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How To Help Relieve Arthritis Pain In Dogs

Natural And Herbal Arthritis Remedies Recovery In Dogs

Treating Arthritis in Dogs – a plan to keep them pain free!

Arthritis is painful. Ease your dog into these natural methods of relief and healing. With so many options, you can try several to get the right fit for your budget, your dogs likes and dislikes, and the time you can give to care for your dog. Be patient. Your dog is not going to feel better overnight. But with time and lots of love, you will begin to see improvement. As your listless dog begins to exercise more, you can provide muscle massages as they get used to increased exercise. Consider canine acupuncture, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy too.

If you are changing your dogs diet, make slow changes and include supplements or herbs in treats when possible. If you are adding new whole foods to your dogs bowl, add bone broth as well to give the fruits and vegetables a meaty flavor the dog will enjoy.

How Long Can A Dog Live With Arthritis

Arthritis isnt fatal, so your dog wont die of it. In fact, dogs with arthritis can live well into their teens, but they may lead restricted and pain-filled lives. Our challenge as caregivers is to help our best friends stay active for as long as possible. Become familiar with the risk factors and symptoms of arthritis so that you can anticipate, recognize, document, and treat the signs of arthritis before they incapacitate your dog.

Risk factors for osteoarthritis include the dogs size , age , genetics , stress and trauma injuries, an inflammatory diet, diabetes, and diseases transmitted by tick bites.

Symptoms of arthritis in dogs vary from one patient to the next but as the illness progresses, most dogs experience:

  • intermittent lameness
  • reluctance to rise or move
  • depression or lack of interest
  • joints that hurt when touched or swollen joints that are tender and warm to the touch

The Role Of The Canine Joint

The canine joints play a critical role in normal movement.

Joints are the junction that connects two different bones in a dogs limb, allowing their limbs to move freely with each step.

Not only do joints help their limbs move with ease, but they also play a major role in the preservation of bones.

In a healthy dog joint, the joint is surrounded by fibrous tissue. The joints are also covered in cartilage that wraps around the end of the bone, offering added protection to this critical junction.

These structures not only support the joints with each movement, but they allow for proper shock absorption.

When a dog develops canine arthritis, they begin to feel the impact of a failing system.

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Inflammation: The Real Cause Of Dog Arthritis

We once thought arthritis was the result of wear and tear but more recent research shows this isnt the case. Researchers say arthritis may be the result of chronic, low-grade inflammation.

In a nutshell, the immune system releases proteins that damage joints. These proteins bind to cartilage-producing cells in the joints and lead to the secretion of more damaging proteins. This creates a cascade of chronic, low-grade inflammation in the joint. And if your dog already has some arthritic changes it can create more pain.

Low-grade chronic inflammation isnt just linked to arthritis. Its now believed to be the cause of virtually every health condition and disease. Dr Brent Bauer, director of the Mayo Clinic Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program, says

Inflammation appears to play a role in many chronic diseases

Now you might be thinking, Great, Ill give my dog anti-inflammatory drugs and the arthritis will go away. But those drugs wont address the cause of your dogs inflammation. And new research shows NSAIDs can cause even more damage to your dogs joints and soft tissue.

Not all inflammation in the body is a bad thing. Acute inflammation is part of the bodys natural healing process. It sends white blood cells to the affected area when your dog gets exposed to viruses or bacteria or if he hurts himself.

But chronic inflammation is not good. Its the kind of inflammation that stays for weeks, months and even years.

How To Help Your Dog With Arthritis

Dog Pain Reliever

It is possible that you are asking how to treat your dog with arthritis at home because arthritis is a degenerative condition with no known solution. It does not matter whether or not your dog has been diagnosed with the ailment there are natural and non-invasive solutions available to help relieve your dogs pain and discomfort.

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How To Use Aspirin For Arthritis Pain Relief In Dogs

This article was co-authored by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS. Dr. Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS is a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in veterinary surgery and companion animal practice. She graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1987 with a degree in veterinary medicine and surgery. She has worked at the same animal clinic in her hometown for over 20 years.There are 9 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 8,078 times.

