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Is Biofreeze Good For Arthritis

Icy Hot Medicated Patch

The Science Behind Biofreeze Pain Reliever (Best For Arthritis)

These super simple patches feel great, especially for back pain. Just break it open and put it on the area thats bothering you. They last a long timeyou can even shower while wearing them!

How about you? If you have any creams that have worked to soothe your pain, please share them in the comment space below so we can all work together on FEELING GOOD!

Does Biofreeze Work On Tendonitis

One question that people ask us a lot is, does Biofreeze work on tendonitis?

The answer is yes. Numerous users have claimed that Biofreeze has not only helped with the pain of tendonitis but also the inflammation that comes with it. Biofreeze works by essentially blocking pain receptors with its cold relief therapy formula. In turn, its very similar to using an icepack on the area of tendonitis. This way Biofreeze reduces inflammation but at the same, you only need to apply the formula once and then can carry on with your regular activities as the gel works its pain-relieving effects.

Before Taking This Medicine

Ask a doctor or pharmacist if Biofreeze is safe to use if you have ever had an allergy to aspirin or salicylate medicine.

Ask a doctor before using this medicine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you apply menthol to your chest, avoid areas that may come into contact with a nursing baby’s mouth.

Ask a doctor before using this medicine on child 12 years old or younger.

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How Is Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel Different From Other Over

Voltaren is the first full prescription strength OTC topical NSAID gel for arthritis pain. Many other OTC topical products temporarily mask arthritis pain by creating a heating or cooling sensation on the skin. Voltaren is applied to the painful area and penetrates deep to treat arthritis pain by temporarily blocking the production of pain signaling chemicals.

What The Experts Say

118 ml Biofreeze Pain Reliever Gel Tube, Packaging Type ...

It is advised to look at the ingredients list of a cream to see if it is formulated with topical anesthetics which can help numb the affected area and lessen pain. If you are someone with extremely sensitive skin, it may be beneficial to look for an arthritis cream that caters to sensitive skin and is less irritative. The side effects list can show you what symptoms you may be subjected to after using the cream. If you already suffer from any of those conditions, it is advised to consult your doctor prior to use. Niket Sonpal, M.D., an internist practicing in New York City

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Arthritis Wonder Pain Relief Cream

Wogonin is relatively new to the Western pain relief model. But it works on the familiar principle that reducing inflammation will reduce pain in most cases. Its a sound principle, and Arthritis Wonder Pain Relief Cream is proof of that.

What we like: We like the way this cream feels going on and that it seems to get to work pretty fast. It also has a pleasant scent and doesnt leave your skin all greasy. The open-ended money-back guarantee is also nice.

Flaws: The relief is real but relatively short-lived, so you have to keep on using it. Also, its not so effective for rheumatoid arthritis.

Is Biofreeze Good For Joint Pain

Biofreeze is a topical analgesic that is manufactured for mild to moderate joint pains. It can also be used to relieve muscle soreness and even discomfort associated with arthritis. Biofreeze actually comes in the spray, singles, roll-on, and gel preparations so the consumer has the freedom to choose how they want the product applied.

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How Does Voltaren Differ From Topical Pain Relievers Like Bengay

Bengay offers a range of products including active ingredients such as camphor, menthol, and methyl salicylate, which work by heating or cooling the surface of the skin to relieve pain. Some Bengay products contain lidocaine, a local anesthetic that works by numbing the painful area. Voltaren works by blocking the production of prostaglandins, your bodys pain-signaling chemicals. Voltaren, an OTC NSAID gel, is a prescription strength topical pain reliever. It was developed specifically to relieve arthritis joint pain and has a non-greasy, clean scent.

Q: What Are The Precautions When Using This Supplement

Does BIOFREEZE help with pain? Review and opinions

A: This product is for external use only.

  • Apply the product as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Wash your hands after using Biofreeze to prevent the transfer of the product to the eyes. If it accidentally gets into your eyes, immediately wash it with a copious amount of water.
  • Keep out of childrens reach.
  • Do not apply tight bandage around the area where Biofreeze is applied.
  • Do not apply heating pads to the area where Biofreeze was applied because the numbing effect of the product might cause burn injuries.
  • Do not apply to broken, irritated, or wounded skin.
  • If you are currently applying other topical products, consult your doctor prior to using Biofreeze.

Disclaimer: Most OTC drugs are not reviewed and approved by FDA, however, they may be marketed if they comply with applicable regulations and policies. FDA has not evaluated whether this product complies.

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Biofreeze And The Effect On Knee Osteoarthritis

The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government.Know the risks and potential benefits of clinical studies and talk to your health care provider before participating. Read our disclaimer for details.
First Posted : April 17, 2020Last Update Posted : February 24, 2021
  • Study Details
Condition or disease
Drug: Biofreeze 4 % Topical GelOther: Biofreeze placebo gel Phase 2Phase 3

How Does It Work

Traditional thinking is that the pain-relieving mechanism of action of menthol the active ingredient in Biofreeze Pain Reliever results from a counter-irritant effect. Simply put, a counter-irritant has an effect of overriding noxious pain signals traveling to the brain through a process modulated between pain-transmitting and non-pain transmitting neurons. This process, known as Gate Control or gating, was first described by Melzak and Wall.

