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How Can You Relieve Arthritis Pain

Adding Or Removing Some Bone Around A Joint

9 Ways to Get Relief from Osteoarthritis Naturally (Joint Pain)

If you have osteoarthritis in your knees but you’re not suitable for knee replacement surgery, you may be able to have an operation called an osteotomy. This involves your surgeon adding or removing a small section of bone either above or below your knee joint.

This helps realign your knee so your weight is no longer focused on the damaged part of your knee. An osteotomy can relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis, although you may still need knee replacement surgery eventually.

Alternate Remedies For Rheumatoid Arthritis

More and more people are moving toward homeopathic treatments instead of relying on overpriced prescription medications and costly surgeries many of which individuals, especially those without insurance, cannot afford. Not only that, many people are becoming wary of putting so many manufactured chemicals in their bodies on a regular basis. It seems like everything we ingest nowadays is somehow engineered instead of natural. Perhaps returning to nature is a better alternative than the usual go-to treatments. Well discuss the use and effectiveness of seven natural remedies for RA. Well also share what our research has found as far as success rates go.

1. CinnamonProponents of cinnamon in alleviating symptoms of RA contribute its healing powers to the anti-inflammatory qualities of cinnamon bark. In addition, cinnamon is noted to help with aches and pains, especially when they are worse with cold or cold weather.

The Problem? Cinnamon in large doses can be detrimental to your health. In addition, cinnamon has been found to have potential harmful effects to pregnant women and may negatively react with your bodys natural blood clotting as well as interacts with any blood thinning medications you are taking.

2. Willow BarkWillow bark, as the name quite literally says, is the bark off of willow trees. This bark has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties which assist with pain relief. In fact, it has very similar qualities to everyday aspirin.

Encourage Them To Go To Physical Therapy

Physical therapists may help alleviate pain and swelling in joints by using various techniques. Among these are manual treatment and advice on moving and positioning ones body correctly. Supportive equipment like braces and splints and shoe inserts that reduce pressure on the lower limbs might be recommended by these professionals.

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What Is A Joint And How Does It Work

A joint is where two or more bones meet, such as in the fingers, knees, and shoulders. Joints hold bones in place and allow them to move freely within limits.

Most of the joints in our body are surrounded by a strong capsule. The capsule is filled with a thick fluid that helps to lubricate the joint. These capsules hold our bones in place. They do this with the help of ligaments. These are a bit like very strong elastic bands.

The ends of the bones within a joint are lined with cartilage. This is a smooth but tough layer of tissue that allows bones to glide over one another as you move.

If we want to move a bone, our brain gives a signal to the muscle, which then pulls a tendon, and this is attached to the bone. Muscles therefore have an important role in supporting a joint.

Fight Arthritis Pain Without Pills

How IV Therapy Can Help You Cope with Arthritis Pain

These pain relief methods include creams, exercise, CAM therapies, footwear, nerve treatments and injections.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 76.2 million, or 26% of Americans, suffer from chronic pain and more than half of those have some form of arthritis or related condition. The question that plagues many of us is this: Cant something be done for arthritis pain besides pills?

While over-the-counter and prescription pain medicines can be effective if used properly, there are possible risks whenever you take a pill. So many people want to explore alternative pain relief therapies. Theres an array of options from electrical stimulation to meditation, topical creams to shoes.

Experts recommend theseoptions.

1. Topical Medications

What they are:Gels, creams and patches that are applied to the skin supply sodium channel blockers, such as lidocaine or prilocaine. Prescription NSAIDs that come in drops, gels, sprays or patches are also becoming popular. Popular OTC creams for pain relief include ingredients like capsaicin, menthol or camphor.

Pain they work well for:Sodium channel blockers work best for nerve disorders like diabetic neuropathy or neuropathic pain. Topical NSAIDs help relieve the pain and inflammation common in arthritis. Capsaicin is recommended for nerve pain as well as joint pain.

2. The Right Shoes

3. Steroid Injection

4. Exercise/Physical Therapy


6. Trigger Point Injection

7. Meditation


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Ra Pain: What Is The Best Pain Relief For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease that can cause severe and debilitating symptoms for patients of many ages. Fortunately, there are several treatment options available today to help control the disease and reduce inflammation, which is the primary cause of pain.

One of the most important aspects of treatment is rheumatoid arthritis pain management. For patients who suffer from chronic pain or frequent flare-ups, knowing how to manage pain on an ongoing basis and as needed is an important part of improving quality of life.

Press A Heating Pad Against The Painful Joint

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  • To get rid of arthritis pain, try taking over-the-counter analgesics, like Tylenol, or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, like ibuprofen, for quick relief. You can also treat a painful joint directly by applying a topical analgesic, such as capsaicin, onto your skin near the joint. If you’d prefer a more natural pain relief solution, try taking anti-inflammatory supplements, like SAM-e, fish oil, and avocado-soybean Unsaponifiables, instead. You should also make sure to exercise regularly and stay mobile to keep your joints from stiffening. However, avoid activities that put too much pressure on your joints, since you can overwork them. For more tips from our Medical co-author, like how to get rid of arthritis pain by making diet changes, scroll down!