Aspirin can help to relieve pain caused by arthritis, but should not be given to dogs with certain conditions. Since aspirin is linked to an increased risk of stomach ulcers and other intestinal complications in dogs, you should only give your dog aspirin if told to do so by your vet. In order to treat your dog’s arthritis, it is important to know if your dog should get aspirin, and how much aspirin to give it to maximize pain relief.

Surgical Options For Canine Arthritis

There are several surgical arthritis in dogs treatment options. Which one is best for your dog is something you need to discuss with a DVM.

Total Joint Replacement. This is surgical arthritis in dogs treatment where the entire hip joint is removed in dogs with joint health problems like arthritis and hip dysplasia. Joint replacement is not cost-efficient for older dogs.

During the procedure, both the ball and socket are replaced with artificial components. The ball is usually replaced with a metallic ball while the socket is replaced with a plastic socket.

Removal of the Femoral Head. This surgical arthritis in dogs treatment involves the cutting of the head and neck of the femur . After the surgery, the scar tissue helps to stabilize the joint.

The surgery is mostly done in small animals since they dont have as much weight to support. After about three months, a small dogs hip joint is expected to be functioning as normal.

Arthrodesis. This is more complex arthritis in dogs treatment option. It refers to a procedure where the two bones at the joint levels are cut and fused together to form one bone. The orthopedic surgeon removes the cartilage at the joint, cuts a portion of the bones off, and joins them.

Arthroscopic Surgery. Arthroscopy is popular arthritis in dogs treatment option as it is a minimally invasive procedure that allows the preservation of joint stability. Plus, it allows the veterinary surgeon to examine the joint cartilage up close.

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What Causes Arthritis In Dogs

There are many different causes of arthritis in dogs. The most common cause is age. As dogs get older, their joints naturally begin to wear down. This wear and tear can lead to osteoarthritis.

  • Breed Certain large breed dogs such as German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Rottweilers are more prone to this disease because of their activity level and size.
  • Obesity When dogs carry around excess weight, this will put excess stress on the cartilage and joints, making them at a much higher risk of developing Osteoarthritis.
  • Genetic Some dog breeds are born with hereditary or congenital conditions that can make them more likely to develop arthritis later in life.
  • Infection In some cases, infections can cause damage to cartilage and joint tissues.

Unfortunately, arthritis is not a curable disease, but identifying and starting treatment at the early stage will significantly improve your dog’s quality of life.

Stair Treads Help Arthritic Dogs

Dog Joint Health: Relieving joint pain & inflammation (arthritis)

If your arthritic dog has to use stairs have a look at the stair treads.

For indoor staircases, steps that are all wood or linoleum are prime candidates for temporary step treads. The styles that work best for dog paws are the rubber backed treads with double tape or the self stick gritty tape kind .

For outdoor steps, most steps are fine until they are wet or snowy, then they are downright dangerous. I know my own deck steps get really slippery after it rains and thats why I have the sticky, gritty roll tape on my outdoor deck steps and on my front porch I tacked down the outdoor carpet stair treads.

TIP: Stair treads that dont work well for dog paws are the decorative open pattern rubber style. This style easily traps a dogs toe or paw and should be avoided . The other style that doesnt work well for dogs is any style that is slippery or that does not get securely fastened.

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Cost Of Natural And Herbal Arthritis Remedies In Dogs

Natural care can be expensive at times, but adding herbs to improve your dogs pain levels should cost under $25 a month. Giving your dog a whole food diet can be as simple as the cost of fruits and vegetables. You can use bones from your own chicken or beef meals to make bone broth to add to your dogs food. If you choose to visit with a holistic or homeopathic veterinarian, you might find their training is different and, therefore, their office visits are more expensive. A typical office visit may be about $75 instead of $50, for example. Before committing to a holistic veterinarian, research the homeopathic veterinarians in your area. Many will do phone consults for a much lower rate. From a phone consultation, you can get advice on where to purchase herbs and how much to give your dog how based on condition, breed, and weight.

