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What Do You Give Dogs For Arthritis

What Can I Give My Dog For Arthritis Pain

3 Simple Massage Techniques For Senior Dogs & Dogs With Arthritis

As dogs grow older, there are a number of conditions that they are prone to develop, chief among them is canine arthritis. If your dog has been diagnosed with arthritis, you may be looking for potential treatment options to help ease the pain and discomfort your dog is experiencing.

However, as a dog owner that does not have veterinary medicine experience, it can be difficult to ascertain which treatment options are safe to try out without inflicting greater harm than healing. This guide discusses what arthritis is, signs of arthritis in dogs, and what you can give your dog for arthritis pain.

Supplements For Dog Arthritis

In addition to medication, supplements for arthritis can be a useful part of your dogs treatment plan. Joint supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin work by improving lubrication in the joints and strengthening the cartilage that cushions the joint, thereby improving mobility and slowing the progression of arthritis. Other supplements, such as fatty acids, may have anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the swelling and pain associated with arthritic joints, relieving your dogs discomfort.

Recently, CBD for dogs has garnered a lot of attention as a possible treatment for canine arthritis pain. CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system, which has a number of functions throughout the body. Because the endocannabinoid system plays a role in conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, stress, and bone remodeling, it has been hypothesized that products such as CBD could potentially be beneficial to patients suffering from arthritis. In fact, a recent double-blinded, placebo-controlled study in dogs found that CBD significantly improved pain and mobility in just 4 weeks with no detrimental effects. Research on CBDs use and effect in animals is still very much in its infancy and more information is needed to determine the best dosage and duration of treatment. However, recent research has been encouraging and similar studies have also demonstrated the beneficial effects of CBDs anti-inflammatory properties in arthritic patients.

Signs Of Pain In Dogs


Though we feel deeply connected to our dogs, its sometimes hard to tell when theyre in pain since they cant talk to us about it. If you see any of the following signs of pain in your dog, its time to call your vet to determine the cause of pain and find a safe remedy.

  • Antisocial or aggressive behavior
  • Shaking or trembling

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How Is Arthritis In Dogs Diagnosed

There is no single test for arthritis in dogs. The process of diagnosing arthritis involves multiple steps which usually start with a physical examination.

During the physical exam, the vet will start by touching and lightly pressing the joints to check for your dogs reaction. She may also test the range of motion by moving the legs in different directions.

After the physical exam, the vet will likely recommend an x-ray . Other tests like blood tests, urine tests, and fecal tests may be performed to rule out other inflammatory diseases.

Using the results from all the tests, your vet will then make a conclusion about whether your dog has arthritis or not.

Natural Joint Pain Relief For Dogs With Arthritis


If you prefer to say no to prescription medication from your DVM veterinarian, its time to consider alternative tools and treatments for your dog’s arthritis.

Many pet parents are concerned about the side effects that surgery and prescription medication can have on their beloved animals.

Despite many treatments being completely safe, if you still prefer to find a less invasive or drug-free approach to treating arthritis in dogs, we hear you loud and clear!

With many chronic conditions, treatment for canine arthritis in dogs is all about making your pet feel more comfortable and happier.

Whether its walking pain-free or sleeping without worrying about stiff joints in the morning.

Simple lifestyle changes are often very effective in improving your pups overall sense of health and well-being.

So, whether you have a senior pup unable to go down the medical route or have an energetic puppy suffering from canine arthritis.

Were about to reveal ten amazing natural arthritis treatments for dogs that dont involve drugs, surgery, or seeing your veterinarian.

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Healthy Joints Happy Pets

Helping older or arthritic pets keep their joints healthy and their bodies in good condition can let them enjoy walks and playtime throughout the duration of their lives. Even pets with advanced arthritis can maintain a good quality of life and stay active with the help of a veterinarian and good treatment plan.

Sadly, we lost Otis a few years ago at the age of 11. But for the three years following his surgery, we were able to manage his arthritis and maintain his comfort with a combination of weight management, exercise, NSAIDs, essential fatty acids and joint supplements. He was able to get back to the activities he loved and play with our other three dogs. It warmed our hearts to see his quality of life return to a happy, healthy one for his remaining years.

