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Is Elderberry Good For Arthritis

Elderberry Boosts The Immune System

Health Benefits Of Elderberry AND How To Grow The BEST Elderberry Bushes!

You may have already heard of elderberry as an amazing cure for various kinds of illnesses but did you know that it can help you prevent them too?

To keep your body from being susceptible to illnesses and diseases, you need to boost your immune system. You can do this by eating clean, exercising often, getting the right amount of sleep, and doing many other things, including consuming elderberry on a regular basis.

Cytokines are small proteins that, when released, affects the way that the cells around them behave. They are important in cell signaling and they act as immunomodulating agents. They are the ones responsible for communicating infections from viruses to other parts of the immune system so that it can react and respond accordingly.

According to a study on elderberry and its effect on the bodys production of cytokines, the consumption of elderberry extract significantly helped in the increase of production of inflammatory cytokines .

Elderberries are also filled with antioxidants which, as most of us know, are great for boosting the immune system as well. With various versions of antioxidant flavonoids such as isoflavones, anthocyanins, flavones, and flavanones present in elderberry, its no wonder this makes a great shield for the immune system against free radical damage.

What Are Elderberry Gummies

Elderberry gummies are a chewable, gummy supplement that contains the juice or extract of berries from the elder plant .

Elderberries are a popular ingredient in supplements that claim to boost immune health and treat cold and flu symptoms naturally.

Because these berries are naturally sweet and fruity, they lend themselves well to gummies and syrups which are the most popular forms of elderberry supplements.

Gummy supplements are great for children who may not like syrups or be able to swallow pills.

Theyre an excellent choice for adults as well, as theyre useful for people who have trouble swallowing pills, and they may help reduce the number of pills required for those who take multiple medications or supplements.

Risks Side Effects And Interactions

Despite the many health benefits associated with this medicinal plant, there are several elderberry side effects to consider as well.

Ripe, cooked berries from most of the Sambucus species are edible. However, you should not consume raw berries or other parts of the plant since they contain a cyanide-inducing chemical, which can result in nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

Generally, commercial preparations dont cause adverse reactions when used at recommended dosages.

Elderberry appears to have few side effects when used properly for short periods of time of up to five days. Occasionally, however, elderflowers and elderberries can cause allergic reactions.

Discontinue use if you have a mild allergic reaction, and seek medical attention if you have a serious allergic reaction.

Using elderberry supplements for kids is not recommended unless youve consulted with your pediatrician. If youre pregnant or breastfeeding, dont take this herb, as research is lacking on its effects on fetal health and development.

If you have an autoimmune disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis, ask your doctor before taking elderberry supplements because it may stimulate the immune system. If you have any other ongoing health concerns, talk with your health care provider before taking it as well. People with organ transplants should not take elderberry.

  • Diabetes medications
  • Immunosuppressants, including corticosteroids , and medications used to treat autoimmune diseases

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Can It Prevent Flu

These days the berries are used to modulate the immune system and reduce colds and the flu. So, does it? In one investigation 60 people with influenza symptoms were given 15 ml of Sambucol elderberry syrup or a placebo 4 times a day for 5 days.

Those using the supplement recovered 4 days sooner.

Other studies have also found elderberry effective at reducing the duration and severity of colds and influenza virus symptoms. So this is not a scam.

Most supplements use the black berries of the plant. The berries are what you should look for.

Whether or not the supplement prevents the flu, may depend on the type of virus you’re infected with. For example, the elderberry appears to prevent the H1N1 virus from entering cells. Blocking the virus entry into cells should reduce infections. The H1N1 influenza A virus was associated with the 1918 Spanish Fluthat killed millions.

Whether it prevents other strains of the flu from entering cells needs more study.

While all this is good, if elderberry ramps up the immune response, would this be bad for those with autoimmune disease, who already have overly aggressive immune systems? Examples of autoimmune disorders include:

Let’s look at the evidence.

