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Does Ginger Help Arthritis Pain

Does Ginger Work To Help Arthritis What The Research Says

Drs. Rx: Ginger to Help with Joint Pain?

The science-based evidence of ginger in reducing arthritis symptoms is limited, but some studies are promising. Montoya points to a 2001 randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study that included 247 patients with moderate-to-severe osteoarthritis pain. Sixty-three percent of patients in the test group taking a ginger extract experienced reduction in knee pain on standing, she says, compared to 50 percent of the control group.

More recently, a small 2019 study enrolled 70 rheumatoid arthritis patients who were randomly placed to take either 1,500 mg of ginger powder or a placebo for 12 weeks. The outcomes indicated that ginger seems to improve RA symptoms, Montoya says, but more definitive studies are needed.

Overall, the evidence available is very heterogenous in terms of sample, type of arthritis, and whether animals or humans were studied, Montoya says. A 2015 meta-analysis of studies found ginger to be moderately effective for OA, but the evidence was also found to be of moderate quality.

How Does Ginger Help With Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis Treatment

Ginger is one of the mainingredients in many dishes. Numerous studies conducted on ginger have foundthat it has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties.Therefore, taking it regularly could help in improving your immune function.

Gingers anti-inflammatoryproperties are very beneficial for people who are undergoing arthritistreatment. According to experts, the anti-inflammatory compounds found inginger work similar to COX-2 inhibitors, which are the drugs that help treatinflammation and pain.

Make Your Own Capsaicin Cream

Now an over-the-counter treatment for arthritis and back pain, this old home remedy for arthritis pain relief reduces levels of a compound called substance P, which transmits pain signals to the brain. You can whip up some capsaicin cream by mixing a few dashes of ground cayenne with 2-3 teaspoons of olive oil. Apply it with gauze to unbroken skin at the painful joints several times a day. The first few doses will cause a mild burning sensation, but youll become desensitized after a week or so. Just keep it away from the mouth, eyes, and other mucous membranes.

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Sniff Some Fragrant Spices

Pleasant aromas like lavender can alter the perception of pain, studies show. Japanese researchers found that lavender reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which can make you feel relaxed and less aware of pain. But lavender isnt the only pleasant aroma that works as a natural home remedy for arthritis pain relief. Korean researchers found that arthritis patients experienced less pain and were less depressed when they were exposed to the aromas of a variety of kitchen spices, including marjoram, rosemary, and peppermint. For a pain-soothing aromatherapy treatment, adding a teaspoon or so of one of these dried herbs to a quarter-cup of vegetable oil. Take a whiff frequently.

Sip Ginger Tea For Arthritis Pain Relief

Ginger for Arthritis: Does It Work?

Numerous studies have found that ginger can mimic NSAIDs, the front-line drugs for arthritis pain relief. It seems to work by curbing pain-causing chemicals that are part of the bodys inflammatory response without side effects of medication. Use powdered, raw, or lightly cooked fresh ginger liberally on food. Make your own ginger tea by simmering slices of ginger for 15 minutes in a few cups of boiling water, or buy ginger tea bags at the supermarket.

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Ginger Oil And Mustard Oil

  • Add 2 drops ginger oil to a tablespoon of warm mustard oil.
  • Massage the arthritis affected area with the oil and use a hot compress to reduce swelling and pain.
  • Follow the method 3 times in a day.

Note: For added benefits, use mustard oil for cooking. The oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium and selenium helps to relieve arthritis pain

It Has Gastroprotective Property

Ginger extract has gastroprotective action- it can protect from gastric ulcers caused by use of NSAIDs.

An animal study reported that ginger exerts gastroprotective effect against ulcers caused by aspirin and other painkillers.

Ginger extract utilises the antioxidant property to exert a gastroprotective effect. Ginger oil also exerts gastroprotective property.

A study was conducted in which osteoarthritis patients were treated with either 340mg ginger extract and 100mg diclofenac daily.

Ginger group experienced in dyspepsia related pain but no reduction in dyspepsia also a slight increase in inflammation in the gastric lining was observed.

