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Does Rheumatoid Arthritis Cause Dry Mouth

Treatment For Dry Mouth

A Rheumatologist Explains: Sjogren’s Syndrome

Theres no cure for Sjögrens syndrome, so treatment mostly centers around making your mouth comfortably moist, and reducing the risk of gum disease and cavities caused by the lack of saliva. Heres what Alan Baer, MD, director of the Jerome Greene Sjögrens Syndrome Clinic at Johns Hopkins Medicine, recommends to his patients.

Rinse and spit: Prescription SalivaMAX is a supersaturated calcium phosphate rinse that is soothing and helps protect your teeth, says Dr. Baer. You can also make a mouth rinse at home, consisting of one teaspoon salt and one teaspoon of baking soda in one liter of water, he says. It will hydrate your mouth and neutralize acids to prevent cavities.

Oil up: Spread a few drops of vitamin E oil on your tongue and around the inside of your cheeks. It is soothing and will help protect the integrity of the mucous membranes in your mouth, says Dr. Baer. But be sure to call your doctor if you notice the tissues are red and irritated, he notes. That can be a sign of a fungal infection that needs prescription treatment.

Consider a CoQ10 supplement: Although more research is needed, Dr. Baer says some people with dry mouth may benefit from a dietary supplement known as Coenzyme Q10. One small, placebo-controlled clinical trial in Japan found that 100 mg a day of CoQ10 improved saliva flow in Sjögrens patients after one month.

Osteoarthritis Vs Rheumatoid Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, affecting about 27 million people in the United States. Osteoarthritis is caused by degeneration of cartilage, and is also known as degenerative arthritis. In contrast, rheumatoid arthritis is caused by the immune system attacking the joints. This autoimmune process causes systemic inflammation, while in osteoarthritis, mechanical degeneration causes localized inflammation.

Osteoarthritis commonly affects a single joint, such as one knee. Trauma, such as multiple injuries playing sports, is a risk factor for osteoarthritis. On the other hand, rheumatoid arthritis usually affects three or more joints, in a symmetric distribution . Rheumatoid arthritis frequently, but not always, causes elevation in blood levels of substances that are markers of systemic inflammation such as the ESR and CRP . In contrast, osteoarthritis does not cause abnormal blood test results. Both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are hereditary. For example, if a woman has osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, her/his children are at increased risk of developing the same type of arthritis.

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Research And New Developments

Were funding several studies to improve understanding of Sjögrens syndrome and develop new and more effective treatments for the condition.

In people with this condition, immune cells form structures called tertiary lymphoid organs . Were currently funding a study to understand why TLOs are present, and whether removing them could improve the condition.

We are also supporting research to uncover what causes lymphoma to develop in a small number of people living with the condition. This research may allow doctors to predict who will develop lymphoma, which means people can be treated early.

Were also funding the SALRISE study, to establish whether electrostimulation of the salivary glands using a small electronic device can be used to treat a dry mouth.

This research will improve understanding and could allow new treatments to be developed.

What Questions Should I Ask My Doctor If I Have Sjgrens Syndrome


If you have Sjögrens syndrome, you may want to ask your doctor:

  • What lifestyle measures can I take to make my symptoms more livable?
  • Can certain medications, drinks or foods dry out the eyes or mouth?
  • Should I look out for any signs of complications?

A note from Cleveland Clinic

While there isnt a cure for the dry mouth, dry eyes or other problems caused by Sjögrens syndrome, you dont have to live with discomfort or pain. Talk openly with your healthcare provider about how the disease affects your everyday life. Eating, swallowing, speaking and seeing are all critical for enjoying life. Your provider can help you find the right combination of therapies to relieve symptoms.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 07/21/2020.


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What Are Tips For Managing And Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis

The following tips are helpful in managing and living with RA:

  • Live a healthy lifestyle: Eat healthy foods. Avoid sugar and junk food. Quit smoking, or don’t start. Don’t drink alcohol in excess. These common-sense measures have an enormous impact on general health and help the body function at its best.
  • Exercise: Discuss the right kind of exercise for you with your doctor, if necessary.
  • Rest when needed, and get a good night’s sleep. The immune system functions better with adequate sleep. Pain and mood improve with adequate rest.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions about medications to maximize effectiveness and minimize side effects.
  • Communicate with your doctor about your questions and concerns. They have experience with many issues that are related to rheumatoid arthritis.

Causes Of Sjgren’s Syndrome

Sjögren’s syndrome is caused by the immune system , damaging healthy parts of the body. This is known as an autoimmune condition.

The condition usually affects areas of the body that produce fluids, such as tears and saliva. But other parts of the body, such as nerves and joints, can also be affected.

It’s not clear why the immune system stops working properly.

It may be linked to:

  • genetics some people may be born with genes that make them more likely to get an autoimmune condition
  • hormones the female hormone oestrogen may play a part, as the condition is much more common in women than men

Sometimes, people with Sjögren’s syndrome also have other autoimmune conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. This is known as secondary Sjögren’s syndrome.

