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Is Bengay Good For Arthritis

Cold Therapy Vs Topical Anti

Bengay Ultra Strength Review

There are two types of creams discussed in this article, and I am prepared to be criticized for comparing apples to oranges, but it kind of makes sense because so many people do this comparison. One type of creams and gels are cooling agents, that work in a similar way to applying ice on the joint, and the other type contains substances that will stimulate the tissue healing. The first type will have an immediate effect, soothing pain and reducing inflammation, the second type will be effective on the long run, with minimal effects on a short term.

Typical usages for Biofreeze, IcyHot, or Sombra are for immediate pain relief, acute muscle or joint injuries, and generally it will allow you to move freely without pain even with an acute injury. Your body will start the healing process normally.

The typical usage for Penetrex, Voltaren, CTCream and others, is for treating chronic muscle and joint problems. The cream will be absorbed through the skin and the active substances will stimulate the body to regenerate and heal the joint.

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Bengay Ultra Strength Cream Muscle Pain Relief 2 Oz

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Is Biofreeze Good For Joint Pain

Biofreeze is a topical analgesic that is manufactured for mild to moderate joint pains. It can also be used to relieve muscle soreness and even discomfort associated with arthritis. Biofreeze actually comes in the spray, singles, roll-on, and gel preparations so the consumer has the freedom to choose how they want the product applied.

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What The Experts Say

First and foremost, anyone considering arthritis cream or gel should discuss using the product with their orthopaedic surgeon or primary care physician to ensure it is being used appropriately and for the correct indication. Rachel Frank, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at UCHealth and director of the Joint Preservation Program at the University of Colorado School of Medicine

How Well Do They Work

Bengay Pain Relieving Cream, Arthritis Formula, 2 oz ...

A recent scientific review by the Cochrane Collaboration, an international body of health experts, found that some prescription topical NSAIDsoffer the same pain relief as oral medications, but with fewer gastrointestinal concerns.

The Cochrane review covered 34 studies involving 7,688 adults who experienced chronic musculoskeletal pain for at least three months. They received several different kinds of topical NSAIDs for their pain. The topical NSAID diclofenac was as effective as oral NSAIDs for arthritis in the knee or hand.

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Ranking The Best Arthritis Creams Of 2021

An arthritis cream is a topical medication applied directly to the point of arthritis pain to provide relief.

Arthritis creams utilize various mechanisms to achieve this pain relief. Some create a cooling sensation, some numb nerve endings in the affected area, some are whats called counterirritants, and others address inflammation.

Arthritis creams are non-narcotic, safe, convenient, and affordable. They have the added benefit of being able to relieve many other types of pain as well. We researched and tested scores of the most popular arthritis creams on the market and determined that the following are the best arthritis creams of 2021.

Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel

Voltaren is one of the most commonly used pain-relieving gels on the market.

Its popularity is primarily seen among persons with osteoarthritis pain affecting their hand, knee, elbows, ankles, and feet joints.

Voltaren relieves pain as effectively as its oral NSAID companion, minus the side effects.

Of note, even though this gel has been available for years, the over-the-counter formulation was approved in 2020.

Its active ingredient, diclofenac sodium, is the perfect formula for inflammatory arthritis pain relief.

This gel is formulated with non-greasy Voltaren Emulgel, which combines the properties of an arthritis cream and a gel to go below the surface of the skin and attack pain at the site.


  • Suitable for the entire body.


  • Not suitable for persons with sensitive skin.
  • May cause an allergic reaction in persons who have an aspirin allergy.

Why Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel is Best for Arthritis

Arthritis pain affects millions of people globally, and the older we get, the more at risk we become.

As such, we believe that having a topical pain relief gel designed specifically for pain associated with arthritis is necessary.

Clinical studies conducted to validate the efficacy of Voltaren saw volunteers with osteoarthritis of the knee achieving notable pain relief starting at 1 week and lasted through 12 weeks of treatment.

Voltaren wants you to take on the day using its powerful pain relief gel. Further, it also:

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Discover Relief Through Ice And Warm

Break out that bag of icy peas for the very first 2 days after the pain establishes in, and placed it to utilize for 20 mins a session, numerous sessions daily. After those two days lag you, switch to 20-minute intervals with a home heating pad.

Localized air conditioning shuts down capillaries and reduces blood circulation to the area, which aids reduce the swelling, says Lisa DeStefano, DO, an associate professor at Michigan State Universitys College of Osteopathic Medicine in East Lansing. Cold additionally obstructs your nerves ability to carry out discomfort signals. Heat, on the other hand, loosens up limited muscular tissues and enhances blood circulation, bringing added oxygen to the rescue.

Before Taking This Medicine

Treating Arthritis Pain (Arthritis #2)

Ask a doctor or pharmacist if Biofreeze is safe to use if you have ever had an allergy to aspirin or salicylate medicine.