Give Your Dog A Daily Massage

Massage therapy is great for arthritis and some pet boutiques charge big money for a dog massage. You can do this for free! Use long gentle strokes and always push blood toward your dogs heart. Massage gets blood flowing to the arthritic area and can reduce pain and stiffness for several hours.

You can actually do this massage in combination with the next suggestion which is heat therapy.

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Canine Arthritis: A Speed Bump Not A Stop Sign

Although it can be hard to hear that your four legged friend has arthritis, it is important to remember that this condition can be managed. With your veterinarians help, your dog can still have an excellent quality of life. To relieve your dogs arthritis pain, it is essential to work with your veterinarian to develop a multimodal treatment plan that incorporates both medications and lifestyle changes. Frequent follow up visits with your veterinarian may also be necessary to monitor the progression of your dogs arthritis and adjust the treatment plan if necessary. Together you and your veterinary team can ensure that your pup will continue to be healthy

Dr. Elizabeth Racine is a small animal veterinarian with a passion for improving the lives of pets. She has worked in the veterinary field in various roles for more than a decade.Dr. Racines professional interests in behavior, nutrition, and palliative care. As a writer, her work has been featured by several world-renowned pet health and wellness brands. Dr. Racine shares her home with her dog Dasher a beagle with his own storied career training new veterinary students and her trouble-making orange cat named Julius

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Natural Supplements For Dog Arthritis

Six Signs your dog has Arthritis and How to Help Him

Below are some natural supplements to help your dog manage arthritis pain:

  • Turmeric As a type of spice rich in antioxidants, turmeric can help reduce inflammation and damage to your dogs joints. The recommended intake is 0.5-1 teaspoon of turmeric powder per day or about 15-20 mg based on your pets body weight.
  • Comfrey Comfrey has pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. These shrubby herbs have long, slender leaves, and theyre available as dried herbs in food stores. The recommended daily dose of comfrey for your pets should be around 0.5-1 teaspoons.
  • Yucca Yucca contains compounds that help dogs with inflamed joints and promotes the passage of nutrients to the digestive tract. Its also rich in vitamins A, B, C, and contains calcium, potassium, and phosphorus. Introduce your dog with yucca root powder before giving it a concentrated dose of about 1/4 teaspoon.

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Recognizing Pain In Dogs

A major problem in the diagnosis and treatment of canine pain is that many dog owners dont notice its symptoms, or they notice the dog is slowing down but dont understand why. Another is that not everyone takes canine pain seriously, so its easy to overlook.

You can help your dog live a pain-free life by noticing changes in posture, gait, and activity level. Tell your veterinarian if your dog exhibits any of the following symptoms:

-Shows reluctance to walk on or difficulty getting up and down on slippery surfaces.

-Struggles to walk up or down stairs.

-No longer jumps onto or off of furniture or car seats.

-Gets up from a down position with the front legs first.

-Seems to have trouble lying down or finding a comfortable position.

-Declines to participate in favorite activities, especially running and jumping.

-Develops abnormal wear on nails, or tends to walk with a foot turned under or dragging.

-Seems reluctant to play or no longer initiates play.

-Starts taking exception to being groomed or petted.

-Experiences sleep interruptions.

-Develops a decreased appetite.

-Begins experiencing accidents or incontinence in the house.

Chronic pain can be caused by osteoarthritis, neurological disorders, injuries, and illnesses. Often, a condition has been progressing for months or even years before a caregiver notices a symptom for the first time, such as limping or a reluctance to chase a ball.

Help Your Dog Get A Grip

Make sure to keep your dogs nails clipped short. Long nails change the mechanics of the foot and can make walking more difficult, or sometimes even painful. Although it may seem intimidating at first, you can learn how to clip a dogs toenails with confidence and ease.

If you notice that your dog is having trouble getting a grip on slippery surfaces, consider trying Dr. Buzbys ToeGrips® dog nail grips. ToeGrips help dogs move with confidence by providing extra traction and improving the brains perception of where the limbs and feet are positioned.

