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Does Omega Xl Work For Arthritis

Summary Of Omega Xl Arthritis Research


Kudos if you made it through all those studies! Here is a quick review of the human Omega XL arthritis research to date. To be fair, I will say it works or it does not work based only on research that found statistically significant results.

2013 study: it works

2011 study: it works

2004 study: it does not work

2004 study: it works

2003 study: it works

1998 study: it works

1980 Study: it does not work

Of the 7 studies, 5 noted it worked. Keep in mind several of the Omega XL arthritis studies had problems with how they were conducted. See the summaries above for more information.

How Do I Cancel My Omega Xl Subscription

If you want to cancel your Omega XL subscription, you can cancel by phone or email. The steps to cancel your membership are found below:

Cancel by Phone

  • Ask a customer service representative to cancel your automatic renewal.

Cancel by Email

  • Email your query at
  • Include your name, address, and email information associated with your account.
  • Ask to cancel your auto-renewal.
  • Ask for a return email confirming your cancellation. Omega XL states that you should expect a 24-48 hour response time.
  • Follow up with a phone call at the number provided below if you do not receive a confirmation email.

Omega Xl Reviews: Final Words

Omega XL, an all-natural supplement that was developed to alleviate inflammation and pain caused by arthritis. Its unique in comparison to other supplements in this category and has a distinct combination of ingredients.

The product lacks ingredients like glucosamine, however it appears to work quite well without it. The reviews of users were generally positive, with many customers finding the product useful in treating their ailments. It is vital to schedule appointments with your doctor prior to beginning using this supplement to ensure that it is suitable for you medically.

Physio Flex Pro is one of the most impressive joint supplement combos on the market at the moment. This jiont aid has been seen to promote:

  • Better Mobility – Move easier and more freely
  • Dampens Pain – Less aches and irritants from inflamed joints.
  • Lubricates Joints – Feel more comfortable in yourself.
  • Reduces Inflammation – Less muscle pain around the joints.

Its arguably the best joint supplement formula on the market. Below, you can learn all the main aspects of Physio Flex Pro and how this joint formula may work for you.

Visit Their Website:

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Potential Side Effects: Is Omegaxl Safe To Use

From a clinical laboratory perspective, ingredients used in Omega XL formulation are considered safe in healthy individuals when given in the correct dosage.

That is not to say, however, that the supplement itself is without any unpleasant effects.

You have to expect at least some form of digestive discomfort with any new supplement you take.

Intestinal gas bloating and flatulence are perhaps the most common gastrointestinal effects youd experience during the adjustment period.

Gastrointestinal complaints with Omega XL may stem from the fatty acid content in the supplement.

The molluscan shellfish oil in its proprietary blend is a major concern among Omega XL users.

While the formulator claims that Omega XL does not contain clinically relevant levels of allergy-triggering antigens in shellfish, we advise caution if you have an allergic reaction to shellfish.

Omega XL may also prove problematic due to the blood-thinning effect of supplemental alpha-tocopherol.

However, as the alpha-tocopherol dosage in the supplement cannot be determined, we cannot say how it will affect someone already on a blood thinner, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and warfarin.

We strongly advise consulting with your healthcare provider before any new dietary supplement.

More so if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or already on medication for any other health condition.

Severe cases of allergies and side effects should be treated as an emergency.

Contact local emergency services immediately.

New Omega Xl Review 202: Does It Really Work

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What is it?

Omega XL is a brand of nutritional supplements that claim to relieve inflammation and joint pain. The Omega XL pills are their only product offering, and they come in only one order size.

The oral soft-gel pills contain DHA, EPA, and a combination of 28 other fatty acids. Omega XL claims that it has over 22 times the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids as regular fish oil, that it is allergen-free for people that are sensitive to fish-based products, and that they have 30 years of clinical research to back up their assertions. Oh, and they have celebrity spokesperson Larry King, who claims on their website and infomercials to be a daily user.

We have selected a group of health, wellness, and nutrition experts and they compiled a list of the best joint health supplements available. Our panel reviewed hundreds of different supplements and have found that Flexitrinol is the most effective product currently available.

Omega XL Ingredients and Side Effects

Omega XL does not offer a list of their ingredients or their dosages anywhere on their website, however under the FAQs section they do mention that it has three main active ingredients:

Perna Canaliculus PCS0-524 Patented Oil Extract Monounsaturated Olive Oil Vitamin E
Business of Omega XL

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Omega Xl Customer Reviews

Omega XL reviews by verified customers are a bit of a mixed bag, there’s a lot of people saying that it did nothing to help ease their joint pain and there’s a few that say they noticed an improvement. In general though the gist seems to be that there was no difference in using Omega XL when compared to a store brand for a fraction of the cost.

Cost & Where To Buy Omegaxl

Omega XL is a fantastic supplement that can help you reach all your health and wellness goals.

Its always available on Amazon, with the standard price of $75 per bottle, but discounts usually mean itll be around 50$. Shipping for this product in US citizens hands comes free as well.

Considering its quality and value, I would say that the price tag is too much for what you get in return. Simply its an overpriced product.