How To Really Stay Healthy

Natural Remedies For Arthritis You Should Consider

If you want to take elderberry simply for not getting sick this time of year, I highly recommend a healthy lifestyle instead. Taking one supplement, like elderberry, wont magically keep you in the best shape. It takes a healthy diet, keeping your home clean, staying active, and making sure to always wash your hands! And always clean off your phone! I see people wash there hands, then pick up there phone to use it. The phone will still have all the germs from anything you touched previously.

I am the crazy lady in the gym who carries my homemade hand sanitizer around, wiping down machines before I use them. Never use your hands to open doors or touch anything. Use a sleeve or elbow.

Children and adults should take a multi-vitamin each day to have a good balance of all the important components. One supplement will deliver a large dose of something, but your body needs a good balance.

Chemist Tip! Before you give ANYTHING to your kids, I would speak to your doctor first. Children can be sensitive to more things than we are, so it is best to be safe!

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How To Make Elderberry Syrup

To make your own elderberry syrup:

  • Combine 2 cups of dried elderberries with 4 cups of cold distilled water in a heavy saucepan.
  • Bring it to a boil, reduce heat, and cook uncovered for 30 to 40 minutes. Stir regularly.
  • Remove from heat and steep for 1 hour. Strain mixture into a large measuring cup covered with cheesecloth, reserving liquid and discarding the used berries.
  • Allow syrup to cool, then stir in 1 cup of honey. Pour mixture into a sterilized container.
  • Seal and store in the refrigerator for up to three months.

You can buy dried berries online and in health food stores.

Elderberry Can Treat And Prevent Aids

HIV or human immunodeficiency virus is very popular and common. Once infected, your body will not be able to get rid of the virus completely which means that you will have it for life. While there is no ultimate cure for it, there are several treatments that can help patients deal with HIV. These treatments aim to control the virus and make life easier for the patient.

When left untreated, HIV could lead to AIDS or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. This disease will change the way your immune system works and will make you more susceptible to various other kinds of diseases and infections which will ultimately weaken your whole body and leave you ill.

Weve already previously established that elderberry has strong antiviral properties. This is the reason why many turn to it as an effective and natural way to combat the influenza virus, also more commonly known as the flu. This is why scientists were prompted to study the plant even further and see whether or not it can also be used to treat HIV. The result?The study has successfully shown elderberry to be an effective shield against HIV-1.

Bottomline: The antiviral action in Elderberries are not only useful in treating and preventing the common flu but for HIV as well. Early treatment of HIV can prevent AIDS from developing.

Now that youve seen the awesome benefits of elderberry, its time to think about ways to incorporate this wonder plant in your diet. Here are eight delicious elderberry recipes that you can try.

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What Are Adaptogenic Herbs

What you want instead are immune supporting or immune balancing herbs. Herbs that support and balance the immune system. This is the important difference! You want to choose the tonic herbs that are adaptogens. An adaptogen herb helps the body to adapt and normalizes the autoimmune disease. Adaptogens help increase the bodies resistance to mental, physical and environmental stress. They are unique from immune stimulant herbs, as they balance the hormones in the endocrine system, but dont boost the immune system. The adaptogen herbs help the body maintain optimal homeostasis.

Herbal adaptogens are used in Ayuvedic herbal medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine , as well as Western herbal medicine.

Elderberry Keeps Bones Healthy


Cheese and milk may be the most popular go-to food for making your bones stronger and healthier but if these arent your cup of tea, then perhaps youre better off with elderberries.

When it comes to making your bones stronger and healthier, calcium is your number one source. Although usually found in foods like milk, cheese, yogurt, greens, it can also be found in other kinds of food, including elderberry.

Minerals like potassium and iron are also important in boosting bone health. An optimal ratio between potassium and iron in the body is important to maintain good bone mass. It is also crucial in fighting bone diseases including osteoporosis.

