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Is Gin Good For Arthritis

It Has Gastroprotective Property

Gin Soaked Raisins Recipe – Folk Remedy for Arthritis, Inflammation, Joint Pain

Ginger extract has gastroprotective action- it can protect from gastric ulcers caused by use of NSAIDs.

An animal study reported that ginger exerts gastroprotective effect against ulcers caused by aspirin and other painkillers.

Ginger extract utilises the antioxidant property to exert a gastroprotective effect. Ginger oil also exerts gastroprotective property.

A study was conducted in which osteoarthritis patients were treated with either 340mg ginger extract and 100mg diclofenac daily.

Ginger group experienced in dyspepsia related pain but no reduction in dyspepsia also a slight increase in inflammation in the gastric lining was observed.

Interestingly the group receiving diclofenac group experienced a reduction in inflammation in gastric mucosa but increase in dyspepsia pain and symptoms.

What does this mean? Ginger helps in remedying gastric problems and can protect against formation of ulcers caused by use of non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Best Drinks For Arthritis

Get recommendations for staying hydrating to support overall health.

Theres an old saying you are what you eat. But what you drink, and how much you drink, can have an enormous effect on your body and health, too. Beverage Basics Start every day with a glass of water before you eat any food, since most people wake up a bit dehydrated, says Sonya Angelone, a dietitian and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Its also best to stick with water throughout the day, she says. The typical recommendation is eight glasses a day. In general, avoid soda since it can be full of sugar, aspartame and phosphoric acid. The latter can negatively affect your bodys ability to absorb calcium. Water can get a bit boring, but there are other ways to stay healthy and hydrated. These recommendations can help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of popular beverages.


How To Include Ginger In Diet For Osteoarthritis

Ginger is used as a popular cooking spice to add flavour and zest to a variety of dishes.

It can be used in fresh, dried, powdered or oil form. It is also found in variety of foods and drinks such as gingerbread, ginger snaps, ginger sticks, and ginger ale.

Along with this, it can be used in the number of other ways to give that spicy peppery flavour and aroma to food and drinks.

Ginger tea is one of the popular drink served mainly in winters to get rid of cold and cough. It is prepared by simply putting a fresh piece of ginger to boiling water.

Add honey and milk to make that famous chai called âadrak wali chaiâ which goes well with any snacks served in the evening time. If you donât want to have tea with milk, you can just add honey and little lemon juice to it to make that perfect cool weather tonic.

â Ginger and garlic are mainly used along with every vegetable sauté. Just add few pieces of these spice to oil, sauté them along with vegetables, add salt and chillies and have it in lunch and dinner time.

Pickled Ginger â Pickled ginger is primarily eaten as a side dish with rice, chapattis, parathas, sandwiches, and salads.

Soups â Ginger is a fantastic ingredient to be added in a number of soups and goes very well with vegetable, chicken and other meat soups.

Staple for stir fry â Almost every stir fry can be complimented with grated ginger to spice it.

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How Long Does It Take For Gin Soaked Raisins To Work

Eating 10 raisins a day that have been soaked with gin is a good starting point. Generally, it is thought that if you were to do this consistently, over time you may start to see some improvements. It is not an instant cure, but some people may start to see benefits within a few weeks or sooner.

Keep in mind that drinking a 3.5-ounce glass of gin each day may offer the same benefits. Its important to know, though, that its best to just choose gin for this benefit. The added sugars in tonic water can work against your goals here, stimulating more inflammation.

Is gin the right option for you? Take a closer look at the health benefits of gin and what it could do to help add to your wellbeing. If youre not sure about any aspect of gin and whether or not it is a healthy option for you, be sure to contact your doctor. For some people, gin is not an ideal choice for their diet due to health concerns.

You May Experience Some Pain Relief If You Eat Gin

Gin soaked golden raisins recipe

In your grandparents’ kitchen, you may have noticed raisins soaking in a jar on the counter. Maybe you chalked it up to your nanna’s eccentricities, but there is actually some science behind this antiquated home remedy.

As medicine researcher and author Chris Kilham explained in an article for Fox News, the remedy which calls for a box of golden raisins, a glass jar, and gin is meant to alleviate arthritis pain. The raisins are to be covered and soaked in the gin at room temperature for one week, after which they should be consumed, ten per day. As Kilham explained, golden raisins are capable of anti-inflammatory activity and, since arthritis is an inflammatory disease, the raisins could help. Gin is made with similarly anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich juniper berries, which is why it’s the preferred booze to use.

“When you soak the golden raisins in the juniper berry gin, the gin extracts many of the compounds in the raisins, making them more readily absorbed when you consume the raisins,” Kilham added. Although this remedy may not be foolproof, the expert said it’s safe for most people to give it a go.