Ask a doctor before using this medicine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you apply menthol to your chest, avoid areas that may come into contact with a nursing babys mouth.

Ask a doctor before using this medicine on child 12 years old or younger.

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Australian Dream Arthritis Pain Relief Cream

Histamine dihydrochloride, the active ingredient in Australian Dream Arthritis Pain Relief Cream, is sometimes used as a treatment for leukemia. But its also effective at reducing low to moderate levels of muscle and joint pain.

What we like: We appreciate that it doesnt leave your skin feeling oily. That its effects seem to last a reasonably long time and that it doesnt have a medicinal smell. The histamine dihydrochloride is also pretty effective at reducing inflammation.

Flaws: Its primary mechanism of improving blood circulation to reduce pain and stiffness isnt going to work for everybody. Its also expensive.

Our Choice For The Best Medicine For Arthritis Pain

Choosing the best medicines for arthritis pain is not easy as the products on this list have quite the same advantages and disadvantages. However, among the five, the one that has the best effect is Penetrex Pain Relief Therapy. It may not be as strong as Aleve or as popular as the other brands on the list, but it works effectively and efficiently.

One of the things that make this a strong contender for the best medicines for arthritis pain is the fact that it does not contain complicated ingredients, the ones that are difficult to read. This gives us a guarantee that applying the medication will not cause any harm or adverse reactions.

Additionally, the product is not difficult to use. In fact, it can be applied in a matter of seconds. Moreover, after a few minutes, you will already feel it making its way to that part of your body that is badly bruised or in pain. Moreover, it works quickly. No need to wait for hours or days.

Best of all, Penetrex Pain Relief Therapy rightfully belongs to the list of the best medicines for arthritis pain because it helps eliminate and treat the pain. Unlike other medicines that offer temporary or superficial relief, this arthritis medication does not simply hide or mask the pain. Instead, it heals and then repairs. So Penetrex offers complete relief and healing from whatever arthritis pain that may be hounding you.

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Aspercreme With Lidocaine Maximum Strength

Aspercreme has been around for a long time. The original formulation uses, you guessed it, aspirin to affect pain relief. But this arthritis pain mixture leverages the power of lidocaine, which numbs nerve endings to shut down pain.

What we like: We appreciate how quickly this lidocaine-based cream gets to work. In just a few minutes, youll feel significant pain relief in both muscles and joints. We also appreciate that the relief lasts for several hours. Cant say that about some creams.

Flaws: It achieves pain relief by numbing the nerve endings in the affected area. Some will like that, and some will not.

Is Bengay Good For Back Pain: 10 Ways To Take Care Of Reduced Pain In The Back In Your Home


it while working in the yard or cleaning home. Or your back might hurt from an old sports injury or a persistent problem such as joint inflammation ankylosing spondylitis Abrupt or extreme pain in the back needs to be inspected by a medical professional or a physical specialist. That additionally chooses discomfort that wont disappear.

However often you can deal with nagging pain and pain on your very own.

Wilson Ray, MD, principal of spine surgical treatment for the Department of Neurological Surgical Procedure at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, says natural remedy have a tendency to be much better when theyre incorporated than alone.

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Check Out Getting A Brand

Exactly how old is your bed? You may be stunned to discover that the typical life span of a bed mattress is much less than one decade. Theres no unalterable policy, claims Sean Mackey, MD, PhD, principal of the department of pain medication at Stanford College, but if your bed mattress is sagging considerably or is greater than six to 8 years old, I d think of getting a new one. Something else to take into consideration: A firm cushion may refrain from doing your back any supports, says Carmen R. Eco-friendly, MD, a physician at the University of Michigan Back & Discomfort Center. A variety of researches over the years suggest that individuals with reduced pain in the back who sleep on medium-firm mattresses do better than those with company beds, she claims.

Who Needs Arthritis Cream

Anyone of any age who suffers from the pain and discomfort of arthritis needs to have arthritis cream on hand to provide both short and long term relief. Arthritis cream is an affordable and, perhaps even more importantly, effective and convenient way for arthritis sufferers from all walks of life to obtain some control over their condition. Whether you have slowly developed osteoarthritis over the course of many years, or you have been stricken by rheumatoid arthritis suddenly and unexpectedly, a good arthritis cream can help.

Keep in mind too that many arthritis creams deal with controlling or reducing inflammation. A major cause of pain for everyone. Not just arthritis sufferers. So if you are an athlete dealing with sore muscles or a waitress with a sore back or you were involved in an accident and are experiencing pain and stiffness, many types of arthritis cream can help.