Omega XL is available in 60 and 300 capsule bottles on Amazon and other such stores. However, we recommend the official site for any product because you can get the original product at some discount.

This supplement comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you are unsatisfied, you can return it and get back your money.

Whats the return policy?

If youre not satisfied with your purchase, contact them within 60 days of the original date, and theyll give you a full refund. In addition, they offer an easy-to-use return policy that allows for both returns in unused portions and cancellations without penalty up until 30 days after purchase.

You can also find Omega xl at Walmart, Walgreens, and Costco.

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Omega Xl Active Ingredients

So what does Great Healthworks claim to actually be in this product? How does it differ from standard fish oil?

  • PCSO-524 According to a recent study, Perna Canaliculus New Zealand green lipped mussel extract, PCSO-524, is 89% more effective for reducing joint pain than regular fish-based supplements. This ingredient is unique to this supplement, but current studies fail to support the effectiveness of green-lipped mussel oil extract.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids Free fatty acids are known for helping relieve painful joints, and some studies suggest that they also act as a natural anti-inflammatory. However, the dose is relatively low compared to other omega-3 supplements.
  • Vitamin E – Commonly found in olive oil, vitamin E has numerous potential benefits, such as improving skin and nail health.
  • Monounsaturated Olive Oil Monounsaturated olive oil is known as the healthiest fat on earth, and its easy to see why.
  • MUFAs have been found to lower total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels. In addition, some clinical research shows that MUFAs may potentially benefit insulin levels and blood sugar control, which can be helpful if you have or are at risk of type 2 diabetes.

    – Katherine Zeratsky, Dietitian

    Manufacturer Of Omega Xl

    OmegaXL: The Omega-3 That Relieves Joint Pain as Explained By Blair Underwood

    Omega XL is a natural joint health supplement, with Omega-3 fatty acids as the backbone of its formula. This has been touted as the best solution which promotes joint health to relieve arthritis and joint pain.

    The product relies on the powerful benefits of the fatty acids EPA and DHA and is made by a company called Great Healthworks. Interestingly, it is noticeable that the infomercials and advertisements feature celebrities such as Larry King, which may or may not lend credibility to its effectiveness.

    TIP Weve been spending a lot of time trying and evaluating various health-related supplements, and ProJoint Plus has impressed us.

    Buy on Walmart*All the prices mentioned on their websites are subject to change.

    The company is registered in California, as per its website. The location is an industrial park and, therefore, is challenging to confirm despite the company being given an A by The Better Business Bureau, 142 complaints about the company since 2010. Please take this in mind when ordering and using this product.

    *All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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    What Is Omega Xl Good For

    The company claims to have done over 30 years of research on this Omega XL and how it can combat inflammation and joint pain. It noted an 89 percent decrease in pain symptoms among 50 subjects studied.

    The website also noted that some of the ingredients have been sourced from green-lipped mussels from New Zealand. These shellfish are known for having a fatty acid content similar to fish oil.

    Note: Larry King, Jonathan Cheban, Tony Dovolani, Ana María Polo, and Blair Underwood are paid endorsers of OmegaXL.

    *All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

    It should be noted that Omega XL is mainly a fish oil supplement. Fish oil has indeed been linked to joint health and support.

    Omega Xl Review : A Personal Experience

    CONTENTSDonald Christman, BHScMethodologyLearn more.

    The Omega XL supplement is popular for two main reasons – the online raves and Larry King.

    The product claims to benefit those who suffer from joint pain and inflammation as well as muscle soreness, whether due to aging or exercise.

    As such, it is a favorite supplement among older folks, which probably explains Larry Kings strange, incongruous promotion of it

    Mr. King aside, tons of product reviews online are mostly positive.

    But does it live up to the hype? Our team with our resident dietitian spent almost a month’s worth of research – ingredients and clinical studies included – to see if this product does.

    Let’s get into the details of our research with this Omega XL review.

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    The Benefits Of Omega

    Youve probably heard of omega-3 fatty acids, especially if you have an inflammatory type of arthritis. They help reduce inflammation throughout the body, and some studies have shown benefits for heart health, brain function and diabetes.

    There are two major types of omega-3 fatty acids in our diets. One type is alpha-linolenic acid and the other type is eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid . The body partially converts ALA to EPA and DHA.

    According to the National Institutes of Health , fish oil is the most commonly used dietary supplement in the United States. A study published in the Annals of Rheumatic Disease in 2013, found that when a high-dose fish oil supplement is added to so-called triple therapy for rheumatoid arthritis , patients achieved better outcomes: they were far less likely to fail treatment and twice as likely to reach remission than those who did not take a supplement.

    According to the results of at least 13 studies involving more than 500 participants, people with rheumatoid arthritis who took omega-3s supplements had a reduction in joint pain but not in joint damage. Other studies suggest that omega-3s may help RA patients lower their dose of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs . And according to information from NIH, administering fish oil by IV reduces swollen and tender joints in people with RA.

    Here are some others ways that omega-3s can boost your health, according to researchers.

