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What Doctor Specializes In Arthritis

What Does An Orthopedist Do

Dr. Timothy Pater – Orthopedic Doctor – Hand Surgeon

Orthopedists handle the disorders, injuries, prevention, treatment, and repair of the skeletal system and its related joints, ligaments, and muscles.

Orthopedists and orthopedic surgeons are specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of bone and joint disease. They use an array of testing modalities to aid in diagnosis and treatment.

When You Know You Have The Right Match

Traci Lynn Martin, a neonatal ICU nurse and expedition kayaker from Lees Summit, Missouri, found out she had rheumatoid arthritis, she went to a few rheumatologists before she found the right chemistry.

The first person I saw I didnt like, Martin says, because I didnt feel like he was listening to me. He had a formula with questions and it wasnt personalized. It was important for me to stay active, to be able to do my triathlons, and long distance kayaking that I had done my whole life.

Friends referred her to other specialists, but she knew right away when she found the right rheumatologist. He sits down and doesnt rush in and out and doesnt leave the room until I am happy, Martin says. I walked out of there so happy after the first visit, I felt like I had someone who was listening to me for the first time since my diagnosis.

Is It Possible To Have Surgery For Arthritis

Many people with arthritis have constant pain. Some of this pain can be relieved by rest, heat and cold treatments, exercise, splints, and medication. When these therapies dont lessen the pain, surgery may be considered. Possible Benefits of Surgery Arthritis is usually a chronic condition and sometimes can lead to disability.

repairs or reconstructions to tendons or ligaments. Most people with arthritis wont need surgery, and being referred to an orthopaedic surgeon doesnt mean that youll definitely have orthopaedic surgery. Youll always have the final decision on whether to go ahead with surgery or not.

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Who Can Help With My Joint Pain Or Arthritis

Your PCP will guide you in the right direction regarding which specialist you need to see in further treating your health concerns. Many health insurance plans require that a PCP first refer the patient to a consulting specialist before a visit to this specialist is covered by your medical plan.

If you suffer pain and disability due to arthritis, body trauma, injury, or an accident , an orthopedist can help. The staff at Orthopaedic Associates utilizes both cutting-edge therapies and traditional treatments to address a variety of orthopedic conditions.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 892-1440 or fill out our easy-to-use online appointment request form. We look forward to hearing from you.

Then Theyll Run More Tests

Dr Bhupendra Vaishnav is an experienced Rheumatologist Specialist. in ...

Doctors will also likely measure your overall level of inflammation using two common tests: C-reactive protein and the erythrocyte sedimentation rate . Not everyone with rheumatoid arthritis has elevated levels, but when the numbers are high, the findings can help confirm the diagnosis. If a patient has elevated ESR and/or CRP levels, it would imply they have an inflammatory kind of arthritis, versus osteoarthritis, Dr. Cohen says. Your doctor may continue to use these tests to monitor your disease and inflammation levels over time.

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Pain Doesnt Improve With Rest

Rest pain is another sign your arthritis may need more aggressive treatment. Rest often goes a long way toward relief. But when this conservative approach fails, you may have a deeper problem.

If your pain doesnt get better with rest, see a doctor, says Dr. Burg. It may be time to consider medical treatment, including the possibility of surgery for severe back, hip or knee pain. In fact, most orthopedic surgeons wont operate on a person unless they have rest pain thats how much of a red flag it is.

Other Possible Causes Of Hand Pain

Hand pain is also a sign of Dupuytrens contracture, a condition in which the tissue of the palm and fingers becomes thickened and tight, causing the fingers to curl inward. Its not clear why Dupuytrens contracture develops, though those who smoke, drink a lot of alcohol, and have seizures or diabetes are more vulnerable to developing it.

