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Is Tommie Copper Good For Arthritis

Do Copper Bracelets Help Ease Arthritis

Copper Life by Tommie Copper 3piece Pain Relief Set

Copper: An ancient medicine

Copper was the first metal ever used by humans. Middle Eastern artisans of the 5th and 6th millennia B.C. fashioned this lustrous, orange-red element into:

  • jewelry
  • utensils
  • weapons

Besides being useful as a metal, copper also kills or inhibits the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. The Edwin Smith Papyrus, one of the oldest books ever discovered, records the use of copper to sterilize chest wounds and drinking water. This book was written sometime between 2600 B.C. and 2200 B.C.

Copper is found in many foods, including:

  • nuts

Q: How Tight Should The Sleeve Be

A: Tight enough that it remains in place without requiring constant readjustment, but not too tight that it feels uncomfortable and risks cutting off circulation. This issue is why its recommended that you carefully measure the knee area before purchasing a knee sleeve. Due to the compression features of knee sleeves, they will feel tight as a rule, but you should have a good enough idea of whats comfortable and whats not in determining whether or not you purchased a knee sleeve that was too small.

If you are in between sizes, then its advised that you purchase the smaller size because the material tends to slacken after some use. If you bought the size too large, you would end up without the support required for it to be effective.

Tommie Copper Tops Review

Tommie Coppertops come in various lengths, designs, colors, and prices. They are made from nylon-spandex and polyester-lycra-spandex blends. A panel power mesh system ensures hip and back support and relieves aches and pains, improving your overall posture.

  • Tommie Copper Womens Core Compression Tank Top is available for between $24.50 $44.50.
  • Other compression shirts and tops options include t-shirts and undershirts, mostly priced around $40 $50.

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Final Tommie Copper Review

If youve never tried compression sleeves before, Tommie Copper might be a good place to start. Its basically a shot in the dark as to whether youll respond well to it or not. But if you know that this is an effective way to treat your different ailments, then you can buy with confidence knowing that youll get a quality product here. When youre looking at the competition, theres really not a lot out there thats making such claims on comfort, at this price point.

Our RecommendationNot all injuries and conditions benefit from putting on a compression sleeve, so be sure to ask your doctor whether you think something like this is right for you. Its much better to ask first and get their opinion than use these and aggravate your condition further. They also say to stop using their products if you have a reaction to the copper, which they say is pretty rare, but can happen.

Tommie Copper Compression Socks Review

Tommie Copper Gloves Walgreens

Tommie Copper Compression Socks

Tommie Coppers Mens Performance Compression Dress Socks come in sleek and classy black or charcoal. These dress crew socks get your blood flowing while looking sophisticated and put together at the office. Currently, only limited sizing is available, so these are clearly a popular pick.

Znergy technology is permanently infused into all Tommie Copper socks and wont wash out. With strong wicking and anti-odour capacities, you can make it through the workday without feeling self-conscious about sliding stinky feet under the table in a meeting. These everyday socks are made with 90% nylon and 10% lycra spandex, so its best to machine wash them on a gentle cycle and tumble dry on low heat.

The Mens Performance Compression Dress Socks are reduced from $34.50 to $10.00, a steal for the return wearers get in physical benefits. If youre looking for targeted support to the heel, arch and Achilles, this sock has you covered.

Tommie Copper Gloves

In our Tommie Copper compression review, we looked into Tommie Copper gloves for arthritis. The Core Compression Full Finger Gloves are engineered from 4D Lycra with great stretch, providing targeted compression as well as support to the muscles and joints of the fingers. Plus, if its a little chilly out, they provide warmth.

Tommie Copper Knee Sleeve Tommie Copper Back Brace Tommie Copper Back BraceTommie Copper Back Support ShirtTommie Copper Back Support ShirtTommie Copper Shoulder Shirt

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Defective Products Bad Customer Service D

ByEric P.,Minneapolis, MN, Verified Reviewer

D- rating from the Better Business Bureau. DO NOT BUY.

I purchased two weighted blankets from them in April. I was hoping this could help with my fathers health issues and help him with his anxiety. I saw a deal on Good Morning America, and thought Id get one for my father and one for me.

I emailed Tommie Copper, they got back to me asking only what weight my blanket was. Then a week went by. I had to email them again asking if they had any information for me. Then they sent me an email saying that their return policy is only 3 months, and blaming PayPal for not being able to offer me a refund. They offered me 50% off a future purchase, to which I replied: Why would I want to purchase anything from Tommie Copper again since the first and last thing I bought was either defective or only expected to last 3-6 months? Why not do what you can to fix the problem and retain my business?

I thought I was making an investment in something that would last longer than 4 or 5 months. For the few hundreds of dollars I spent, I was expecting better.