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Bengay Topical Analgesic Cream

Bengay enjoys a level of brand recognition few others can match. They produced one of the first widely accepted pain relief creams more than half a century ago. And theyre still going strong with their lidocaine-based analgesic cream.

What we like: Like most creams that employ lidocaine Bengay Topical Analgesic Cream doesnt waste time getting to work. People living with arthritis will appreciate that. We also like that the jar is small enough to take on a plane in your carry on bag.

Flaws: Contains a laundry list of artificial ingredients. Also, if you suffer from liver problems or seizures you shouldnt use lidocaine.

Cold Therapy Vs Topical Anti


There are two types of creams discussed in this article, and I am prepared to be criticized for comparing apples to oranges, but it kind of makes sense because so many people do this comparison. One type of creams and gels are cooling agents, that work in a similar way to applying ice on the joint, and the other type contains substances that will stimulate the tissue healing. The first type will have an immediate effect, soothing pain and reducing inflammation, the second type will be effective on the long run, with minimal effects on a short term.

Typical usages for Biofreeze, IcyHot, or Sombra are for immediate pain relief, acute muscle or joint injuries, and generally it will allow you to move freely without pain even with an acute injury. Your body will start the healing process normally.

The typical usage for Penetrex, Voltaren, CTCream and others, is for treating chronic muscle and joint problems. The cream will be absorbed through the skin and the active substances will stimulate the body to regenerate and heal the joint.

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Q: How Often Should I Use Biofreeze On A Painful Hip When Walking

A: Biofreeze comes with a clinically recommended seal, and its a longtime trusted brand for joint pain relief. This medication is for use on the skin only. Apply to the affected area no more than 3 to 4 times a day. If you are using the cream, gel, or liquid, rub it gently and thoroughly. Some liquid forms of this medication should be shaken before use.

How Does Biofreeze Work And What Does Biofreeze Do To Muscles

Biofreeze states on their website, that clinical studies have shown that those who use Biofreeze decrease their pain twice as much as those who dont. While I was running the New York City Marathon last year during the final miles in the Bronx all I felt was soreness, fatigue in my legs, and tiredness.

Runners had to run through the Biofreeze Relief Zone where volunteers would apply Biofreeze on the runners legs, backs, and ankles. It immediately helped me. I felt less sore until almost to the finish line, found back into my running rhythm, and finished strong.

Does Biofreeze reduce inflammation? It is important to understand how pain happens. Your receptors send a signal from your spine to your brain. The cold sensations, like menthol, stimulate receptors to block those signals to relieve pain. Its really simple. People use it for sprains, sore muscles, arthritis, and all other types of joint pain.

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What Are The Best Arthritis Creams Made Out Of

Capsaicin, counterirritants, and salicylates are the most common active ingredients found in over-the-counter topical arthritis treatments.

  • Capsaicin: When applied to the skin regularly, capsaicin activates specific nerve receptors, preventing them from processing pain signals properly. Many studies have shown that capsaicin effectively reduces pain from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia, according to the Arthritis Foundation. In a 2010 German study, joint pain decreased by nearly 50 percent after using 0.05-percent capsaicin cream for three weeks.
  • Counterirritants: Menthol and camphor are counterirritants that produce heating or cooling sensations when rubbed on the skin. These sensations temporarily reject your ability to feel joint pain.
  • Salicylates: Salicylates have the pain-relieving substance found in aspirin. If you are taking blood thinners or you are allergic to aspirin, talk to your doctor before using a topical treatment that contains salicylates.

Arthritis creams are just one of the products that make life easier, whether you have chronic joint pain, sore muscles, or minor aches. Scroll down to see the top 12 best-rated arthritis creams on the market below!

We write about products we think our readers will like. If you buy them, we get a small share of the revenue from the supplier.

Voltaren Arthritis Pain Vs Diclofenac: Whats The Difference


With a proven safety profile for 10+ years, Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel is an effective topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory arthritis pain reliever. Diclofenac is the generic name for the active ingredient in Voltaren Arthritis Pain. Diclofenac is also available in oral formulations for a broader range of pain indications.

Voltaren Arthritis Pain is made of a smooth, non-greasy formula that combines a gel and cream for topical application. This specialized formula helps the active ingredient, diclofenac, penetrate through the skin at the site of pain. It is the first full prescription strength OTC topical NSAID gel designed specifically to treat arthritis pain. Voltaren Gel was previously doctor prescribed in the US for more than a decade but now is available without a prescription.

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Our Choice For The Best Medicine For Arthritis Pain

Choosing the best medicines for arthritis pain is not easy as the products on this list have quite the same advantages and disadvantages. However, among the five, the one that has the best effect is Penetrex Pain Relief Therapy. It may not be as strong as Aleve or as popular as the other brands on the list, but it works effectively and efficiently.

