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What’s Good For Arthritis In Dogs

What Is The Best Treatment For Arthritis In Dogs

Dog Massage for Anxiety, Arthritis or Hip Dysplasia (Instructions)

There is no single best arthritis in dogs treatment. This is because every dog is different and will therefore require a unique treatment regimen for the best results.

Some dogs may suffer from occasional pain and may therefore find the occasional pain killer sufficient. On the other hand, arthritis can make life very difficult for other dogs. Such dogs would require more sophisticated treatment regimens that may involve surgery.

Different arthritis in dogs treatment options include home remedies like supplements, CBD oil, exercise, and diet and more advanced solutions like pain medication and surgery. In most cases, the best treatment for a dog will be a multimodal approach, in other words, a combination of two or more types of treatment.

No treatment regimen is the best for all dogs. The key to successful arthritis management is to work with your vet to design a personalized treatment plan for your dog based on clinical signs and the results from blood tests and radiographs.

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Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, help reduce swelling, stiffness, and joint pain in humans, and they can do the same for your dog.

They can bring relief to a dog with arthritis, or one whos just had surgery.

But dont give your pooch something from your medicine cabinet.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, help reduce swelling, stiffness, and joint pain in humans, and they can do the same for your dog.

They can bring relief to a dog with arthritis, or one whos just had surgery.

But dont give your pooch something from your medicine cabinet.

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How Can I Manage My Dogs Arthritis

A healthy diet, maintaining an optimum weight and the right amount of exercise will also improve symptoms. Discuss with your vet what exercise regime is best for your dog but – in general – little and often is likely to be better than very long walks. If your pet is limping on the way back, theyve probably overdone it. Rest your pet on days they are lame or stiff.

Providing a soft, comfortable bed will help to take pressure off of your dogs joints when they are resting. Ramps up any stairs they need to climb or to help them into the car will also benefit your dog if they are suffering from arthritis.

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Making Home Modifications To Help Ease Your Dogs Arthritis Pain

Now that weve covered medical management, lets look at what you can do at home to help your arthritic dog. Slick surfaces like hardwood and tile floors, stairs, and furniture can prove difficult for painful pets. You can make your dog much more comfortable by considering some simple home modification approaches. Even something as simple as a soft dog bed to lie on can help.

Arthritis In Dogs: 3 Simple Natural Solutions

Pin by Lisa Vitelli on GSDs

My old dog Chili is a walking disaster and a daily reminder of the impact arthritis has on dogs and their quality of life.

She wobbles around on four very unsound legs. I know, this sounds bad but its the result of jumping off mountains and tearing her cruciate ligaments in her younger days. Now shes paying the price of her youthful indiscretions!

Its a challenge keeping her active and comfortable, but Ive managed to do it without harmful NSAIDs! Whats even better is its worked so well that Chili is now happy, healthy and 13 years old and counting!

Dont get me wrong, there was a time when I thought shed never make it to 10 because her joints were so bad! Everyone who knows Chili asks me how Im able to keep her so active, even with severe arthritis.

So I want to share my top 3 steps for dealing with arthritis in dogs naturally. But first, lets take a quick look at the cause of arthritis

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Joint Problems In Older Dogs

Older dogs are highly susceptible to various health problems, including joint issues. One of the most common is arthritis, which could also occur prematurely to younger canines.

Arthritis occurs due to trauma and accumulated damage to the joints. As your dog uses its joints to walk, run, and guard your yard, the cartilage thins slowly. Over the years, the cartilage will be gone, which will cause the bones to rub with each other and the surrounding ligaments and tissues.

However, arthritis can also be developmental, which means your dog is born with a high predisposition to the condition. Large guard dogs like Bullmastiff and Rottweiler are prone to arthritis later due to their heavier bodies. Also, these dogs are active, which will take its toll on their joints.

On the other hand, small dogs can also acquire arthritis. Obesity and excessive physical activities will cause more stress to their small joints.