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    Take Your Arthritis Medication

    It is important to continue to take medications recommended to you by your specialist, GP, or healthcare team. Over the counter orprescription medications play an important role in relieving joint pain and inflammation. Always speak with your GP and/or specialistbefore stopping or changing your medications.

    Some people may need to try different medications before they find the right one for them. If you have any side effects, speak with yourdoctor and/or specialist.

    For more information, read ourfreeinfosheet on Medicines and Arthritis here

    Supplements For Those With Mild Pain

    How to Relieve Knee Arthritis

    For people with milder pain, Dr. Day suggests trying supplements, such as the combination of glucosamine and chondroitin or the spice turmeric.

    The evidence for glucosamine and chondroitin is mixed, but they are safe. So it might be worth trying. However, people with a shellfish allergy may not be able to tolerate them. Any effect wont kick in right away. Dr. Day recommends trying it for six to eight weeks. If you notice improvement, great if not, then stop it, she says.

    Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, and there is some evidence for its usefulness for painful knee arthritis. You can add turmeric to your food or take it as a supplement. It can thin blood, so people who take a blood thinning medication should not use turmeric.

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    Use Cold And Hot Compresses

    Icing can help reduce pain and inflammation, especially after a workout. Reusable cold packs are convenient. But they shouldnt be applied directly to the skin for more than 20 minutes at a time. A small heating pad or a few minutes in a hot tub before exercise can loosen stiff joints and make movement easier.

    Hot-cold therapy wont address the underlying issues, but its a good way to manage the symptoms, Carlson says.

    Increase Physical Activity For Good Joint Health

    People used to think that exercise actually made arthritis symptoms worse. It is now known that the opposite is true. Physical activity keeps the joints and their surrounding tissues and muscles strong. Everyone who has arthritis should be getting exercise in some form. Whether it’s walking around your house or spending time at a local fitness center, physical activity is a must.

    Ideally, exercise for arthritis should include some type of aerobic activity such as walking, as well as strengthening exercises such as isometric and isotonic exercises.

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    Use Hot And Cold Therapy

    Heat and cold treatments can help relieve arthritis pain and inflammation.

    • Heat treatments can include taking a long, warm shower or bath in the morning to help ease stiffness and using an electric blanket or moist heating pad to reduce discomfort overnight.
    • Cold treatments can help relieve joint pain, swelling, and inflammation. Wrap a gel ice pack or a bag of frozen vegetables in a towel and apply it to painful joints for quick relief. Never apply ice directly to the skin.
    • Capsaicin, which comes from chili peppers, is a component of some topical ointments and creams that you can buy over the counter. These products provide warmth that can soothe joint pain.

    Try A Topical Treatment

    How A Chiropractor Can Help You With Joint Pain

    Rubbing a cream on the outside of your joints can give you relief thats more than skin deep. While herbal supplements dont show too much promise for arthritis relief, topical creams seem to be more effective, says Dr. Torralba. OTC tropical rubs like capsaicin cream or Icy Hot can block pain receptors or reduce inflammation, giving you relief from arthritis pain. Read more about arthritis creams for pain relief here.

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    How Can I Manage My Arthritis Pain

    Many people with arthritis tend to be living with chronic pain. This can be one of the hardest parts of having arthritis. The arthritispain may be constant, and it may come and go. Unfortunately, there isnt a cure for arthritis. Which means for some, their arthritispain can last a lifetime.

    From sore finger joints to sore ankle joints, here are some tips to help relieve arthritis pain.

    Maintain A Healthy Weight

    Being overweight can drive up your inflammation. Where body fat is distributed can contribute, as well. For instance, a large waist circumference is typically associated with excess inflammation.

    Researchers recognize that there is a connection between inflammation and obesity, although more needs to be learned. At the very least, talk to your healthcare provider to determine the ideal body mass index for your frame, and work toward that goal.

    You don’t need to lose a lot of weight to improve inflammation. Reducing your weight by between 5% and 10% significantly lowers your level of inflammation, according to the Obesity Action Coalition.

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    Other Pain Management Techniques


    If a joint is very swollen and painful, your doctor or therapist may suggest you use a splint to rest the joint . This helps reduce swelling and pain. Your doctor may recommend that you wear the splint during certain activities all day or only at night. This depends on how severe the swelling or pain is.


    Getting a good night’s sleep restores your energy so you can better cope with the pain. It also rests your joints to reduce the pain and swelling. Only you know how much sleep your body needs, so get into the habit of listening to your body. If you feel tired and ache after lunch every day, for example, take a brief nap. This can help restore your energy and spirits.

    If you have trouble sleeping at night, try relaxing quietly in the afternoon rather than taking a nap. Here are some other tips to help you sleep better:

    • take a warm bath before going to bed
    • listen to soothing music or a relaxation tape
    • spend some quiet time by yourself before you go to bed
    • read

    Do not take sleeping pills unless your doctor recommends them.