Interestingly the group receiving diclofenac group experienced a reduction in inflammation in gastric mucosa but increase in dyspepsia pain and symptoms.

What does this mean? Ginger helps in remedying gastric problems and can protect against formation of ulcers caused by use of non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

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Make Sure You Get Enough Vitamin C

Vitamin C not only helps produce collagen, a major component of joints, but sweeps the body of destructive free radicals, which are harmful to joints. One of the best-known studies looking into vitamin C and arthritis found that people whose diets routinely included high amounts of vitamin C had significantly less risk of their arthritis progressing. Spread out your intake throughout the day because your body doesnt store vitamin C rather, it takes what it needs from the bloodstream at any given time and flushes out the rest. So a megadose in the morning doesnt really do as much good as you would think. Sip citrus drinks or eat C-rich fruits and vegetables such as strawberries or melon, broccoli, or sweet peppers.

Selecting Preparing And Storing Fresh Ginger

Ground Ginger to Reduce Muscle Pain

Most ginger in the supermarket is seven to ten months old. The skin of the ginger is darker and a bit tougher, and the interior is a darker yellow color. Occasionally you might see a blue streak running through your mature ginger. This is Hawaiian blue ring ginger, generally available in markets between December and April. This type of ginger is pungent and filled with juice.

Young ginger has a thinner skin that does not need to be peeled before use. This ginger is also less tough and fibrous which is what makes it perfect for making that pile of pink ginger that often accompanies sushi.

The large knot of ginger is called a hand. Look for firm, unwrinkled hands with no signs of mold. If you need a small piece, it is acceptable to break off only the piece that you need. Some practitioners of Chinese medicine believe that the most powerful pieces of ginger with the best medicine are those that are shaped most like a person.

Whether you buy a tiny piece or one large enough to look like a miniature person, ginger can be stored in the refrigerator loosely wrapped in a paper towel and sealed in a plastic container. Ginger can also be frozen whole, also in plastic. The advantage to freezing is that when needed you can use a microplane to grate whatever amount you need . Ginger will last for several weeks in the fridge and several months in the freezer.

If you store your ginger in the fridge and need to peel it before use, use a spoon for a safe and easy ginger-peeling method.

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Reviews For Arnica & Ginger Arthritis Rub

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Tamra June 22, 2016

    I came across this product at a Farmers Market in Spearfish, SD. My husband & I were having pain in our elbows. We used the sample and were throwing a football within hours pain free. I have arthritis in several joints & rely on this product for pain relief. Keep this product on the shelves. I promise to be a forever customer. Love living naturally.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Kristy July 22, 2016

    I bought this product a few years ago while traveling. It is awesome! I have arthritis in my neck and this really helps when it flares up. I will definitely buy it again when I finish the tin I have. Really happy I found this!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    August 26, 2016

    Great product! I spotted this when we were traveling out west and thought of my mother-in-law who has bad arthritis in her hands. She is into natural healing and ingredients and says this really gives her relief. She is thrilled with this balm I definitely am buying more.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Norma Thoreson February 2, 2017

    I first bought this product while we were out for the rally. It helped my achy joints while riding on the motorcycle for such long periods of time. Also, I have arthritis in my wrists and hands and love this salve for it.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Sara Mullerleile March 23, 2017

    This arthritis rub is Amazing! I have arthritis in my back and have a lot of pain with it. This is the only thing I have found that helps the swelling and pain.

  • Using Ginger For Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Ginger is a well-tolerated herbal remedy for pain relief with minor side effects. Using ginger for rheumatoid arthritis appears to work as a natural treatment due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

    A study published in Pharmacology discovered that a small amount of ginger oil administered to rats for a month showed significant improvements in paw and joint swelling associated with severe arthritis. Additionally, a study published in the Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine found that ginger extract significantly suppressed rheumatoid arthritis-associated inflammation through inhibition of cytokine expression.

