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Are Hot Tubs Good For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Moist Heat Therapy And A Healing Spa For Arthritis

Paraffin Wax: Great Treatment for Hand Pain, or Hand Arthritis

For the best moist heat therapy you can receive, we recommend our Healing Spa. The first hot tub to ever be designed specifically for helping relieve arthritis pain.

What makes our Healing Spa different from other hot tubs is the advanced mobility options and therapeutic features. We consulted the non-profit Arthritis Foundation to help learn about the difficulties of arthritis and what could be done to improve a hot tub and make it specific for arthritis patients. The result was a complete redesign of our hot tubs to service those with arthritis.

Our therapeutic features include max-comfort pillows to relax the head while the rest of the body soaks in the warm water of the tub. Underneath, a wide array of jets provide a steady stream of warm water that will massage the muscles while providing the warm water to relieve pains. The seats are shaped to easily fit the contours of the back to massage each muscle comfortably.

Our Healing Spa is so helpful to arthritis patients, that Thermospas even received the Ease of Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation. Denis Bowman, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communication for the Arthritis Foundation has said,


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Hot Tubs Can Help To Reduce Ongoing Chronic Pain

Many people suffer from chronic pain, particularly as they get older. Chronic pain is different to acute pain, which usually eases once the cause of the pain has been dealt with. Problems with chronic pain can persist for months or years but regular use of a hot tub can help to relieve some of the symptoms. The warm water and jets in a hot tub can help to reduce inflammation and soothe painful joints.

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What Is Arthritis And How Does It Affect Your Joints

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. There are many different types, and they cause pain in varying degrees. Some arthritis sufferers have a mild case that can be managed with over-the-counter medication others suffer from severe cases where even small tasks become difficult to complete or carry out on their own without help. Arthritis affects people differently based on what type it is as well as how severe it has progressedsome people may only experience symptoms during flare ups while others will have constant joint pain throughout the day, causing them distress every time they move.

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Is A Hot Tub Good For Arthritis Pain

One of the things that Ienjoy most about my hot tub is the way that it can really soothe awaymy aches and pains after a long, hard day. After working out at thegym for an hour or two, theres nothing more wonderful than feelingthe warm water helping my sore joints and muscles. While I wasrelaxing in my hot tub a couple of days ago, I wondered whether itwould have the same effect on arthritis pain. After all, arthritis isan incredibly common problem, and finding ways to ease the sufferingis paramount for many people. With this in mind, I decided to do abit of research to answer this question

Is a hot tub good for arthritis pain? Hot tubs can offer a valuable source of relief for arthritis sufferers, easing the soreness in the joints that can be so difficult to cope with. More people are now turning to the comfort that a hot tub can bring rather than relying on pain relief medications which can be addictive and have unwanted side effects.

So, why are hot tubs so useful for reducing the pain associated with arthritis? How can arthritis sufferers maximise the benefits that using a hot tub can bring? I was surprised to discover that there are many health benefits to being in your hot tub and its much more than just bubbling water!

Why Are Hot Tubs SoGood For Arthritis Pain?
How Should I BeginUsing A Hot Tub For Arthritis Pain?
Can A Hot Tub Help Arthritis Sufferers In Any Other Ways?

How Can I Get Maximum Benefit From My Hot Tub?

  • Bicycle kicks
  • Leg curls
  • Leg lifts

Hot Tub Health Benefits: Arthritis Relief

Ease the Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis with a Hot Tub

The Word Arthritis means Joint Inflammation. The name is taken from the Greek words Arthro & Itis .

The Arthritis Society of Canada reports that over 4.6 Million Canadian Adults report having some form of Arthritis That is 1-in-6 Canadians over the age of 15.

The three most common types of Arthritis are Osteoarthritis , Rheumatoid Arthritis & Psoriatic Arthritis .

The Arthritis Society offers many suggestions on how to best manage symptoms of arthritis, including staying active, keeping a balanced diet and avoiding excessive repetitive movements. They also suggest both cold and hot therapies, which is where a Sundance Hot Tub can help alleviate some of the pain and discomfort for those suffering from arthritis.

How Can a Sundance Hot Tub Help?

Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest forms of medicine, going back thousands of years. This type of therapy has stood the test of time for good reason, and Sundance Hot Tubs have evolved the art of Hydrotherapy to unprecedented levels of relaxation and comfort.

There are 3 basic elements of Hydrotherapy, and all 3 of them can help improve the quality of life for those who suffer from arthritis.



The natural buoyancy of a Sundance Hot Tubs water supports around 90% of our body weight, which greatly reduces stress, strain and pressure on our joints. This reduced pressure, along with the 360° support of joints that are submerged in hot water can alleviate much of the pain associated with arthritic joints.


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Can Hot Baths Or Spas Help Arthritis Pain

Many people with arthritis find relief from pain and stiffness with hot baths or spas. The moist heat increases muscle relaxation, boosts blood supply to the site of pain, and relieves rigidity and spasms in the muscles. But avoid hot tubs or spas if you have high blood pressure or heart disease, or if you are pregnant.