Just like humans, any dog can develop arthritis later in life. What you need to do is to have it diagnosed as early as possible. This way, you and the vet can work together to improve your dogs quality of life.

Vetiqs Hip & Joint Supplement For Dogs

Image Courtesy of

Tired of reading glowing review after glowing review? Trust us, we know how hard it can be to get to the bottom of a nice, long list like this. But we have saved a special treat for you as a reward for making it through to this point. VetIQ offers a chicken-flavored hip and joint supplement perfect for both small and large dogs. All you need to do is offer your favorite four-legged child one of these chews and he will be off in doggy heaven. Our testing showed that it helped our dogs regain some of the vigor of youth, playing more and enjoying life to its fullest. As such, we staunchly back this brand and hope that you have the opportunity to offer one of these treats to your dogs soon.

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Understanding Arthritis In Dogs

By definition, arthritis is inflammation of the joints,” Dr. Morgan says. This can include any joint in the body where two bones joint together.

The causes of this inflammatory process can range from poor joint structure and excessive wear and tear to poor nutrition and some medications given to young, growing dogs, Dr. Morgan says.

Most dog parents notice symptoms, such as:

  • Difficulty moving
  • Reduced interest in exercise and other activities
  • Irritability and snapping or growling when a sore joint is pushed or touched

If youre seeing any of these signs in your pooch, this calls for a veterinary visit. Sometimes a veterinarian can diagnose arthritis simply by palpating your dog as his joint flexes and extends.

It feels like there are rice krispies in there, Dr. Morgan says, adding that for a definitive diagnosis of arthritis in dogs, radiographs are performed.

What Causes Arthritis In Dogs

My Dog Has What? Arthritis OR Pinched Nerve

Most commonly, arthritis affects older dogs and is caused by wear and tear on the joints.

But it can also be the result of:

  • an injury such as ligament damage or broken bones
  • hip dysplasia, which is a deformity of the joints, often caused by bad breeding
  • under-development of joints, caused by too little or too much exercise during puppyhood

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Are Certain Dog Breeds More Susceptible To Developing Arthritis

We would not say a certain type of breed is predisposed to developing arthritis but rather that the disease is typically seen in large breed dogs. Overweight animals proportionately carry more weight on the joints, leading to an increased chance of localised inflammation and irritation to the joints. This is not to say that your Pug doesnât have arthritis, its simply less common in smaller dog breeds so regardless of the breed itâs important to maintain a healthy weight.

How To Prevent Arthritis In Dogs

While youre unable to prevent the condition developing in dogs who have age arthritis , it can be prevented in young dogs by restricting them from jumping up on the sofa and running up the stairs while theyre still growing and their joints are developing. Young dogs can be taken on shorter walks and on routes with a limited incline to reduce pressure on their hip and knee joints.

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Cbd Oil For Arthritis In Dogs Treatment

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid extracted from hemp or marijuana. CBD, through its action on the receptors in the endocannabinoid system , is able to have positive effects on the body, two of which are anxiety and pain relief.

CBD relieves pain by lowering inflammation levels in the body. The compound acts upon several receptors and enzymes, resulting in reducing inflammatory compounds in the body.

When choosing CBD, it is very important to choose a high-quality supplement to reduce the likelihood of side effects like gastrointestinal stress and drowsiness. Also, CBD for dogs has to be extracted from hemp and THC-free.

The Honest Paws CBD oil is derived from hemp and is designed specifically for mobility purposes. The oil also contains turmeric as a proven antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb. A few daily drops for your dog will help her with her stiffness, discomfort, and mobility.

Natural Remedies For Arthritis In Dogs

Walking: Benefits for YOU and YOUR dog

Joint supplements are often prescribed alongside other treatments to support your dogs joints. These supplements improve joint function, reduce inflammation, and slow the progression of joint deterioration.

Common supplements include glucosamine, chondroitin, and green-lipped mussel . GLM is a powerful supplement for arthritis as it contains Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants and is a potent anti-inflammatory.

