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Does Massage Help Arthritis Pain

Tell Your Massage Therapist About Any Current Injury Or Joint Damage


If you know that you have significant damage to a particular joint or have an injury, you need to tell your massage therapist before you start, says , a massage therapist in Houston, Texas. We would need to adjust the type of massage and the level of pressure used, she explains. If you have severe damage from arthritis, you absolutely need to have a therapist with specific skills and training in treating arthritis.

How Can Melbourne Natural Therapies Help

Remedial Massage can help Arthritis sufferers as it increases flexibility and mobility. It also decreases pain and inflammation, relieves aches and stiffness and promotes a feeling of overall relaxation. Our therapists at Melbourne Natural Therapies also use other modalities such as cupping and dry needling to help decrease pain levels.

How Massage Therapy For Gout Can Relieve Arthritis Symptoms

Treatment of the underlying issue is accomplished through medication and diet changes. However, the symptoms in the joints respond very well to massage therapy for arthritis. This includes deep tissue work, movement training, and stretching. Getting the joints to move again helps to break up the uric acid build up and lower the arthritis inflammation. Once the underlying issue is treated, massage can keep the joints mobile and help prevent any future gout attacks.

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Ice Packs & Heat Packs

Ice packs can be used to soothe swollen joints and reduce swelling and inflammation. Similarly heat packs can also help sooth pain by stimulating blood circulation, if you dont have access to ice or heat packs then you can always opt to create your own.

Soaking a wet flannel cloth with warm water or cold water will work in a similar way to using the heat or ice packs, however you should be careful to make sure you get the temperature right or you risk injuring yourself.

Massage Therapy: The All

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If you suffer from arthritis pain, you are not alone. The Center for Disease Control estimates that 52.5 million adults in the U.S. have been diagnosed with some form of arthritis. This degenerative disease can make it difficult to perform your daily tasks due to crippling pain. However, there is an all-natural option that can reduce the pain of arthritis and improve your quality of life: Massage Therapy.

Many people think that arthritis is a sign of getting older and the pain is to be expected. Yet the CDC estimates that almost two-thirds of those with arthritis are under the age of 65, with 1 out of 250 children affected by arthritis pain. Whatever your age and whether you suffer from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or fibromyalgia, Massage Therapy can be a wonderful, natural way to control the pain and gain relief from this disease.

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Choosing A Qualified Massage Therapist

Massage therapists may have different levels of training depending on the type of massage they practice. To be assured that your therapist has formal, accredited qualifications and adheres to a code of ethics, check that they are a member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia or equivalent organisation. When choosing a massage therapist, check that they are also experienced with working with arthritis.

There are two main types of massage therapists in Australia: massage therapists and remedial massage therapists. Remedial massage therapists hold additional educational qualifications and may be able to provide health fund rebates from private health funds .

Working With Your Massage Therapist

When attending a massage therapy session, be sure to discuss your needs with the therapist and ask them what treatment is best suited to your condition.

Massage therapy should be conducted in a secure and private area where you have the ability to undress and dress in private. The therapist should not be present at this stage and you will be asked to lie on the table and cover yourself with the appropriate towel or cover. It is normal practice for undergarments to be worn. During the massage, towels or coverings should be used to cover any part of the body not directly receiving treatment.

If you are uncomfortable or unsure at any stage of the massage, be sure to tell the therapist. You have the right to ask the therapist to stop any treatment immediately and decide whether you want to continue with the massage.

Remember, if you experience any discomfort during your treatment, let your massage therapist know. Your massage therapist should also inform you of any effects you might notice following the treatment, such as mild pain, headache or bruising as this can be a normal post-treatment outcome.

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How Can You Help Your Dog With Arthritis

Even though there is no known cure for arthritis, you can still take steps to alleviate your dogs discomfort. Some things you can do is help your pet maintain a healthy weight and try natural remedies for arthritis.

Another option is canine massage therapy. Performing a massage can relieve the pain symptoms and slow down the progression of arthritis.

Other Tricks To Reduce Arthritis Pain

Massage For Carpal Tunnel & Arthritis Pain Relief Therapy Techniques for Hands & Arms, Chair Massage

Eating an anti-inflammatory diet isnt just the latest healthy lifestyle trend. Its actually a nutrition method practiced by some of the oldest holistic healing systems in the world, and it could be a helpful tool for your arthritis management.

Consistent movement practice is another proven natural therapy for arthritis. In one review of research on arthritis patients from around the globe, the majority of participants reported an improvement in pain after beginning a regular yoga practice. Interestingly, yoga can also decrease joint stiffness, so the more you move those difficult-to-move joints, the easier the movement becomes.

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Let Your Therapist Know About Rashes Bruising Or Cuts

If your arthritis causes any type of skin issue, you should let your massage therapist know in advance, says Beth Rose, a licensed massage therapist in Coral Springs, Florida. Tell us what it is and how you would like us to handle it, she says. For instance, should we avoid using lotion in that area or would you like it to stay covered or just use a lighter touch there? This means the therapist wont have to interrupt your massage to ask you.

Technique #1 Bend And Release

This choice is a great option if your pain is severe or your mobility is very limited from your arthritis symptoms.