Your doctor will also consider whether your hand pain could be due to carpal tunnel syndrome, says Dr. Byram. RA can be a cause of carpal tunnel syndrome, so if we see someone who has carpal tunnel, well want to make sure they dont have RA. Carpal tunnel is a condition that occurs when one of the major nerves to the hand the median nerve is squeezed or compressed as it travels through the wrist, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

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A Rheumatologist Shortage Is Looming

There are about 5,000 practicing rheumatologists in America, with about half working independently and half in academic settings or working with industry to improve drug treatments. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, thats already a shortage. It is predicted to get worse by 2025 as current rheumatologists retire and not enough new ones come on board.

Can An Internal Medicine Doctor Care For My Arthritis

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Arthritis | Dr Randive’s Super Speciality Knee Centre

If you are experiencing pain, stiffness, and swelling in your fingers, hands, wrists, hips, knees, or ankles, it may be arthritis. You should consult with a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for arthritis. However, working closely with your doctor and following an appropriate treatment plan can help you control your symptoms and live a happy, active, and worthwhile life. The question is: which doctor should you see for arthritis?

If you have arthritis, you have a few choices when it comes to choosing a doctor for treatment. Orthopedic physicians can treat arthritis because they are specialists in the bodys musculoskeletal system. Another choice is to see an internal medicine doctor. Internal medicine doctors diagnose, treat, and prevent all types of diseases and conditions in adults, including arthritis.

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Arthritis Treatment In Orthopedic Clinics

There are a lot of the ways doctors at orthopedic clinics work together to find you relief. Here are some of the treatments that are used to treat arthritis symptoms and slow the conditions progression. Most patients require a combination of at least 2 of these treatments for effective and long-term results.

  • Physical Therapy. Exercise can improve your range of motion and strengthen muscles around damaged joints. This method is often combined with medications and surgery for effective results.
  • Medications. Doctors may prescribe medications to manage pain and inflammation in affected joints. Some drugs used for arthritic pain are:
  • Over-the-counter painkillers
  • Biologic response modifiers
  • Corticosteroids
  • PRP Therapy. Instead of simply alleviating pain, the main objective of PRP therapy is to heal your tissue. It is recommended when other forms of treatment are not effective.
  • Surgery. If therapy and medication do not alleviate pain and reduce inflammation, surgery may be the way to go.
  • Arthroscopy This procedure is used for both the diagnosis and treatment of joint problems. It lets orthopedic surgeons see the inside your joint without making large incisions. They can also repair joint damage through additional small incisions. This is most commonly performed on the knees, shoulders, elbows, ankles, hips, and wrists.
  • Joint replacement In this procedure, the damaged joint is replaced with artificial pieces. This is most commonly done on the hips and knees.
  • Why See A Hand Specialist

    The reason you should see a hand specialist if you are experiencing arthritis pain in the hands is simple: hand specialists are experts in treating conditions like arthritis pain in the hands. No other physician can give you the expert care that this type of physician offers.

    Would you see a heart specialist for your diabetes condition or an endocrinologist if you broke a bone? Of course not! There are a variety of medical doctors specializing in every subfield of medicine possible. Because no single doctor can specialize in every subfield of medicine, patients see specialized doctors for specific needs. Arthritis is an orthopedic condition that affects the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic physicians are experts in treating all types of musculoskeletal issues. Therefore, you should see an orthopedic physician if you have arthritis.

    Further, arthritis can affect any joint in the body. Orthopedic physicians often have specializations in different parts of the body. Hand specialists are orthopedic physicians who have specialized education and experience treating orthopedic issues in the hands and wrists. This makes them experts in this particular subfield of orthopedic care.

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    What Are Some Red Flags To Watch Out For When Picking A Rheumatologist

    Be wary of someone who doesnt look you in the eye eye contact is crucial, Ginsberg believes.

    If the doctors head is buried in your chart or electronic health record during your appointment, thats a red flag. You want someone who relates to you, not your chart or lab results, he says.

    Another major red flag is when doctors, nurses, or other members of the office staff dont respond to your phone calls.

