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What Can I Give My Senior Dog For Arthritis

How Do I Know If My Dog Has Arthritis

3 Simple Massage Techniques For Senior Dogs & Dogs With Arthritis

Arthritis is the most common cause of chronic pain in dogs. So, most of the signs you are looking for will indicate pain or discomfort. In addition, many dogs with arthritis will begin to experience muscle atrophy , which results in weakness. Just like humans, dogs feel and show their pain differently. In some cases, discomfort is obvious, while in others, the dog may be stoic and show only subtle signs. It is our job as senior dog owners to notice the signs so that we can share them with our veterinarian and take action.

Obvious signs that your dog is experiencing pain include:

  • Difficulty getting up and down
  • Crying or whining
  • Refusal to go for walks
  • Inability to walk normally
  • Flinching when certain areas of the body are touched

More subtle signs of discomfort include:

  • Changes in thirst and appetite
  • Slowing down at the end of walks
  • Getting up more frequently in the night
  • Inability to stretch out
  • Sleeping more during the day

How To Choose A Joint Supplement For Your Dog

Each dog is different so are its nutritional needs. So when it comes to joint supplements, you should consider the following:


Youll be surprised by how much canine joint supplements differ in terms of ingredients. Many manufacturers also have their proprietary blends promising to improve your dogs joint mobility. The following are the most common ingredients youll find on many dog joint supplements:

Glucosamine. This is a naturally occurring compound thats been proven to boost cartilage growth. As you know, cartilage is the cushion between your dogs bones. When it thins, arthritis sets in. Glucosamine helps delay or at least manage it through its anti-inflammatory effects.

Chondroitin. You will usually see glucosamine paired with chondroitin. Also known as chondroitin sulfate, this substance fights off the chemicals that cause the bone cartilages thinning. So while glucosamine works, chondroitin acts as a layer of defense to prevent further damage on the joints.

Hyaluronic acid. Many joint supplements in the market nowadays are blended with hyaluronic acid. Its a naturally occurring substance on the connective tissue of a dogs joints. By boosting the supply of hyaluronic acid, your dog will have better joint mobility.

MSM. MSM or methylsulfonylmethane is a sulfur compound that serves as a preventive substance for the cartilage. It has natural anti-inflammatory benefits, which helps ease your dogs discomfort.

Tablet vs. chews

Mind the dose

What Are Natural And Herbal Arthritis Remedies

Arthritis causes bone and joint pain and discomfort and can be debilitating for dogs. Dogs who suffer from arthritis lose quality of life and can become depressed or anxious. Some dogs are susceptible to arthritis by breed and size, but others develop arthritis secondary to disease or injury. The older a dog, the more likely they will be affected. The thinning of fluids which lubricate and protect joints occurs as dogs age, causing bone to bone contact and painful friction. Arthritis also causes swelling in your dogs joints. There are natural, homeopathic and herbal remedies available to help treat arthritis in dogs. However, if your vet has advised your dog requires conventional medicine , their advice should be heeded. For most arthritic dogs, western medicine is needed to keep them comfortable. Always discuss your dog’s treatment plan with your vet who can help guide you.

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The Top 5 Joint Supplements For Senior Dogs

Its time to talk about products.

And since pet supplements arent all the same, you need to be careful when picking one for your beloved old dog.

The only downside is that it can take ages to do the proper research. There are tons of joint and mobility animal supplements out there to browse and evaluate. But dont panic, were here to help!

Weve already done the painstaking job of picking out the 6 top products for you.

So just read through our list, and order the one that tickles your fancy!

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*Testimonials are for informational purposes only. The information is not a substitute for expert veterinary care. Testimonials are written by actual customers and represent their own observations. These observations are not guaranteed, are not medically substantiated, and may not be typical for other pets.

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Bring On The Exercise In Moderation

If you have watched your arthritic dog get up after lying down for awhile, or if you are afflicted with arthritis yourself, you know that creatures with arthritis may have a stiff gait. The longer they stay in one position, the harder it is for them to get up and go.

Exercise is important for all dogs regardless of their weight. It is also great for dog parents. Getting some fresh air and a chance to stretch your legs together can be a great way to increase your bond with your dog. Additionally, it can be a fun way to help your dog with arthritis at home.

Short and slow walks around the neighborhood can keep your dog limber and help an overweight dog burn more calories. In addition, these walks help maintain muscle mass to stabilize the joints. Swimming also makes a great low-impact exercise for arthritic dogs and can be an enjoyable treat in the summer heat.

Dogs dont always know their limits, so beware of letting your dog sprint or do other high-impact exercises. Also avoid the weekend warrior model of exercise. It may be seem fun in the short term, but your dog could get injured or suffer increased joint pain.

What Happens In The Long Term

Arthritis is a degenerative disease, which means once it has started, it will progressively worsen. Most of the treatments are aimed at not only treating the pain and discomfort but also acting to slow down how quickly arthritis develops.

