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What Exercise Is Good For Hip Arthritis

Exercises On Uneven Terrain

Hip Arthritis Exercises (Light Strengthening)

2019 study noted that uneven terrain causes the ground reaction force to change with every stride. The constant need to adjust and stabilize the posture puts additional strain on the hip. The more uneven the surface, the more the hips need to work.

This supports the findings of a 2017 study , which showed that uneven terrain causes a variety of gait modifications, greater muscle coactivation, and a lower center of mass.

A person new to exercise should initially limit their workout area to smooth, even surfaces and avoid concrete and sand. Once they can tolerate these surfaces, they can gradually introduce surface changes.

Strengthening The Muscles Around Your Hip Joint Is Key To Keeping Them Strong And Mobile With Age

Lets get this important misconception out of the way: Done correctly, working out is not going to exacerbate your hip pain or make your arthritis worse. But not exercising can make your arthritis worse, which is why doctors recommend exercises as an important part of your arthritis treatment plan, whether you have osteoarthritis or an autoimmune, inflammatory form such as rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis.

Heres whats happening in your hip when you have arthritis, and why exercising and moving more helps relieve pain and stiffness.

What Aggravates Hip Arthritis

Overexertion or carrying out repetitive movements can aggravate hip arthritis. The sudden or unexpected activity can also cause stress on the joints, causing pain.

Hip arthritis sufferers may find relief through a combination of rest, ice packs and medication as needed to control symptoms at their own pace. Rehabilitation therapy is often recommended for those with hip arthritis in order to regain mobility and strength in the joint area.

Although treatment options vary from person to person, learning about your specific case and managing any associated triggers will help ease suffering

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Powerful Exercises For Hip Arthritis Relief

Researchers have found that exercise can be very powerful when it comes to reducing pain and improving function. It is common to think that exercise makes osteoarthritis worse because of the myth around wear and tear. But that is just not true.

Understand more about how exercise benefits arthritic joints by reading this article here.

You can also find arthritis friendly follow along videos to help guide you through many of these exercises in my signature online program, the Arthritis Adventure Blueprint.

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Ways to reduce hip pain at the gym: this blog is packed full of strategies you can use to still go to the gym but modify what you do to reduce any increases in hip pain.

Which gym exercises should I avoid for hip pain? Take an in depth look at some key lower limb gym exercises, which conditions may become irritated by the exercise and why.

Can stretching Make Hip Pain Worse?In this blog we will provide you with a summary of the areas and types of hip pain that may be made worse by stretching. Understand which hip stretches

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What Exercises Are Good For Knee Arthritis

When you have knee arthritis, the simplest daily tasks can seem impossible. Activities that you once loved to become too painful to enjoy, and you feel as though you are missing out on life.

While you might believe that medication is the only remedy, daily exercise can lessen and even relieve the pain and swelling in your knee due to arthritis. Here at Coastal Orthopedics, we know that you have better things to do with your life than worry about pain in your knee caused by arthritis. Here are just a few simple exercises that will help keep you pain free.

Why Does My Knee Hurt When I Walk

For countless men and women across the country, knee pain is a daily struggle. In fact, knee pain can be so severe that some patients are unable to continue working. There are several possible causes and risk factors for chronic knee pain, including:

Without a doubt, one of the most common causes of knee pain is arthritis. Patients suffering from arthritis in the knee may have either rheumatoid arthritis a condition developing in the joints lining or osteoarthritis, which is characterized by the breakdown of cartilage. While RA may occur at any point in a persons life, osteoarthritis is much more common and affects the vast majority of patients suffering from knee arthritis.

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Physical Function Subscale Of The Womac

At baseline, 3 and 9months, difficulty with physical function is assessed by the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index . The physical function subscale contains 17 questions each answered on a Likert Scale where 0 is no difficulty and 4 is extreme difficulty. Scores range between 0 to 68, with higher scores indicating greater difficulty with physical dysfunction. This outcome has also demonstrated reliability and validity in OA with a reported MCID of 6 out of 68 points for WOMAC function .

Secondary outcomes

Powerful Exercises For Hip Arthritis So You Can Stay Active

5 Hip Osteoarthritis Pain Relief Exercises, Seated

When it comes to finding pain relief, exercises for hip arthritis can be extremely powerful. Exercises can help to improve flexibility, stiffness, pain, and strength! There are specific exercises that will be better than others when it comes to being nice to your hip joints. You want to make sure you are not making your pain worse by doing the wrong exercises. Lets look at the 15 greatest exercises you should be doing including squats, lunges, stepping in different directions and more.

As a physical therapist and arthritis specialist, I primarily see people who are dealing with hip and knee osteoarthritis pain. I have noticed that hips can be a little more sensitive than knees so its important to feed them the right movements.

If you spend time doing the wrong movements, you can actually increase your pain because your joint becomes angrier. My goal is to show you exercises for hip arthritis that make pain better, not worse.

Some movements may be painful but they dont all have to be. It is important that you find the right exercises that feel good to you.

This list of exercises for hip arthritis may not all feel great to you and that is okay. Choose at least 4-5 that you can consistently do to decrease your pain.