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    Omega Xl Questions And Answers

    Omega XL Customer Reviews â Does It Really Work?

    Q: How To Take Omega XL?A: Omega XL Dosage: As per the official site, they suggest 4 gel capsules daily, preferably with a meal, for the first 8 weeks. All 4 may be taken at once, or two in the morning and two at night whatever works best for you. Also, a third-party source of information tells us that the daily recommended dosage is at least 3 capsules.

    Q: How Much Does Omega XL Cost?A: The following pricing information comes straight from the official Omega XL website. Therefore this will be the price and the terms you will be subject to should you buy it from them directly:

    • Your first bottle will cost $39.95
    • There is a $4.95 shipping fee which brings your first purchase to a total of $44.90
    • Your first purchase will include a second bottle of Omega XL for free
    • After your first purchase, you will be enrolled in an auto-ship program that will send you a new bottle every month for the price of $39.95 plus $4.95 shipping

    Q: Who Sells Omega XL?A: Omega XL is sold by Great HealthWorks Inc.

    Q: Is Omega XL sold in stores?A: It is not sold in stores. You go to their site, fill in all the information including credit card and click on buy now. You can buy OmegaXL by Great HealthWorks Fatty Acid Combinations From New Zealand Softgels, 60 Ct at Free shipping with no order minimum.

    Q: What is Omega XL Used for?A: OmegaXL is a natural supplement formulated with a complex of healthy fatty acids which is used to help relieve pain due to inflammation.

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    Does Omegaxl Actually Work

    The natural components in Omega XL, a nutritional supplement that supports joint health, include a combination of omega 3 fatty acids from green-lipped mussel extract.

    Because of this, it is preferred by elderly individuals who would ordinarily consume traditional fish oil extract and have joint discomfort due to osteoarthritis.

    The majority of consumers claim that Omega XL did not improve their arthritic joint pain and inflammation, even after using it consistently for months along with extra vitamin E.

    The maker also asserts that the all-natural composition, which includes fish oil and other substances, may help to reduce muscular stiffness brought on by exercise.

    In contrast, in my experience, I didn’t notice any appreciable alleviation from delayed onset muscle soreness following exercises.

    Perna Canaliculus Proprietary Oil Extract

    Also known as New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel is a potent anti-inflammatory that many people are using to treat joint problems. Scientists have found that green-lipped mussels are more effective than fish oils in alleviating osteoarthritis pain.

    According to a study published in the Journal of Alternative Medicine, Its excellent for treating arthritis and other forms of painful inflammation.

    The dogs in this study were given a diet enhanced with green-lipped mussels. The omega-3fats helped treat their osteoarthritis, and by improving mobility, they could walk better than before.

    Another 2012 study investigated how high-dose GLM extract works on humans with knee arthritis over the course of eight weeks. They concluded it significantly improved joint mobility and stiffness levels among 21 subjects who took this daily 3000 mg dosage for twelve weeks or more.

    Another 2013 test conducted by researchers thinks the GLM is more effective than standard fish oil in relieving osteoarthritis-related joint pain over 12 weeks.

    The green-lipped mussel extract is said to support joint health, mobility, and muscle recovery. However, the only clinical study I could find was for 20 people with asthma, where it helped relieve hyperpnea-induced bronchoconstriction.

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    So Whats Inside Omegaxls Prorietary Blend

    The biggest species of mussels in the world, known as Green-lipped or Pema canaliculus, are native to New Zealand. It is a component of the PCSO-524 oil extract found in Omega XLâs Proprietary Blend, which also includes d-alpha-tocopherol, extra virgin olive oil, and omega fatty acids .

    Is this a good thing?

    Well, according to clinical studies, green-lipped mussels include Pema canaliculus Oil Extract, Olive oil, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and lyprinol, which have anti-inflammatory and joint-protective properties.

    Green-lipped mussels have been demonstrated to provide pain relief for persons with osteoarthritis-related joint discomfort when combined with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines or paracetamol – so not just by itself as in a joint supplement. As a result, contrary to what is often believed, mussels are not utilized to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

    What Does Research Say

    Omega XL Arthritis Relief

    Numerous studies have investigated the efficacy of green-lipped mussel extract in improving arthritis pain.

    • One review suggests that green-lipped mussel extract may help to treat mild to moderate osteoarthritis. However, further rigorous research is warranted to determine the efficacy and dosage conclusively.
    • On the contrary, another review notes that there is a lack of compelling evidence to suggest the therapeutic use of green-lipped mussel products in treating osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. And since there are cheaper alternative supplements with more concrete evidence, you may wish to invest your hard-earned money on something else!
    • There is more conflicting evidence from other studies. For instance, this one study suggests that green-lipped mussel significantly improves knee joint pain, function, stiffness, and mobility.
    • On the flip side, another study observes no significant improvement in osteoarthritis symptoms with green-lipped mussel extract. However, researchers noted that higher doses or a longer treatment duration are worth investigating.

    Summary: There is conflicting evidence on whether green-lipped mussel extract/products can improve arthritis pain significantly.

    Since research has not proven anything conclusively, lets explore what consumers have to say!

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