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Is Beet Juice Good For Arthritis

When To Seek A Doctors Advice


Although eating and drinking anti-inflammatory foods can help ease your daily arthritis pain, if you are experiencing prolonged joint pain or think you may have degenerative joint issues, dont delay in seeing your orthopaedist. We provide comprehensive orthopaedic and spine care at locations across Wake County. Our orthopaedic specialists can recommend the best course of treatment. Contact us to book an appointment.

What Are The Most Common Benefits Of Beetroot Powder

Before we get into further detail about the various ways beetroots can help you, here are some of this curious roots most common benefits:

Beetroot powder can help lower high blood pressure and elevate low blood pressure. Basically, if you need to regulate your blood pressure, this is the best vegetable to eat.

It is also an excellent source of iron and folateboth nutrients are needed by pregnant women in order to stay healthy. Theyre eating for two now, and so its a good idea to eat healthy.

Thanks to its betaine, beetroot powder has even been shown to have significant anti-cancer properties. It works by inhibiting the formation of cancer causing cells in the body. It is particularly great against colon and stomach cancer, slowing down its development and keeping the body healthy.

The fiber content of beetroot powder is great for improving bowel movements. If youre suffering from chronic constipation, beetroot powder may relieve your discomfort, especially if you drink it on a regular basis. Beetroot powder can even help detoxify your liver.

On top of all this, it has properties that relax the mind and create a feeling of well-beingmuch like chocolate!

So if youre looking for a food supplement thats all natural and beneficial, this might be the right choice for you. Now here are some of the specific benefits that may appeal to athletes, and those who try to maintain an active lifestyle.

Do Beets Make Your Pee Red

Beets can be considered a root vegetable. They have many health advantages. They are full of vitamins and nutrients including potassium, vitamin C, fiber, as well as vitamin B. Eaten beets will increase your energy, improve your brainpower, as well as your immune system.

There is a side effect to eating beets, which can surprise some people. Beets can make your urine turn pink or red. According to one study, this condition affects approximately 14%Trusted Source.

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Benefits Of Eating Red And Green Foods

For example, green vegetables contain a powerful antioxidant known as lutein. Lutein is not only anti-inflammatory, but also promotes healthy blood vessels, lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease. Lutein also helps keep your eyes healthy and reduces the risk of age-related macular degeneration .

Red fruits and vegetables contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants like lycopene and anthocyanins. These keep your heart healthy, help maintain and increase memory, and lower the risk of cancer.

With all of these positive benefits, its time to increase our consumption of red and green fruits and vegetables.

Good Source Of Potassium

Q& A: Is Beet Juice Good For Lupus?

Beets are a good source of potassium, a mineral and electrolyte that helps nerves and muscles function properly. Drinking beet juice in moderation can help keep your potassium levels optimal.

If potassium levels get too low, fatigue, weakness, and muscle cramps can occur. Very low potassium may lead to life threatening abnormal heart rhythms.

Your body cant function properly without essential minerals. Some minerals boost your immune system, while others support healthy bones and teeth.

Besides potassium, beet juice provides:

  • iron

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What To Do If I Cant Digest Beet Juice What Should I Do

Beets might just provide some relief for digestive problems! As mentioned before, beets are known to improve immune system function, detoxify the colon, and aid with indigestion. Beets also help reduce inflammation in the intestines by removing toxins from your body that otherwise irritate this organ.

It is important to note though that if you want to reap these benefits through drinking beet juice it must be consumed organic due to chemical fertilizers found on commercial crops which may negate any health benefits. If you still have a hard time taking down fermented or fresh-juiced beets as an introduction to easing gastrointestinal discomfort then try adding them into soups like borscht or minestrone.

Wine For Arthritis Relief

You may be surprised to find it on the list, but wine is good for more than just your heart. Red wine is packed full of a powerful antioxidant compound called resveratrol. This compound has proven anti-inflammatory effects including the relief of joint pain, swelling, inflammation, and stiffness. Studies have shown it can help reduce the severity of arthritis in major joints such as the shoulder, hip, and knee. That said, always remember to drink in moderation, and if you do not already drink wine, there are not enough benefits to warrant starting up now.

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Add More Peppers To Your Meals

Another vegetable that you want to focus on is the pepper, and Im not just talking about the bell peppers. Any type of pepper will offer you some anti-inflammatory benefits that will definitely help to reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Lets start with the bell peppers though, since they tend to be the most popular. These colorful vegetables are full of antioxidants while being low in starch. The antioxidants are known for protecting the cells and fighting off free radicals. While we tend to associate free radicals with the likes of cancer and dementia, they are also linked to inflammation within the body. Get rid of them, and you lower the chance of inflammation occurring!

As for hot peppers such as cayenne and chili, they are full of capsaicin. This is a chemical that scientists have proven a help to reduce inflammation, as well as the pain that you feel. In fact, the chemical is usually added to the majority of anti-inflammatory creams to help get directly to the source. You can get it in your body through eating the pepper or crush it into your own homemade creams to get the benefits.

Its worth noting that there are other foods that can cause inflammation within the body and well touch on this lightly at the end.

