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What Is The Best Knee Brace For Arthritis

Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Support With Bilateral Hinges

Best Knee Brace For Arthritis and Ligament Injuries (ACL/MCL)
  • Price: $$$

What we liked: This breathable, padded design works well if you need to stand for long hours at work. Its durable enough to withstand heavier-duty activity, but also gives you a ton of stability for when your arthritis pain is flaring up. The support of the hinges is meant to prevent you from hyperextending your knee and injuring it further. The compression can feel soothing on days when your knee really needs a break.

What to know: This brace is on the pricier side, and the hinge system may not work well for everyones needs. Sizing can be tricky with this product, so make sure to read through the instructions and reviews on the product page. Also keep in mind that there are no tightening straps, so youve got to pull the brace on. This makes correct sizing all the more important.

Before You Use A Knee Brace For Arthritis

While knee braces are a non-invasive option for managing your pain, they still have a few cautions. As Family Doctor points out they shouldnt be your sole treatment approach:

Knee braces are the least important part of preventing knee injuries or healing after an injury. Good strength and flexibility are much more important. You should focus on stretching the muscles around your knee, strengthening your leg, and improving your techniques. Make changes in activity intensity or training schedules little by little, to limit knee stress. Work out an exercise plan with your doctor to get the best program for you. Knee braces help some people more than others. You can use one if you feel its helping you. But dont let a brace become a crutch.’

Likewise, your treatment for knee osteoarthritis doesnt just stop with using a brace. Once youre able to resume exercise, you may want to look into knee injections, physical therapy, or other additional methods for reducing your pain. Together, these can come together to get you back to the life you love. A pain specialist is uniquely qualified to help you diagnose your pain, discuss the best knee braces for arthritis, and explain other treatment options. To find one in your area, click the button below.

Why Do People Wear Knee Braces

Knees are a common site of injury, so the most important motive for wearing is to support the knee when an injury occurs. Basically, their work is to protect an existing injury from further damage.

Other reasons why people wear knee braces include:

  • Reducing persistent pain caused by the immense burden of active sports
  • Providing support and protection after a serious knee injury
  • Preventing bruises caused by collisions and falls during sports

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How Tight Should The Brace Be

While using the best knee brace for tennis players you feel compression or rigidity around your knee.

The brace should always provide comfort according to the need of one brace is being used.

But if the brace is tight and you lose circulation, its time to loosen the brace straps or choose a larger brace.

Strong braces give maximum support and provide a stable feel, while compressed sleeves allow for more movement but less support.

Use the measurement chart to determine the circumference, the distance below the center of the knee around the knee.

Cambivo 2 Pack Knee Brace

2 Pack Knee Brace For Joint Pain Arthritis Relief, Running ...

Summary: The Cambivo knee brace relieves pain and provides significant stability. Its well-made, sturdy, and long-lasting, with the perfect amount of compression. Theyre really comfortable and effective in relieving knee pain. It stays in place well, and the sticky rubber on the top edge prevents it from slipping. Its thin enough to wear with anything, including riding tights. The fabric is smooth, sturdy, and flexible enough to pull up and over the knee easily. You may now wear them all day, not only for walking but for your daily work activities as well. It is also useful to people who always stand in one place for lengthy periods of time.

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Why And How Do Knee Braces Work For Knee Pain Injury And Instability

Whether it’s a knee sprain, arthritis, torn ACL, runner’s knee, knee instabilities or knee discomfort, knee braces help support and manage pain. Depending on the injury will determine how the brace will work. But most braces support the knee and help keep it aligned.

“There are a variety of knee braces out on the market today that are specifically designed to provide relief and support for specific conditions,” says Anna Muñoz, M.Ed., ATC, DonJoy Performance® and DonJoy Advantage® Product Manager. “Knee braces have a variety of features and benefits depending on the condition, you may see a buttress for patella support/tracking, a metal hinge for ligament stability, or compression sleeves for swelling. These design features are incorporated into the brace design to help specifically provide relief and support for the Consumer’s condition.”

More Dos And Donts For Using Knee Braces For Arthritis

Here are some more tips on using a knee brace from the health care professionals we spoke to and patients we heard from:

The knee brace shouldnt be too loose or too snug. Watch for redness and chafing. It should be just snug enough that its going to stay in place but not so snug that when you take it off after an hour youve got this crease in your thigh, Gillanders says. Elena told us, The most comfortable one I have is elastic so it holds the knee in place, but not too tight because too much pressure has the opposite effect.

Keep your brace clean, especially in hot weather. It is important to clean knee braces routinely as the bacteria in sweat can cause skin irritation and even infections, Dr. Hogan says.

Dont have anything between the brace and you. Braces should be worn against the skin and not over clothing, Dr. Hogan says.

Ask your doctor or PT to check your fit. If you have a brace with hinges, make sure the hinges are centered at the knee joint, Dr. Hogan says.