Supplements like these are safe for long-term use and are often prescribed very early on in the treatment of arthritis in dogs.

Chat to your vet about changing to dog food formulated specifically for joint health. Many top brands have options that include ingredients and supplements to help your dog.

While many supplements are safe and well-tolerated, side effects are always possible, so consult your vet before adding one to your dog’s diet.

Worried about your dog?

Talk to a vet ASAP and for FREE

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Keep Dog Nails Trimmed

Nails that impact a dogs mobility can be heard. If you hear clicking when your dog walks, its time to cut her nails or have them done. One rogue toenail is enough to make your dog distribute her weight in a way that aggravates her arthritis.

To verify your dogs nail length is not aggravating her arthritis, make sure you can slip a piece of paper between her nail and the floor when shes standing. For a refresher on how to trim nails see this article: Senior Dog Nail Trimming.

What Is Degenerative Joint Disease

Degenerative joint disease, otherwise known as arthritis is inflammation of the joints. When arthritis occurs, the cartilage lining of the joint wears down, resulting in inflammation, swelling and pain. The cartilage lining can wear down because of disease, poor structure or development , unusual gait, conformation or excessive weight gain.

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Hot & Cold Therapy Wraps

We talked about a heating pad earlier, but arthritis pain can be alleviated with hot and cold treatment. Usually, apply heat before long walks, travel or exercise and apply a cold therapy AFTER the long walk, travel or exercise.

Think: Warm-warms up muscles and Cold-cools inflammation.

There is a great product that offers both options based on what is needed for your arthritic dog. These hot/cold therapy actually get strapped onto your dog so he can wear it for 20 minutes leaving your hands free to whip up dinner.

If you are finding success with a heating pad, these strap on arthritis therapies make your life a little easier. Plus, you can get the right style for your your dogs arthritis. They can be geared toward the arthritis of the spine, hips, elbows or all.

Consult Your Vet For Effective Treatments

5 Best Home Remedies for Mange in Dogs (All-Natural Treatments)

Arthritis can be treated with anti-inflammatory medication, dietary supplements and chondroprotective agents. Your vet may prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to decrease inflammation and pain. Chondroprotective agents such as Cartrophen help the body repair cartilage and stimulate its function. Speak to your vet about whether these treatments are right for your dog.

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Is It Safe To Put Wd40 On Your Skin

Also, understand that it can be very harmful if swallowed and can aggravate respiratory issues if not used in a well-ventilated area. Furthermore, it can irritate skin, so ignore any advice to use it on your skin to lubricate your joints. WD-40 comes with a long assortment of uses just be sure to utilize it safely.

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Cbdfx Cbd Dog Tincture

Image Courtesy ofCBDfx

This broad-spectrum CBD oil comes packed to the lid with all the cannabinoid compounds needed to deal with arthritis, joint pain, and anxiety. All you have to do is measure out a dose and add it to their favorite food. CBDfx is proud to offer only the finest products for our pets, making certain that the ingredients are all human grade and are treated using the exact same processes that go into making their regular line of CBD products. This means you can rest easy knowing that your tail-wagging friend is getting the very best product possible.

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Other Causes Of Your Dog’s Mobility Issue

Lots of problems could be causing your dogs mobility issues, and its important to work with your veterinarian to determine which are at play in your dogs specific condition. Arthritis is certainly one of the most common, but it isn’t always the culprit. Other causes can also include:

  • Degeneration of the nerves going to the muscles
  • Muscle weakness and/or muscle mass loss
  • Torn cruciate ligament or other trauma

On the other hand, it isnt always an orthopedic or neurologic condition thats hindering your dogs mobility. The cause could actually be pain unrelated to their muscles, joints, or bones, such as:

  • Inflammation of or a mass associated with one of the organs in their abdomen
  • Heart or respiratory disease can cause mobility issues
  • Overgrown nails

The above conditions are just some of the reasons that could be causing your dog’s pain and mobility issues. Knowing the cause will help determine the best course of action to make your dog live comfortably.