Best Hot Tub For Arthritis Sufferers

  • Best Hot Tub for Arthritis Sufferers

Do you suffer from arthritis? We are here to help! If you have arthritis, it can be difficult to find the best hot tub for your situation. We will take a look at the different factors that make this decision so important and well provide some helpful reviews of what we think are the best choices for hot tub therapy for arthritis sufferers.

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Does Cold Therapy Help Arthritis Pain

Yes. Cold packs numb the sore area and reduce inflammation and swelling. Ice packs are especially good for joint pain caused by an arthritis flare. You might also try using a local spray such as fluoromethane on your back or painful area before and after exercise. This superficial cooling decreases muscle spasms and increases the threshold for pain. Or you can make instant cold packs from frozen bags of vegetables.

Some patients prefer cold therapy to moist heat for arthritis pain, while others tell of having the best relief when they alternate the sessions with moist heat and ice. You can experiment with moist heat and ice therapy and then select the method that gives the best relief with the least trouble or expense.

Which Types Of Heat Therapy Help Arthritis Pain

Arthritis: Hot Tubs Are Good For You | Arctic Spas

You can choose from the following popular types of heat therapy for arthritis pain:

  • disposable heat patches or belts available at most drugstores
  • warm whirlpool or hot tub
  • warm, moist towel or cloth

You may also sit on a stool that has rubber tips for safety while letting the warm shower hit the affected area. The constant heat flowing on the arthritic joint or pain site helps to keep pain minimal and allows for easier movement.

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Does Soaking In Hot Tub Help Arthritis

Hot tubs and spas can help you cope with the pain and stiffness caused by arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation recommends warm water therapy, and research confirms its benefits. Hot tubs and spas provide a type of hydrotherapy that is more effective than simply soaking in a warm bath, but not all tubs are created equal.

Hot Tubs And Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic inflammatory joint disorder causing painful swelling that can make it difficult or impossible to go about daily activities. There is no cure for RA. Medications can reduce pain and inflammation and slow joint damage. However, many of the treatment drugs have potentially serious side effects. Our focus here is to discuss lifestyle and home remedies as they relate to owning a hot tub. Gentle exercise helps strengthen muscles around your joints and may lessen the fatigue you feel. The natural buoyancy you experience in a spa makes simple flexibility exercises easier and less stressful. Soothing hot water found in our spas is proven to ease pain, relax tense muscles, and reduce stress. Strategies for coping with RA and how it affects your daily life can also include a therapeutic soak in your hot tub. Connecting with family and friends in your spa is a relaxing and comfortable place to share feelings and support. A private soak just before bedtime to take time for yourself to relieve stress and initiate a good nights sleep is another way to help manage your arthritis and take some control of your treatment in the comfort of your own home. We have several spas hot, clean and ready for test-soaks here at All Seasons Spas. Why not schedule your soak today to see how good you can feel ?

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Are There Other Benefits

Besides helping with muscle pain and arthritis, hot tubs have additional benefits. One of those benefits is their ability to perform reflexology. Reflexology is a study of therapy where a trained specialist massages certain points on the feet, hands, and ears. Many hot tub models have specialized jets to hit reflexology zones on the feet, located within the footwell of the spa. People who commit to reflexology often experience positive benefits for their overall well-being. Reflexology is used in conjunction with traditional medicine to decrease anxiety, reduce headache and migraine frequency, and is sometimes used in conjunction with other long-term health treatments.

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Risks Of Using A Hot Tub For Arthritis

Pin on Rest and Relaxation

Using a hot tub is not just for anyone. Those with heart disease or any heart-related issues should refrain from using the hot tub. The increase in heart rate from a rise in internal temperature may cause complications.

Pregnant women are also cautioned against using hot tubs for more than 10 min. Even when doing so its recommended that the water temperature be reduced to a moderate range of approximately 38°C.

Just like any injury that causes inflammation, its important to recognize when to apply heat and when to apply cold. Make sure youre using heat for the right reasons to avoid aggravating the inflammation youre experiencing in your joints.

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Maximize Your Hot Tub Experience

If you want to maximize your hot tub experience, you can use the massaging jets. These help to relax your muscles, and this lowers tension. It also lets blood circulate more freely. Any time your blood can circulate more freely, you can move more easily.

Some spas, such as Caldera, allow you to massage all the muscle groups as you move from chair to chair. During those 20 minutes, you can have all your major muscle groups massaged. You might want to try range-of-motion exercises and stretches as you move around the hot tub as well. All these exercises help you to feel better because they relieve the pain and stiffness in joints.

The use of a hot tub or spa can be a part of your general wellness plan for living with arthritis. This is true, no matter what kind of arthritis you have. Look into getting a hot tub today because it will help you feel better over time. Maintain your routine of soaking in the tub for 20 minutes each day. Youll be able to keep most of the annoying areas where the pain is at bay.