Dont fall for scams. Sometimes patients receive calls from device companies do not entertain them because you need to have a follow-up if youre going to have a knee brace, Dr. Bhatt says. A doctor should know about it it should not be done over the phone. In addition, Dr. Hogan says theres no data that braces with copper provide better pain relief, so skip those.

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Knee Support For Meniscus Injury

The meniscus is a piece of cartilage that acts as a shock absorber between your shinbone and thighbone . A torn meniscus is a common injury.

Someone with a meniscus injury is looking to reduce excessive movement in the knee joint while still allowing for maximal function, Minnis says. Depending on the severity of the injury, any of the braces previously mentioned could be helpful.

With So Many Options To Choose From Shopping For The Right Type Of Braces And Sleeves Can Be A Difficult Task However Dr Mufaddal Gombera Has Several Recommendations That You Can Use To Find The Best Knee Sleeves And Braces For A Speedy Recovery These Include The Following Options:

Top 5 Best Knee Brace For Arthritis Review in 2022
  • CopperFitPro Compression Knee Sleeve: The CopperFit Compression Sleeve is renowned for its high performance and superior protection. The sleeve consists of kinesiology bands that provide targeted compression. This enhances circulation and oxygenation, thus reducing muscle tension and inflammation. Moreover, this copper knee brace is machine washable, making it extremely easy to maintain.
  • Knee Cast Cover: The BioFreeze knee cast cover is an FDA-certified brace designed for active adult athletes. It provides maximum protection while recovering from injuries, burns, rashes, wounds and scratches. The best part is that its very easy to use and maintain.
  • VivaKnee Ice Pack: For fast knee pain relief, consider picking up the Viva Knee Ice Pack Wrap. This brace targets both the front and back of the knee, effectively reducing swelling, pain and inflammation caused by injury or muscle fatigue. Furthermore, the brace uses hot-cold therapy for targeted relief. The best part is that it comes with non-toxic gel packs that are removable and reusable.


  • PowerLixKnee Sleeve: PowerLix Sleeve is one of the best compression knee sleeves available. This premium quality sleeve offers superior support and comfort allowing you to push yourself to the limit. Moreover, it provides phenomenal protection against injury.


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Will A Knee Brace Make My Knee Weak

Minnis says, Unless you are using a brace that limits your motion drastically or provides rigid support, the muscles around your knee are not going to weaken. In fact, if wearing a knee brace allows you to be more active/return to exercise or walking, then your strength is probably going to improve.

Keep in mind that everyone is different. In some cases, wearing a knee brace may cause you to not use the muscles that support your knee as much as you should. This in turn may make you rely on your knee brace for stability instead of muscles like your quadriceps.

Your best bet is to talk with your physical therapist about strengthening your legs and use of a knee brace.

Reduce Pain And Inflammation

Knee braces provide a non-invasive option for reducing pain and getting you back to the activities you love. They do this in a number of ways, depending on the knee brace you choose. Knee sleeves for mild arthritis provide cushioning, some structure, and can keep your joints warm. Unloader knee braces for severe cases, as well discuss shortly, completely redistribute the weight on your knee joint. This can relieve pressure from one area, and spread it across the knee.

And while knee braces for arthritis may not help everyone, there is some proof that they do work. A 2016 study from the American Journal of Orthopedics studied 31 knee osteoarthritis patients. Half received an unloader knee brace, while the other half did not. Researchers used knee injury and osteoarthritis outcomes scores, or KOOS, and visual analog scale scores to evaluate outcomes.

Patients with an unloader knee brace for arthritis showed the following in their KOOS scores:

  • Had significantly less pain
  • Fewer arthritis symptoms
  • Better ability to engage in activities of daily living

VAS results showed that these patients also had:

  • Significantly less pain throughout the day
  • Improved activity levels

The study did not find a significant difference in patients ability to sleep, their use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or sports functioning.

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How We Selected The Best Knee Support Products

To determine which knee support products to feature in our roundup, we spoke to two physical therapistsboth of whom specialize in orthopedic physical therapy and sports physical therapy. One of these experts emphasized that comfort and range of motion are key features to look for in a knee support product. So we kept this in mind as we considered dozens of top-rated knee support products, favoring those that offered stability and support without dramatically sacrificing comfort or mobility.

When To Wear A Knee Brace

Knee Support Brace for knee pain relief

In general, braces should be worn if you’re having knee pain or you wish to prevent injuries during high contact sports where there is a higher likelihood of knee injury. Knee braces can also be used for rehabilitative purposes, for example, following an ACL injury. The brace will provide slow, limited movement allowing the patient to gradually regain their range of motion. Knee braces also come in handy for arthritis sufferers as it can aid in reducing pain and inflammation. Your doctor can help you decide if it’s necessary.