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You May Not Have To Worry About Hypoglycemia If You Drink Gin Every Night

Gin, especially London Dry Gin, is incredibly natural. Sam Carter, senior brand ambassador for gin distillery Bombay Sapphire, explained to Good Housekeeping that this variety of gin contains just 0.01 grams of sugar per liter. And, since no flavorings or additives are allowed to be added to the gin after it’s distilled, it’s very clean. But, even if you don’t opt for London Dry Gin, distilled gin is also quite natural. Yes, gin is a great fit for people looking to eat a clean diet, but it’s arguably an ever greater fit for people with type 1 diabetes.

According to a study published by the Journal of Diabetes Nursing , gin is the best choice for people with this condition as it doesn’t contribute to hypoglycemia the way other kinds of alcohol do. As part of the study, researchers compared the blood levels of participants after drinking alcoholic beverages and found that blood levels remained the highest in participants who drank gin with a no-carb tonic. Choosing to drink gin every night, as opposed to other drinks like whiskey, doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

You May Experience Fewer Hangovers If You Drink Gin Every Night Instead Of Other Drinks

How would you like to never have a hangover ever again? That may not be entirely possible unless you avoid alcohol, of course but you can lessen your chances. However, you will have to trade in certain drinks. As Healthline highlighted, studies have found an association between congeners and hangovers. As it happens, dark drinks like brandy and whiskey are high in congeners whereas clear drinks, such as vodka and gin, have much lower levels.

“While lighter colored drinks may slightly help to prevent a hangover, drinking too many alcoholic beverages of any color will still make you feel bad the morning after,” Daniel Hall-Flavin, a board-certified psychiatrist who specializes in addiction, explained to the Mayo Clinic. “Drinking large amounts of alcohol can cause dehydration, low blood sugar, digestive irritation and disturbed sleep all factors that lead to hangover symptoms.”

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Are Golden Raisins Good For You

Golden raisins, on the other hand, are dried in a dehydrator and include sulfur dioxide as a preservative, according to the company. According to Friedman, raisins include magnesium, which is good for heart health as well as neuron and muscle function. Grapes that have shrunk provide approximately two grams of fiber per serving.

Benefits Of Ginger In Osteoarthritis

Arthritis Remedy: Gin Soaked Raisins

Osteoarthritis also is known as a degenerative joint disorder is one type of arthritic form, characterized by symptoms such as pain, joint swelling, and inflammation.

This disease mainly affects the weight-bearing joints such as joints of knees, hips, hand, and spine which get worst with the time.

Osteoarthritis is found more prevalent in older people who are mostly at the age of 45 or above, although it can affect the young generation too.

Reports have shown this disease occurs in more than 25% of the Australian population over the age of 65.

Osteoarthritis is a chronic disease which gradually becomes worst with time if kept untreated.

Hence treatment of this disease is very important to prevent further complications and pain in patients.

There are number of treatments for osteoarthritis other than medications such as adequate rest, proper physical exercises, weight management and proper intake of diet.

Many of the conventional treatment involving use of analgesic and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have shown effective in decreasing the pain and inflammation in arthritis patients, but unfortunately, these medicines are also associated with the number of side effects on the human body such as stomach ulcers and intestinal problems.

Therefore there long term use is not recommended and scientist is in search of other alternative methods such as herbal remedy which are effective as well safer in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

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It Is Good For Your General Health

As mentioned earlier, gin was used by the early people as a medicine. This is because the active ingredient of gin, juniper, is a broad-spectrum antibiotic and is jam-packed with health benefits.

To name a few, gin can soothe cough, treat renal insufficiency, jump start a late period, make the connective tissues stronger, prevent cataracts and lower the risk of developing different cardiovascular diseases. It has also been proven to reduce the incidences of clogged arteries and stroke.

Flush Out Your System

If you’re having issues with bloating, or urinary tract infections, gin may be able to help. Since juniper is a diuretic, it increases urine output and therefore stops water retention. In the case of UTIs, increased urine output often flushes out toxins and bacteria associated with the infection.

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It Can Keep The Liver Healthy

Among all health benefits of gin, this one can not be missed. Being a diuretic, if taken in moderation and in right quantities, gin can help keep the liver healthy by preventing bloating and reducing water retention. But if a person has been diagnosed with liver problems due to alcohol, then gin should be avoided.

You May Experience Some Unpleasant Side Effects If Drink Gin Every Night With Tonic Water

Pin on Good to know

It’s common to mix alcohol with seltzer water, club soda, and tonic water but they’re all very different things. According to Healthline, tonic contains quinine, which is a compound taken from cinchona bark. This is what gives the beverage a bitter taste. It’s safe to consume the compound, but only in small doses. In fact, due to side effects that can result from quinine, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates just how much can be added to tonic water.

One gin and tonic isn’t likely to lead to any adverse reactions, but it is possible. Healthline explained that stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting can occur. You may even experience nervousness, confusion, or “ringing in the ears.”

More severe reactions, including kidney damage, from quinine have also been noted when the compound is used in medication but it’s even more unlikely you’ll experience anything so severe from your nightly G and T. “You would have to drink about two liters of tonic water a day to consume a day’s dose of quinine in pill form,” the publication noted. Still, if you drink gin every night, you might want to lay off the tonic.

