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How Do You Treat Arthritis In The Thumb

Using Ring Splints To Support Finger Joints

Treating thumb osteoarthritis – basal joint OA – with Prolotherapy

Learn how ring splints help provide stability and improve alignment in the finger joints for people with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Using Ring Splints to Support Finger Joints

What Do Ring Splints Do?

Some people with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis may not be able to straighten a finger joint, which can make grasping difficult or putting on gloves downright impossible. In others, an inflamed tendon may cause a finger to feel locked in a bent position, causing pain and reducing function. Ring splints can be worn on any of the fingers to help these problems and other deformities, such as joints that become stuck in a hyperextended position or instability at the knuckles, which lets fingers cross under or over each other.

According to Cynthia Garris, an occupational therapist and inventor of silver ring splints, joint destruction and disease can affect the alignment of ligaments and cause joint instability. This creates a loss of support and decrease in power. Ring splints stabilize the finger and control the movement of the joint in its normal range.

Swelling and pain are precursors to joint instability, so if you notice youre starting to have these symptoms in your hands, tell your doctor youd like to have an occupational therapist or certified hand therapist evaluate your hands and advise you about the benefits of a ring splint, says Garris. Once a joint becomes fused splints are no longer useful.

Ring Splint Styles and Types

Managing Pain

Which Is Better For Osteoarthritis Heat Or Cold

For an acute injury, such as a pulled muscle or injured tendon, the usual recommendation is to start by applying ice to reduce inflammation and dull pain. Once inflammation has gone down, heat can be used to ease stiffness. For a chronic pain condition, such as osteoarthritis, heat seems to work best.

Injury To The Thumb Joints

Injuries to the thumb joints can increase the risk of developing osteoarthritis because joints that have been damaged tend to generate more friction and are more prone to sustaining more damage. Therefore, people who have a history of multiple injuries to the thumb joints may develop osteoarthritis of the thumb at a younger age than they otherwise would have.

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Exercise For Your Thumbs

Your doctor or a physical therapist may recommend hand exercises. You can do these exercises to improve range of motion and improve your arthritis symptoms.

Simple exercises can include a thumb stretch, in which you attempt to touch the tip of your thumb to just under your pinky finger.

Another stretch, called IP, uses flexion. It requires you to hold your thumb stable with your other hand and attempt to bend just the upper part of the thumb. And an additional exercise is to simply touch the tips of each of your fingers to the tip of your thumb.

You should only do these exercises after consulting with your doctor or physical therapist. And be sure to get instructions to make sure youre doing the movements correctly.

Which Arthritis Is Worse Rheumatoid Or Osteoarthritis

Arthritis at the base of the thumb  Hand Therapy Group

RA and OA are chronic conditions that cause pain and stiffness in the joints. Both conditions can become worse over time without appropriate treatment. The effects of OA and RA on a persons daily life range from mild to severe. RA and OA can cause similar symptoms, but they have different causes and treatments.

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Surgical And Nonsurgical Treatments For Arthritis Of The Thumb

Arthritis is a condition that causes inflammation and cartilage loss within the joint. There are several types of arthritis. The most common typeosteoarthritis, or wear-and-tear arthritisoccurs commonly in the joint at the base of the thumb, where the thumb meets the wrist. This joint, called the carpometacarpal joint or the basilar joint, is important when trying to grip or pinch. Thumb arthritis is more common in women than men and increases in frequency over the age of 50 years.

Symptoms common in patients who have thumb arthritis include:

  • Pain at the base of the thumb
  • Swelling at the base of the thumb
  • Grinding sensations when moving the thumb
  • Painful and limited movement of the thumb
  • Difficulty gripping
  • Pain when opening jars, turning keys, etc.

Most people who have arthritis in the thumb report that their symptoms are worsened by activities, particularly repetitive activities. People who work with their hands, such as manual laborers, or even people who enjoy activities such as knitting or woodworking may notice pain at the base of the thumb as they continue their activities. In fact, those who have an occupation with repetitive movements are twice as likely to develop localized osteoarthritis. Many people with this condition find themselves rubbing or massaging the base of their thumb in order to relieve the discomfort.

Symptoms Of Arthritis Of The Thumb

Thumb arthritis may begin with mild symptoms but it can progress over time causing significant pain and disability. Bony bumps on the joints of the fingers and thumbs are one of the earliest signs of OA. Those bumps are hard bony deformities that the body creates in an attempt to repair joint damage caused by that cartilage breakdown.

So, how do you know if you have thumb arthritis? The most common symptoms are:

  • Pain at the base of your thumb
  • Pain when you pinch or grip small objects, pens, or keys
  • Difficulty twisting a lid off a jar
  • Feeling pain and tenderness on or around that joint if you press on it
  • You may also have a bump, or nodule, over the joint.

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Should I Exercise My Hands

Dont be afraid to use your hands. Regular exercise is important in reducing stiffness and keeping your joints and muscles working. Try to make sure you move any affected joints in your fingers, thumbs, knuckles and wrists as far as is comfortable several times a day. You could also see an occupational therapist or physiotherapist for specific hand exercises.