As the course of the arthritis changes, the most appropriate treatments for your dog may change. We recommend regular check-ups with your veterinary surgeon, usually every six months. This allows us to monitor the dogs condition and tailor treatments according to the progress.

With some medications, there may be additional need for monitoring, e.g for blood tests to check on the health of the liver and kidneys. Your veterinary surgeon will discuss these with you when deciding on which treatments to use.

The most important point is to communicate both with your dog and with your veterinary surgeon. If your dogs behaviour changes it may be due to something other than just old age, and your veterinary surgeon can help make sure your dog gets the right treatment to allow him or her to age gracefully. If you suspect your pet is in pain and could be suffering from arthritis, please get in touch with your local Animal Trust surgery. Appointments are free, so you can visit the vet knowing you will receive expert care without being charged for veterinary advice, however many times you visit.

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What Is Cbd Oil

CBD oil is derived from a special strain of cannabis known as hemp. You may be thinking: Wait. I thought marijuana was toxic to dogs. You are right to have this concern. Strains of cannabis grown for recreational and medical use in humans usually contain high amounts of THC, a psychoactive compound that is toxic to dogs in large doses.

However, hemp is special. This strain of cannabis is regulated by law to contain less than 0.3% of THC, far too small an amount to harm your pet when hemp oil is properly dosed.

Hemp is high in another cannabinoid found in hemp: Cannabidiol. This compound is not psychoactive and it wont get your dog high. But it does have several scientifically researched health benefits. This article will explore those most relevant for our senior and disabled canine companions, including those struggling with osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, and other conditions that can reduce mobility. Wondering if dog CBD is right for your pooch? Read on.

Talk To Your Veterinarian About Cbd Oil

Anti Inflammation recipe, good for Senior dogs!

Although CBD oil for dogs is available without a prescription, always talk to your veterinarian before you give your dog any new medication or supplement. This is especially important since CBD oil can interfere with the metabolism of other drugs your canine may need for proper treatment.

For example, you may have been told, or heard not to eat grapefruit at the same time you take medications. The chemicals in grapefruit can temporarily inhibit cytochrome P450 enzymes in the liver which are critical for metabolizing these medications. Cannabidiol can have a similar inhibiting mechanism so timing your dosing may be very important.

Some dogs experience mild side effects from the use of CBD oil products. These may include symptoms such as mild sedation, seeming drowsy or out of it, vomiting, or diarrhea when first starting the product. If these side effects occur, or if you have any other questions or concerns about CBD oil for dogs, stop giving the product and contact your veterinarian for further advice.

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Physical Therapy Options To Treat Arthritis In Dogs

Physical therapy is an umbrella term that includes an array of treatment options, from a simple massage to novel laser therapy. Here is a short review of some physical therapy options for arthritis in dogs treatment.

Massage. Body massage uses the power of touch to induce healing in the body. Massage helps with arthritis by increasing blood flow to the affected joints. Increased blood flow results in an influx of healing compounds and nutrients which can promote joint health.

You can massage your dog yourself but advice from a professional is highly recommended. There are different techniques, and it is helpful to know which one is best as part of your pets arthritis in dogs treatment.

Hydrotherapy. This is a form of physical rehabilitation that is performed underwater. The water provides higher resistance than air which helps build strength and resilience in the limbs.

In some cases, equipment like an underwater treadmill is used to improve a dogs mobility and range of motion. Hydrotherapy can be combined with pharmaceuticals as well as with alternative treatments.

Acupuncture. Acupuncture is a form of therapy where fine needles are pricked into the skin at specific points to promote healing in the body. The therapy has been practiced on humans for thousands of years but also shows great promise for dog health.

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Managing Your Dogs Weight

Weight management is a critical component of relieving dog joint pain. Obesity contributes to increased pressure on the joints, which leads to pain and discomfort. Controlling your dogs weight can help ease their pain as they age. Speak with your veterinarian about the ideal weight for your pet and long-term weight management.

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Slim Down Your Elderly Dog

If your dog is overweight, commit to helping her slim down. Extra weight places extra strain on joints, worsening the pain of arthritis. Feeling guilty because your dog is looking longingly at her food bowl? Mix a little pumpkin into her dinner its healthy, low cal, and will help her feel full. We like both Fruitables’ and Merrick’s natural canned pumpkin for dogs.

Early Signs Of Arthritis In Dogs

Senior Dogs with Arthritis

Canine arthritis is a common condition among our furry best friends. In data collected from Healthcanal, almost twenty percent of dogs will be affected in their lifetime, and the problem isnt only applicable to older dogs.

Certain breeds of dogs, those with short legs, such as Corgi, and those with large sizes, like Great Dane, can also contribute to the factors that can develop arthritis. Aside from this, frequent injuries, like fractures or ruptured ligaments, can increase the chances of damaging your dogs joints.