The recommended daily intake of calcium for kids 4 years and older up to adulthood is 1,000 mg. As for potassium, the recommended daily intake according to the World Healthy Organization is 3510 mg/day while the recommended daily intake for iron is between 17 to 20.5 mg/day for adults, depending on gender.

Elderberry contains and 55.1 mg of calcium, 406 mg of potassium and 2.3 mg of iron per 145 grams / 1 cup. While it does not cover the whole amount of your daily recommended intake of the minerals mentioned, it sure covers quite a nice percentage of these.

Bottomline: While elderberry may not be able to cover your full daily recommended intake of calcium, iron, and potassium, it sure is a good source of these minerals that can help in boosting and maintaining bone health and bone mass.

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Does Elderberry Help With Inflammation

Several studies have focused on the bioactive properties of antioxidants in reducing inflammation. As a result, natural antioxidants are held in high regard in medicinal anti-inflammatory therapy and elderberry is among the best.

A very recent animal study evaluated elderberry extract as a medical supplement to treat acute inflammation in mice. The study aimed to clarify the anti-inflammatory effect of elderberry and successfully demonstrated a statistically significant result.

A 2019 study evaluated the same idea concerning the human body. It regarded elderberry extract as a valuable nutraceutical agent. It portrayed much therapeutic potential, not only against inflammation but also obesity and oxidative stress.

No Black Elderberry For Autoimmune Condition

I’ve been taking black elderberry syrup because it is more alkaline trying to avoid acidic fruits, etc. I had to buy one today that is a different brand. In reading the side of the box it says “Caution: Not recommended for individuals with autoimmune conditions.” I have LP which has exhibited in gums, vulva, legs, and feet at various times over the years. I can’t see that it is causing an increase at all and wondering if others with LP know any more about this warning.

@fdixon63, It’s good to do your research on supplements and also discuss them with your doctor or a pharmacist along with any conditions or medications you may be taking. I’m hoping members with knowledge or who are familiar with black elderberry syrup may be able to offer some information. Here’s some information I found that points out some pros and cons along with some warnings but the warnings are for the seeds and leaves and not a processed product.

Elderberry: Benefits and Dangers:

Have you discussed the warning with your doctor or a pharmacist?

Hello @fdixon63 you have also mentioned that you suffer from LP. Im going to ask @artist01. @bustrbrwn22 and @microgirl if they have had any problems with elderberry syrup and LP.Are you currently being treated by a physician for LP?

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Elderberry Can Aid The Treatment Of Diabetes

Statistics show that 29.1 million American suffer from diabetes. A large percentage of this are adults who are suffering from type 2 diabetes which, if left untreated, may result in more serious issues like blindness, amputation, organ failures, and death. As a matter of fact, diabetes is one of the leading causes of death in the United States.

For years, elderberry has been used in alternative medicine as treatment for diabetes. In European folk medicine, elderberry infusions were used in the treatment of many different diseases including diabetes. This was long before the discovery of insulin in the 1920s.

In 2010. A formal study was conducted to show that elderberry is indeed capable of helping in the treatment of diabetes by boosting the insulin output of the body and by making the body more sensitive to that insulin.

In another study by Grey et al., where a powdered elderberry infusion was compared with an insulin injection, elderberry has been shown to have the same insulin-like properties as well as the same insulin-releasing action.

Bottomline: The elderberrys insulin-like and insulin-releasing action helps in the treatment of diabetes and may also be able to help the prevention of the disease.

Elderberry Boosts Respiratory Health


Respiratory diseases like bronchitis, sore throat, and cough are all very common among children and adults alike. This is why its not all that surprising to find everyone medicating these respiratory disorders with over-the-counter drugs the moment they feel the symptoms. However, taking OTC drugs may not always be the wisest move, after all.

There are certain dangers that come with the convenience of taking OTC drugs. Many people tend to self-medicate instead of going to the doctor for a prescription since OTC drugs are easily accessible. This is one of the reasons why its so easy to overdose on these kinds of medicine.