What Conditions Will An Oval

Arthritis Of The Fingers – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

Oval-8 Finger Splints treat a variety of finger problems including arthritis, trigger finger and trigger thumb, mallet finger, swan neck deformity, hypermobility and crooked and broken fingers. These lightweight easy-to-wear finger splints are based on a orthopedic principle that it takes three points of pressure to stabilize or support a joint. Using this principle in the design, the Oval-8 is a very effective treatment for common finger conditions just by applying a simple turn of the splint.

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A Patients Guide To Arthritis Of The Base Of The Thumb

Arthritis is a process which causes wear of the smooth lining of the joint called the articular cartilage. This process is progressive and typically intensifies over time. The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritisa degenerative arthritis. Other types include rheumatoid arthritisa type of inflammatory arthritis. The vast majority of patients will have osteoarthritis of the thumb. This arthritis affects the base of the thumb and is also called the carpal metacarpal joint

What Stands Out About Yale Medicines Approach To Thumb Arthritis

The physicians in Yale Medicines Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery Program specialize in evaluating and treating injuries and musculoskeletal disorders that affect your daily movements. We offer the latest technological advances and we are active in research that can lead to better treatments.

At Yale Medicine, we offer the complete range of care to patients, with occupational therapists on site at multiple locations and a new state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center at Yale New Haven Hospitals St. Raphael Campus, Dr. Luo says.

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How Can Dr Knight Help You With Basal Thumb Arthritis

Basal thumb arthritis can be extremely painful, and Dr. Knights primary concern is to relieve you of this pain, as well as the accompanying inflammation, so that you can return to your life and work and continue to go about your daily routine with little or no change in behavior.

We looking forward to helping you live a more pain free life. Dr. Knight is one of the top hand doctors in Dallas. Contact us online, give us a call at or visit Dr. John Knight at our Southlake hand and wrist center or Dallas office location.

Other Causes Of Thumb Pain

Pin by Pamela Bell English on Arthritis

There are other potential causes of thumb pain that need to be considered, especially if simple treatments for some arthritis do not help. Possible causes of thumb pain include:

Sometimes these conditions can mimic the symptoms of arthritis of the thumb, and they can also coexist along with arthritis of the thumb. If you were diagnosed with some arthritis, and your symptoms do not seem to be responding appropriately to treatment, your healthcare provider should evaluate for other potential causes of pain. Sometimes these other conditions may need treatment in order to alleviate your symptoms of discomfort.

If the pain is still not improved, and other conditions do not seem to be the source of your discomfort, it may mean that the treatments provided are not adequate to relieve your condition. In that case, more invasive treatments may ultimately become necessary.

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What Are The Options For Treating My Thumb Arthritis

  • Hand & wrist
  • What are the options for
  • If you have had an injury to your thumb, such as a fracture or sprain, this will naturally lead to pain and limited function for a while. But, if you are having thumb pain for no reason, or if your pain doesnt go away after injury, you may have the start of arthritis.

    Mr Alistair Jepson, consultant orthopaedic specialists at Harley Street Specialist Hospital, shares his expertise.

    Are Steroid Injections In The Thumb Painful

    Cortisone Injections Occasionally it is difficult to enter the joint due to spurs from the arthritis. Under these circumstances the injection can be inserted under x-ray control. Once the anaesthetic wears off, it is common for the thumb to ache for 1-r the injection due to stretching of the joint capsule.

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    What Are The Symptoms Of Numbness In The Left Hand

    Symptoms of numbness in the fingers of the left hand. Clinical manifestations of numbness of the fingers usually peak at night and morning. The main symptoms are: reduced sensitivity of some or all fingers tingling sensation in the fingers transient muscle weakness in the fingers burning sensation, crawling goosebumps on the skin.

    Can You Have Surgery For Thumb Arthritis

    Self Treatment For A Stiff Arthritic Thumb Joint

    Surgery would only be considered as a treatment for thumb arthritis if all other options have been exhausted.

    Traditionally, the main options have been joint excision without replacement , or fusion of the joint . While both these operations are excellent at relieving pain, they do come with downsides. Risks include loss of range of motion or strength in your thumb.

    Youve probably heard of hip or knee replacement surgery, and it is possible to replace a thumb too. We use similar technology, just on a much smaller scale, to replace thumb joints, as well as other arthritic joints in your fingers.

    During joint replacement surgery, the damaged parts of your thumb joint are replaced by an implant , which is designed to match your original joint as closely as possible.

    The benefit of a thumb joint replacement is that you should retain much of your movement and strength.

    The operation itself is done as a day case procedure and results in just a small scar.

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    Surgical Options For Thumb Arthritis

    Surgery can be a helpful treatment for patients with severe thumb arthritis. The usual surgical treatment is to remove the arthritic bone, relieving the pain and inflammation of the worn-out joint. There are different surgical procedures to accomplish this goal, including a trapeziectomy. In some situations, your surgeon may choose to replace the removed bone with a tendon graft, with an artificial implant, or with nothing at all. Alternatively, your healthcare provider may consider fusing the joint, to eliminate all motion at the base of the thumb.