    Physical Therapists And Other Healthcare Providers

    Hip Arthritis

    Depending on a persons particular needs, their healthcare team may involve other healthcare professionals, such as:

    • Physical therapists: These professionals can teach a person special exercises and stretches that help with pain management and joint mobility.
    • Occupational therapists: Occupational therapists provide customized treatment plans to enable people to perform daily activities and better manage their physical limitations and pain. Part of their work may include adapting a persons environment or tasks to fit their needs.
    • Chiropractors: These practitioners manually adjust the spine, muscles, and joints. They use special hands-on techniques to restore joint mobility, which may help improve joint function in addition to reducing pain.

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    Where Can I See A Rheumatologist For Ra

    Because RA is a long-term disease, youll see this doctor often. Where Do Rheumatologists Work? Youll find them mostly in outpatient clinics. Theyre usually linked with a local hospital, so they can work with people admitted there for treatment of rheumatic diseases. How Do I Find One? Your primary care doctor will refer you to a rheumatologist.

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    What Do Rheumatology Doctors Do

    Rheumatologists are experts in the treatment of inflammatory autoimmune disorders. These conditions, such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, involve the patients immune system attacking its own healthy body tissue rather than invading external disease agents. Your primary care provider may refer you to a rheumatologist if you experience joint pain, especially if there was no prior injury. If your joint pain is accompanied by fatigue, fever, rash, or stiffness, it could also indicate an inflammatory disorder. Sometimes abnormal blood test results can also indicate a rheumatic illness.

    What Conditions Does a Rheumatologist Treat?

    Rheumatologists specialize in treating arthritis, musculoskeletal conditions, and autoimmune diseases. There are countless conditions that impact the joints, bones, ligaments, and various other tissues. It’s common for rheumatic conditions to be difficult to diagnose, so rheumatologists use their expertise to both diagnose and treat patients.

    Here are a few common conditions that rheumatologists treat however, this list is certainly not comprehensive:

    • And several more

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    Consider Learning More About Medical Marijuana

    If you grew up in the just say no era, you might be hesitant to try this remedy, but it may help RA patients, says Jordan Tishler, MD, a Harvard-trained emergency medicine physician and founder of InhaleMD. There are certain types of cannabis specifically grown for medicinal purposes that might help treat the pain of RA pain, he says.

    I have seen improvements for patients in pain control, stiffness, and increased mobility with cannabis, he says. Most importantly, I have seen significant improvement in reported quality of life., and according to a new Medscape poll, 80 percent of health care providers say it should legalized nationally.

    If you are interested in trying cannabis and its legal in your state, talk to your doctor or another provider whos experienced in this area. There are many different strains of the plant, and cannabis products contain varying ratios of the active ingredients CBD to THC . Its important to remember that cannabis can interact with other medications you may take or affect other health conditions you have, so make sure to talk to your doctor before you explore this option.

    Other Tips For Picking The Right Rheumatologist

    Treating Basal Thumb Joint Arthritis – Mayo Clinic

    What I would suggest for anyone who is getting ready to see a new doctor is to sit down before you go and write down on a piece of paper why you are going and what you are hoping to accomplish with your visit, says Martin. And write down a list of everything thats going on with you. If you have everything written down when they come into the room, I think the doctors themselves will sit down and be a little bit more patient. It pays to be organized and know what it is you want to talk to your doctor about.

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    What To Expect At The Rheumatologist

    Rheumatic diseases change over time. A rheumatologist can set up a personalized treatment plan to manage your symptoms.

    Rheumatologists start with a physical exam and may ask about your personal and family health history. They use this information to narrow down what may be causing your symptoms.

    If youâve had testing or imaging for your symptoms, bring copies of any documents or scans to your rheumatologist.

    Some treatments that a rheumatologist might recommend include:

    Education And Training Requirements

    According to the American College of Rheumatology , before a rheumatologist can start treating patients, they must fulfill the following education and training requirements:

    • graduate from a medical school
    • complete a residency program
    • participate in a rheumatology fellowship

    After completing a rheumatology fellowship program, they must pass a board examination and receive a certificate to practice rheumatology. They will need to retake this exam every 10 years to maintain their certification.

