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What To Give Cats For Arthritis Pain

Joint And Muscle Formula

The PetHealthClub – Arthritis in Cats Explained (including symptoms and treatment options)
  • Reduces pain, tenderness and inflammation in the joints
  • Relieves stiffness and mobility issues in the hips and legs
  • Soothes soreness and back pain in older animals
  • Promotes improved mobility and range of motion in the legs
  • Offers nutritional support for healthy joints, cartilage and bones
  • Provides systemic antioxidant, anti-inflammatory support

Other Medications For Cats In Pain

Some medications that were originally designed for other uses have also been found to provide pain relief in cats.


Neurontin and the other products that contain gabapentin are available by prescription only. Gabapentin was originally developed to manage seizures. Now, its also used to treat post-operative pain and chronic pain, such as that associated with osteoarthritis, cancer, and nerve injury or disease. Side effects are minimal.


Cerenia is available by prescription only. It was developed to help control vomiting, but it can also relieve pain, often in combination with anesthetics or other pain relievers.

Side effects can include fever, dehydration, lethargy, poor appetite, blood in the urine, and drooling. Cerenia injections can be painful, so the oral form is preferred for long-term use.


Amitriptyline is a prescription antidepressant thats sometimes used to treat chronic pain, particularly that associated with nerve injury or disease.

Side effects can include lethargy, gastrointestinal upset, constipation, increased heart rate, abnormal heart rhythms, difficulty urinating, and decreased production of saliva and tears.

How To Help Your Senior Cat Cope With Arthritis

December 9, 2019 // by Kristen Levine // Chew on this: Some posts may include affiliate links for which I receive a small commission. However, all products I dig up are ones I pawthentically love!

Warm snuggles and a calm cat-itude are some of the best parts about being a pet parent to a senior cat. Kittens are so much fun, but if youre like me, senior cats hold a special place in your heart when it comes to quiet time spent together.

However, as your cat ages, you may notice subtle changes in her agility, activity level, and even litter box habits. And these are very important clues to your senior cats health, particularly when it comes to arthritis.

Now that Olivias about 13 years old, Im always watching her as she jumps to see if she slips, is in pain, or simply cant leap as before. So far, shes still quite agile but that doesnt mean she doesnt experience soreness.

Senior cats and arthritic cats are masters at hiding discomfort, so you need to look for tell-tail clues that may indicate arthritis in your senior cat.

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Risk Factors For Arthritis In Cats

There are several risk factors for arthritis in cats. Lets take a look at each:

  • Cat Breed. Purebred cats are more likely to develop arthritis than domestic, mixed cats. The incidence of arthritis in cats is high in Scottish Folds, Burmese, Maine Coons, Persian, Siamese, and Abyssinian Cats.
  • Obesity. Kitties whose body weight is higher than the recommended weight are very prone to joint disease. The extra weight put on the joints increases the wear and tear damage, resulting in an increased risk of arthritis.
  • Overmedication. A lot of medications that are prescribed, especially for chronic diseases, can trigger inflammation in the body. Increased inflammation rates are linked with arthritis. After all, the foundation of the disease is joint inflammation.
  • Poor Diet. A bad, low-quality diet tends to be high in pro-inflammatory substances which can cause chronic diseases like osteoarthritis. It is best to choose the diet according to what your cat needs.

What Can I Give My Cat For Arthritis

Cat Joint and Arthritis Pain Relief Support  Petsability

Arthritis is a common, progressive, and painful disease in cats, but there is some good news on the feline arthritis front. Treatments are now available that can relieve pain and maybe even slow the progression of arthritis, especially when a number of them are used simultaneously. Arthritic cats, with proper care, can still enjoy a happy and healthy life.

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Weight Loss And Management

A key part of arthritis care for cats is managing their weight. Extra weight puts more pressure on a cats joints, which can worsen the pain of arthritis. If your arthritic cat is obese or overweight, your veterinarian will likely recommend a weight loss program, which could include a special diet and an exercise regimen. Depending on the severity of arthritis, your cat may not be able to do too much in the way of exercise, but your veterinarian can give you a safe plan for weight reduction.

If your cat is at a healthy weight, its important to maintain it. For instance, avoid the temptation to offer extra treats and always measure out food portions precisely.

Natural Pain Relief For Cats Teeth

There are various natural pain relief options for cats teeth. Some home remedies include using clove oil or a mixture of water and baking soda. You can also give your cat an ice pack wrapped in a towel to help numb the pain. If your cat is in a lot of pain, you may need to take them to the vet for further treatment.