Beet Juice Nutrition Facts :

Health Benefits of Beet Juice: For Acne, Joint Pain, and Energy
  • Calories: 42 kcal
  • Fat: 0 g
  • Carbohydrates: 9.9 g

Juices of fruits and vegetables are very valuable, they are rich in vitamins, microelements and other useful and necessary minerals. Juices are drunk not only to quench thirst or because of their wonderful taste, they are used to restore and strengthen the health. Today there is a whole new trend called juice therapy. Beet juice is widely used in this field, since it contains all the useful properties of beets. Beetroot juice benefits and side effects that come with it, should be known to everyone.

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Get The Aroma Of Onion And Garlic Daily

Yes, this is two vegetables in one, but theyre both from the same family. They both offer many of the same benefits, so its worth including them together. There are still two more to go after this!

The pungent vegetables have long been used for health remedies. They are still used today in many circles, especially garlic. When youre ill, you may hear a few people suggest that you make some garlic tea or chew on raw pieces of garlic to fight off infections.

While the two vegetables will give you bad breath, they are also full of anti-inflammatory properties. Theyre the most effective of the lot, with garlic especially being proven to work just as well as over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications! The properties within the vegetables shut off that pathway from the brain that tells the body its in pain and inflammation.

Onions include more allicin than garlic to break down the free radicals within the body. These free radicals are known for causing inflammation. When you get rid of the reason, you get rid of the actual inflammation. This isnt just about treating a symptom but getting to the root of the cause.

Beets Help To Detox Your Entire Body

The powerful antioxidants in beets can help to detoxify your whole body and prevent disease. Beetroot contains compounds that support detoxification in the body and can help to strengthen the immune system.

The journal Nutrients published extensive research into the antioxidant properties of beets and found that as well as betalains, there are many other antioxidants in beetroot. These can help to break down toxins in your body so that they can be easily flushed out. The research also found that beetroot extracts help to get rid of free radicals from your body cells.4

In fact, studies have shown that juiced beetroot is one of the most potent antioxidant drinks from all vegetable and fruit juices.5

So, to help your body get rid of harmful toxins and prevent developing chronic diseases, make sure and regularly consume beets as part of a healthy diet.

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Beet Juice Lowers Blood Pressure

Beets also have the potential to lower your blood pressure naturally. The reason that beetroot is good for hypertension is due to its content of inorganic nitrate. When you consume beets, the nitrate content is converted into nitric oxide which helps to improve blood flow. This has a beneficial effect on your cardiovascular system and helps to reduce blood pressure.

The blood pressure-lowering effect of beets was proved in a study published in the Nutrition Journal. The researchers found that adding beetroot to your regular diet can help to lower blood pressure and also reduce the risk of heart-related medical conditions. The participants in the study found that within 6 hours after drinking beetroot juice their blood pressure levels were significantly lowered.6

Beet Juice Side Effects

34 Health &  Nutritional Benefits of Beet Juice for ...

Beet juice benefits are obvious, but the juice has its contraindications:

  • Kidney diseases: glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, urolithiasis
  • Gout and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Heartburn
  • Because beet juice is a laxative and diuretic, it can cause intestinal upset
  • Since beet juice stimulates cleansing of the liver and if there are stones in the bile duct then it can cause serious health problems that would require immediate ambulance call
  • Can cause allergic side effects. Allergic reactions include fever, chills, rash, burning sensation or itching. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms after drinking of beetroot juice, immediately consult a doctor.

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Juicing Done Right: 10 Rules To Follow

One of the cons of juicing is that its easy to fill up on calories. If youre going to do it right, keep an eye on the sugar content of your juices. Too much sugar not only makes it hard to lose weight but also can cause blood sugar spikes. Such spikes can make arthritis symptoms worse and could lead to diabetes and some cancers, Harris says.

Follow this list of dos and donts for juicing with arthritis.

Do: Work one or two juices a day into a healthy, plant-based diet while paying attention to calories. Tart cherry juice, for instance, is healthy but high in calories, so be sure its counted as part of your overall calorie allotment for the day, Angelone says.

Do: Drink juices made up of 80 percent vegetables and 20 percent fruits to limit sugars, Harris says.

Do: Pair your juice with protein, such as nuts or Greek yogurt, to help control your blood sugar.

Do: Try juicing with vegetables, fruits, and spices thought to have anti-inflammatory effects, such as ginger, which may help improve symptoms of osteoarthritis, according to a study published in 2013 in the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology. You can also try turmeric, cinnamon, and chili powder along with citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons, berries, tart cherries, carrots, and leafy greens, Harris says.

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Do: Scrub your produce with a clean brush. If arthritis makes chopping difficult, Angelone suggests buying precut fruits and vegetables.

Health Benefit: Beets Boost Eye Health

Beet greens are a good source of lutein, an antioxidant that helps protect the eyes from age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. They also contain a wide variety of phytochemicals that may help improve the health of your eyes and nerve tissues. Here are more antioxidant-rich foods you should be eating.