    Rheumatologists must also participate in continuing education courses throughout their career.

    A rheumatologist can choose to treat specific rheumatic conditions or narrow their focus to a particular area, or subspecialty, within rheumatology.

    Subspecialties in the field of rheumatology

    Rheumatologists perform examinations and procedures that help them diagnose and treat rheumatic conditions.

    These procedures include:

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    Why Go To An Orthopedic Clinic

    Orthopedic clinics have doctors who are experts in treating conditions like arthritis. Orthopedic physicians work closely with other specialized professionals with a wealth of experience treating musculoskeletal conditions, and this combination of knowledge and expertise are beneficial to patients like you.

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    Why Go To A Hand Specialist For Arthritis

    Omaha Hand &  Wrist Doctors

    Painful and swollen hands are the first signs of arthritis. Arthritis can affect any part of your body, even the joints in your hands. It can make simple tasks like holding up a glass or mug, brushing your teeth, or turning a doorknob difficult.

    While there is no cure for arthritis, you can manage symptoms and slow down the degeneration of your joints. Arthritis sufferers who get treatment and guidance from orthopedic doctors can live normal lives despite their condition.

    An orthopedic hand specialist is trained and knowledgeable in various treatments that can ease the symptoms of arthritis in the hands and wrists. A hand specialist who is also a hand surgeon can perform surgical procedures that can help repair damaged joints and tendons in the hand due to arthritis.

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    These Doctors May Be Your Doctor For Life

    Some specialists consult on your diagnosis and treatment plan, then send you back to your primary care doctor for most follow-up care. Not true for rheumatologists.

    After making sure we have the right diagnosis, we obtain the appropriate lab work to make sure youre safe starting medication, and then see you every two to three months. Some people require less frequent follow-up, but we typically see patients more than their primary care doctors. In fact, we might become their primary care doctors, says rheumatologist Liana Fraenkel, MD, MPH, adjunct professor of medicine at the Yale University School of Medicine.

    Do Dermatologists And Rheumatologists Ever Work Together

    • Combined rheumatology-dermatology clinics are a newer frontier in the treatment of psoriatic arthritis, with just over 20 clinics in the United States
    • Depending on the clinic, some rheumatologists and dermatologists may see a patient at the same time in the same room. Sometimes, separate back-to-back visits are required
    • Studies show this combined care approach could achieve better outcomes for both skin and musculoskeletal symptoms
    • A survey from the Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Clinic Multicenter Advancement Network found over 80% of doctors thought a combined clinic accelerated an accurate diagnosis
    • Challenges are largely related to scheduling and billing

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    Early Onset Arthritis Age Range

    In regards to rheumatoid arthritis, for example, the average arthritis age of diagnosis in adults is between 30 and 50.7 Therefore, the early onset arthritis age is anything less than 30 because people of any age can actually develop this form of arthritis.

    It is a common misconception that one is too young to have arthritis. But in fact, about half of arthritis patients are under the age of 65. While osteoarthritis is more closely associated with elderly adults and most people over 60 have at least some degree of osteoarthritis,8 the early onset arthritis age for this this condition is between 20 and 40.9

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    How Is Spinal Arthritis Diagnosed

    When to See a Doctor | Providence Joint Pain Webinar

    Your doctor may use some or all of the following diagnostic methods to confirm spinal arthritis:

    • Medical history and physical exam

    • Blood tests for genetic markers and/or RA antibodies

    • X-rays of the spine to locate the arthritic joint

    • MRI, CT scan, myelography, bone scan and/or ultrasound to zero in on the damage, detect nerve and spinal cord involvement or rule out other causes

    • Joint aspiration: testing of the synovial fluid inside a joint

    To pinpoint the painful joint, your doctor may numb it with an injection and check whether the pain goes away.

    Degenerative Disk Disease: Janâs Story

    At 78, Jan Greer wanted to stay active and athletic. Herniated disks, stenosis and other degenerative back problems were causing him unbearable pain. When the pain became too much to bear, he turned to Johns Hopkins.

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