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Are Dates Good For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Pineapple: This Fruit’s Enzymes Can Decrease Swelling

Rheumatoid Arthritis 2016

Pineapple is rich in vitamin C and the enzyme bromelain, which has been linked to decreased pain and swelling in both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, Sandon says. So, add this tropical fruit to your diet every chance you get. Try it cubed in fruit salad, baked in savory dishes, blended into a smoothie, or added to stir-fries to give a sweet-and-sour zing.

Bromelain is also available in supplement form, but check with your doctor before taking it because it can increase the risk of bleeding, especially if you also take blood thinners such as Plavix , Coumadin, or aspirin. Bromelain may also interfere with the action of antibiotics and sedatives.

Healthy Foods To Eat For Rheumatoid Arthritis:

While there are certain foods that reduce inflammation and foods that tend to increase inflammation, it’s important to note that there may be individual trigger foods for you personally. For example, some people with rheumatoid arthritis might notice a certain food can increase their pain while a different person may have no issues with that particular food. Try to be in tune with your body and its reactions to best pinpoint your individual triggers. For most people, it’s recommended to increase healthy fats and omega-3 rich foods, like salmon, olive oil, nuts and seeds. Plus, focus on fruits and vegetables, especially those that are particularly nutrient-rich like dark leafy greens and blue or purple fruits, like berries and pomegranate. To reduce inflammation, limit refined grains, like white flour and sugar, plus try to limit processed foods as they tend to be high in unhealthy trans fats as well as omega-6 fatty acids, which aren’t “bad”, but just something we tend to eat too much of, which can cause inflammation.

Historical Overview Of Dates

Prophet Muhammed said that the best assets is date palm, dates cure several disorders, and he suggested Muslims to eat the date and have a tendency the date palm . The importance of dates has been documented in the Quran in Surah Maryam. One significant role of dates comes as when Mary gave birth to the Prophet Jesus under a palm tree, she heard a voice telling her: Shake the trunk of the palm tree towards thee: it will drop fresh, ripe dates upon thee. Eat, then, and drink, and let thine eye be gladdened! . Ajwa is a types of dates, cultivated only in Saudi Arabia/Al-Madinah Al-Munawara and have significant value in diseases cure. The health benefit of Ajwa dates has been documented in hadith as Saud narrated that I heard Allahs Apostle saying, If Somebody takes seven Ajwa dates in the morning, neither magic nor poison will hurt him that day .

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Foods To Avoid With Ra

Red meat and dairy

Theyâre our main sources of saturated fats, which can cause inflammation in fat tissue. Other sources include full-fat dairy products, pasta dishes, and grain-based desserts.

Corn oil

The culprit here is omega-6 fatty acids. You want to cut down on them while youâre going for more omega-3s. They can lead to weight gain and joint inflammation if you overdo it. Sunflower, safflower, soy, and vegetable oils are also sources.

Fried food, fast food, and processed foods

Theyâre the major source of trans fats, which are created when hydrogen is added to vegetable oil to extend shelf life. They can trigger inflammation throughout your body. Plus, they raise bad cholesterol and lower the good type.


Not only is too much salt bad for your blood pressure, but if you have RA and take steroids, your body may hold on to it more easily. Aim for less than 1,500 milligrams a day.

It tells your body to release chemicals called cytokines that kick-start the inflammation process. Check food labels for words that end in âose,â like fructose or sucrose.


It doesnât mix well with your RA meds. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and naproxen can cause stomach bleeding and ulcers on their own. Those odds go up when you add alcohol.

If you drink while youâre taking acetaminophen, leflunomide , or methotrexate, it could damage your liver.

Fried or grilled food

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Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Beauty can be only skin deep (With images)

Research shows that people who take part in their own care report less pain and make fewer doctor visits. They also enjoy a better quality of life.

Self-care can help you play a role in managing your RA and improving your health. You can:

  • Learn about rheumatoid arthritis and its treatments.
  • Use exercises and relaxation techniques to reduce your pain and help you stay active.
  • Communicate well with your health care team so you can have more control over your disease.
  • Reach out for support to help cope with the physical emotional, and mental effects of rheumatoid arthritis.

Participating in your care can help build confidence in your ability to perform day-to-day activities, allowing you to lead a full, active, and independent life.

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What Is The Best Diet For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Because the research on specific foods is inconclusive, your doc will probably tell you to eat a generally healthy diet. That means go easy on the red meat and processed foods and load up on fresh fruit, leafy greens, lean proteins, and whole grains. Beyond that, some studies show that these specific types of diets can be beneficial to easing RA symptoms.

Dates In Arthritis Diet:

Dates are the perfect addition to this diet. This is because they have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, date fruits are rich in polyphenols that are natural antioxidants. Moreover, research shows that date seeds are a good source of polyphenols as well. In this way, they can quench free radicals against oxidative damage.