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How Cherries Help Fight Arthritis

Generations of people have reported that cherries help keep painful osteoarthritis and gout flares in check. Now, scientists are putting this popular folk remedy to the test, with promising results.

Researchers have tested different amounts of several varieties of cherries in almost every form, from juice to pills. And though most studies are small and the findings preliminary, evidence of the benefits of cherries is growing.

Its All About Minimizing The Inflammation


The main reason for your pain and stiffness is inflammation. This is a perfectly normal response within the body. Its your immune systems response to start healing. The problem is the body can react when it really doesnt need to. It believes that theres a problem and sets off the inflammatory response without anything to fight.

Rather than help to improve your health, the inflammation causes pain. It has been linked to so many types of chronic pain, including rheumatoid arthritis.

What you need to do is get rid of the inflammation in the body. You need to minimize this response to help live a better, more fulfilling life. When it comes to the right diet, that action really isnt that difficult. Each of these seven vegetables has proven to reduce inflammation.

One of the best things about reducing the inflammation is that your whole body will be healthier. Youll experience less overall pain and can help to reduce the damage to your bodies, such as cell death and damage. Your immune system also isnt hindering itself through the unnecessary action, so you fight off more illnesses daily. Of course, the vegetables have also proven to help other conditions.

If youre not going to eat these vegetables for your rheumatoid arthritis, eat them to improve your overall health and happiness!

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Warning: Can Cause Reddish Urine And Stool

1. Beet juice can turn urine and stool red. Just in case youve experienced this dont freak out if youve eaten beet. Its normal.

2. Even though when taken in moderation beet juice can help with iron deficiency, anemia and even help detoxify the liver but too much of this juice is likely to have adverse effects on all of those.

As noted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, beets and other freshly-squeezed vegetables and fruits can produce dangerous bacteria in the juice.

Remember, you only require small amounts of the juice to rip the benefits.

Water For Arthritis Relief

There is no such thing as a magical elixir to drink to keep us healthy. But if there was, it would be water. Hydration is vital for flushing toxins out of your body, reducing inflammation, soothing damaged joints, regenerating damaged cells, and providing relief from pain. Adequate hydration levels can help keep your joints well lubricated and offer additional protection against damage. Unless you have an underlying condition that makes it necessary, most experts agree fancy waters with added minerals and electrolytes are a waste of money.

To learn more, give our pain management clinic a call and let our team of pain relief experts help you find the arthritis relief you need!

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Rich In Inorganic Nitrates

Beetroot and beet juice is rich in Inorganic nitrates. In fact 80 to 95 percent of dietary nitrates come from fruits and vegetables, the rest comes meat, baked goods and cereal .

Despite concerns of some that these can cause cancer , research reveals that a diet rich in nitrates have have beneficial results, particularly lowering blood pressure and the decreased risk to other diseases.

Dietary nitrates works like a messenger that delivers molecule called nitric oxide. These travels through the artery walls and telling them to relax. When these muscles relax, blood pressure goes down .

How Long Does It Take For Beet Juice To Kick In

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There are no measurable effects on any organ systems within 15 minutes of drinking beets so dont expect immediate relief if youre trying out an organic ginger-beet shot before dinner tonight.

It will begin working its magic over time due to its powerful antioxidants which can also protect against cancer! Drinking beet juice daily may lower blood pressure by reducing hypertension, reducing pain associated with arthritis, and improving digestion.

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Beets Detox Your Liver And Kidneys

If you want to get rid of toxins from your liver, you should consume beetroot regularly. This can help to keep both your liver and kidneys working well and in good health. The beneficial effect of beets on liver and kidney health is thanks to the way betaine detoxifies these organs.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that extracts of beetroot help to prevent fat accumulating in the liver and reduces oxidative stress.16 Other studies have found that beets have the power to prevent kidney damage and get rid of free radicals that can cause kidney disease.17

Top Up Your Dark Leafy Green Intake

Of all the vegetables out there, the dark leafy greens are arguably the best. Theyre excellent for getting so many nutrients that we tend to be deficient in, even if we eat plenty of healthy meats, fish, and other animal products.

Dark leafy greens like kale, spinach, and even broccoli, are full of minerals like iron, magnesium, and calcium. Theyre low in calories at the same time, helping to keep the weight gain to a minimum while offering the body all the nutrients it needs.

When it comes to rheumatoid arthritis, dark leafy greens has vitamin E. This is a necessary vitamin to protect against cytokines, molecules that are known for cause inflammation within the body. While there are plenty of other foods out there that have vitamin E, theyre nowhere near as good as the dark leafy greens.

If you dont like the bitterness of spinach and kale, you could opt for other cruciferous vegetables, such as cauliflower. While not as good as dark leafy greens, the cruciferous vegetables are far better than so many other options out there.

The dark leafy and cruciferous vegetables also have plenty of phytochemicals. These fight off disease in the body, helping to boost the immune system and reduce the inflammatory response.

One of the best things about dark leafy greens is how versatile they are. You can cook them, eat them raw in salads, and you can even blend them together into green smoothies. In fact, green smoothies are considered one of the best ways to start your morning!

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