted from herbs in concentrated forms to create potent aromatic compounds.

Although you will smell and the herbs fragrance, it is not the scent alone that aids you. Those rich herbal constherbs fragrances, used in the air. Just as if you would absorb them through the skin or internally. Your body can absorb them through the nose and taste buds.

In addition to the uses that many herbs carry for internal uses, many also take additional benefits in scent. As an example, Vanillas scent is said to relax nerves and give a sense of calm. Lavender instills peace and rest. This just an example of a couple.

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