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Exclusion Diets And Food Intolerance

A vegetarian diet may help relieve symptoms for some. Speak to your doctor or dietitian to make sure you are still getting enough nutrients. Some people believe that a food allergy or intolerance causes or exacerbates inflammation in RA, but there is no evidence to support this theory. However, a small number of people with RA may have a genuine intolerance to one or more foods. Offending foods can be identified through an exclusion programme under the supervision of a dietitian. Fasting is an extreme and temporary way of controlling pain and inflammation in RA and is not recommended.

How Many Canadians Live With Rheumatoid Arthritis And How Many Are Newly Diagnosed Each Year

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment – New Medicines and Updates

Approximately 374,000 Canadians aged 16 years and older live with diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis and 23,000 were newly diagnosed in 20162017. The prevalence and incidence of diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis generally increase with age and are higher among females compared to males .

Figure 1: Prevalence of diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis by sex and age group, Canada,Footnote a 20162017

Footnote a

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Other Times For Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness

In addition to Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day, there are several other times set aside to recognize people with this condition and raise overall awareness of the disease around the world:

  • Rheumatic Disease Awareness Month is celebrated in September.
  • National Arthritis Awareness Month is recognized in May.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Week is between September 7 and September 13 in the United Kingdom.
  • National Autoimmune Diseases Awareness Month is in March.

Tea Types That Benefit In Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis is the most common type of arthritis.

It is an autoimmune disorder in which immune cells cannot differentiate between the self-body cells and the foreign cells and began to attack self-cells.

This autoimmune attack leads to the production of many inflammatory components in the body which further leads to the auto-activation of the immune cells.

Due to this progressive inflammatory response, the tissue in joints gets damage to a level of disability if proper treatment is not received.

Rheumatoid arthritis affects almost every joint in the body but hands, feet, wrist, and knees are affected the most.

Along with the joints, it also affects several other organs also like heart, lungs, eyes, and mouth.

Though rheumatoid arthritis is less common than other types of arthritis like osteoarthritis yet it affects more than 1 million people in the USA.

This disease is more common in old age people above 40 years of age and women are more affected by it than men. Around 7 out of every 10 rheumatoid arthritis patients are women.

The cause of this autoimmune disorder is unknown to scientists and doctors.

Hence complete root treatment of the disease is still a challenge but if detected at an early stage its symptoms can be reduced to almost nil.

Tea can be used as one of the natural product to treat arthritis.

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Diet Challenges That Ra Patients Face

It’s easy to see why you might not have much of an appetite when you’re in chronic pain, but there’s another reason people with RA are at risk for malnutrition and weight loss. That’s because the production of cytokines, proteins in the cells of your immune system that act as chemical messengers, can increase your resting metabolic rate and protein breakdown. In severe cases, this can lead to a condition known as rheumatoid cachexia, the loss of muscle and strength. For these patients, a high protein diet is especially important.

Some RA meds may also contribute to nutrition challenges. Methotrexate, for example, can cause nausea, while leflunomide can cause nausea as well as weight loss. may be linked to conditions like gastritis or peptic ulcer, which impact appetite.

If you experience any of these side effects, be sure to tell your doctorthere are ways to help alleviate some of the discomfort. For instance, RA patients on methotrexate almost always supplement with folic acid to help avoid side effects. If youre still experiencing nausea, you may be able to go to a higher dose of folic acid or switch to the activated form known as leucovorin . Changing from an oral form of medication to an injection may also help.

Routine Monitoring And Ongoing Care

Pin on Autoimmune Disease/RA

Regular medical care is important because your doctor can:

  • Monitor how the disease is progressing.
  • Determine how well the medications are working.
  • Talk to you about any side the effects from the medications.
  • Adjust your treatment as needed.

Monitoring typically includes regular visits to the doctor. It also may include blood and urine tests, and xrays. Having rheumatoid arthritis increases your risk of developing osteoporosis, particularly if you take corticosteroids. Osteoporosis is a bone disease that causes the bones to weaken and easily break. Talk to your doctor about your risk for the disease and the potential benefits of calcium and vitamin D supplements or other osteoporosis treatments.

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Eating Healthily As Old As A Greek Legend But Theres Something Very True Today About What A Sensible Diet Can Do For Painful Ratable Of Contents

Arthritis is a devastating condition and does not discriminate in terms of age, gender or ethnic origin. Anyone can be a target. It causes constant pain, stiffness and swelling in the joints and surrounding tissues. Those places in the body where bones come together the knees, wrists, fingers, toes, and hips. The two most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Osteoarthritis develops in joints with overuse while rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune disease, which means your immune system attacks your joints.

There are however many foods that can ease inflammation and may help relieve pain. In fact, one survey found that a quarter of those with rheumatoid arthritis said that their diet significantly reduced the severity of their symptoms.

Whilst theres a thumbs up to green leafy vegetables, what you should be avoiding are red meats, processed foods, fried foods, sugar, refined flour, gluten, dairy products and of course anything with alcohol in it. Some, however, would extol the benefits of red wine consumed in moderation because it contains the compound resveratrol, with its well-established anti-inflammatory effects.

