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Is Massage Good For Rheumatoid Arthritis

How Massage Therapy For Gout Can Relieve Arthritis Symptoms

Massage Mondays – Rheumatoid Arthritis Modifications, Sports Massage & Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy

Treatment of the underlying issue is accomplished through medication and diet changes. However, the symptoms in the joints respond very well to massage therapy for arthritis. This includes deep tissue work, movement training, and stretching. Getting the joints to move again helps to break up the uric acid build up and lower the arthritis inflammation. Once the underlying issue is treated, massage can keep the joints mobile and help prevent any future gout attacks.

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Massage Cautions To Consider With Ra

There are some special considerations for people with rheumatoid arthritis who are considering their first massage. For instance, massage should not be used for flaring or damaged joints and you should check with your doctor about any other cautions before booking a massage. Also, massage may not be recommended for your neck if you have active RA or damage in the neck joint. If you experience a lot of pain, it may be important to ask your massage therapist to use a lighter touch than is otherwise customary for certain types of massage.

Massage Gun For Arthritis

We recommend you use OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun not only because this model is affordable but because it can help you get the relief and soothing experience of deep tissue massage from the comfort of your home.

The device will provide you with years of on-demand use, making it much less cost-effective than visiting a massage therapist regularly.

Also, you dont need to be an expert to use a massage gun to give yourself an excellent massage.

I suggest you point the massager about an inch away from the area of your body you wish to massage and enjoy the devices calming pulsations.

It doesnt matter if arthritis affects your neck, fingers, wrist, feet, or even shoulders using a theragun helps ease the pains, soreness and even prevent flare-ups.

Another thing is that the massage gun will allow you to massage the hard-to-reach areas, such as between the fingers and toes.

This is because massage guns usually come with suitable attachments that make it possible for such tricky regions of the body to experience deep tissue massage.

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Know When Its Time To Refer Out

Most, if not all, of these clients are going to be working with other health care providers, so you need a good understanding of other treatments theyre using. Again, know what medications theyre using, as well as if they see a physical therapist, for example.

Additionally, you have to be aware of when its time to refer to a specialist. Perhaps its another massage therapist who you know has additional education in helping people with arthritis.

Or, maybe you need them to get a referral from their rheumatologist before a massage therapy session because youve noticed swelling or joint pain that wasnt present before. Whatever the case, knowing when you need to involve other health care providers is crucial.

Inhibits The Production Of Stress Hormones

How To Massage Someone With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Also known as the stress hormone, cortisol is the principal-agent aggravating many mental and physical health disorders. A2011 review suggests that massage therapy can significantly reduce the cortisol levels in the blood and increase the production of endorphins, chiefly serotonin.

Endorphins are the hormones that create feelings of happiness and boost your mood. So, massage chairs may help in decreasing stress levels and lightening your mood.

Moreover, a recent study shows that massage chairs control the release of a particular neurotransmitter involved in producing the sensation of pain. Thus, the addition of massage therapy to your everyday routine may lead to a decreased perception of pain.

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When Not To Have A Massage

  • If your arthritis is severe and inflamed, it is best not to book a massage and visit a doctor instead.
  • If you are taking other medical therapy sessions.
  • If you have to, make sure that you get the doctors approval before getting a massage. It is best to inform your massage therapist of your condition so he or she can skip on the affected areas.

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Make Adjustments When Necessary

Remember, these clients are probably going to be in some kind of pain when they come to see you, so you need to be aware of places in their body that might not be suited for massage therapy during any given session.

Dont work right at a joint during a major flare-up, says Hess. Reschedule or work on surrounding areas only, and no deep pressure.

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Arthritis Is A Problem For Far Too Many

When we think of arthritis, often the first thing that comes to mind is pain, but there are many other symptoms. Whether it be joint pain, inflammation, or swelling, one thing is clear: nobody deserves to put up with the constant pain and struggles of arthritis.

In the United States alone, over 54 million adults suffer from arthritis. Thats almost 25 percent of the adult population! What most people dont realize is that arthritis can strike almost anybody. Despite popular opinion, most people who suffer from arthritis are actually under the age of 65.

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Dont Worry: We See Lots Of Different Types Of Bodies

Benefits of massage on rheumatoid arthritis!

Some people with arthritis may be embarrassed by parts of their body that are visibly affected by their condition, such as rashes from psoriatic arthritis or hand deformities. Let those worries go, Rose says. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and conditions and trust me, weve seen them all, she says. Were not going to be grossed out or worried about it. We just want you to be as comfortable as possible. If you really dont want a certain body area to be seen or touched, tell your therapist to keep it covered with the sheet during the massage, she adds.