There are lots of resources and information out there. I made it easy by putting the best resources in one place. Grab the free guide on where to start if you have hip osteoarthritis here:

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Range Of Motion Exercises

Stiffness and loss of flexibility in the hip are common as arthritis progresses making it feel difficult to complete normal daily activities like standing, squatting, and walking. Try these basic stretches to help maintain range of motion and hip function.

Hip Flexor Half-Kneeling Lunge Stretch

The hip flexors run across the front of the hip and pelvis, and often become stiff with wear of the arthritic hip joint and painful, sometimes progressing to back pain. This hip flexor stretch can give quick relief and promote better hip extension for daily movement.

  • Start in standing and assume a standing lunge position with the leg of the hip you want to stretch in the back
  • Bring your back knee down to the floor, placing a pillow or towel under the knee for comfort if needed
  • Keep an upright posture with the back knee directly under the hip so start also ensure the front leg is flexed to approximately 90 degrees at both the hip and knee with the knee behind the toes
  • Put your hands on your hips as you shift your weight forward toward the front hip
  • Keep the hips square and avoid arching the back, moving until you feel a stretch across the front of the hip
  • Hold for 30+ seconds for 2-3 sets on each hip

Single Knee to Chest Stretch

  • Lie on your back with both legs out straight
  • Bring one knee up toward your chest
  • Wrap both hands around your knees
  • Gently pull your thighbone closer to your chest until a stretch is felt in the butt and back of the leg
  • Hold for 30+ seconds for 2-3 sets

Cool Inflammation With Ice

Icing a joint thats inflamed because of arthritis or bursitis can lower inflammation and help with hip pain. If its very painful, I sometimes tell patients to ice four or five times daily for about 10 to 15 minutes, says Amy Humphrey, DPT, a physical therapist at Body Dynamics, Inc. in Arlington, Va. Use an ice pack, wrap a towel around it, and put it where you feel the pain.

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Is Rowing Machine Good For Hip Arthritis

Rowing machines can be a great way to help people with arthritis or other conditions that affect the core muscles. Because rowing engages all of your core muscles, it will help you get stronger and more flexible.

You dont have to be able to row forward or backward you can use a rowing machine in any direction. It doesnt require much strength or endurance, so anyone can use it even kids. Rowing also helps reduce wear and tear on joints, making it an ideal exercise for those who are aging well

Exercise 1: Single Leg Deadlift

Pin on Exercises For Arthritis

Maintaining and improving your balance is crucial to finding hip arthritis pain relief. If your balance feels off, it is definitely something you should be working on. Pain can delay your balance but you can train it just like you can train your muscles.

This exercise is an advanced balance exercise so if it is difficult when first trying, that. isnormal. You can find others in this video here.

Try to complete 8-10 each side. Take your opposite leg back as far as is comfortable for you. Complete 2-3 sets. Again you want to make sure both sides are relatively even. If not, you need to focus on closing the gap.

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Data Collection And Management

Fig. 1

Paper-based or electronic questionnaires are sent to participants at baseline, 3months and 9months to complete self-reported primary and self-reported secondary outcomes. At the 3-month follow-up, participants return to the University of Melbourne and Monash University for re-assessment of performance-based physical function, strength, cardiorespiratory fitness, quantitative sensory measures and body composition. Participants who provided a blood sample at baseline are asked to attend a study pathology clinic to provide a follow-up blood sample. Participants also complete a logbook to record adherence to the exercise program over the first 3months. If questionnaires or logbooks are not returned, the participants are contacted to prompt a response, or as a last resort, to obtain primary outcome data via telephone or email.

Hydrotherapy Strengthening Exercises For Hip Osteoarthritis In The Pool

There is scientific evidence to show that exercise in water can help those with osteoarthritis.4 Also, hydrotherapy performed in warm water, can assist with pain and relaxing muscles. If you are finding it difficult to exercise on land, then in a warm pool might be a great place for you to start.

Strategies to reduce hip pain during hydrotherapy water-based strengthening

  • As with cardio exercise in the pool, some things can still be aggravating when performing strengthening exercises for hip osteoarthritis in water. Here are some strategies to help:
  • Reduce backwards walking. Reduce or avoid backwards walking to keep your hip happier.
  • Use smaller hip actions. Particularly when you are first starting hydrotherapy, dont try too hard and push beyond your limits. Avoid moving your hip rapidly or forcefully into the end of your range of motion.
  • Minimise twisting actions. Hip arthritis is commonly aggravated by twisting action, particularly if they are done in a rapid, uncontrolled manner.
  • Slow down and control your hip actions. Your hips are less likely to be aggravated if you slow down a little, particularly at first until you see how your hip copes. To get more resistance from the water, you will usually need to move a little faster than with land-based strengthening exercises but start slow and always ensure you have good control of your hip actions.

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Health Related Quality Of Life

At baseline, 3 and 9months, health-related quality of life are be measured by the Assessment of Quality of Life . It consists of 20 items that assess independent living, mental health, relationships, pain, coping and senses. Scores range from 0.04 to 1.00, with higher scores indicating better quality of life.