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Q: Is Biofreeze Safe For Animals My Cat Loves The Scent And Tries To Lick The Area

A: ANDREA M. BRODIE, DVM Veterinarian says, You can use all those provided your cat does not lick the cream or gel. As long as you do not let your cat lick your skin after applying the medication, it is safe for your kitty. There are no 100% safe pain ointments or gels that can also be ingested by your cat without safety concerns.

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Zostrix Maximum Strength Natural Pain Relief Cream

How to Treat Your Own Arthritis

Zostrix makes no bones about the fact that they leverage the counterirritant power of capsaicin to provide fast, effective pain relief. Apply a bit to your arthritic joints and the capsaicin goes right to work blocking pain signals.

What we like: Zostrix is an effective counterirritant that starts producing relief in about 10-15 minutes. Sometimes less. We like how long the effect lingers. So you dont have to spend your day continually re-applying it. The tube is also airplane friendly.

Flaws: Skin stays warm longer than you probably think it will. So re-applying too soon could cause some heat-related discomfort.

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Sweet Relief Is On Its Way

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts, and articles are reviewed by healthcare professionals for medical accuracy. Youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Arthritis is a debilitating and persistent condition. In 2012, an estimated 52.5 million people in the U.S. had arthritis or one of the rheumatic diseases. That number is expected to increase to nearly 80 million people by 2040. But there are plenty of over-the-counter treatment options including creams, lotions, gels, and oils with anti-inflammatory, anesthetic, and additional properties to relieve pain.

Topical medications for pain relief come in multiple formscreams, gels, patches, etc., says Dena Barsoum, MD, a physiatrist at HSS. Consider what body part you are applying it to and what form might work best for you. Its always important to look closely at the active ingredients in any medication you use. Over-the-counter medications sometimes have very flashy packaging and make grand claims about what they can do.”

However, there isnt a one-size-fits-all solution. Product formulas include distinct active ingredients so each individual should test what works best for their arthritis symptoms and lifestyle.

Here are a few of the best arthritis creams on the market.

This Bengay Ultra Strength Pain Relieving Cream Works Great

I keep this Bengay cream on hand in my house all the time! My Husband works in construction and he often has back pain and sore muscles often! I always put this cream on his back to relieve his muscle pain. It cools and relieves the muscle pain. It does not help much if the back is out of place but if it’s just sore muscles this works wonderfully! It has a strong smell, but I don’t mind the smell! Just be very careful to not get this cream in your eyes or other sensitive areas! Be very careful it is strong and burns if gotten in the eyes ect. This is a popular item with the rest of my family as well! We use it all the time! Last time my brother in law visiting he pulled a muscle in his back and asked for Bengay! It is a wonderful product for a great price and I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from frequent back pain, and sore muscles! It’s a great product to have in the cabinet for emergencies and to help you relax your muscles!


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Limits On Use Of Topicals

Applied as directed, two to four times a day, topical NSAIDs can control mild to moderate pain. For severe osteoarthritis, topical options probably can’t match larger doses of oral medications. Still, even in these cases, a topical drug could help.

“I will recommend it even if the pain is severe in a superficial joint, on the chance it will help to reduce any portion of the pain,” says pain specialist Dr. Joanne Borg-Stein, medical director of the Harvard-affiliated Spaulding-Wellesley Rehabilitation Center in Massachusetts.

Availability and cost may limit the use of topical NSAIDs for some people. In the United States, the only prescription topical NSAID widely available in pharmacies is diclofenac gel. Other types, such as ibuprofen, ketoprofen , indomethacin , and piroxicam may require a special order from a compounding pharmacy. This could raise theprice, and insurance reimbursement varies according to the type of topical formulation prescribed.

Stretch Your Hamstrings Twice Daily

BENGAY Pain Relieving Cream, Ultra Strength 2 oz

One often neglected factor to is limited hamstrings. If your hamstring muscles situated in the rear of your upper legs are as well limited hamstrings your lower back and sacroiliac joints will be stressed out, leading to even more discomfort. Hindering stretching should be done very carefully and a minimum of two times per day for 15-30 secs each time.

  • There are many gentle extending exercises that ought to not injure.
  • Wall Surface Hamstring Stretch for Low Back Discomfort Relief Video Clip Save
  • The wall surface hamstring stretch is an additional stretch option thats simple on the low back.
  • Wall Surface Hamstring Go For Low Neck And Back Pain Relief Video

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Myofascial Discomfort Syndrome Inexplicable Muscle Mass Discomfort And Tenderness

In some instances, its hard to determine the reason of chronic back discomfort. If your physician has tired all diagnostic options, its time to seek a 2nd viewpoint from a back pain expert, suggests Nava.

If the source of the pain is not recognized or can not be dealt with, your best alternative may be to work with your medical professional on reducing the flare-ups and making the pain workable with nonsurgical treatments.

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