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The Top 7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Gin

The top health benefits of gin arent too surprising when you think about it. Made from juniper berries, a type of super fruit, gin serves as one of the healthiest spirits ever created. Its low in calories, and the botanical properties that survive the distillation process present plenty of health-boosting reasons gin is healthy.

Gin has grown in demand over the years, and distilleries continue to fuel its popularity. Data from the 2018 SIP Awards found that gin was tied with vodka as the number 1 category regarding the number of entrants. In line with trends, we present the most interesting benefits of drinking gin.

You Could Lose Weight If You Choose To Drink Gin Every Night As Opposed To Other Drinks

If losing weight is your goal, choosing to drink gin every night isn’t likely to sabotage your efforts. In fact, it may just help. “I typically tell clients to choose their indulgence … if you’re trying to lose weight, you may not want to go for the dessert and the alcohol every day, but you definitely can make room in your diet for one or the other,” Amy Gorin, registered dietitian nutritionist and owner of Amy Gorin Nutrition in New York, explained to Women’s Health. But what you drink or rather how you drink it matters.

“Almost all shots of alcohol are about the same nutritionally it’s what we have with it that makes a difference in the drink,” registered dietician Keri Gans revealed. For the most part, gin and tequila are equal. A martini and a margarita, however, are not.

According to the publication, a gin martini is one of the best low-calorie alcoholic beverages you can have as it contains zero sugar and zero carbs and is just a smidge above 100 calories.

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You May Be Able To Ward Off Certain Diseases If You Drink Gin Every Night

Researchers in Australia studied the relation between and bacteria and found that these powerful berries were able to “block the growth of bacterial triggers” of three major health conditions: multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis. Juniper berries also showed promising signs of being able to help treat certain types of cancer, according to the study.

A 2014 review conducted by researchers in India further revealed that the juniper plant has also been credited with antimicrobial, antifungal, and antioxidant activity, which bodes well for it’s bacteria- and cancer-fighting potential. While gin is the only alcohol that contains a high concentration of this superfood, it is still alcohol a known carcinogen.

Yet and still, moderate consumption is generally considered safe. Theresa Hydes, a researcher at the UK’s University Hospital Southampton, told Discover that a person’s risk of developing most cancers “does not increase significantly until an individual starts drinking heavily.” While you shouldn’t look to gin as a miracle cure, choosing to drink gin every night is likely safe.

Other Therapies For Ra

Are Raisins Good For ? You These 13 Benefits Will Tell You

Taking your medication is just one thing you can do to help you feel your best. Consider assembling a team of medical specialists from a variety of fields, like psychiatry, sleep medicine, physical or occupational therapy, or nutrition, who can support you wherever you may need it. Areas they can help with:

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Health Benefits Of Gin

Many people may wonder about the health benefits of gin, and whether a glass of gin away could help you feel better. Although this is an alcoholic drink, one derived from juniper berries, there are some health benefits associated with drinking it in moderate quantities. If youre ready to add a glass of gin to your diet each day, take a closer look at how many health benefits gin can offer to you.

If You Drink Gin Every Night It Won’t Prevent You From Getting Malaria

If you’ve ever heard anyone make reference to gin curing or preventing malaria, there is some basis to the claim sort of. While there’s nothing in gin that can prevent the disease, tonic water contains a compound from the bark of the cinchona tree known as quinine. According to Healthline, quinine was first used to fight malaria and with great success. “It was crucial in reducing the death rate of workers building the Panama Canal in the early 20th century,” the publication noted. As of this writing, quinine is still prescribed in some areas to combat the disease, although it’s not really used to prevent contracting the disease.

Technically, modern-day tonic water may have some preventative abilities, but you’d need to drink a lot of G and Ts. Deb Mills, medical director of The Travel Doctor, did the math and came up with a figure of 67 liters of tonic water per day. So, 33 and a half 2-liter bottles. Don’t try this at home, folks. Maybe, if you choose to drink gin every night, don’t always use the tonic water.

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It Wont Jeopardize Your Waistline

Gin happens to be one of the least calorific types of alcohol at about 97 calories per 1.5 ounces. Since your digestive system is being revved up by the juniper, youre also less likely to bloat and develop a urinary tract infection as it helps flush out toxins. Thats the kind of cleanse we can get behind.

It Can Help You Live Longer

Gin &  raisins for arthritis recipe bi

On top of all the above health benefits, gin is even known to reduce heart disease and this woman is over 105 and puts it down to gin!

So if, like us, you just LOVE gin, then there are 10 perfectly good reasons to drink more there are hundreds of varieties out there so vary your choice of gin and youll gain a wide variety of herbal medicinal benefits!

Do you love gin?

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*Do of course take the above article with a pinch of salt! We are not medical professionals, and the article is intended as entertainment only. On the other hand, what isnt made better by a good G& T?

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