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Install Area Rugs Or Mat Flooring

I used to be really proud of my homes gleaming hardwood floors, well, I guess I still am but they are currently covered in area rugs because they are not good for treating dogs with arthritis at home.

Its really hard for bigger dogs to get up from a hardwood floor and all that strain makes the progression of arthritis more rapid. On top of that, an arthritic dog simply doesnt have the core muscles necessary to confidently walk across slippery hardwood.

If you have wall to wall carpeting, that is great! If not, a bunch of sturdy area rugs will work. Just make sure they have grip backs or place them on top of something like this: rug gripping material or use carpet tape so your arthritic does doesnt have a wipe-out.

The other solution is those roll out mats with rubber backing. They are excellent, dont move and will stop your arthritic dog from sliding.

Key Takeaways On Natural Remedies For Dogs With Arthritis

Extended Carpal Wrist Joint Support for Dogs Front Leg Helps Canine ...

Although arthritis can occur at any age be it due to a poor diet and lack of exercise or a mechanical injury older dogs are more prone to suffer from arthritic pain.

First, have a session with your veterinarian to establish the right strategy for reducing pain and improving mobility.

Follow the vets instructions and support the treatment with the aforementioned natural remedies. Supplements like CBD oil, licorice, and turmeric are especially useful for treating pain and inflammation the two common signs of arthritis.

Make sure to prepare your house so that your dog can live through this demanding period with dignity.

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Treating Arthritis In Pets

We are fortunate to have many different methods in which we can address pets osteoarthritic pain. These include but not limited to

  • Anti-inflammatory medications these are used to relieve pain and stiffness. We usually see rapid improvement in mobility and reduction in pain.
  • Monoclonal Antibody therapy given via a monthly injection has been shown beneficial in both dogs and cats
  • Dietary management specially prepared joint diets are available. These aim to improve joint comfort, reduce cartilage loss and maintain a healthy weight. Such diets can include Hills Mobility J/D and Royal Canin joint care.
  • Joint supplements, fish oils these capsules, powders and liquids are designed to add to your pets current diet. Please ask you veterinarian which supplement they would recommend for your pet.
  • What Are The Symptoms Of Seizures

    Symptoms can include collapsing, jerking, stiffening, muscle twitching, loss of consciousness, drooling, chomping, tongue chewing, or foaming at the mouth. Dogs can fall to the side and make paddling motions with their legs. They sometimes poop or pee during the seizure. They are also not aware of their surroundings.

    Some dogs may look dazed, seem unsteady or confused, or stare off into space before a seizure. Afterward, your dog may be disoriented, wobbly, or temporarily blind. They may walk in circles and bump into things. They might have a lot of drool on their chin. They may try to hide.

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    Types Of Canine Arthritis

    There are different forms of arthritis in dogs. Although the concept is the same, each arthritis type is unique. Here are the most common forms of canine arthritis.

    Osteoarthritis in Dogs. Osteoarthritis, also known as a degenerative joint disease , is a type of arthritis caused by wear to the cartilage at a dogs joints. This is the most common type of arthritis in dogs, and it mostly affects older. Also, it is more strikingly apparent in dogs with a few extra pounds.

    . This type of arthritis is caused by bacteria or another microbe like a virus or fungus. The infection of the joint space causes inflammation which can progress into arthritis. It can be caused by joint surgery, physical injury, osteoarthritis, systemic infections , etc. Septic arthritis is statistically more common in large-breed male dogs.

    Immune-Mediated Polyarthritis in Dogs. The immune system can sometimes wrongfully attack healthy body cells resulting in diseases. Such responses can be triggered by meds, genetics, and certain diseases. Immune-mediated polyarthritis usually affects all the joints and is called polyarthritis.