Make sure, while youre doing these exercises, that you dont push yourself too far and you gradually build up to higher intensities over the coming weeks.

Fist Squeeze

This exercise is a simple as it sounds. Begin by

  • Holding your hand straight out with all your fingers straight.
  • Bring your fingers in and form a fist, wrapping your thumb on the outside of your fingers.
  • Its important to firm your fist without squeezing.
  • Open your hand back up to the starting position and repeat this process anywhere from 8 to 12 times.

    Finger Bends

    To begin this exercise you will

  • Place your hand straight out with your palm facing up towards you.
  • Similar to the fist squeeze, slowly bend your fingers individually into your palm, starting with your forefinger.
  • Once fully bent, hold that position for two seconds and slowly release until its fully straight again.
  • When youve done this with all four fingers, bend your thumb in towards the base of your fingers.
  • Hold for two seconds and slowly release back until your thumb is straight.
  • Repeat the sequence as often as you need, remembering to not push yourself too far. Stop if you feel pain.

    Finger Lifts

    This exercise is great if you have arthritis pain in the bottom knuckles of your fingers. To begin, place your hand flat on a hard surface, like a table, with your palm down.

    Starting with your forefinger

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    Technique #4 Finger Cup

    To begin, you will want to warm up your patients hand by giving them some compressions on their hand .

    The compressions are, essentially, light squeezes on the inside and outside of their hand working from the wrist out to the base of the fingers.

    Performing the Massage

    Next, you want to

  • Turn their hand so that their palm is facing up and their fingertips are towards you.
  • Place your pinky between their middle finger and forefinger.
  • Place your two middle fingers between their forefinger and thumb.
  • Place your forefinger on the outside of their thumb.
  • With your other hand, interlace your fingers with theirs, similar to how you did with your other hand. Its a little confusing at first, but heres a video showing how to do it and describing the massage technique.

    Once your hands are in position, use your thumbs to

  • Slowly work from the base of their wrist throughout their palm, paying special attention to the muscles between the finger bones.
  • Work slowly and methodically through their entire hand, being extra careful with the intensity and pressure youre putting on their hand.
  • Its important to follow the reaction of your patient as youre doing this, allowing them to guide you and tell you if it hurts.
  • Once you have finished massaging the palm

  • Work your way through each finger, starting at the base and working towards the tip.
  • Use both of your thumbs to work the joints side to side and back and forth.
  • Does Massage Therapy Help With Osteoarthritis Related Knee Pain

    Rheumatoid Arthritis: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and More

    Ross Hauser, MD., Danielle R. Steilen-Matias, MMS, PA-C

    Many people will benefit from massage therapy, many will not. The idea behind massage therapy is that the kneading and stroking of massage therapy will bring blood into the knee and blood initiates the healing immune response to repair soft tissue. It also feels good.

    Like many non-surgical applications, massage therapy is considered somewhat controversial. Controversial meaning researchers are not sure if it works and if it does help people, is it really addressing the problem in the knee or the muscles in the thigh?

    While we see many patients who are trying to avoid a knee replacement, we do see patients who are having pain challenges after their knee replacement. These people are generally represented by someone who will tell us a story that goes like this:

    I had a knee replacement a few months ago. I still cannot fully extend my knee and it is still pretty swollen. My therapists are telling me that I am very tight. That is an understatement, my tightness extends from my hip to my knee. During my massage therapy, the therapist tells me something I already know, I have huge knots throughout my muscles that are not working out. I am trying to work these knots out on my own as well. I bought everything online that I thought could help.

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    One In Four Adult Americans Has Been Diagnosed With Some Form Of Arthritis And So Massage And Arthritis Is A Topic That Will Become More Important For Therapists

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 54 million Americans have arthritis, and more than one in four adults with arthritis suffer from severe pain. Arthritis limits many adults everyday activities and doubling their risk for fall-related injury.

    Arthritis has become the most common form of disability.

    Arthritis is also one of the earliest-documented health conditions on Earth. Evidence of joint degenerationosteoarthritishas been documented in dinosaur skeletons that may be 70 million years old. Pre-Columbian remains from around 4,500 BC reveal symmetrical joint erosion, and ayurvedic texts dating from 123 AD describe a disease with joint pain, stiffness and feversrheumatoid arthritis.

    Prevalence increases with age so that, with the elder population expected to skyrocket in coming decades , the human and societal cost of arthritis may become overwhelming.

    Of all forms of arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the most commonly experienced among massage therapy clients.

    Massage Sessions Proved More Effective Than Light Touch

    In order to understand the effect massage had on joint pain, researchers recruited 200 people with osteoarthritis in their knees.

    The participants were randomly separated into three groups: those who got a one-hour, weekly Swedish massage another who received a light-touch control treatment and those who received no treatment outside of their usual care.

    The study participants were then randomly reassigned to one of the three groups every two weeks. Every two months, they completed a standardized questionnaire that measured their pain, stiffness, and physical functionality including how well they could climb stairs, stand up, sit down, walk, and get out of a car.

    The researchers discovered that after eight weeks, massage significantly improved the participants scores of pain, stiffness, and physical function compared to light-touch and usual care.