    A study published in Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids found that ginger may be useful in reducing inflammation, cholesterol, and the formation of blood clots. Ginger extract was shown to relieve joint pain and reduce inflammation in rats with rheumatoid arthritis when taken daily in high doses .

    A study published in PharmaNutrition found that gingers secondary metabolites including gingerols and essential oils have anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic effects, which may make them good for rheumatoid arthritis.

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    How Ginger Works To Reduce Muscle Pain

    Some studies have found ginger to be effective in reducing the intense muscle pain that comes from a good workout. They found that ginger can be effective in reducing the daily progression of pain and that it can also work to reduce soreness. The effects may not come about immediately you might benefit from consuming 2 grams of ginger per day for at minimum of 11 days. Ginger can be added to teas as well as to soups, coffee or even hot chocolate! It is an excellent spice for beef, poultry, and fish like salmon, another food that is rich in omega-3s.

    Filter Your Tea And Finish It With Lemon Juice And Honey

    4 Benefits Of Ginger In Arthritis [UPDATED]

    Lemon and honey not only add flavor but bring additional health benefits to your tea vitamin C and antibacterial properties, that is.

    If you think your tea is too strong, just add some water in it. I like my tea very strong.

    And then lets get to work!

    Ginger has also other health benefits, like antioxidant and gastrointestinal relief effect.

    Thats why its definitely worth considering to include it to your daily diet.

    There are many good things in Western medicine. However after I started to search reasons for my joint and other physical pains Ive come face-to-face with its weaknesses. No talking about diet or other lifestyle choices, just thinking about medicine and pills that I could use.

    Well, you can just continue taking rheumatic medicine if they keep your pain away. That comment was so sad if you ask me. So sad.

    My google search was the beginning. After that, Ive also found other natural remedies that relieve my pains. Stories about those experiences coming up.

    But now, Im gonna have another cup of my joint warming ginger tea!

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    It Reduces Inflammation And Bone Degradation

    Inflammation is characterised by the formation of inflammatory agent arachidonic acid which is metabolised by COX and LOX pathways to form prostaglandins and leukotrienes which are inflammatory mediators.

    Ginger acts by inhibiting the formation of these prostaglandins and leukotrienes.

    The study reported that ginger powder consumption benefited in arthritis by bringing about a reduction in pain, muscle soreness and reducing swelling.

    The time period when ginger was consumed ranged between 3 months to 2.5 years and no side effects were reported.

    A clinical trial was conducted to assess the effect of ginger powder supplementation on inflammatory proteins in osteoarthritis.

    A dose of 1g ginger powder was given every day or placebo.

    After 12 weeks of treatment, a significant reduction in inflammatory markers like Nitric oxide and C reactive protein was observed in the group receiving ginger powder.

    These results suggested that ginger powder could be an effective supplement for osteoarthritis.

    6-shogaol, the active ingredient of ginger, reduces inflammation and cartilage and bone degradation in osteoarthritis. Dietary ginger can benefit in osteoarthritis.

    Ginger extract inhibits inflammation in synoviocytes- cells of synovial fluid that lubricates the joint.

    A cell culture study shows that ginger extract is as effective as steroid bethamethasone in reducing inflammation. Ginger oil exerts anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic property.

    What Makes Ginger Effective

    The word superfood gets thrown around a lot in marketing, but ginger contains two active compounds that work together to fight inflammation. These are gingerols and shogaols, the latter being the more effective of the two and found primarily in dried ginger. The root is highly popular in Asian cuisines and many have found its use to be effective in fighting inflammation, osteoarthritis and rheumatism.

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    Advantages Of Vitapost Turmeric Curcumin Plusginger And Turmeric Supplements For Arthritis

    You may be wondering who need to take into consideration turmeric supplements. The fantastic thing about Turmeric Curcumin Plus is that almost any individual can gain from supplementing turmeric. Every person can take advantage of antioxidant assistance in some form and turmeric extract is commonly tolerated. That being claimed, constantly speak with a healthcare specialist prior to taking any nutritional supplement that includes this one.