One of the things that make this a strong contender for the best medicines for arthritis pain is the fact that it does not contain complicated ingredients, the ones that are difficult to read. This gives us a guarantee that applying the medication will not cause any harm or adverse reactions.

Additionally, the product is not difficult to use. In fact, it can be applied in a matter of seconds. Moreover, after a few minutes, you will already feel it making its way to that part of your body that is badly bruised or in pain. Moreover, it works quickly. No need to wait for hours or days.

Best of all, Penetrex Pain Relief Therapy rightfully belongs to the list of the best medicines for arthritis pain because it helps eliminate and treat the pain. Unlike other medicines that offer temporary or superficial relief, this arthritis medication does not simply hide or mask the pain. Instead, it heals and then repairs. So Penetrex offers complete relief and healing from whatever arthritis pain that may be hounding you.

How Should I Use Biofreeze

Use exactly as directed on the label, or as prescribed by your doctor.

Do not take by mouth. Topical medicine is for use only on the skin. Do not use on open wounds, broken skin, or irritated skin. Rinse with water if this medicine gets in your eyes or mouth.

Read and carefully follow any Instructions for Use provided with your medicine. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you do not understand these instructions.

Wash your hands before and after applying this medicine.

For your first use, apply only to a small skin area to test how your skin reacts to the medicine.

Do not cover treated skin with a tight bandage or use a heating pad.

Menthol can cause a cold or burning sensation, which is usually mild and should lessen over time with continued use. If this sensation causes significant discomfort, wash the skin with soap and water.

Store at room temperature. Keep the medicine tightly closed when not in use.

  • Save up to 80% on your prescriptions.
  • Accepted at over 65,000 pharmacies.

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Doe Biofreeze Reduce Inflammation For Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis

Biofreeze is #1 clinically used and recommended topical analgesic that has been providing relief to countless arthritis sufferers.

The pain relievers unique, cooling formulation is also comforting to sore muscles and muscle sprains easing back, shoulder and neck pain reducing painful ankle, knee, hip and elbow joints and helping to lessen effects of muscular strains.

Q: Is Biofreeze Safe For Animals My Cat Loves The Scent And Tries To Lick The Area

BioFreeze Menthol Pain Relief Multi Pack

A: ANDREA M. BRODIE, DVM Veterinarian says, You can use all those provided your cat does not lick the cream or gel. As long as you do not let your cat lick your skin after applying the medication, it is safe for your kitty. There are no 100% safe pain ointments or gels that can also be ingested by your cat without safety concerns.

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Ranking The Best Arthritis Creams Of 2021

An arthritis cream is a topical medication applied directly to the point of arthritis pain to provide relief.

Arthritis creams utilize various mechanisms to achieve this pain relief. Some create a cooling sensation, some numb nerve endings in the affected area, some are whats called counterirritants, and others address inflammation.

Arthritis creams are non-narcotic, safe, convenient, and affordable. They have the added benefit of being able to relieve many other types of pain as well. We researched and tested scores of the most popular arthritis creams on the market and determined that the following are the best arthritis creams of 2021.

What Are The Components Of Arthritis Medicine

As previously mentioned, there are several types or classifications of arthritis medicine. Each one is intended for a condition or symptom. Choosing and finding the best medicines for arthritis pain will be easier if you know what you need.

Here are the most common arthritis medications:

Acetaminophen. This medication can be one of the best medicines for arthritis pain. It is used for managing pain caused by arthritis. It is available over-the-counter and does not need a prescription from the doctor. However, it is still important to inform your doctor if you plan to take acetaminophen for managing arthritis pain to make sure you will not have adverse reactions or allergies to it.

An example of an acetaminophen is Tylenol.

Corticosteroid. These are steroid medications that help control and reduce inflammation. They are usually prescribed for people with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. These, however, need doctors prescription and cannot be bought over-the-counter.

Examples include Medrol and Deltasone.

DMARDS. DMARDs are Disease-Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs. They are intended for alleviating pain, and symptoms cause by rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune conditions. DMARDs work by controlling the immune system reactions. However, like NSAIDS, they can cause specific side effects, such as a decrease in the production of red blood cells damage to lungs, stomach, mouth, and intestines and liver damage.

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Ingredients Of Biofreeze Gel

The manufacturer mentions that Biofreeze gel contains only one active ingredient. I had to look for the description of this compound on other websites. What I found out was that it is used for relieving insignificant pain provoked by such conditions as bursitis, arthritis, tendonitis, backache, muscle strains or sprains, cramping, and bruising. In addition, menthol may be used for other conditions defined by your doctor. Usually, this compound is used topically as an analgesic. The disadvantage about the work of this ingredient is that it works for a short period of time. Soon you have to apply it again. It does not treat any condition, it only masks pain and discomfort. This should be remembered well, especially by people who think they suffer from serious conditions.

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