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Can You Get On Disability For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Can I Get Ssdi Disability For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Arthritis Pain May Qualify for VA Disability Benefits

Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune disorder that affects millions of Americans

Will Social Security approve my disability claim based on rheumatoid arthritis?

How Does SSA Determine If My Rheumatoid Arthritis Is Disabling?

Step 1: Non-Medical CriteriaStep 2: Severe ImpairmentStep 3: Medical ListingsStep 4: Past WorkStep 5: Other Work

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What Is A Disability

The medical definition of disability, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , is any condition of the mind or body that makes it harder for a person to do major activities and participate in the world around them.

A disability can affect a persons vision, hearing, movement, mental health, cognition , and/or social relationships.

A disability can be related to a variety of conditions, including:

  • Congenital conditions present at birth and that continue to affect function as a person ages
  • Progressive conditions like muscular dystrophy
  • Static conditions, such as limb loss

Many conditions that cause disability are invisible diseasesconditions with symptoms not visible to others. The physical symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, such as joint pain, stiffness, and swelling, and persistent fatigue, are invisible.

The impairments caused by rheumatoid arthritis can be both visible and invisible. Joint damage might be visible and evident in the hands and fingers, for example. But the effect on the quality of life cannot be seen and impacts many areas of a persons life, including their work life, social life, and family life.

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Arthritis And Social Security Disability Help

If you suffer from severe, debilitating arthritis chances are you face chronic pain on a daily basis. For this reason, arthritis and Social Security Disability often go hand in hand. Indeed, arthritis is one of the leading contributors to disability in the United States. Suffering from arthritis is often degenerative and can severely impair your ability to take care of yourself on a personal basis, much less hold down a job and meet your financial obligations.

One of the first things to consider regarding arthritis and Social Security Disability is the severity of your case coupled with the type of arthritis that you suffer from, as well as whether your arthritis is a singular condition or coupled with one or more other disabilities that may qualify you for Social Security Disability benefits. Arthritis generally comes in one of two forms degenerative, such as osteoarthritis, or inflammatory, such as rheumatoid arthritis. These are two distinct conditions which cause differing symptoms and have different prognoses. It is important that you have proper medical documentation of your particular arthritis-related medical condition and history.

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S To Take In Order To Qualify

To determine whether a person qualifies for Social Security Disability because of arthritis, the SSA uses the following steps:

Financial Requirements

The SSA first determines whether you are currently working. If you are gainfully employed , you will be disqualified for Social Security Disability based on your demonstrated ability to perform substantial gainful activity.

To qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance , you will need to have enough work credits. These are earned by working and paying Social Security taxes. Typically, if you have worked five of the last ten years, you will have enough work credits. Depending on your age, there are a specific number of credits you must have to qualify for SSDI.

If you do not have enough work credits, but your income and assets are limited, you may be eligible for Supplement Security Income . SSI is meant for those of extreme financial need, so you must have less than $2,000 in assets . SSI is based on household income, so your spouses income will be considered when the SSA is determining if you are financially eligible.

Medical Requirements For Disability Benefits With Arthritis

The SSA determines whether your arthritis is severe enough to hinder you from performing physical activities commonly required for working. These activities may include such things as:

  • sitting or standing

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Does Rheumatoid Arthritis Qualify Me For Disability Benefits

gouty arthritis can you get disability for arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is discussed in the Social Security Administrations Blue Book listing of disabling conditions, in Section 14 under paragraph 14.09 .

It is possible to receive Social Security Disability benefits with a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.

To consider whether you meet the listing exactly , the SSA will review your medical records to see what your test results have been, including inflammation blood tests and blood antibody tests. They will also look to see whether you have chronic or repeated manifestations of inflammatory arthritis, among many other possible signs and symptoms. Other immune disorder listings will also be considered, to determine whether you equal another listing besides 14.09.

But remember, you dont need to exactly meet a Blue Book listing to qualify for disability benefits. Because, at the end of the day, what the SSA generally cares about most is whether or not your Rheumatoid Arhtritis meets certain requirements, including:

  • That it rises to the level of a severe impairment, meaning it impacts your ability to do work
  • That it, combined with any other impairments you may have, prevent you from sustaining work
  • That it has affected you, or is expected to affect you, for at least one year .

If that is the case, then you may very well qualify for monthly disability benefits.

to see how!

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What Can I Do

  • See your doctor for treatment and advice. Your doctor will help you get the right treatment to manage your symptoms.
  • Learn about OA and play an active role in your treatment. Not all information you read or hear about is trustworthy so always talk to your doctor or healthcare team about treatments you are thinking about trying. Reliable sources of further information are also listed in the section below. Self management courses aim to help you develop skills to be actively involved in your healthcare. Contact your local Arthritis Office for details of these courses.
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    What Is The Main Cause Of Rheumatoid Arthritis

    The exact cause of rheumatoid arthritis is unknown. However, some of the contributing factors to rheumatoid arthritis are:

    • Genetic factors

    Rheumatoid arthritis is not curable but with appropriate treatment, the disease can be controlled. Treatments are most effective when initiated early in the disease.