The Role Of Inflammation In Development And Progression Of Osteoarthritis

Hip Arthritis Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Researchers have more recently found a common factor that appears to be linked with the development and worsening of osteoarthritis inflammation!5 Inflammation can be systemic in the blood stream, and local in the joint.

Factors that increase systemic inflammation:

  • poor general health, such as obesity or diabetes
  • poor diets with high intake of sugar and bad fats

Factors that may increase local joint inflammation due to joint overload:

  • muscle weakness weak muscles do not provide enough support around the joint
  • forcing a joint past its natural range of motion e.g., excessive stretching
  • excess impact loading, especially when combined with weak muscles
  • too much too soon increasing activity more quickly than the joint can adapt
  • exercising with high levels of pain

To control joint inflammation associated with arthritis then, optimise your general health, diet, reduce stress levels, get a good nights sleep and exercise. Exercise is the key factor that ties most of these things together, as it will improve your general health, alleviate stress, improve sleep and keep your muscles stronger as long as you are choosing the right exercise or combinations of exercise that help rather than aggravate your hip arthritis.

We hope you have learnt a lot in this extensive blog on best exercises for hip osteoarthritis.

Search For A Hip Pain Professional .

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Visit Panther Physical Therapy For Hip Arthritis Treatment

Are you looking to reduce pain and stiffness caused by arthritis in your hips with natural treatments like physical therapy? Our physical therapists at Panther Physical Therapy are highly trained and skilled in identifying which exercises can be most beneficial for you. Contact our team today for more information about treating hip arthritis or to schedule an initial appointment.

Towel Press With Pulses

Lay on your back with your knees bent. Wrap a towel around the outside of your thighs.

With both legs, press outwards into the towel twice. Use the same technique as the previous exercise, thinking press, press before relaxing.

Repeat this exercise 5 times.

This movement works the external rotators of the hips, strengthening the muscles known as our Abductors.

These movements create more balance between the two muscle groups, mitigating the risk of injuries caused by imbalances.

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Exercise 1: Kettlebell Deadlift

The deadlift is one exercise you should put priority on mastering. I usually dont introduce this exercise until the above exercises are mastered.

You can use a kettlebell or two dumbbells when trying this. Start on the lower end of the weight and work your way up. This is extremely beneficial to build hip strength necessary to support the joint.

Start with 8-10 reps. The back of your legs may become sore because they dont get worked much during the day but that should dissipate the more familiar you come with the exercise.

Brief Fear Of Movement Scale

Hip Arthritis Exercises â Therapy Insights

At baseline, 3 and 9months, fear of pain, movement and injury is assessed on the 6-item Brief Fear of Movement Scale scored on a 4-point scale from 1 being strongly disagree to 4 being strongly agree. The 6-item scale is scored from 6 to 24 with higher scores indicating greater fear of movement.

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Exercise 1: Wall Sit And Press

Your core in incredibly important for life in general but particularly for hip arthritis. Your hips are closely connected to your spine. Your core muscles help to support that to prevent further back pain and other hip issues.

If you have noticed an onset of back pain with your hip arthritis, your core could need some work. If you havent, working on your core will only help you in the future.

This exercise doesnt usually flare up hip pain and can help you contract those deep core muscles. You can add weight for more challenge.

The idea is to keep your spine in contact with the wall as you move your arms. Being able to keep your core stable and not arch your back especially as your arms go overhead can be a challenge. You are resisting the extension your back wants to go into.

Try for 10-20 reps of this, pressing up and out is 1 rep. complete 2-3 sets as feels comfortable.

Exercising Safely With Hip Arthritis

Have you stopped exercising because every time you try, you just irritate your hip pain? This is common, with most people unsure what exercise is safe to do with hip arthritis. Stopping exercise may lead to weight gain, which is not ideal for the joints of your legs. A lack of exercise also has other negative impacts on physical and mental health.

Lets first talk about some general rules for exercising with hip osteoarthritis.

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Water Based Cardio Exercise

Is water-based cardio exercise good for hip osteoarthritis?

The water can be a great place for cardiovascular or aerobic fitness exercise when you have hip arthritis. The is because of the reduced impact forces being put through the joints in water compared with on dry land. There are many different options for water-based exercise and things to consider when you have hip osteoarthritis.

Options for water-based cardio exercise:

  • Water running in a buoyancy vest
  • Water cycling on a pool noodle
  • Water aerobics, aqua aerobics or group exercise classes in the water

Strategies to reduce hip pain during water-based exercise

There are a number of other low-impact cardio exercise options for hip osteoarthritis in the gym the cross-trainer or elliptical trainer, the stepper, the rowing machine or an arm ergo.

Cross-trainer or elliptical exercise for hip arthritis

Cross-trainer or elliptical machines can be a great exercise option if you have hip osteoarthritis, as there are no impact forces. However, the how you move on the machine and how much you do, will influence how your hip copes.

Here are some top tips for using a cross trainer or elliptical machine with hip osteoarthritis:

Start slowly and gradually build as we have mentioned above, start with a little even just a few minutes and see how your hip responds. Gradually build up exercise time if your hip is coping.

Stepper or Step machine for hip osteoarthritis

Rower or rowing machine with hip arthritis

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