    After 52 weeks, massage maintained the same improvements that were observed eight weeks in, however, there were no additional benefits.

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    Massage Can Be A Great Complement To Other Treatments

    Osteoarthritis causes severe inflammation and swelling in the joints, which can be extremely painful and make daily activities and exercise challenging.

    Extra swelling in joints significantly limits functionality and mobility especially in weight-bearing joints like the hips, knees, and spine.

    For decades the primary drug treatment for osteoarthritis has been NSAIDs , the primary injection treatment has been cortisone, and the primary surgery has been knee replacement, said Matthew G. Michaels, MD, a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist with RestorePDX in Beaverton, Oregon.

    However, NSAIDS can be toxic and damage the kidneys, stomach, and heart and should be used with caution by people with diabetes and those age 65 and older, Dr. Michaels said.

    Cortisone isnt a cure-all, either.

    Cortisone injections are a powerful anti-inflammatory and can help temporarily, but in the long term may accelerate the degeneration of the joints, he said.

    Cortisone can also weaken the immune system and cause nausea, difficulty breathing, dizziness, and weight gain. And people who have type 1 or type 2 diabetes should steer clear of cortisone because it can increase blood glucose levels.

    Massage is a safe, natural way to help relax the muscles and bring movement back into the joints.

    Massage can also increase range of motion in the surrounding muscles, reduce swelling by moving fluid out of the area, and activate the muscles, Wu said.

    How Can You Help A Dog With Arthritis

    Fast Treatment for Hand Arthritis ~ Self Massage!

    Arthritis is worse in dogs that are overweight or unfit, so the first thing to do is put them on fat loss plan, reassess their meal portions and ensure adequate daily exercise. This will take extra weight and pressure off the dog’s joints, improve range of movement and flexibility, including improvement of the fitness of the muscles that support the joints.

    You can also provide pet ramps and pet steps to help your dog get up and down from raised surfaces without putting extra strain on their joints. These are especially useful for helping your dog to get in and out of your bed or car.

    If a veterinarian diagnoses your dog with arthritis, they will often recommend short-term anti-inflammatory therapy or give long-term drug therapy for pain relief. The type of drug you should expect from your vet is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory .

    Another great way that you can help to relief your dogs arthritis pain is with home dog arthritis massage

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    Types Of Massage That Help With Arthritis

    Left untreated arthritis can be a debilitating condition. However, thanks to the miracle of modern massage therapy, managing the ailment is easier than ever. The types of therapeutic massage that have proven effective in treating arthritic disorders are:

    We offer many more types of body massages and our signature foot massage at Treat Your Feet Buckhead.

    Does Massage Therapy Help With Osteoarthritis

    If you have not had a knee replacement, you are likely here reading this article because you are trying to avoid one. So will massage therapy help you?

    An October 2020 paper in the medical journal Medicine , announced a new study into the effectiveness of massage therapy in people with knee osteoarthritis. The researchers of this study have noted previous studies that have also confirmed that massage therapy is useful in improving pain, stiffness, and functional status for patients with knee osteoarthritis, however, they also note that at present, the evidence of massage for knee osteoarthritis lacks a comprehensive system evaluation. In other words, researchers are not sure if it works and if it does help people is it really addressing the problem in the knee. As mentioned above.

    So the goal of this study is to offer comprehensive evidence for evaluating whether massage therapy is useful in treating patients with knee osteoarthritis. For many people, a massage feels good. Whether it helps people or not in research does not usually matter to someone whose knee hurts and their initial response is to rub it.

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    Massage Therapy And Osteoarthritis Of The Knee

    As the largest and most complex joint in the body, the knee is a common place for people to develop osteoarthritis.

    One randomized controlled study found that participants who received an eight-week massage therapy intervention for symptoms associated with osteoarthritis of the knee had significant improvement when compared to those who received usual care.

    A similar study of 125 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee showed that a one-hour course of massage given for eight weeks provided better pain relief than usual medical care. Even when compared to just exercise, researchers found that patients with knee arthritis pain who received massage therapy with exercise showed significant improvement on the pain scale, get-up-and-go test and the WOMAC index.

    Massage May Help Knee Osteoarthritis

    5 Tips to Relieve Arthritis Pain Naturally

    Less Knee Pain and Stiffness Seen With Swedish Massage in Preliminary Study

    Dec. 11, 2006 — Knees hurt? Massage may cut the pain and improve function if you have knee osteoarthritis, a new study shows.

    Massage therapy “seems to be a viable option” as an addition to other treatments for osteoarthritis of the knee, write the researchers.

    Osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis, is mainly seen in older adults. In osteoarthritis, joints are damaged as cartilage, the joints’ shock absorbers, wears down.

    Osteoarthritis often affects the knees, making it hard to walk. The disease can become disabling.

    Massage might improve joint flexibility and circulation, note the researchers, including Adam Perlman, MD, MPH, and David Katz, MD, MPH.

    Perlman works at the Institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Katz is on staff at Yale University’s medical school.

    “Massage is free of any known side effects and, according to our results, clearly shows therapeutic promise,” Katz says in a Yale news release.

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