    Petly Cbds Cbd Dog Food Topper

    How to Help Your Dog With Arthritis

    Image Courtesy of Petly CBD

    This has to be the easiest and least stressful way of giving your fur baby the health benefits of CBD. All you need to do is mix a measured spoonful into their morning dish and watch it disappear in seconds. Our team of experienced product reviewers was pleased with how none of our dogs, especially the picky ones, noticed anything was amiss. Bacon flavored, it fit right in with their morning can of dog food. It was the easiest way of helping our dogs deal with the challenges that come with arthritis we have encountered yet.

    Image Courtesy of CBD American Shaman

    Are you looking for a doggy chew that can help Fido deal with his arthritis? CBD American Shaman may have the solution for you. These delectable treats come in three flavors: peanut butter, turkey, and beef. Each treat contains 5 mg of CBD, perfect for medium-sized dogs dealing with mild to moderate arthritis and joint pain. For smaller dogs, the recommended dosage is half of a treat. Our team found that the variety of flavors kept our dogs from getting bored with the treat. Thankfully, the scent and flavor were good enough to get their attention from the second the jar is opened until it is put away.

    Image Courtesy of Extract Labs

    We were particularly impressed with how the treats smelled. Most dog treats have a lingering scent of canned meat on them, but not these. They were a delight to open and give to our furry friends.

    Image Courtesy of Just CBD

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    Rehab Or Physical Therapy

    Canine rehabilitation and physical therapy specialists work with dogs that are arthritic or out of condition to improve limb function, rebuild muscle and assist in weight management. Specific exercises for arthritic pets, such as little jumps known as cavalettis, may be tailored to enhance limb movement while providing comfort. Helping an arthritic dogs ability to move around better will allow it to exercise more and improve its muscle tone while assisting in weight loss.

    What Is Dog Arthritis Exactly

    As dogs get older, the cartilage surfaces of their joints begin to thin, and cartilage cells die. When the cells die, they release enzymes that cause inflammation of the joint capsule and release of excessive joint fluid. Extra bony growths can develop. With severe cartilage thinning, the normal joint space narrows and the bone beneath the cartilage deteriorates.

    All of these processes set in motion further changes in the normal functioning of the dogâs joint, and an ongoing spiral of pain, lameness, limb disuse/inactivity plus, muscle atrophy sets in.

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    Natural And Herbal Arthritis Remedies Recovery In Dogs

    Arthritis is painful. Ease your dog into these natural methods of relief and healing. With so many options, you can try several to get the right fit for your budget, your dogs likes and dislikes, and the time you can give to care for your dog. Be patient. Your dog is not going to feel better overnight. But with time and lots of love, you will begin to see improvement. As your listless dog begins to exercise more, you can provide muscle massages as they get used to increased exercise. Consider canine acupuncture, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy too.

    If you are changing your dogs diet, make slow changes and include supplements or herbs in treats when possible. If you are adding new whole foods to your dogs bowl, add bone broth as well to give the fruits and vegetables a meaty flavor the dog will enjoy.

    Modify Your Home To Help Your Dog With Arthritis

    10 Best Dog Arthritis Supplements â MSM, Glucosamine or Homeopathy?

    It can be difficult for an arthritic dog to navigate certain areas of your home like slippery floors and staircases. Heres where you can be creative! Try the following modifications to help your dog with arthritis at home:

    • Help your dog gain traction on slippery floors by putting down area rugs, runners, yoga mats, or even rubber mats that are meant for the tub. This is one of several practical solutions for dogs who are afraid of hardwood floors in addition to the ToeGrips mentioned above.
    • Keep your dogs dishes on an absorbent mat so spilled water doesnt cause your dog to slip and fall. If your dog is having trouble reaching down to a dish on the floor, consider using an elevated feeder. Feeding your dog on a nonslip mat, such as an inexpensive rubber welcome mat, can provide dinner with dignity for a dog who struggles to stand long enough to eat.
    • Ramps and steps can help your dog get up and down from the couch or bed, on and off of the deck, or in and out of the car. If you are handy with tools, you can find plans online to custom build ramps and stairs. Alternatively, they can be purchased in pet stores and online.
    • If you dont want your dog to use the stairs, consider using baby gates to block these areas.

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