If your cats degenerative joint disease progresses to a more advanced stage, he may benefit from a variety of natural remedies. Take advantage of the lack of distractions in the house, such as electronic devices, and massage the pet in a quiet area. Ask your veterinarian about using acupuncture for your cat. By inserting these painless wires, the nervous system sends signals to the brain. Because of its efficacy in treating feline arthritis, acupuncture is frequently used to treat other chronic diseases as well. With acupuncture treatments, certain illnesses or injuries can be treated more quickly and less in pain. Cats suffering from arthritis may benefit from over-the-counter nutraceutical supplements.

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How To Naturally Treat Arthritis In Cats

Naturally treat the symptoms of arthritis and get your senior kitty up and moving again!

As our cats age, their joints begin to feel the effects of a lifetime of wear and tear from activity. As a result, degenerative diseases or osteoarthritis can also take hold, making arthritis in cats a common concern. Symptoms generally associated with arthritis in pets include:

Stiffness Slowed movement A general reluctance to move around.

And even though a host of factors can lead to arthritis, such as injuries, scar tissue, genetic problems, toxicity, and deficiencies, there are many ways to treat it naturally.

What About Tylenol For Cats

Top 5 Ways to Treat Arthritis in Your Cat or Dog (Without Surgery)

Acetaminophen is even more dangerous to cats than NSAIDs and should NEVER be given to a cat under any circumstance. As little as one tablet of Regular Strength Tylenol contains enough acetaminophen to kill some cats.

The drugs metabolites destroy liver cells, damage the kidneys and convert hemoglobinthe oxygen-carrying molecule in bloodto methemoglobin, which results in poor oxygen delivery throughout the body and tissue damage.

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Your Cats Pain Can Be Relieved

Cats love the birds eye view, like jumping up to the windowsill for birdwatching or finding that perfect sunny spot. When those favorite spots seem out of reach for your cat, you may be seeing signs of osteoarthritis pain.

Remember that you are the best person to notice subtle signs and changes in your cats behavior that may signal arthritis. Be sure to mention these to your veterinarian and work together to develop a plan to keep your cat happy, healthy, and pain-free.

What Are Some Of The Subtle Signs Of Pain In Dogs And Cats

Joint pain, muscle pain, and pain, in general, can show up in different ways with dogs.

Animals can be quite stoic, so it is important to pay attention to the subtle changes that may be occurring.

We all know our pets the best, so if they are not acting right compared to their normal, most likely there is something going on, whether that is pain or something else.

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Management For Cat Arthritis

Cat management is an essential part of feline arthritis treatment. It includes three different aspects a healthy diet, proper exercise, and weight control. Lets review each approach:

  • Healthy Diet. It is important to feed your cat high-quality food that supports healthy joints, reduces inflammation, and supports optimal weight.
  • Proper Exercise. You need to keep the arthritic cat active. The activity should be in accordance with the cats mobility. Talk to your vet about the best exercises.
  • Weight Control. Obese cats with arthritis need to be put on a weight loss regimen. The extra weight adds pressure to the cats joints and worsens the situation.

Joint Supplements For Cats

cat: Cat Arthritis Pain Relief Natural

*NOTE* DO NOT give human joint supplements to your cat, as they may contain ingredients harmful to your pet and may not actually contain the correct amount of each listed ingredient. Only use veterinary-formulated joint supplements for your pet.

Supplements such as Cosequin for Cats and ArthriEase-Gold, can be a good drug-free” way to help in the management of your cats arthritis pain.

Cosequin for Cats Soft Chews

Buy on Chewy |

PRO TIP: Choosing between chewable or powder supplements depends on your cat’s preferences. If your cat is picky but gobbles down their wet food, powder might be best. If they are used to taking treats and aren’t too finicky, the chews might be your best bet.

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Signs Of Arthritis In Senior Cats

Since cats tend to be quieter and more reclusive than other pets, such as dogs, it may take some detective work to find the root of their health concerns. There are however a few common signs that may point to joint deterioration and artists.

  • can be a sign that your cats regular activity is becoming too painful for her. It can also be a sign of fatigue, which often accompanies arthritis.
  • Change in litter box habits, like going potty outside the box, can be a sign that climbing in and out of the box is too painful for her joints.
  • No longer jumping, running, or going upstairs may be signs that those activities are too painful to do.

In addition, regular check-ups with your veterinarian, and maintaining good communication between visits will also benefit your cats overall health.

You can also talk to your veterinarian about therapeutic options, such as laser treatments, to decide if your cat would benefit.

Acupuncture And Laser Therapy

Acupuncture helps restore the bodys natural balance by sending signals through the tissues and the nerves to the spinal cord and brain. This releases chemicals that signal the body to react. These signals have systemic effects, including a release of metenkephalin, B-endorphin, dynorphins, and opioids, and increased serotonin levels.