Does What You Eat Have An Effect On Ra

Question: Does what I eat have an effect on my rheumatoid arthritis? I heard about an anti-inflammatory diet that includes eating salmon and dark chocolate and drinking green tea. I currently take medication for my RA, but it can’t hurt to try this anti-inflammatory diet, right? Santa Barbara, CA

Answer: You’re right: What you eat may have a mild effect on your rheumatoid arthritis . Some foodsas part of the anti-inflammatory dietmay have an anti-inflammatory effect, which means that they may reduce inflammation levels in your body.

The goal of an anti-inflammatory diet is to reduce the overall inflammation in your body. Photo Source:

Inflammation in your body can cause swollen, stiff, and/or tender jointsclassic RA symptoms.

The difference between this so-called “diet” and other diets is that the goal isn’t necessarily weight lossalthough anti-inflammatory foods do encourage weight loss. Rather, the goal of an anti-inflammatory diet is to reduce the overall inflammation in your body.

Eating to avoid constant inflammation is good for your overall health, but the question is: Is it enough to eat anti-inflammatory foods to combat inflammation?

Most people eat too many foods rich in omega-6 fatty acids, essential fatty acids that can be found in highly processed foods, red meat, full-fat dairy foods, saturated fats, trans fats, and baked goods. These foods can promote inflammation.

Below are some other foods that may ease the inflammation associated with RA.

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Ra Diet: What Foods To Eat If You Have Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis patients require a stable, healthy diet for a number of reasons. Patients may become overwhelmed by their chronic pain and inflammation, remain undernourished, or develop medical complications.

Maintaining a healthy diet is an important part of protecting your overall health, managing weight, improving energy levels, boosting your mental health and boosting your immune system. While diet alone cant treat your symptoms, the right diet for RA can certainly go a long way in helping you feel better overall.

Can Rheumatoid Arthritis Be Treated Through Diet Alone

Good Morning Kuya: Understanding Rheumatoid Arthritis

Unfortunately, rheumatoid arthritis cannot be treated solely by eating an anti-inflammatory diet, per the Arthritis Foundation. RA has no known cure, and most people with this condition need medical management in conjunction with an anti-inflammatory diet to manage their symptoms and feel their best.

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Dates Have Several Earmarks Of A Winning Heart

The American Heart Association recommends eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, including dried fruits. They also recommend eating a diet rich in potassium and low in sodium for maintaining healthy blood pressure. Like many other fruits, dates are high in potassium and low in sodium. In addition, as we learned earlier, dates are loaded with antioxidants, and one of the most researched health benefits of antioxidants is their ability to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Given all that, it is not surprising that dates have been found to have anti-atherogenic properties . Atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, is a condition in which plaque builds up inside the arteries which carry oxygen-rich blood to your heart.

Research On The Health Benefits Of Dates Provides Hope For Cancer Patients

Beta-glucans isolated from date fruit extract have been shown to inhibit tumor growth in mice in some, but not all, cases. Because the results have been mixed and because large-scale clinical trials in cancer patients have not been performed, further research is needed before any definite conclusions can be drawn about the ability of dates to prevent cancer and its progression. However, some scientists believe the greatest potential of dates in the fight against cancer may lie not in the prevention of the disease but in the application of the proven antioxidant effects of dates to alleviate adverse effects of chemotherapeutic treatments.

Book Featuring Date Recipes

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Antioxidant Vitamins Or Mineral Supplements

There is no scientific evidence to support the use of antioxidant vitamins or mineral supplements in the treatment of RA. A healthy diet contains all the nutrients needed by the body. However, if your diet is very restricted or your appetite is poor, a general multivitamin or mineral supplement may be beneficial. Speak to your doctor before taking a new supplement.

Here Are Other Types Of Foods To Avoid On A Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet

Case Study: Cardiac Manifestations of Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Red meat is unhealthy for the heart and worsens rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, it is rich in saturated fats, leading to inflammation of fat tissues in the body.
  • Avoid full-fat products such as heavy cream, frequent ice creams and sugar consumption, and lactose-rich desserts. One must opt for fat-free dairy products instead.
  • Avoid Corn oil and safflower oil at any cost as they are rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which lead to joint inflammations and weight gain.
  • Fried food, grilled food, fast food, processed food, and food rich in artificial additives raise cholesterol, leading to joint inflammation and damage.
  • One should try to have less than 15 mg of salt per day. Excessive sodium leads to increased water retention in joints, leading to painful swollen joints in individuals affected by rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Sugar alternatives such as fructose, sucrose, and aspartame are very harmful to rheumatoid arthritis patients as they raise the inflammation process in the body. In addition, despite it being a popular sugar substitute, the human body has difficulty digesting aspartame. That results in an inflammatory response.
  • While not strictly a food, alcohol consumption could contribute to your bodys inflammation. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, you might want to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages as much as possible. The liver processes vital RA medicines, and alcohol can burden this essential organ unnecessarily.

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