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Deep Tissue Massage + Massage Gun = Pure Comfort And Relief

Many who suffer from arthritis see massage therapists in order to relieve pain. However, a massage gun is a more convenient and less expensive way to find comfort, relieve pain, ease swelling, and lower stress.

Most deep tissue massages run between $80 to $100 per hour. For those who are in a position to regularly spend money on such a massage, then a massage therapist might be the right choice. However, those who are looking to keep costs low while experiencing pure comfort and relief, cant go wrong with a massage gun.

Ranging from about $150 to $300, a massage gun offers years of on-demand use, costing much less than continuously seeing a massage therapist. Massage guns also require next to no expertise in order to get an excellent massage. Simply point the gun about an inch away from the desired massage area and enjoy the soothing pulsations of the massage gun.

No matter where arthritis is: shoulders, neck, wrist, fingers, or even feet the use of a massage gun provides swift pain relief, prevents flare-ups, eases soreness, and leads to quick recovery wherever its pointed.

For those hard-to-reach areas, like between fingers and toes, most massage guns on the market come with convenient attachments that allow even those tricky parts of the body to benefit from deep tissue massage.

Be Consistent: Make Regular Appointments

To get the most benefit from your massages, you need them on a regular ongoing basis, Vickman says. In the Duke study, researchers compared the following groups: people who got a 60-minute weekly massage, people who got a 30-minute weekly massage, people who got infrequent massages, and people who got no massages at all. They found that the group who did an hour a week saw the best results.

However, just because a little is good doesnt mean more is better. Going for very long sessions or multiple times a week isnt necessarily a good idea, says Vickman, because your muscles need time to recover and repair between sessions.

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Technique #3 Hand Massage Machine

A hand massager is a great choice if you dont have the strength to do the six-minute massage above.

There are machines out there that can perform similar massages on your hands, without the need of you having to do it to yourself.

The hand massager that we found to be best at giving hand massages for arthritis is the Lunix Cordless Electric Hand Massager .

Why We Like It

This massager is 100% adjustable, with different intensity settings based on your specific needs.

Its important to remember that you do not want to feel pain during your massage.

Before using, make sure that the massager is fully charged. Place your hand inside the opening and choose the specific massage technique that feels best for your hand.

Relaxing Heat Feature

Another nice feature of the Lunix Cordless Massager is that you can choose to use heat and vibration during the massage.

Most customers using this massager for arthritis symptoms found that the heat feature provides quick relief from their pain.

Dont Overdo It

Its important not to overdo it, but as long as you dont feel pain during the massage you should be able to use this hand massager as often as you want.

Getting a great arthritis hand massage with the Lunix Cordless Massager is as easy as pressing a button.

Tell Your Massage Therapist About Any Current Injury Or Joint Damage

A Different Treatment For Arthritis: Using Massages and also What to ...

If you know that you have significant damage to a particular joint or have an injury, you need to tell your massage therapist before you start, says , a massage therapist in Houston, Texas. We would need to adjust the type of massage and the level of pressure used, she explains. If you have severe damage from arthritis, you absolutely need to have a therapist with specific skills and training in treating arthritis.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis : Does Massage Work

Posted by Nick Ng, BA, CMT | Sep 10, 2021 | Massage | 0

Since massage therapy can help alleviate pain for many types of chronic pain conditions, its likely that it can also help your rheumatoid arthritic symptoms.

Before answering what massage can do, lets see what rheumatoid arthritis is from a scientific and two patients perspectives.

What Things Should You Keep In Mind When Planning A Massage Therapy For Rheumatoid Arthritis

While the benefits of massage for rheumatoid arthritis can be many, it is equally important to evaluate every case and appropriately plan a therapy program with an expert after consulting the treatment doctor. Massage therapy has many techniques and only an expert can decide which one is the safest and the most effective in a particular case.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning a massage therapy for rheumatoid arthritis.6

Avoid massage on open wounds, irregular or inflamed skin, or when there is fever or deep vein thrombosis.

In patients with rheumatoid arthritis, assess a flare-up or an acute condition. Avoid massage when there is an acute inflammation of the joints. There may be red, swollen, warm, and acute pain.

Deep tissue massage or trigger point therapy can cause a flare-up of inflammation in people with rheumatoid arthritis. Hence, these are either avoided or applied very carefully. These techniques should be given slowly, at intervals to give time for the body to react and avoid if they cause flare-ups.

Some manual techniques in massage therapy may involve joint stabilization. These may be difficult to apply and are not advisable in some patients with rheumatoid arthritis having joint damage or erosion. Such treatments are best avoided in patients with rheumatoid arthritis or applied with great caution and under medical supervision.

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What Type Of Massage Works Best For Arthritis

Lymphatic massage is very good for people with arthritis because sometimes they have a lot of excess fluid from the inflammatory process, says Daly. Petrissage If you choose this massage technique, your therapist will gently lift and knead or roll your skin.