Primary Sjögren’s syndrome is where you do not have any other related conditions.

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How Can I Keep My Dentures In If I Have A Dry Mouth

Saliva is required as a lubricant to maintain the hold of dentures in the mouth. It helps create suction between the base of your denture and the ridge of gum tissue on which your denture sits. Therefore, with a dry mouth maintaining the position of dentures can become difficult. The use of artificial saliva will help to increase hold as well as using denture fixatives.

It is important to see your dentist to check the fitting surface of the denture, as an ill-fitting denture will not help with natural hold in the mouth. It may be possible to reline your current denture, or it may be a better solution to make a new set with an improved design where possible.


Prognosis Of Sjogrens Syndrome

Understanding Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms, Causes and Treatment | Dr. Rahul Jain ( Hindi )

The overall disease course of Sjogrens syndrome can vary from very mild to fairly significant. Individuals with secondary SS seem to have milder disease, as compared to those with primary SS. As previously noted, people with primary SS seem to have a greater chance of extraglandular involvement.

Early diagnosis and early treatment are extremely important in trying to prevent damage to major organs.

Learning as much as possible about the disease process will enable individuals with commonly associated diseases to be aware of problems and symptoms.

Routine follow-up with the physician is equally important.

The Lupus Foundation of America would like to thank Stuart Kassan, MD, for providing this information.

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What Does Ra Feel Like

  • The usual symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are stiff and painful joints, muscle pain, and fatigue.
  • The experience of rheumatoid arthritis is different for each person.
  • Some people have more severe pain than others.
  • Most people with rheumatoid arthritis feel very stiff and achy in their joints, and frequently in their entire bodies, when they wake up in the morning.
  • Joints may be swollen, and fatigue is very common.
  • It is frequently difficult to perform daily activities that require use of the hands, such as opening a door or tying one’s shoes.
  • Since fatigue is a common symptom of rheumatoid arthritis, it is important for people with rheumatoid arthritis to rest when necessary and get a good night’s sleep.
  • Systemic inflammation is very draining for the body.

Monitoring Tooth Decay And Other Dental Issues

However, my rheumatologist also said that the RA itself could be exacerbating these dental problems by leaving me susceptible to bacterial infections of the gums. He told me to keep taking my medication and, if things progressed when I went back to the dentist, we would reconsider whether taking Humira and Plaquenil was the best treatment plan for me.

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Is There A Cure For Rheumatoid Arthritis

There is no known cure for rheumatoid arthritis. However, with early, aggressive treatment with DMARDs, many patients are able to achieve remission, meaning the symptoms of RA are quiet. Sometimes, the dose of medications may be reduced when remission is achieved. It is unusual for rheumatoid arthritis to remain in remission if medications are stopped, and when this does occur , symptoms and signs usually come back over time. For this reason, it is not advisable to stop rheumatoid arthritis medications unless advised to do so by a rheumatologist.

Ra And Sjgrens Syndrome: Treatment And Coping Tips

Foods that make arthritis worse.Homemade dog food for ...

Nathan Wei, MD, director of the Arthritis Treatment Center in Frederick, Maryland, seconds Montys opinion that strict adherence to medication is the best course of action for both rheumatoid arthritis and Sjögrens syndrome. The good news, according to Dr. Wei, is that treatment might not require you to do anything different.

Both are systemic diseases, so biologic therapy for the RA will also treat the Sjögrens, he says. Sjögrens may require some local therapy for the dryness of the eyes and mouth.

Sometimes doctors treating dry mouth will prescribe systemic drugs that increase secretions, such as Salagen or Evoxac . Eye physicians may also prescribe eye drops, such as Restasis , for dry eye symptoms.

Remember, too, that some small steps may bring big relief. Avoid sweets but try sugarless gum or candy to counter mouth dryness, Wei suggests. Special toothpastes and ointments are often helpful, too. Also drink water frequently and try over-the-counter eye drops .

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Biopsy Of The Inner Lip

At NYU Langone, doctors use the results of a lip biopsy to confirm Sjogrens syndrome and rule out other diagnoses. The biopsy involves the removal of a small amount of tissue containing tiny salivary glands thats examined under a microscope. Your rheumatologist may refer you to an ear, nose, and throat specialist for the biopsy.

The doctor first injects a local anesthetic into your lower lip. Then, using a needle or a scalpel and tweezers, the doctor removes roughly five salivary glands and sends them to a laboratory for examination. Stitches may be necessary to close the incision, and there may be soreness or numbness after the procedure.

The pathologist, a doctor who studies diseases in a laboratory, looks for evidence of inflammatory cells around the salivary glands that are indicative of Sjogrens syndrome. It takes about one week to get biopsy results.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Support Groups And Counseling

Living with the effects of rheumatoid arthritis can be difficult. Sometimes people can feel frustrated, perhaps even angry or resentful. Sometimes it helps to have someone to talk to.