Are you ready to get a hot tub? Contact Skovish Pools & Spas. We have two locations. One is in Lucerne, PA, and the other is in Shickshinny, PA. We would love to talk to you about a new hot tub today.

Using Spa Pools For Rheumatoid Arthritis

If youre looking for an at-home solution to reduce stiffness or gain relief from pain, a spa pool is a great option.

Whether you are dealing with chronic pain or acute pain, symptom management can be difficult. However, relaxing in a spa pool can alleviate some of that. Spa pools can be useful not just for short-term symptom management but also for the long term.

The repeated use of spa pools can relieve joint pressure, and help with achieving a much-needed endorphin boost. Spa pools, or hydrotherapy can also help with improving general health and well-being.

The warm spa water can be incredibly beneficial as it gives you a chance to relax, and it offers symptom relief without any adverse side effects.

Youll feel some of the benefits of using a spa pool fairly quickly, which is why it is an excellent option for gentle pain and symptom relief.

Warm water hydrotherapy has been shown to be effective for arthritis patients, and it continues to be a treatment option for those seeking pain and symptom relief. Spa pools are a natural remedy and offers many benefits for those seeking symptom control.

If youre looking for natural and effective ways to manage your condition, consider getting a spa pool. Please make sure to talk to your doctor beforehand to learn more about whether hydrotherapy will be beneficial for you when it comes to managing pain and other symptoms of your arthritis.

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Hot Therapy For Rheumatoid Arthritis

For someone with an inflammatory disease like RA, applying heat may seem counterintuitive. But since heat works to reduce muscle tension and stimulate blood circulation, many patients find that applying something warm even if it just means warming your clothes in the dryer before dressing, or lying with a heated blanket prior to getting up in the morning simply feels good on the joints.

“Gentle heat in the morning can improve your range of motion,” explains Katie Palmer, a physical therapist in Newtown, Pennsylvania. “It can relieve some of the joint pain and the stiffness and prepare your body for exercise or to get up and get moving and out the door.”

One version of hot therapy is the paraffin, or wax, bath, similar to what’s used in nail salons to soften the skin and nails. “The paraffin is heated to a prescribed temperature and then you dip in your hands, wrists, and fingers, and it forms a coating,” Palmer explains. “Then you wrap your paraffin-covered hands and wrists in a little towel, and it gives you a nice moist, deep heat that can help eliminate some of the pain and stiffness of RA.”

Palmer recommends paraffin therapy for the hands when they’re stiff, like first thing in the morning, but not when the joints are inflamed. “When the joints are acutely inflamed, when things are a little bit out of control, it’s more useful to use a cool temperature to decrease the inflammation and the swelling,” she says.

Hydrotherapy Promotes Physical Activity

Arthritis Aqua Exercises – Wrist & Finger

When physical activity is painful, it is easy to fall into a sedentary lifestyle. While this may avoid pain in the short term, it leads to increased stiffness and worsening pain over time. To overcome this obstacle, millions of people turn to hydrotherapy on a daily or weekly basis. Why so?

Hydrotherapy uses water to relieve discomfort and promote physical well-being. Beyond simply feeling good, it helps the body prepare itself for physical activity, and makes recovery after exertion easier. Rather than being a short term solution, hydrotherapy improves your quality of life over the long term by facilitating a healthier lifestyle.

According to the Arthritis Foundation: Soaking in warm water reduces the force of gravity thats compressing the joint, offers 360-degree support for sore limbs, can decrease swelling and inflammation and increase circulation.4 The Mayo Clinic website comments: Although some children respond well to cold packs, most children prefer a hot pack or a hot bath or shower.5 And among other things, the Hospital for Sick Children recommends: Do exercises in a hot tub or warm swimming pool.6

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How Does Heat And Cold Help Arthritis Pain

Heat or cold therapy works by stimulating your body’s own healing force. For instance, heat dilates the blood vessels, stimulates blood circulation, and reduces muscle spasms. In addition, heat alters the sensation of pain. You can use either dry heat — such as heating pads or heat lamps — or moist heat — such as warm baths or heated wash cloths.

Conversely, cold compresses reduce swelling by constricting blood vessels. While cold packs may be uncomfortable at first, they can numb deep pain.

Relaxation And Relief Awaits

Today, Jacuzzi® Brand hydromassage combines the buoyancy of water to reduce joint pressure, warmth to ease pain and Aqualibrium®the perfect mix of air and waterto deliver a jetted massage that increases circulation and targets discomfort. This mix makes a Jacuzzi® hot tub the ideal place for those with arthritis to not only relax, but also exercise without pain and increased mobility.

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Hot Tub Massage Functions

If you have a hot tub that comes with massaging jets, you can maximize the benefits of a hot water soak. You may experience a greater degree of pain relief with using the hot tub massage functions than you would if you soaked without them.

Note: Not everyone will experience the same degree of arthritis symptom relief from hot tub hydrotherapy.

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