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    A Guide To Disability Benefits And Rheumatoid Arthritis

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    Jennifer Chesak



    Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic autoimmune disorder that primarily affects joints, but can also cause issues throughout the body, including the respiratory system, nerves, cardiovascular system, kidneys, and skin. It can even cause vision problems.

    Symptoms may vary in intensity and often come and go, alternating between flare-ups and remission.

    Because of this variability in symptoms and the conditionâs progression, it could require unexpected, extended periods away from work, or make it more problematic to look for employment.

    Fortunately, disability insurance from the Social Security Administration can replace some of your income, as long as you can demonstrate that youâre unable to perform any type of work on a consistent basis because of your condition.

    Reasons To Avoid Sugar If You Have Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Rheumatoid Arthritis: Long-Term Disability Benefits

    Some people with rheumatoid arthritis choose to limit or eliminate certain foods from their diets to reduce inflammation. One ingredient that your health care provider may recommend you avoid when living with inflammatory arthritis is sugar. From aggravating RA symptoms and inflammation to increasing your risk for other complications or health issues, too much sugar or sugar substitutes can make life with RA even more difficult.

    Here are three reasons why you should consider limiting your sugar intake as part of your RA care plan. As always, ask your rheumatologist or a health care provider for medical advice before making dietary changes. They can advise you on the best way to do so or refer you to a specialist, such as a registered dietitian, for further guidance.

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    Loop Your Doctor Into The Application Process Early

    Crucial for applying for any disability program is filling out all the paperwork completely. Talk to your diagnosing physician early before you begin the application process as well as any other physicians who can support the application, said Mirean Coleman, a licensed independent clinical social worker and clinical manager for the National Association of Social Workers based in Washington, DC.

    The patient needs to initiate an application first with the Social Security office, and on the application, they would include a list of physicians who are involved in the patients care, Coleman says. The Social Security office would forward papers directly to the physician. Its important for the patient not only to keep things timely but to inform the physician that they intend to apply for disability. That way, the physician can look out for the incoming information and complete the application by the return-by date.

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    What Are Social Security Disability Benefits

    These monthly payments are provided to people who cant work because of a medical condition thats expected to last for at least one year or result in death. In order to qualify, you must prove youre too disabled to work and that youve been employed long enough to acquire a certain number of Social Security work credits.

    The number of credits you need to qualify for disability varies by the age you became disabled you can see the requirement amounts here.

    How much youll receive each month is determined by your earnings history. According to the SSAs monthly statistical snapshot, the average monthly benefit is $1,301.59.

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    What Are The Medical Criteria To Obtain Disability Benefits For Ra

    • one or more major weight-bearing joints, preventing you from being able to walk effectively or
    • one or more major joints in each of your arms, preventing you from being able to perform fine and gross motor skills effectively
    • two or more organs or body systems being involved, and with at least a moderate amount of severity in one of them, AND
    • at least two of these: severe fatigue, malaise, involuntary weight loss, or fever
    • Dorsolumbar or cervical spine fixation shown on medical imaging at the required level of severity, OR
    • Dorsolumbar or cervical spine fixation shown on medical imaging at a somewhat lesser level of severity but combined with two or more organs or body systems being involved, with one having at least moderate severity.
    • at least two of these: severe fatigue, malaise, involuntary weight loss, or fever AND
    • at least one of these, at a marked level: limitation in daily living activities limitation of social functioning or deficiencies in concentration, persistence or pace at such a level as to cause limitations in being able to complete tasks in a timely manner.

    Disability Tax Credit For Arthritis And Walking Impairments

    Pin auf Arthritis Foundation

    Arthritis is commonly thought of as a singular disorder, though the term is an umbrella description used to encompass over 100 different conditions associated with joint pain. Arthritic conditions affect over 4.6 million adults in Canada each year, and the condition can vary from minor joint pain to permanently disability. Many who suffer from conditions under the umbrella of arthritis often qualify for Disability Tax Credit for Arthritis, a form of assistance from the Canadian government.


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    How Does Social Security Disability View Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Social Security maintains a list of impairments that can qualify you for disability income, if you meet the impairments requirements. The good news is that rheumatoid arthritis is on that list.

    Social Security understands how debilitating rheumatoid arthritis can be. Its not just about sore joints. Your immune system is attacking your body tissues, potentially damaging numerous organs and systems.

    As with any impairment, you just have to show your particular case of rheumatoid arthritis rules out working.