Laser therapy can also be beneficial. Laser therapy produces anti-inflammatory effects by using light to send chemical signals to body tissues. This relieves pain and is a therapy thats well-tolerated by most cats.

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Cat Pain Relief Whats Coming In The Future

New pain control medications are being explored every day for our pets. One that is sure to make headlines if it comes to pass is Cannabis use in cats. Cannabis oil has shown promise in rat studies for pain control associated with tumors. In the future, more research and data may be available to make cannabis oil legal for veterinary use. Until that time, please stick to legal, safe alternatives for your kitties.

What Can You Give Cats For Pain A Medical Solution

Top 3 Cat Arthritis Treatments – Make Your Cat Feel Better!

Besides medications, veterinarians can also offer other cat pain relief solutions. If your cat is extremely irritated, your vet might give them a few puffs of gas anesthesia. This will not harm them, but rather help them to relax so your vet can get a better look at their body to see where the cause of the pain might be.

While this isnt a long-lasting treatment, it can help to relax your cats body for a short period of time to give them quick relief.

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What Causes Cat Arthritis

Unfortunately, the cause of arthritis is nearly impossible to pinpoint in a cat. The disease takes such a long time to develop that you will find it very difficult to definitely determine the cause. In older cats, the joint disease can be attributed to aging.

However, the disease can also spontaneously occur in younger cats who are otherwise healthy. If arthritis is triggered by a one-time event like inflammatory medication, then the cause can be identified. Otherwise, you may never know what caused this disease in your cat.

Even though it is very difficult to get to the actual cause of arthritis in a cat, there are some factors that increase your cats chances of catching the disease.

Beware Of Essential Oils And Cats

Cats are very sensitive to essential oils. Some, such as tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil, can cause skin damage and potentially liver damage. Using an essential oil diffuser in the home can be very irritating to the respiratory tract of cats. It is highly recommended to seek out advice from a holistic veterinarian before using essential oils for cat pain relief.

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Signs Your Cat Might Have Arthritis

What Can I Give My Cat For Joint Pain

Cats are often good at hiding when theyre in pain, which makes it difficult to tell when they have a health issue. However, here are a few signs that your pet could have arthritis:

  • A previously active cat hesitates when it comes to jumping, running or playing.
  • It starts to complain or seems to be in pain when you pick it up.
  • A litter box-trained cat now eliminates outside the litter box. This is common when the sides of the box are too high and the feline has trouble getting in or out of it.
  • It avoids grooming itself or seems to have trouble reaching areas that were previously accessible.
  • Other normal behaviors start to change, especially those associated with mobility or activity.

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Weight Control And Diet

Weight control is the single most important strategy in the management of arthritis in cats. Extra weight results in increased stress on the joints and also makes cats even less likely to move around! Fat also releases inflammatory mediators which can contribute to inflammation in your catâs body.

Just like for humans, weight control relies on diet and exercise. There are numerous low-calorie diets available in both wet and dry varieties â and even special diets with joint care ingredients. Always keep in mind that a weight loss diet requires consistency and must be fed exclusively without tidbits or leftover table scraps.

With regards to exercise, keep in mind that your catâs joints are sensitive and minimal weightbearing movements are ideal. Playing is the best form of exercise for cats, and you may need to find what types of play your cat will tolerate. You can try to encourage your cat to move with teasers, laser pointers, or chase toys.

Diagnosis Of Cat Arthritis

If your cat demonstrates any of the above symptoms, its a good idea to take them to the vet to be diagnosed. Your vet will conduct a thorough clinical examination to check for cat arthritis, which involves moving the joint to check for any stiffness, pain and grating.

Your vet may also conduct X-rays to check for any changes in your cats joints and bones and to monitor the overall progression of your cats arthritis. They may also wish to do a blood test or a joint fluid analysis to ensure its not an infection.

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Signs Of Osteoarthritis In Cats

Cats don’t show pain like we expect them to. “It’s part of their nature to be subtle,” says Joyce Login, DVM, CPH, Veterinary Medical Lead, Chronic Pain Portfolio at Zoetis. “If they were to show pain in the wild, they’d be somebody’s lunch, so they’re very good at hiding it.”

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to spot. While your cat isn’t likely to limp or cry out in pain, Login says you can watch for these behavioral signs of osteoarthritis in cats:

  • Difficulty jumping up on furniture
  • Difficulty jumping down from furniture
  • Difficulty going up and down the stairs
  • Difficulty chasing moving objects
  • Difficulty running
  • Inappropriate elimination
  • Increased irritability

These changes in behavior can be easy to dismiss as normal aging or even to miss altogether. Because cats hide their painespecially in the veterinary clinicyour observations from home are a crucial part of diagnosing arthritis in cats. If that feels like a lot of pressure, Login has some tools to make your job easier.

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