This is the purpose of support groups. Support groups consist of people in the same situation. They come together to help each other and to help themselves. Support groups provide reassurance, motivation, and inspiration. They can help people see that their situation is not unique, and that gives them power. They also provide practical tips on coping with the disease.

Support groups meet in person, on the telephone, or on the Internet. Ask a health-care professional or contact the following organizations or look on the Internet to find a suitable support group. If someone does not have access to the Internet, go to the public library.

  • Arthritis Foundation

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Can Other Problems Mimic Sjgren’s Syndrome

Sometimes, the use of certain drugs can cause side effects that mimic the symptoms of Sjögren’s syndrome. Medications such as tricyclic antidepressants and antihistamines like Benadryl, radiation treatments to the head and neck, as well as other autoimmune disorders, can also cause severely dry eyes and mouth, but itâs not Sjögrenâs syndrome.

How Does Rheumatoid Arthritis Affect The Entire Body

Swollen & Bleeding Gums Linked To Rheumatoid Arthritis

Like many autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis typically waxes and wanes. Most people with rheumatoid arthritis experience periods when their symptoms worsen separated by periods in which the symptoms improve. With successful treatment, symptoms may even go away completely .

Although rheumatoid arthritis can have many different symptoms, joints are always affected. Rheumatoid arthritis almost always affects the joints of the hands , wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, and/or feet. The larger joints, such as the shoulders, hips, and jaw, may be affected. The vertebrae of the neck are sometimes involved in people who have had the disease for many years. Usually at least two or three different joints are involved on both sides of the body, often in a symmetrical pattern. The usual joint symptoms include the following:

These symptoms may keep someone from being able to carry out normal activities. General symptoms include the following:

  • Malaise

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What Triggers Ra Dental Issues

I called my rheumatologist when I returned home and informed him of what had happened at the dentist. He said that it was possible that both the Humira and Plaquenil were indirect sources of my recent teeth troubles. The rationale behind this was that these medications were causing dry mouth and subsequently leading to a proliferation of bacteria, which thereby created the beginnings of those cavities.

When Should I Call The Doctor If I Have Sjgrens Syndrome

Severe mouth or gum pain could indicate infection or tooth decay. Itchy eyes, eye pain, or blurred or double vision can signal infections or other vision problems. You should also call your doctor if you notice swollen lymph nodes in your neck, armpits or groin. Enlarged lymph nodes could indicate lymphoma or another health condition.

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What Is Dry Mouth

Dry mouth or xerostomia is a condition which affects the flow of saliva and is something that some patients with RA experience. Your mouth needs saliva to be able to work properly. Saliva is important as it:

  • Keeps your mouth comfortably moist.
  • Helps you to speak.
  • Helps you to swallow.
  • Helps to break down your food.
  • Acts as a cleanser it is constantly washing around your mouth and teeth, fighting , gum disease and infections by helping to keep your mouth clean.
  • Helps keep in dentures.

Does Sjgrens Syndrome Cause Hair Loss

Autoimmune Arthritis: What Is It?

If you have Sjögrens syndrome, you might see some hair loss, and it might be as a result of the condition. There is a condition known as frontal fibrosing alopecia that is being found in higher numbers in people with autoimmune diseases. This condition causes slow hair loss at the front hairline and sometimes the eyebrows.

However, hair loss can be triggered by many things, including stressful life events and medications. You should ask your dermatologist about problems with hair loss.

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What Is Sjgrens Syndrome

Sjögrens syndrome is an autoimmune condition. This means that the immune system, which is the bodys natural self-defence system, gets confused and starts to attack your bodys healthy tissues.

Inflammation is your bodys normal reaction to injury or infection. You might notice inflammation if you have a cut or a wound. It causes the affected area to hurt and turn red. It may also become hot, as fluid rushes to the area and causes swelling.

The inflammation seen in Sjögrens syndrome particularly affects the glands in your body that produce tears and saliva. This causes your eyes and mouth to become dry. Other parts of the body can also be affected, leading to dryness of the:

  • skin

Sex Fertility And Pregnancy

Women with Sjögrens syndrome can sometimes have a dry vagina, which can make sex painful. Lubricants and creams made from the female sex hormone, oestrogen, can help with this. Treatments for infections such as thrush are available from chemists.

The condition doesnt affect fertility in men or women. However, there may be a higher risk of miscarriage in women who have anti-Ro or anti-La antibodies. Your doctor might suggest low-dose aspirin in the early stages of pregnancy to reduce this risk.

There arent usually any problems during or after pregnancy, and you may be able to carry on with some treatments, such as hydroxychloroquine, during pregnancy.

However, a very small number of women may pass anti-Ro or anti-La antibodies on to their baby during pregnancy. The baby could then develop symptoms, such as rashes and abnormal blood tests after birth.

These will clear up once the mothers antibodies have been lost from the babys blood. This can take anything from a couple of weeks to a few months.

In some cases, the antibodies affect the babys heart, causing it to beat slowly. If you have these antibodies, you should tell your obstetrician, as your babys heartbeat will need additional monitoring in the womb.

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