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Physix Gear Sport Knee Brace

One of the key considerations to keep in mind when you want to buy a knee brace for arthritis is that you should go for something that fits comfortably without leaving your knee rigid.

The brace should be comfortable no matter how long you use it. One such brace that makes this possible is the Physix Gear Sport knee brace.

One of the things that makes this brace comfortable to use is its four-way stretch system. The brace is so light and comfortable that you can put it on the whole day and forget about it. You can also easily slip it on and off.

The other thing that makes Physix so great to wear is the fact that it looks great. Its black and pink in color and you can show it off. But if you prefer to be discreet, you can easily cover it up under your clothes and keep it out of sight.

The Physix gear knee support brace is one of the best in the market after the PowerLix knee sleeve, due to the many advantages that it offers.

However, this brace provides some extra compression, which can be a negative factor for some individuals. But this doesnt entirely negate all the advantages that this sleeve provides.

  • Pros

Do Knee Braces Really Help

Knee braces do in fact help with joint health, even if you don’t have noticeable pain. The pressure that knee braces provide improves blood circulation which can protect your knee and decrease recovery time from exercise. Knee braces also offer increased support which helps to alleviate pain caused by injuries. Whether prevention or healing is your goal, a knee brace can be effective in improving joint health.

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What Is The Best Knee Brace After Acl Surgery

After knee surgery like a meniscus repair or an anterior cruciate ligament repair, an unloader knee brace help you to stabilize the joint.

These Z1 K2 knee brace is specifically designed for provide assistance with ligament injuries, sports injuries and mild osteoarthritis. If you are looking for an unloader knee brace after ACL surgery, the Z-One K2 knee brace is a better option for you.

What The Experts Say

How to Choose a Knee Brace for Arthritis or Knee Pain- Up to 6XL-size

Except in trauma situations, where you want to look for knee immobilizers for a fracture, I would look for knee braces that are not bulky and allow for range of motion of the knee. For patellofemoral syndrome, I would recommend a sleeve rather than an actual brace with metal hinges.Vikram Sathyendra, M.D., orthopedic surgeon based in New Jersey

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Can I Exercise With A Knee Brace

Most knee braces do not decrease your mobility. In fact, many are designed with range of motion and the ability to work out in mind. For this reason, you can most certainly exercise while wearing a knee brace. Moisture wicking materials are often used for knee braces so your sweat will dry quickly and odors can be avoided.

Best For Running: Shock Doctor Hinged Knee Brace

  • Comes in multiple sizes measure for best fit

  • Antimicrobial technology reduces odor causing bacteria

  • Fits over left or right knee

  • Expensive price point

  • Has tabs to help pull on, but not ones that help pull it off

You can tell from looking at this brace that its heavy-dutyand it really is. It has bilateral hinges that allow for ample movement while still providing the support you need. It also has side stabilizers that are super flexible so you never feel weighed down.

This brace also has super grip tabs so that its easy to get on and fitted properly. It works to lift and compress the knee so that you experience improved blood flow. Its also great for people with arthritis, hypertension, patella instability, meniscus injuries, or minor ligament sprains.

Material: Neoprene, vented | Fit: X-Fit strap provides stability by wrapping lag with cushioned comfort strap | Feel: Soft, cushioned

  • Adjustable straps to ensure perfect fit

  • Designed with six flexible springs for support

  • May run small

  • Velcro placement may be uncomfortable

It can be unnecessarily difficult to find the correct sizing, but this brace eliminates all of those worries. It comes in an XL through 6XL and relieves pressure enough to provide immediate pain relief. It contains six built-in steel springs, which are intended to provide extra stability. This brace is designed with activities in mindso dont you worry about putting too much pressure on it.

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Vive Knee Ice Pack Wrap Cold / Hot Gel Compression Brace

Summary: The Vive Knee Brace covers the whole knee, including the region behind the knee, making it better to alternative knee braces. The Velcro connectors are very sturdy, and there are so many of them that you may wrap your knee or anything you like with a tight and firm wrap, allowing the product to do its best work for you. They completely encircle the front, side, and back of the knee to keep it cool. They are really soft and comfortable and simple to put on and off. Velcro closures are of excellent quality and may be used to modify the fit to perfection. When you can no longer bend your knees or walk without pain due to swelling. These cold compression braces are designed to help you recover quicker. Gel pads are extremely soft and elastic. It is not bulky, yet it is quite comfortable. The gel packs must be iced over for two hours. After a knee replacement, this was a lifesaver. With velcro on the front, side, and back of the knee, you may walk without worrying about it sliding down or slipping.

  • A cold ice pack is difficult to put into the horizontal slot.
  • Some people have issues with size

Summary: The MUELLER 4-Way Stretch Knee Brace is designed for active people who participate in sports or other physical activities. This self-adjustable brace gives you the most medial-lateral support. Self-adjustable knee support is provided by crisscrossing elastic straps above and below your knee. This brace provides excellent knee stability.

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