Can Massage Get Rid of Arthritis?

As Claire Gavin, a Toronto-based RMT explains, Massage helps reduce pain and relieve muscle stiffness associated with arthritis by improving circulation and reducing inflammation. This results in improved blood flow to arthritic joints, improved movement and less pain.

Should arthritic joints be massaged?

Massage should make your arthritis pain and stiffness feel better, not worse, says Veena Ranganath, MD, a rheumatologist at the University of California, Los Angeles Department of Medicine.

What You Should Expect From The Massage

Fast Treatment for Hand Arthritis ~ Self Massage!

I start my sessions by asking clients which areas they want me to work on. Most massage sessions will take about 50 minutes to an hour on the table. I suggest eating an hour or two before your session and visiting the restroom before getting started.

An hour-long massage can range in cost from $50 to $150, with $80 being fairly typical. Depending on your insurance company and your state of residence, theres a chance the expense could be covered for you .

Most massage therapists will split an hour-long session in half, with the first half involving therapeutic massage and the second half involving relaxation massage.

During the therapeutic massage, the focus will be on the joints that are causing you problems. Most clients with RA need a fair amount of therapeutic massage, but the stage of your disease determines how thoroughly I can alleviate your pain. In the early stages, I can do a lot more to retain mobility in your joints, but if your joints are permanently deformed or calcified, the massage would be more limited.

RA affects every joint in the body, but people tend to notice it first in the smaller joints of the hands and the feet. Depending on your condition, the therapeutic massage will likely focus on your hands, forearms, elbows and shoulders, along with your feet, calves, knees and hips.

You should expect to feel looser and more relaxed for several hours following your appointment.

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Massage For Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Beginner’s Guide

Ive worked as a massage therapist for 30 years, and in that time Ive massaged many clients with rheumatoid arthritis .

For clients with RA, theres evidence that receiving massage therapy once a week for four weeks, and then scaling back to once a month, is enough to reap the benefits of massage. These benefits include pain relief and maintenance of joint mobility. In the early stages of RA, massage may even help slow down the progression of the disease.

One of the first questions people with any condition often ask is: Can you fix me?

In the case of RA, the short answer is no. Massage therapy cant completely heal RA. But it can relieve pain and help you stay active longer.

How Does Massage Help Arthritis

So, how exactly does massage help with the symptoms of arthritis? The science is unclear.

âWe know that massage reduces anxiety quite well and can reduce certain painful conditions rather well, but we dont know how those things are happening, says Christopher Moyer, PhD, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin in Stout. Research also indicates that massage helps the body to relax by reducing stress levels so, massage may not actually directly help with joint pain.

The actual mechanism that comes into play is still under investigation,â said Rosemary Chunco, a licensed massage therapist. âFor example, a more restful sleep that results from a massage may help with arthritis pain.

As people with the condition will know, rheumatoid arthritis inflammation, or flare-ups can be triggered by a range of factors. Many experts believe that massage not only helps to tackle pain, but also helps to reduce the frequency of flare-ups by reducing stress.

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Massage Therapy And Osteoarthritis Of The Knee

As the largest and most complex joint in the body, the knee is a common place for people to develop osteoarthritis.

One randomized controlled study found that participants who received an eight-week massage therapy intervention for symptoms associated with osteoarthritis of the knee had significant improvement when compared to those who received usual care.

A similar study of 125 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee showed that a one-hour course of massage given for eight weeks provided better pain relief than usual medical care. Even when compared to just exercise, researchers found that patients with knee arthritis pain who received massage therapy with exercise showed significant improvement on the pain scale, get-up-and-go test and the WOMAC index.

Reasons Massage Chairs Are Good For Arthritis

arthritis 1 150x150

Are massage chairs good for arthritis? Of course, they are! Read on to learn more about the countless benefits of massage chairs and their effectiveness in treating arthritis patients.

As the primary reason for work disability, arthritis affects over 54 million adults across the US. The annual cost of medical care for arthritis patients surpasses three hundred billion dollars.

It is a painful and degenerative disease affecting the cartilage present at joints. Although it is quite common across the world, it is often misunderstood. In simple words, arthritis is a combination of joint inflammations that arent easy to deal with.

Arthritis affects most people in their mid-40s or older. There are many different types of arthritis, depending on the location and cause of inflammation. However, the following two classes are the most common:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

Before we go through massage therapys efficacy in the treatment of arthritis, lets recognize some of the early signs of the disease. In the initial stage of degeneration, you may notice stiffness in your joints. The joint may swell, causing the skin around it to take a reddish hue. As the degeneration progresses, the muscles around the joint get wasted.

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