Worried about the cost of Natural And Herbal Arthritis Remedies treatment?

Pet Insurance covers the cost of many common pet health conditions. Prepare for the unexpected by getting a quote from top pet insurance providers.

Managing Your Dogs Weight

Dog joint discomfort can be alleviated in large part by controlling ones overall weight. As a result of being overweight, there is greater strain on the joints, which causes pain and discomfort. Controlling your dogs weight might assist to alleviate some of their discomfort as they age. Consult with your veterinarian about the optimal weight for your pet as well as long-term weight control strategies for your pet.

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Be Patient And Realistic

Your arthritic dog needs all the patience, support, and TLC you can offer. With your help, your dog can still remain happy and comfortable for a long time in the face of arthritis.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for osteoarthritis. Though treatment can slow the progression of the disease, it may eventually become so severe that your dog’s pain cannot be controlled and he will be too immobile to benefit from assistance.

Sadly, when other options have been exhausted, the time may come to consider humane euthanasia. As difficult as this decision is, rest assured you will be doing the right thing if it is out of love for your beloved companion.

Remedies For Arthritis In Dogs


Arthrities, a Painful Joint Disease

Arthritis is an acutely debilitating disease in humans, equally so for dogs. There are, however, ways of managing the disease to provide your dog arthritis pain relief.

Dogs are typically active animals. Bone, cartilage, and muscle damage happens all the time, which was thought to be the root cause of canine arthritis, but low-grade inflammation of the joints is now recognized as the most likely cause. Ultimately, the culprit is the dogs immune system, which releases proteins that can damage cartilage and diminish the lubrication around them, making the bone surfaces rub against one another. Older dogs are affected most often, but younger ones arent always immune.

How do you Recognize Arthritis in Dogs?

Is your dog less keen to exercise, or does your dog appear lame, stiff, reluctant to climb stairs, slow to move, and/or grumpier than normal? If the answer is yes, then theres a chance she may have arthritis. However, dont panic. There are a few ways you may be able to help your pet get some arthritis pain relief.

1. Start Your Dog on the Right Diet

2. Consider NSAIDs

These are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They can help reduce stiffness, swelling, and pain in the joints. But dont just use human NSAIDs. There are animal NSAIDs that your vet can prescribe, including:

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Help Your Dog Get A Grip

Make sure to keep your dogs nails clipped short. Long nails change the mechanics of the foot and can make walking more difficult, or sometimes even painful. Although it may seem intimidating at first, you can learn how to clip a dogs toenails with confidence and ease.

If you notice that your dog is having trouble getting a grip on slippery surfaces, consider trying Dr. Buzbys ToeGrips® dog nail grips. ToeGrips help dogs move with confidence by providing extra traction and improving the brains perception of where the limbs and feet are positioned.

Giving Your Dog The Medication

  • 1Give your dog aspirin with food. Giving your dog aspirin with food or immediately after a meal can help decrease the chances of stomach irritation. You can even crush up your dogs aspirin and mix it in with wet food or soft treats.XResearch source
  • Giving your dog aspirin with food helps reduce the chances that the aspirin will come into contact with the stomach lining. This, in turn, helps decrease the risk of an upset stomach, ulcers, and other potential complications.
  • Mixing crushed aspirin with dried food may not be as effective, since the crushed pieces may fall to the bottom of the bowl as debris.
  • 2Mix an aspirin-based headache powder with wet food. Instead of using a tablet, some dog owners find it easier to use an aspirin-based headache powder. This can be mixed directly with wet food so that your dog doesnt even notice the medicine.XResearch source
  • Check with your vet in advance to make sure your intended powder is safe for your dog. Some may contain additives or additional ingredients that your dog shouldnt consume.
  • 3Administer a dose of aspirin every 12 hours. Dogs dont metabolize aspirin like humans do, so they cant take it quite as frequently. For an arthritic dog, you should aim to give them their recommended dose of aspirin every 12 hours.XTrustworthy SourcePubMed CentralJournal archive from the U.S. National Institutes of HealthGo to source
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    Maintain A Healthy Weight

    The amount of weight that your dog carries has a significant impact on the health of his joints. If your dog is overweight, its joints are susceptible to increased stress, which may exacerbate the symptoms of arthritis in your dog. Maintaining a healthy weight can assist your dog in reducing the amount of needless stress placed on its joints.