A safer and healthier alternative for treating common respiratory disorders like the ones mentioned above is to use plants or herbs. The fruits, flowers, and/or extracts of certain plants have contents that can help alleviate, if not totally cure, these respiratory diseases.

Elderberry, for example, are known to be quite efficient in treating respiratory disorders. You can take elderberry syrup or have elderberry extract infused to a warm beverage like tea to get this benefit.

In another study by Krawitz et al., elderberry extract has been shown to have effective inhibitory activity against clinically-relevant human respiratory bacterial pathogens as well as influenza A and B viruses.

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Does Elderberry Help With Inflammation And Arthritis Pain

If we had to pick one aspect that defines adulthood, it would be the inevitable development of aches and pains. While it can be normal to feel fatigued after a stressful day, prolonged and severe symptoms of pain and inflammation may hint at an underlying problem.

Bodily aches and pains can be a symptom of chronic inflammation or arthritis experienced by 1 in 4 adults. Most patients are unaware of how to treat it. Elderberry, the famous superfruit, is known for its numerous health benefits. But, does elderberry help with inflammation?

Final Thoughts On Elderberry And Inflammation

Is elderberry good for inflammation and arthritis? Despite a few contradictions, we can see that elderberrys benefits outweigh the rumored side effects. Using elderberry for inflammation can be a reliable treatment for alleviating arthritis pain.

Investing in an elderberry supplement goes a long way. From cardiovascular health to promoting healthy skin, to treating cold and flu symptoms, there is little that the plant derivative has failed to influence.

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Elderberries

The antioxidants in elderberries contribute to most of their benefits. They boost immunity, protect the heart, and prevent cancer. The berries also improve skin and hair health. The fiber in these berries improves digestion and prevents other digestive ailments.

1. Boost Immunity

Several studies speak of the ability of elderberries to boost the immune system. One report published by the University of Maryland Medical Center talks about the powerful immune-boosting effects of elderberries .

The same is true with elderberry syrup as well, which increases antioxidant levels in the body and helps fight disease. The vitamins A and C in the fruit help maintain optimal health. Elderberries also offer protection against viruses that might damage cell walls.

The fruit also decreases mucus production during cold and flu, easing the symptoms. And it is one excellent remedy for the debilitating symptoms of influenza, as per a Japanese study . Elderberries boost immunity by increasing the production of inflammatory cytokines . And this way, they also help treat upper respiratory tract infections and other respiratory ailments.

2. Improve Digestive Health


Though research is limited here, elderberries, like most fruits, are good sources of fiber and can enhance digestion. The fiber in the fruit can also treat other digestive issues like constipation, stomach upset, gas, and bloating.

3. Can Help Prevent Cancer

4. Enhance Heart Health

5. Can Help Treat Diabetes


Elderberry Benefits For Colds Flus Allergies And More

How to find Elderberries in the Wild! #elderberry #elderberrysyrup #driftless

By Rachael Link, MS, RD

Looking for a natural remedy that has a long history of medicinal use? Theres evidence that the elderberry plant may have been cultivated by prehistoric man. There are also recipes for elderberry-based medications dating back to Ancient Egypt.

However, most historians typically trace its healing abilities back to Hippocrates, the ancient Greek known as the Father of Medicine, who described the plant as his medicine chest because of the wide array of health concerns it seemed to treat. Whether were talking cavemen, ancient Egyptians or ancient Greeks, this remedy definitely goes way back, which is why its no wonder its known as one of the top antiviral herbs on the planet.

Health benefits of the elder plant include naturally improving:

Research published in the Journal of International Medical Research suggests that when its used within the first 48 hours of onset of symptoms, the plant may even help relieve and shorten the duration of cold and flu. For this reason, the government actually employed the use of elderberry to fight the flu during the 1995 Panama flu epidemic.

Does it really work? What exactly does it do, and how can you use it to promote better health?

Heres what you need to know, including its many benefits.

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