Meanwhile, genetics also play a vital role in the likelihood of becoming arthritic dogs because of the body structure. As pet owners, you want to manage your dogs pain, so youre looking for natural pain relief for dogs to decrease pain in inflamed joints.

But before we go into that, here are the early signs and symptoms that your dogs develop arthritis:

  • Trouble getting up or laying down
  • Pain of the affected joints

If your dog manifests any of these signs, bring your dog to the nearest vet to get pain medications or consult a holistic veterinarian to use alternative veterinary medicine and natural treatments to manage dog arthritis.

You can do these natural remedies to reduce pain in the dogs joints at home.

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Arthritis Relief Treatment For Dogs

The first thing you should do once you suspect your dog has arthritis is to take him in for a thorough examination by a vet. Then, your vet can talk with you about treatment options and ways to keep your dog feeling his best.

Treatment focuses on protecting your pets mobility and enhancing her quality of life. Your veterinarian will have a personalized management plan that is likely to include medicine and supplement prescriptions and tips for making your cat or dog more comfortable at home. Human products are almost never safe for companion animals give your pet only products that were prescribed to her in the recommended dosage, even if they are natural supplements.

Steroids or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs thats NSAIDs for short are often used to reduce pain and inflammation. Nutritional supplements containing compounds such as glucosamine, chondroitin, methylsulfonylmethane, hyaluronic acid, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E are commonly recommended, too. Overweight pets benefit from weight loss, according to the Arthritis Foundation, so limit treats, cut back on portion sizes and incorporate safe, gentle exercises suggested by your veterinarian.

What Is The Best Natural Remedy For Arthritis In Dogs

Turmeric As a type of spice rich in antioxidants, turmeric can help reduce inflammation and damage to your dogs joints. The recommended intake is 0.5-1 teaspoon of turmeric powder per day or about 15-20 mg based on your pets body weight. Comfrey Comfrey has pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Arthritis In Dogs: Overview And Symptoms

If you see your dog in pain and suspect he might suffer from arthritis, the first step to effective treatment is to rule out a proper diagnosis.

The telltale symptoms of arthritis in dogs include:

  • Limited mobility
  • Difficulty to stand from a lying position
  • Problems jumping onto a bed or couch
  • Losing muscle mass in the rear limbs

Above all, you should take your dog to your veterinarian. The vet can diagnose arthritis in dogs by conducting a physical test, interviewing you about symptoms, and taking radiographs .

Your veterinarian will draft out a personalized arthritis management plan to relieve pain and improve mobility.

The Role Of The Canine Joint

What can I give my dog for arthritis?

The canine joints play a critical role in normal movement.

Joints are the junction that connects two different bones in a dogs limb, allowing their limbs to move freely with each step.

Not only do joints help their limbs move with ease, but they also play a major role in the preservation of bones.

In a healthy dog joint, the joint is surrounded by fibrous tissue. The joints are also covered in cartilage that wraps around the end of the bone, offering added protection to this critical junction.

These structures not only support the joints with each movement, but they allow for proper shock absorption.

When a dog develops canine arthritis, they begin to feel the impact of a failing system.

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Arthritis Pain Relief For Dogs Conclusion

Youve read about alternative treatments and the various drugs available. Dont dismiss either option outright, but have a conversation with your vet about the best course of action for your dog.

Allowing our dogs to suffer is never an option, but sadly arthritis is a painful condition. I hope you are encouraged knowing just how many treatment choices there are.

Does your dog have arthritis? What treatment has your vet recommended? Have you noticed a difference? Sharing helps others so please leave your comments below.

What Are The Symptoms Of Canine Arthritis

Canine arthritis is easy to spot because its symptoms will always manifest physically. The following are some of the symptoms of arthritis you should watch out for. If you notice any of these on your guard dog, you must bring it to the vet for further examination:

  • Joint tenderness
  • Pain when the joint is touched
  • Reduction in muscle mass on the spine and limbs

Take note that there also risk factors for canine arthritis. Poor nutrition will also increase a dogs susceptibility to the condition as well as obesity.

Meanwhile, infections like Lyme Disease may also lead to arthritis if not addressed right away. Repetitive injuries and ligament tears will also add up to a dogs risk of developing osteoarthritis.

Also, you should note that canine arthritis will not go away. Your dogs condition will keep spiraling unless you do something about it. You can start with supplements, diet changes, and other recommendations from the vet.

Below are five of the best picks if youre looking for joint supplements for your aging guard dog.

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What Is Dog Arthritis Exactly

As dogs get older, the cartilage surfaces of their joints begin to thin, and cartilage cells die. When the cells die, they release enzymes that cause inflammation of the joint capsule and release of excessive joint fluid. Extra bony growths can develop. With severe cartilage thinning, the normal joint space narrows and the bone beneath the cartilage deteriorates.

All of these processes set in motion further changes in the normal functioning of the dogâs joint, and an ongoing spiral of pain, lameness, limb disuse/inactivity plus, muscle atrophy sets in.

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