    What Are Natural And Herbal Arthritis Remedies

    Pet Wellness Direct – VetSmart: How to Quickly Relieve Your Dogâs Arthritis & Joint Pain

    Arthritis causes bone and joint pain and discomfort and can be debilitating for dogs. Dogs who suffer from arthritis lose quality of life and can become depressed or anxious. Some dogs are susceptible to arthritis by breed and size, but others develop arthritis secondary to disease or injury. The older a dog, the more likely they will be affected. The thinning of fluids which lubricate and protect joints occurs as dogs age, causing bone to bone contact and painful friction. Arthritis also causes swelling in your dogs joints. There are natural, homeopathic and herbal remedies available to help treat arthritis in dogs. However, if your vet has advised your dog requires conventional medicine , their advice should be heeded. For most arthritic dogs, western medicine is needed to keep them comfortable. Always discuss your dog’s treatment plan with your vet who can help guide you.

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    Slim Down Your Elderly Dog

    If your dog is overweight, commit to helping her slim down. Extra weight places extra strain on joints, worsening the pain of arthritis. Feeling guilty because your dog is looking longingly at her food bowl? Mix a little pumpkin into her dinner its healthy, low cal, and will help her feel full. We like both Fruitables’ and Merrick’s natural canned pumpkin for dogs.

    How Do Dogs Get Arthritis

    Many of us have been told that arthritis is a normal part of canine aging.

    While plenty of our senior canine friends will suffer from this joint disease at some point, it is not actually a result of the standard aging process.

    Arthritis in dogs develops due to certain lifestyle and environmental factors, or a combination of the many factors listed below.

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    Manage Your Dogs Arthritis Naturally

    These 3 simple steps will get to the root cause of your dogs arthritis and I think you and your dog will love the results.

    Remember my old Chili? I treated her for leaky gut when she was 10. Afterwards, her joints and movement were so much better and as a bonus, her allergies were too!

    So why waste your money on NSAIDs that can make dog arthritis worse?

    Instead follow these simple 3 steps. Youll not only set your dog up to succeed youll also reduce his joint pain. And dont forget these steps also reduce his risk of cancer, allergies and other diseases.

    How To Relieve Your Dogs Arthritis Pain

    NutriPaws Hip and Joint Soft Bites â Bacon Flavor

    Arthritis is a common ailment in older dogs, especially in larger breeds. Although you cant cure it, there are ways to relieve your dogs arthritis pain.

    As your dog gets older, he may start to slow down and his joints may become stiff. Arthritis is fairly common in older dogs and it isnt always something you can effectively treat. Even if you cant make your dogs arthritis complete disappear, however, there are some things you can do to relieve his pain. Keep reading to learn more.

    Natural Ways to Ease Arthritis in Dogs

    If your dog suffers from arthritis you should follow your veterinarians advice regarding treatment. In some cases, however, your dog may need a little bit of extra help to relieve his day-to-day pain.

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    One thing you should definitely do is take a second look at his diet. If your dogs diet is heavy in carbohydrates, particularly low-quality grains like corn and wheat, it could be triggering inflammation that is contributing to his pain. A diet rich in lean protein and healthy omega fatty acids will help to reduce inflammation and mitigate your dogs pain.

    At-Home Tips to Manage Your Dogs Arthritis

    In addition to improving your dogs diet and giving him joint-supporting supplements, there are some simple changes you can make around the house to ease his pain. Here are some ideas:

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