    These are symptoms Social Security will look for:

    • Difficultly walking because of inflammation in your legs
    • Difficulty performing tasks with your arms because of upper-body inflammation
    • Two or more organs or body systems impacted
    • Serious joint pain
    • Symptoms like fatigue, fever, body weakness, and involuntary weight loss
    • A stiff spine making it hard to move
    • Frequent recurrence of your symptoms

    You dont have to have all these symptoms, but you need to document for Social Security how your particular case of rheumatoid arthritis leaves you unable to work.

    Theres no charge to get Penar Law to evaluate your case.

    Working With Makris Law Firm To Receive Your Benefits

    Makris Law Firm attorneys in Houston have a total of more than 80 years of combined experience helping clients get the disability benefits they rightfully deserve.

    Youre already dealing with enough trying to manage your rheumatoid arthritis, let us assist you in applying for disability benefits or appealing a denial.

    Then you can gain back your independence and focus on living your life.

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    Is Rheumatoid Arthritis A Disability

    Rheumatoid arthritis can be considered a disability by the SSA. The SSA has a list of disabilities that qualify for Social Security disability benefits called the Blue Book.

    While there isnt a specific listing for rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis can still qualify for disability benefits through a couple of ways.

    In order medically qualify for disability with rheumatoid arthritis, your medical evidence needs to match one of the listings outlined in the Blue Book.

    In order to qualify for disability with rheumatoid arthritis, here are some ways in which a person can do so.

    You may be able to get disability for rheumatoid arthritis, if your medical evidence matches the listing 14.02, which is for Systemic lupus erythematosus .

    SLE and rheumatoid arthritis have similar conditions and symptoms so if your medical evidence and symptoms match the listing for SLE, then you may be able to qualify for disability with rheumatoid arthritis.

    In order to qualify under listing 14.02, Involvement of two or more organs or body systems with:

    • One of the organs/body systems involved to at least a moderate level of severity and
    • At least two of the constitutional symptoms or signs .

    Repeated manifestations of SLE, with at least two of the constitutional symptoms or signs and one of the following at the marked level:

    You may also be able to qualify for disability with rheumatoid arthritis under the listing for inflammatory arthritis which is 14.09 of the Blue Book.

    When An Autoimmune Disease Occurs The Bodys Immune System Mistakes Its Own Tissue For A Foreign Substance Such As A Virus Or Bacteria

    Rheumatoid Arthritis VA Claims: How To Get The Highest Rating For Your Veterans Disability Benefits

    The body then develops antibodies to target and destroy these invaders. When synovial tissue, the lining in joints that provides lubrication, is attacked, chronic swelling and pain results. Inflammation thickens synovial fluid which destroys cartilage and bone within the joint tendons which hold the joint together then weaken and stretch. Rheumatoid Arthritis can affect any organ in the body, including the heart and lungs. RA affects smaller joints first, such as fingers, hands and feet and then spreads to knees, ankles, hips and shoulders. Over time, the erosion of bone can cause deformity and permanent disability.

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    What If My Arthritis Ssd Application Is Denied

    Applicants may appeal the agencys denial of benefits, but this can add time to the process. Many of these initial applications are denied by the agency, which can prove to be very frustrating for those that depend upon these benefits.

    Get help today! If your Social Security Disability claim for arthritis has been denied, that doesnt have to be the end of the road. Reach out to Adler Firm, PLLC today for expert representation.

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    What Youll Need To Apply For Disability With Rheumatoid Arthritis

    As long as you meet one of the requirements listed in Section 14.09 and youre unable to work, you qualify for disability benefits. In order to receive those benefits, youll need to provide documentation that proves these limitations. This documentation can include:

    • Medical evidence showing the progression of your disease
    • A physical examination with a rheumatologist that indicates the severity of your symptoms and your limitations because of those symptoms
    • Blood tests, x rays, and other lab work that shows the progression of the disease.
    • Documentation of how you have responded to treatments
    • A Residual Functional Capacity form filled out by your doctor

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    The Financial Support You Deserve In A Hard Time

    If youre living with rheumatoid arthritis , you know how debilitating it can be. Everyday tasks can turn into excruciating all-day affairs.

    For many dealing with RA, holding a full-time job is impossible. All you want to do is provide for you and your family. RA took that away from you.

    Job or not, you still need to pay your bills. Its why you need . The monthly checks can provide critical financial support when you need it most.

    Winning these benefits with rheumatoid arthritis can be hard, however. Many first-time applicants are turned away.

    You need an experienced disability representative on your side. At Hanley Disability, our staff members know the system, and we know how to give you the best chance at winning.

    Social Security Disability is all we do. Call us today to get started.


    Once youre denied benefits, the clock starts ticking. Dont wait too long. You might miss the deadline to appeal.

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