    Massage and topical lotions

    Massage increases blood flow and brings warmth to the sore area. You can massage your own muscles or you can ask your doctor to recommend a professional who is trained to give massages. If you have arthritis in your shoulders, elbows, wrists or fingers, you may not be able to give yourself a massage.

    Tips for safe massage:


    Consider Therapies That May Provide Short

    Relieve Knee Arthritis Pain In 5 Minutes With A Percussion Massage Gun

    There are some treatments or therapies that are not part of conventional or medical treatment for a disease, but which may helpin finding relief from pain. While there may be little scientific proof of their benefits for arthritis pain, some peoplemay find them beneficial as part of their pain management plan. Some examples that used by some people for arthritis are:

    • Hot or cold therapy – While the benefits have not been proven by research yet, these treatments can be soothingand safe when used carefully. Some people find hot and cold therapy effective for osteoarthritis pain relief and relieving jointpain. Heat relaxes your muscles and stimulates blood circulation. You could try a warm bath, a heat pack or hot waterbottle on the painful area for 15 minutes. Cold numbs painful areas and reduces swelling. Applying cold packs or icepacks on the painful area for 15 minutes may be useful for hot, swollen joints. For more information, check out our freearticle onHot and Cold Therapies here
    • Massage – some people find massage helps relieve arthritis pain. When booking your appointment, make sure the masseuse hasexperience working with people with arthritis. You can find a qualified therapist by contacting Massage& Myotherapy Australia here

    For more information, read ourfreeinfosheet on Complementary Therapies here

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    Dealing With Knee Arthritis At Home

  • 1Lose weight if youâre too heavy. As a general rule, people who are overweight or obese suffer more arthritis because of the increased amount of pressure on their joints especially weight-bearing joints such as the knees, hips and low back. Furthermore, overweight people are more likely to have flat feet and fallen arches, which promotes âknock kneesâ . Genu varum is hard on knee joints because it causes misalignment of the thigh and shin bones. Thus, do your knees a favor by losing excess weight. The best way to lose weight is by increasing cardiovascular exercise while decreasing your daily calories at the same time.
  • Most people who arenât especially active only need about 2,000 calories daily to maintain their body processes and still have enough energy for some exercise.
  • Reducing your daily caloric intake by only 500 calories can result in about 4 pounds of lost fat per month.XTrustworthy SourceMayo ClinicEducational website from one of the worldâs leading hospitalsGo to source
  • Swimming is a fantastic exercise for arthritis sufferers to lose weight because your body is buoyant and no pressure is put on your joints.
  • Apply moist heat first thing in the morning or after not using your knee for long periods of time. Avoid electric heat sources because they can dehydrate the skin and muscles around the knee.
  • Microwaved herbal bags work well for knee arthritis, especially the ones that are infused with aromatherapy because they tend to have relaxing properties.
  • The Most Important Piece Of The Puzzle

    If youre overweight or obese, the most effective treatment is weight loss. This isnt surprising. Every extra pound of weight adds two to four pounds of excess pressure on your knees.

    Losing weight is probably the most difficult part of the treatment puzzle, but its also the most important, says Dr. Day.

    A weight loss program should include both diet and exercise. Some people have difficulty exercising to lose weight because their knees hurt. But any type of exercise can help, even strengthening the upper body.

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    Where To Buy Lab Grade Products

    There are a lot of extremely inferior products on the market. Still worse, many of the cheap herbal supplements found in and on the shelves of local drugstores are not inspected by third party regulators with FDA oversight. The majority are selling weakly concentrated ingredients, and there is growing concern that many products are testing in the danger zone for toxic chemicals and fillers.

    Below are two companies that weve tested and found to produce lab grade turmeric and boswellia serrata. Their cost is higher due to the quality of ingredients and their strict self-imposed testing standards. Still, the cost is small compared to prices of pharmaceuticals.

    What Causes Arthritis Pain


    Many different diseases and conditions cause chronic pain. One of the most common is arthritis, a group of diseases that cause inflammation of the joints. Other common types of chronic pain are backache, muscle pain, headache and sore feet.

    Arthritis pain is caused by:

    • inflammation, the process that causes the redness and swelling in your joints
    • damage to joint tissues caused by the disease process or from wear and tear
    • muscle strain caused by overworked muscles attempting to protect your joints from painful movements
    • fatigue caused by the disease process which can make your pain seem worse and harder to handle

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    Schedule Regular Swim Sessions

    When it comes to joint pain, its use it or lose it the less you move your body, the more your joints will hurt when you do try to be active. As tempting as it is to stay on the couch to avoid pain, exercise is the best thing for your body in the long run. When you do hit the gym, a swim session could be your best move. It pretty much negates the effects of gravity when youre in the pool, says Dr. Khattri. Gravity is the enemy of arthritis, especially if its in the back or knees.

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