Then I checked their rating on the Better Business Bureau. Tommie Copper has a D- rating.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Tommie Copper Pricing And Refund Policy

There is a wide range of Tommie Copper products which means that the prices also vary widely. Most of the products range between $24.50 and $169.50. Check the official website to get the specific price of the product you desire.

Tommie Copper products all come with a 60 day money back guarantee offer for all the customers who are dissatisfied with the clothing. One is only liable to the shipping and handling charges. There is a customer care number provide to begin the process.

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Does Copper Improve Circulation

In order for copper to be beneficial to the body, it must easily be absorbed by the body through its intestines as iron to avoid causing kidney damage or contributing to stomach problems. Copper aids blood flow by ing your circulation. This causes iron levels in your blood to spike when you drink cold liquids.

How Long Should You Wear A Compression Sleeve

Tommie Copper CoreCompression Fingerless Gloves & Wrist Sleeves on QVC

The length of time that you should wear a knee compression sleeve is dependant on the type of injury you have sustained.

The general consensus is that after 3-6 months of regular wear, a knee compression sleeve should have helped to immobilizer the injury and heal effectively so that you can use it without support.

That being said, a compression sleeve is used to prevent further injury. So, if you wish to minimise the chance for reinjury then you could opt to wear it during exercise or sporting activities.

If you are unsure about the stage of your recovery you should consult a doctor or other health care professional. They will give you more concrete and personalised answers for your recovery and when to reduce wear of your compression garment.

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What Are The Benefits And Features Of Copper Compression Gloves

Copper compression gloves are lightweight, breathable and allow full range of motion during daily activities, making them ultra-comfortable for everyday use. Like previously mentioned, their antimicrobial and antifungal properties protect you against viral diseases, infection-causing germs and harmful bacteria like Staphylococcus and E.coli. They also help lessen the impact of chronic aches and pains while keeping your hands soft and warm.

Touching a handrail on the underground brings you into contact with 5000 hands many of which are unwashed!

Tommie Copper Promotions & Discounts

Tommie Copper offers 25% savings. To receive the Tommie Copper discount code, enter your email address and receive savings on your first order. Once youve added all items to your shopping cart, put your Tommie Copper promo code into the discount code field. On the shopping cart page, hit apply and proceed to checkout.

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What To Consider Before Buying

Before you buy Tommie Copper products, it may be worth while to consider a few things.

First, the products are fairly expensivemany garments cost between about $70 and $100, according to the website. A single pair of men’s ankle-length compression socks goes for almost $25.

The bottom line on cost is that you’re paying for that ineffective copper. You may be able to find comparable compression garments for significantly less.

Second, you know Tommie Copper has used deceptive advertising practices in the past. Yes, they’ve changed them and paid a hefty fine. But it’s up to you whether you want to put your trust in this company.

Finally, talk to your health provider before trying Tommie Copper or any other compression garments. Compression may not be recommended in some situations. Make sure you’re not doing something that could cause harm.

The Big Question: Do Compression Sleeves Really Work

Copper Fit Hand Arthritis Compression Glove S/M 1Ct

YES! They work in so many different ways. But you should not rely too much on the effectiveness of compression sleeves to give you ultimate healing. If you are wearing compression sleeves for the purpose of preventing further injuries, the compression will help with the swelling and muscle and joint restriction. If you are wearing compression sleeves to improve athletic performance, the compression will make the muscles and joints less prone to injury. As a body shaper compression also works.

But then again, compression sleeves are not the end-all of joint articulation. They are supplemental garments that promote overall healing. The copper-infused garment together with the compression effect of the garment promotes better performance, prevents further injury.

Image via flickr

As we mentioned, according to doctors functional and rehabilitative braces work better than knee sleeves for most conditions. If you have sustained an injury, have recently had knee surgery or have debilitating arthritis, a knee sleeve is not the device for you.

If you have occasional knee pain after a workout, have mild arthritis or developed runners knee, a knee sleeve might help. Knee sleeves lose their compression ability over time, so youll need to replace them regularly. How often you need to replace your knee sleeve depends on the quality of the material and frequency of use.

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Is Copper Fit A Hoax

Copper infused garments do not appear to have been proven effective in any studies. There are Copper-infused compression garments on the market that are selling like hotcakes. Overfitting elbow and knee sleeves is just one of the ways to relieve pain and improve performance during sports. Additionally, various sports products offer reduced foot and ankle wear.

Tommie Copper Socks Review

Generally, compression socks are designed to gently apply pressure to your legs and ankles and have been proven to improve circulation from your legs to your heart.

Tommie Copper Mens Performance compression socks are made with nylon-lycra spandex blend and come in various colors. They are your go-to socks regardless of the season. They provide comfort for your feet and calves, reduce fatigue and ensure air circulates properly.