    I would certainly be especially cautious if you are pregnant. Large amounts of curcumin taken while pregnant may alter the levels of estrogen in the body. The implications for this on pregnancy arent worth it in my viewpoint, nonetheless I am not a medical professional and also would certainly advise consulting yours prior to making any type of choices.Ginger and Turmeric Supplements for Arthritis

    What Does The Research Say

    How To Use Ginger And Turmeric, For Knee And Arthritis Pain!

    Studies on the effectiveness of Ginger as an arthritis treatment have yielded promising results thus far:

    • In a cross-over study conducted in 2000, ginger extract was as effective as ibuprofen during the treatment period.
    • In a 2016 study, researchers discovered that taking ginger and echinacea tablets after knee surgery effectively reduced inflammation and pain.
    • Researchers discovered that high doses of ginger extract effectively treated people with osteoarthritis of the knee in a 2001 study. The participants had moderate-to-severe knee pain before starting the study. The Ginger extracts reduced knee pain while standing and walking. Overall, mild abdominal discomfort was reported as the most common side effect.
    • According to a rat study conducted in 2002, Ginger can help relieve rheumatoid arthritis joint pain. It reduced inflammation when Ginger was taken in high doses for four weeks.
    • Ginger was discovered to be a good pain reliever for human muscular pain caused by an exercise-induced injury. Participants who consumed two grams of raw Ginger or two gram of heated Ginger reported less pain and inflammation. Although heat-treated Ginger was expected to have a more potent impact, both raw and heated forms of Ginger were shown to be equally beneficial.
    • Ginger extract can help with osteoarthritis in the knees. For 12 weeks, participants used ginger extract three times a day. They felt less pain and had fewer other symptoms during this period.

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    Benefits Of Ginger In Osteoarthritis

    Osteoarthritis also is known as a degenerative joint disorder is one type of arthritic form, characterized by symptoms such as pain, joint swelling, and inflammation.

    This disease mainly affects the weight-bearing joints such as joints of knees, hips, hand, and spine which get worst with the time.

    Osteoarthritis is found more prevalent in older people who are mostly at the age of 45 or above, although it can affect the young generation too.

    Reports have shown this disease occurs in more than 25% of the Australian population over the age of 65.

    Osteoarthritis is a chronic disease which gradually becomes worst with time if kept untreated.

    Hence treatment of this disease is very important to prevent further complications and pain in patients.

    There are number of treatments for osteoarthritis other than medications such as adequate rest, proper physical exercises, weight management and proper intake of diet.

    Many of the conventional treatment involving use of analgesic and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have shown effective in decreasing the pain and inflammation in arthritis patients, but unfortunately, these medicines are also associated with the number of side effects on the human body such as stomach ulcers and intestinal problems.

    Therefore there long term use is not recommended and scientist is in search of other alternative methods such as herbal remedy which are effective as well safer in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

    It Is Amazing To See How Medicine Can Work With Mother Nature To Derive The Modern

    It is amazing to see how medicine can work with Mother Nature to derive the modern-day treatments we rely on for a good quality of life. In fact, several foods out there are still relied upon for their therapeutic benefits. Foods such as salmon, olive oil, leafy greens and ginger all have good nutritional qualities and anti-inflammatory properties that may boost your pain relief efforts. Ginger is particularly powerful, and can alleviate many different types of pain.

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    Improves Blood Sugar Regulation

    Gingerol could also explain gingers role in keeping blood sugar levels steady. Doing the latter is key to controlling the long-term health effects of Type 2 diabetes. The ginger reduces enzymes that break down carbohydrates and so it helps with glucose metabolism, says ONeill.

    People with Type 2 diabetes often dont produce enough insulin, which is key to ensuring glucose circulates throughout the body and doesnt accumulate in the bloodstream. Ginger can also help regulate this: Studies have also found that ginger encourages your muscles to absorb glucose, without requiring you to take extra insulin.

    This could lead to additional positive side effects. When youre insulin resistant, sometimes it can make it harder to lose weight, ONeill says. Improved blood sugar regulation may help with weight loss and potentially make your body more sensitive to insulin.

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