    The good news about surgery is that, in appropriately selected patients, surgical treatment of thumb arthritis is very successful. Patient satisfaction with surgical treatment is about 9095%, meaning most patients feel very good after surgical intervention. There are potential complications of surgery, including infection, nerve injury, and persistent pain. Talk to your healthcare provider if you want to know more about the surgical treatment of thumb arthritis.

    Five Surgeries For Thumb Arthritis

    Learn about five procedures used to treat joint damage and pain caused by thumb arthritis.

    Most activities that involve grasping or pinching are possible because of the thumbs remarkable range of motion. But dexterity comes at a price an increased risk ofosteoarthritis in the first carpometacarpal joint, where the thumb meets the trapezium bone in the wrist. Sometimes the joint becomes so damaged that surgery is necessary.

    How Thumb Arthritis Develops

    Problems often start when the thick ligaments that hold the joint together loosen, allowing it to slip out of place. Over time, the articular cartilage that cushions the ends of the bones wears away, causing pain and limiting movement.Rheumatoid arthritis and other forms of inflammatory arthritis can also damage the CMC joint in the thumb, also known as the trapeziometacarpal joint .

    David S. Ruch, MD, chief of the hand surgery at Duke Health in Durham, North Carolina, says women, especially those older than 50, are 10 to 20 times more likely than men to develop thumb arthritis, though no one is quite sure why. Both women and men respond well, at least initially, to conservative measures such as anti-inflammatory medications, splints, activity modification and limited steroid injections. For some, says Dr. Ruch, these may be the only treatments needed.

    make people feel better, but they dont stop disease progression, and eventually surgery may be necessary, he says.

    Five Types of Thumb Surgery

    Ligament Reconstruction

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    Hand & Finger Fitness To Stop Pain & Stiffness After Surgery Or Arthritis Bob And Brad Demonstrate How To Stop Hand And Finger

    Fingers and hands have many small joints that need to work together fluidly to allow everything from. I dont know if he has any diffilcuties with his deformity, but i hope he hasnt yet and. A fusion of the finger joint is an extraordinarily effective means of eliminating the. Treats over 6 different conditions depending on how its worn on the we take our fingers for granted until a simple injury or the onset of arthritis in your finger or thumb affects how you use your hand. Crooked fingers ligament injury carpal tunnel syndrome plantar fasciitis arthritis being used treats watch videos. We will experience finger joint pain in our thumb when we flex or straighten it . The finger splints can look different and this is just how one can look like. Finger arthritis afflicts millions of americans, but there are ways to treat the pain and swelling. If there deformity is not much or is due to underlying pathology like arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis etc then. Crooked fingers can be straightened by reconstructive surgery which can be done by plastic surgeons. Some people with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis may not be able to straighten a finger joint, which can make grasping difficult or putting on gloves downright impossible. Crooked fingers is the solo project of singer/guitarist eric bachmann. International cricket umpire billy bowden, famous for his crooked finger of doom, is fronting this years arthritis new zealand orange appeal.

    Basal Joint Arthritis Symptoms

    Thumb Arthritis

    Pain at the thumb is often the first basal joint arthritis symptom. The pain can occur in different forms. For some people, it will be a dull, constant ache in others it might be a sharp pain that only hits when you use the thumb, says Saakshi Khattri, MD, assistant professor of rheumatology and dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine in New York City. The pain is most likely to hit when you pinch or strain the basal joint, like when zipping a jacket or opening a jar, she says.

    There could be swelling at the base of the thumb too, and people with basal joint arthritis might also notice their thumb loses mobility and gets weaker the longer theyve been dealing with the pain. People try to avoid doing certain motions that stress that joint, says Dr. Khattri. With time, what you see is wasting of the muscle at the base of the thumb.

    Arthritis of the thumb can feel similar to other hand conditions. Doctors will need to rule out carpal tunnel syndrome and de Quervains tenosynovitis before settling on basal joint arthritis.

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    Is It Arthritis In My Hand Or Tendonitis

    Arthritis and tendonitis can mimic each other, so its important to understand the difference between the two. Tendonitis is inflammation of the tendons in your hand due to an injury or repetitive motion, and the pain can come and go suddenly or last for a few days.

    Arthritis, however, is inflammation of the joint due to degenerative joint disease. There are many types of arthritis, but the most common forms are osteoarthritis , when the protective cartilage in the joint breaks down, and rheumatoid arthritis , when immune system attacks the joints. Early symptoms of arthritis include painful hand joints, burning sensation and decreased functionality of the hand and/or wrist.

    Surgery To Repair Or Replace The Joint

    For those with thumb arthritis that does not respond to other treatments, your physician may recommend surgery to repair or replace the joint. There are a number of surgical options for treating thumb arthritis . After surgery, physical therapy will usually be recommended to aid in the recovery of function.

    • Arthrodesis: This involves fusing the bones in the affected joint. This reduces pain and allows the joint to bear weight but limits its movement.
    • Trapeziectomy: This involves removing one of the bones in the thumb joint and reconstructing the surrounding ligaments and tendons.
    • Joint replacement: A third option is a joint replacement, in which the affected joint is removed and replaced with a prosthetic joint.

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