The only limitation is on the sizing. Because they are permanently infused with Znergy technology, they have intense wicking and anti-odor qualities and wont wash.

If you are looking for comfortable support to your heel, arch, and Achilles, they are a perfect fit and are available from $24.50 to $118.50

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Find Out The Best Knee Compression Sleeves To Fit Your Knee

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What The Research Shows

Tommie Copper Core Compression Gloves & Wrist Sleeves on QVC

While we know that copper plays a role in several vital bodily functions, theres little research specifically about copper for arthritis treatment. There are even fewer that explore the usefulness of wearing copper in bracelet form for arthritis relief.

One 2013 study looked at the effects of several wearable devices, including copper bracelets, for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. The study followed 65 participants who each wore either a magnetic wrist strap or copper bracelet for arthritis then self-reported their results. The study found that none of the devices had a statistically significant effect in reducing arthritis symptoms.

People didnt experience better physical function or lower medication use when wearing any of the devices. Researchers concluded that copper bracelets dont have any meaningful effect, except perhaps a limited placebo effect, on rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.

A placebo effect happens when someone is undergoing treatment or taking a drug experiences positive effects that arent the result of the medication or therapy. They’re instead due to a persons belief that the treatment is effective.

Some older studies also look at the effects of applying topical copper gels, but again theres no evidence that these provide any benefits.

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Overview Of Tommie Copper

Tommie Copper was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in New York. The brand sells everyday wear that improves circulation and reduces swelling and pain so that customers can live comfortable, healthy, happy lives. Tommie Coppers mission is to create wearable wellness for men and women in their day to day lives.

How Does Copper Help Arthritis

Many users have claimed that copper braces have helped them ease the pain of arthritis. Arthritis is a condition where one or more of your joints get swelled or tendered, which can cause extreme joint pain and stiffness. Wearing copper bracelets on your joints can cause relief and relaxation. While wearing a copper bracelet small amounts of copper get absorbed into the body, which can help regrow joint cartilage. A knee brace is one tool in managing the discomfort of arthritis.

Doctors and therapists prescribe knee brace to arthritis patients to heal. It worked as a magical healer to decrease pain and improve function. Hip and knee arthritis will be healed due to its copper-infused materials. Human body knees are filled with soft tissues and copper knee braces deliver compression and support to accelerate blood flow among knee tissues. People who suffer from arthritis need one reliable yet comfortable knee brace and copper knee braces are the right choices to keep your joint in the appropriate position without irritation. For intense workout and physical activity sessions, people need to find one comfortable brace to keep the knee dry and sweat-free. Ultimate copper-knee brace has sweat absorbing properties, and it will protect your knee from sudden injuries and infection. Besides arthritis muscle strains and ligament sprains also get healed by copper-infusion garments.

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How Do I Care For My Knee Brace

Knee braces often get damaged during normal use. You should inspect your brace often for wear and tear. Regular cleaning with soap and water is good for the brace fabric. Cover any exposed metal so that it doesnt scratch or injure you or someone else.

You need the brace to work properly. If your brace is worn out, you should replace it. More durable materials may cost more, but the brace might last longer.

How Do Arthritis Gloves Work


Compression and heat are known to increase circulation, thereby improving healing and easing pain and inflammation. Reducing these symptoms gives you more range of motion, less stiffness, and more grip strength. The gloves make these therapies convenient. You wear the gloves while sleeping and wake up with less stiffness, or wear them during the day and move a little easier.

Research does back up these claims. In one study in Therapeutic Advances in Musculoskeletal Disease, people who used the gloves reported improvements in pain, stiffness, and swelling. They saw increases in grip strength as well, but stopped short of experiencing improvements in overall hand function. The gloves aren’t a cure-all, but they may help you get through the day a little easier.

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Copper Fit Original Recovery Knee Sleeve

This copper brace is manufactured to provide sympathetic relief and freedom of your movement. This knee brace will make you energized in your regular activity. Its thin and comfortable design will keep your knee dry and relaxed. Additionally, it will assist you to diminish the retrieval time of muscles and supports enhanced circulation. It is a wonderful product for both daylight and night.

Its grip parts are not sticky and it will protect your knee from sudden accidents and injuries. Durable and comfortable for pain management as it is made with anti-odor properties and copper-infused fabric. Its 4-way stretch fabric will encourage you to wear it all day long. Although, it is an excellent product for aged people due to its comfortable compression.

The Copper Fit knee sleeve is quite popular among customers in both local and international markets. If you are suffering from knee pains, muscle stiffness, and soreness then you must try this one. Its unique features and moisture-wicking fabrics will oxygenize your working muscles.


  • Great for daytime and nighttime


  • Sizes may vary.

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