Help Your Dog Get A Grip

Puppies who Become Service Dogs

Make sure to keep your dogs nails clipped short. Long nails change the mechanics of the foot and can make walking more difficult, or sometimes even painful. Although it may seem intimidating at first, you can learn how to clip a dogs toenails with confidence and ease.

If you notice that your dog is having trouble getting a grip on slippery surfaces, consider trying Dr. Buzbys ToeGrips® dog nail grips. ToeGrips help dogs move with confidence by providing extra traction and improving the brains perception of where the limbs and feet are positioned.

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Efficacy Of Natural And Herbal Arthritis Remedies In Dogs

For most dogs with established arthritis, conventional pain relief and anti-inflammatories will be needed to keep them comfortable.

Herbal remedies have been around for thousands of years. Some methods and herbs are proven effective for pain relief and inflammation. However, as with any natural remedy, holistic care requires dedication and commitment. Not only a commitment to your dogs overall health to tackle the root of the problems, but also the commitment to the time it will take to get your dog to a healthy place.

Often times, natural remedies are used in conjunction with western medicine rather than in place of it.

Insuring your dog as soon as pawssible is essential for preventing high vet care costs. Start comparing insurance plans from leading insurers like Healthy Paws and Embrace and save over $270 a year.

Is Cbd Good For Arthritis In Dogs

Yes, CBD for dogs with arthritis is good! CBD is a therapeutic and all-around holistic option for dogs struggling with joint pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. Treatments that use NSAIDs to manage pain are effective, but scientific research and anecdotal reports have shown an inadequate ability to reduce arthritic pain caused by canine arthritis. Instead, NSAIDs triggered side effects in senior dogs with other diseases, mainly GI tract issues.

CBD for dogs with arthritis offers a natural alternative. A recent study by Frontiers, Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Clinical Efficacy of Cannabidiol Treatment in Osteoarthritic Dogs found that CBD causes a significant decrease and increase in activity as concluded based on baseline CBPI and Hudson score change. And the great thing is that CBD promotes overall health with minimal negative side effects.

According to another Pharmacokinetic Study and Clinical Trial on the Use of Cannabinoids to Treat dogs with Osteoarthritis and Multi-Joint Pain by the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, CBD is efficacious for pain in dogs with osteoarthritis, chronic joint pain, and geriatric pain and soreness with dramatic beneficial effects in our more geriatric patients. Over 80% of the patients that used CBD for dogs with arthritis showed improvement.

  • The scent can be too strong for some dogs
  • Finding the right dosage for dog arthritis take trial and error
  • The sudden introduction of CBD may cause stomach upsets

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Medication Options For Treating Arthritis In Dogs

Many vets will prescribe medication to keep dogs with arthritis as comfortable as possible.

Most arthritis medications work by decreasing inflammation and/or pain, explains Jennifer Coates, DVM, a small animal veterinarian in Colorado who serves on the advisory board for Pet Life Today. Some arthritis supplements have a similar, albeit often less powerful action, but may also improve joints by promoting cartilage health and the production of protective joint fluid.

NSAIDs for dogs

These anti-inflammatory medications are similar to the ibuprofen or aspirin you would find at the local drug store. But, they are formulated specifically for your pooch. Just dont share from your medicine cabinet. Over-the-counter Advil or Aleve are toxic to dogs and should never be given. Doggy NSAID options include:

When a vet prescribes one of these medications, you can pick them up at the pharmacy where you get your own prescriptions filled, and use your SingleCare card to save.

Your veterinarian will explain the dosage of each medication that is appropriate for your dog. It depends on the medication and the size of your dog.

If you have arthritis, too, dont just share your prescription with your pet. Dr. Coates cautions human arthritis medications can be very dangerous for dogs and can lead to serious side effects when given at the wrong dose, in conjunction with other medications, or to a dog with other health problems.

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